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Found 4,539 results

  1. No longer able to access the “Food” app after upgrading to iOS 11 on my iPad. Receiving message that developer needs to update app however there are no updates available in the App Store. I have 150+ recipes that appear to be lost forever, please help.
  2. When I am switching back and forth between apps, every time I go back to Penultimate it jumps back a few pages instead of staying on the latest page I am working on. Is it just me?
  3. Rick-at-Fox

    Notebook doesn't open where I ended

    In Old Penultimate, a notebook would open on the last page I wrote on. New Penultimate doesn't. I sometimes have dozens of pages of notes and don't want to scroll through all the pages. Any solution? Am I missing a setting? I'm on the verge of switching apps, as much as I want Penultimate to work.
  4. Re-posting from other forum and absolutely agree with this: "I am a very big Evernote fan using this application in my business environment. Here I especially make use of the feature of taking hand written notes with my iPad and my Apple Pencil. By doing so I'm constantly facing one issue:When finishing 1 hand written page there's no easy way to add a second page in order to keep a natural note flow. Instead, the page needs to be saved and then the cursor needs to be put after the note before another hand written page can be inserted manually. This process hurts to be honest." OneNote and other apps do the canvas expansion/page addition much better. Please don't let me go I am a long-term Evernote fan, user and Premium customer.
  5. How do I edit or delete tags in Evernote for iPad? I'm not talking about adding or removing tags from a note, I'm referring to the list of tags that I select from when I want to add a tag to something. I'm revising the way I use tag names, and I want to remove or edit some of the existing tags on the list so I don't have to search through tags I will never use again when attaching a tag to a note. Thanks.
  6. I think it would be so useful to have the option to password protect per notebook, as opposed to just one password for the entire app. What do you guys think?? Like I have a couple of notebooks that need passwords, but the majority do not. And having to login everytime, especially when going back and forth between Evernote and other apps, slows things dramatically.
  7. GiacomoLaw

    Inserting tables

    How can I insert tables in Evernote for iOS? Is there a work around that would allow me to insert tables? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone! Our development team has been working hard to improve the Evernote experience on iOS. Here's a quick overview of some things that have changed and some highly anticipated additions. Home Page Changes: The home page has been removed. The Evernote application will now open directly in the All Notes view, or in whatever location you were last in. If the application is fully closed (you press twice on the Home button and swipe up on the Evernote app), the app will open in All Notes, not in the location you last accessed. There's also a new location for accessing notes, global search, creating a new note, shortcuts, and your Account Settings. Where are all my notebooks? To view your notebook list: Select the ‘Notes’ tab to bring up your note list From any note list, tap ‘All Notes’, the notebook name, or the drop down at the top of screen How do I change the sort order of a note list? To change the sort order, go to the ‘Note List Options’ screen, and select ‘date created’ or ‘note title’. To view the ‘Note List Options’ screen: From the ‘All Notes’ list view: Tap the options button (three dots) to see your note list sorting and viewing options. From the note list view in any opened notebook: Tap the options button (three dots), then select ‘Note List Options’. Note: To view a list of reminder notes sorted with overdue and upcoming notes first, tap the notebook name, then select ‘Reminders’ from the notebook list. Note Changes: Note Options (...) has moved and changed a bit: What happened to presentation mode? Presentation mode is no longer available in Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can use AirPlay to mirror your screen, or you can use presentation mode in Evernote for Mac or Windows. The formatting bar has changed: And these are all the newly added formatting features (!!!): Notebook Changes: Location of Notebook Settings has changed: Notebook Options (...) menu has changed: Creating a new notebook is a bit different: Account Settings: Settings is in a new spot, and the options within it have changed: Quick FAQ: Where can I find Work Chat? Work Chat has moved to the account info area. To view and send Work Chats, select the ‘Account’ tab in the tab bar. How do I move notes between notebooks? To move notes between notebooks, select a note, then tap the name of the current notebook located just above the note title. Select the notebook where you want to move the note to. How do I move personal notes to business notebooks (Evernote Business only)? To move a personal note to a business notebook: Tap the notebook drop down from the top of the screen Tap ‘Move to another account’ Select the business notebook you’d like to move it to How do I create a notebook stack? To create a notebook stack, drag one notebook on top of another in your notebook list. Give your stack a name. Add more notebooks by dragging additional notebooks into the stack list. How do I access business notebooks from my company's Evernote account? (Evernote Business only) To view any business notebooks you have access to, you’ll first need to switch to your company’s Evernote account. To switch to your company account: Select the ‘Account’ tab Tap your account name Select the company account Interested in learning more? Check out this Help & Learning Center article: What's New in Evernote 8.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch? and @cifip's post with additional details about what's changed here.
  9. Hi folks, sorry for the delayed post on this one - 8.13 is officially available in the App Store (as of 06/08/18)! As always, we welcome any feedback or concerns. Release Notes: Experiments: • We’re trying out some suggestions when you’re setting reminders to make them faster and easier to use for all of those tasks, to-dos, and projects. • We’re shaking things up by placing the icons for tags and reminders on top of the note editing toolbar, so organizing your notes and setting reminders is always top of mind. New: • We’ve made some improvements to search and you can now sort by relevance, so you can see the things that are, well, more relevant to what you’re looking for. • You now have the power to annotate HEIC files. (In case you’re not up on the lingo, it’s the format sorcery Apple uses to make their images higher quality yet smaller in size.) • In your settings, you now have the option to turn auto-add location on or off as you please. Fixes: • When you tried to drag and drop from other apps, your note would suddenly (and annoyingly) scroll the top. Now things will stay put. • You connected Evernote and LinkedIn and were happily scanning business cards, but the profile photos of your contacts weren’t appearing. Which really got in the way of the whole ‘putting a face to the name’ thing. • We’ve made changes so that notes will not be shown in iMessage or the iOS widget when pin lock is enabled. • We’ve also fixed some of the specific issues that were causing the app to crash.
  10. Users, getting your new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE and launch EN on it, see any of your notes? Do they sometimes disappear? How about create a audio note, try and play it back ...YOU CANT!! SMH. It’s the dumbest thing I have seen. How does a company like BEAR create a functioning Apple Watch application that fully supports audio playback note taking via voice dictation and prior note glancing with the Apple Watch but EN cannot get it right? The EN Apple Watch app is horrible. Why isn’t Evernote doing anything about updating its applications? It seems there only paying attention to PC users the iOS and Apple Watch users are literally getting shafted compared to the Mac, PC user. BTW EN doesnt support the LTE also which makes the App a Green Icon on your watch nothing more nothing less.
  11. Actors

    Evernote for ios 12

    I know it's very early, I say it only as a warning. Please, when you make a beta for iOS 12 it would be great if you let us know here. They stay frozen.
  12. Sam Z

    Scaling issue

    I recently jumped from android to ipad and after booting up Evernote, I realized that tables don't scale properly. it's always at the preview mode and won't expand to full screen.
  13. Margarida Afonso

    Scrolling Speed

    Create a setting to allow different scrolling speed while selecting text, currently it is selecting text is way too fast - if you start a selection and drag down past the viewable area it shoots way past where you want to stop selecting.
  14. ikepigott

    ios Merging notes on the iPad

    Maybe I am just missing it, but is there a way to merge notes on the iPad?
  15. Over past 24-48 hours the icon to print Evernote notes disappeared from the page (running latest version 8.12.xxx). Thoughts from the community? Thanks,
  16. Hi, At the moment, I have sync issues every time an audio file goes much over 50mb in the note. The only solutions i have been told is to basically delete the audio. it would be great to give the option to save or export the audio, so you could access it when the iOS device is connected to a computer, or allow you to use something like dropbox to sync the file and then you could reattach when on the desktop.
  17. Vincent Noel

    Changes in Evernote iOS 8.13?

    Does anyone know what these release notes mean? I've updated evernote on my iphone SE and my ipad pro and can't see any difference with previous versions. I don't see any of the described changes to reminders, icons for tags, etc.
  18. PocketGoddess

    Tags in the iOS App

    I'm a relatively new Evernote user and have been very pleased so far, except for one major shortcoming (at least in my humble opinion). There is no EASY way to access tags in the app. Yes, I can search, and yes, that works fairly well. But the one thing that would completely solve the problem would be to add a quick way to access the tag list on the home screen of the app. As it currently stands, under the top icons there is a space for Notes, Notebooks, and Work Chat. I would like to add a space for Tags under Notebooks and before Work Chat. Ideally I would also be able to remove the Work Chat section. I don't use Evernote in a collaborative way, so this is just wasted space. Thanks for "listening" to my request!
  19. I'm running EN 8.12.363384 on my iPhone 5, running IoS 11.4. I understand I should be able to use my Air Buds and transcribe voice-to-text notes. However, when I try to do this, instead, I end up making an audio note, rather than transcribing my voice input into the note text. Any suggestions?
  20. The preview image on my iPad is wrong. However, I can’t see it in the note body to delete it and it’s not in the image gallery for the note in the web version. I have deleted and reinstalled it on the iPad but it hasn’t made any difference. Where is the image being displayed stored?
  21. Cilusse

    ios12 Evernote on iOS 12

    Hi everyone! Because there is not special "iOS 12 Beta" forum for technical issues, I suggest that we post all of the issues on this thread, to keep it separated from the rest of the requests concerning stable software. Thank you! —————————————————— My first feedback : Evernote on iOS 12 is completely unusable because of the slowness of the app. Creating a note, opening the keyboard, typing or inserting media takes a very long time. Evernote 8.13.364022 — iPhone 6 — iOS 12 Developer Beta 1
  22. I often add a reminder without a date. Sort of like pinning an important note to the top of a notebook. It appears this capability was removed from lastest update to the iOS app? Is that a bug? When will you fix? Please bring it back!
  23. Hello, since I updated the evernote version on 15.06.2018, I do not see a notebook which is shared with me. I am using macOS 10.13.5 Any idea of what could be happening ? Many thanks in advance, Isabelle.
  24. With all of the wonderful changes to the Evernote app that have happened recently, I’d like to know if there are any plans to put the created / modified date and time at the top of a note rather than buried in the information screen (the screen you get when you hit the little (i) icon). I refer to note date quite often and find it annoying to have to do that extra tap. If there is concern about taking up screen real estate, you might try Apple’s solution for notes: hide the date and time at the top initially, then show it when you pull down on the note when you’re at the top. Hard to describe correctly, but if you have apple notes you can easily see what I’m talking about (see screen shot). Heck, it’d be awesome to have the tagging interface in that pull down area as well, not just the date.
  25. Sann

    iOS widget

    I moved from apple notes to evernote. Unlike apple note, I don't know how to sort evernote notes by title in ios widget. Does anyone know? Thanks