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  1. My iPod Touch deleted the entire contents of my Evernote app when it closed down after its battery ran out while I was working on a file. Is it possible to recover the data files in an iPod Touch, and if so, how?
  2. Task list @ tasks input

    I am very missing possibility to set task (not only reminder) from any document and one general task list. There is a reminder function in Evernote, but it is not working when you have more than 20 reminders, it means I need to add time/responsible/... and better organize tasks in Menu (Notes, Notebooks, Tags, Thrash, + ToDoList/Tasks) Like in Evernote Clipper, I would be happy to have Evernot Tasker - from any document, web, etc. create tasks and manage them in Evernote, this is the only function I am missing in Evernote Thank you Petr
  3. Found a bug

    Just found a Evernote bug: basically if you remove Quick Note shortcut, you are gonna see "Press (null) (null) any time to show this window".
  4. I recently moved from Android to iOS and when I share to Evernote from e.g. Chrome, I am used to adding new tags, or even just pulling up existing ones, by typing them as “apple, app” to add to tags. In the iOS app i need to select from a list which can be a long list in case of many tags. This could be ok for existing tags (i can jump to a letter), but makes it impossible to define new tags at add time. So I am suggesting the feature to add new tags _during the sharing process_, i.e. before the note is actually created.
  5. Hi, folks!!! I've just realized that that x-callback-url is not working properly when you call an url from Drafts or LCP asking evernote to open camera... Phone 7, iOS 11.2, Evernote app 8.6.358974, DRAFTS workflow 1.7.7 (494), LCP 2.8.2 (build 172). For example, something like: evernote://x-callback-url/new-note?type=camera&title={{Test}}&text={{Test2}}. The note is created, but not opening camera.. Thanks a lot!!!
  6. Please bring back the vertical alphabet on the right of all notes. this made it so much quicker to find a note, rather than having to scroll and or type to search!!!!
  7. As a user, I would like to have the ability to sync a notebook offline, but choose not to sync the attachments to those notes (as the attachments are big and take up space). That being said, if I could in note, choose to sync a certain note's attachment(s), that would be amazing.
  8. A-Z index

    Why, why, why did you decide to remove the A-Z index down the right hand side of the notes start screen??? I was fast, accurate and INVALUABLE!! I'll need a good explanation of what you/we have gained by removing it?
  9. Add a 'highted text' view

    I would like a view that shows only text that I have highlighted. This 'highlighted text view' should allow me to copy only the highlighted text. I would use this view for an even more concise version of a note. I did search the forum and did not find this suggestion.
  10. To speed iOS workflow after using ScanSnap to import a ton of documents, it would be a big help to be able to swipe right on a note to bring up a list of notebooks to move a note into. Currently swiping left brings up some options, but not swiping right. I like to scan a big stack of papers at home and then use my phone later to sort & organize. But it takes a few extra taps, especially since on iOS you can’t select multiple notes and then move them all at once. swiping right could instead bring up this screen:
  11. Turn Off Auto Bullets from "-"

    Hello- I've noticed everynote seems to have a nasty habit of turning all text that starts with "-" into an indented bullet point. This feels very much like MS Word's drive to make all formatting decisions for the user. This isn't horrible on a desktop (its not great either), but is really terrible on a mobile device since the indented bullets take up about 1/2 the screen. Is there a way to turn this off on desktop or mobile devices? Its a huge annoyance.
  12. Turn Off Auto Bullets from "-"

    Hello- I've noticed everynote seems to have a nasty habit of turning all text that starts with "-" into an indented bullet point. This feels very much like MS Word's drive to make all formatting decisions for the user. This isn't horrible on a desktop (its not great either), but is really terrible on a mobile device since the indented bullets take up about 1/2 the screen. Is there a way to turn this off on desktop or mobile devices? Its a huge annoyance.
  13. Offline Notebooks

    Is there any rhyme or reason for the sort order when selecting offline notebooks to sync? On my devices I don't think it could be any more random. Really a nuisance, unless I'm missing something.
  14. Evernote does not seem to recognize the language I'm typing and so if I am using a German keyboard but typing parts in English, it will use the wrong punctuation for smart apostrophes and quotation marks. Is there no solution to this without having to change the keyboard language settings every time I write something in a different language? can't / don't <-- examples (Now it seems to work "with" <-- quotation marks ... here. But other times it doesn't recognize English and puts German inverted quotations).
  15. I would like to be able to use the SCRIBBLE input on the Evernote Watch App as an alternative to speech to text input. Thank you.
  16. I know, I know, this is the dream. I’ve been requesting this since EN acquired Penultimate. As of right now there are 2 different interfaces for inking and annotation. Inking (or sketching) uses a similar engine as penultimate, and annotation uses the skitch interface. It would be INSANELY great and useful if the inking engine replaced the skitch pen an marker, its way better and sometimes you need to scribble on an image or sign a PDF. And on the sketching side, it would also be useful to implement some of the features of the skitch annotation UI: like stamps, text, arrows, and cropping. So if these two separate UIs merged, we could have a unified user experience, and way better annotation capabilities. Not trying to light a fire here but iOS Notes app already does this with markup and sketching.
  17. Hi All, Apologies if this is a stupid question. I'm aware that business cards can be scanned with the text lifted off of the card so that they can be searchable but does anyone know how/if you can do this with handwritten notes? For example if I have a handwritten note saying 'reminder', it'd be good if I could search 'reminder' and have it appear. Or even turn the handwriting into text? Thanks, David
  18. Who decided to remove the sync button? Hand over the Bozo reward. Today caught for the second time being unable to critical information. Result: Evernote = Untrustworthy. Time to switch to other application for critical information.
  19. Evernote for iOS 8.6 Released

    Hi there, Version 8.6 of Evernote for iOS is available in the App Store. You can download it here. This version contains bug fixes and performance improvements for many of the issues reported here and through our support channels. This version includes: Thanks for using Evernote and the continued feedback!
  20. I just accidentally replaced a large portion of text with a random image. In panic, I ran to my computer, wishing to copy the note in question to the clipboard before it syncs. I didn't make it, it immediately synced while I was opening the note. Now for the game-changer: there's no way to revert the changes. On the Mac app, I can select undo but it does nothing (can't undo a sync I guess). On the iPhone, I just found out about a "shake to undo" feature (WTF, how am I supposed to know this!), but it does nothing in this case. The edit is permanent. Note history is a premium feature, so no help there. This finally made me decide on abandoning Evernote. I've been annoyed by the clunky interface and general slowness for a long time, but if something so simple as reverting latest changes requires a monthly fee, I'm out. I'm going back to Apple's own note app, which, even though limited in its features, at least is a safe place to store important information. At least give the option to revert to the last version in the note history for free, for goodness sakes. Leave the full history as a premium option. As it is, you're just keeping people's personal information hostage.
  21. Hello everyone, I hope Evernote team will see this post. I have a kind request to add Ukrainian language to the iOS App and Web Client. I saw the translation is already done on a long time ago. Thank you. Sincerely, Stanis Boiko
  22. Hi, Whenever I tried to navigate to a notebook which I want to share, There is no "search panel" for me to navigate, instead I have scroll through all notebooks to pick. This feature has been done nicely in Apple Notes, it saves me a lot of time.
  23. I updated my password on the web, and now I can't log into Evernote on my iPhone app. I am using the same user ID and password on both. No problem via browser, but no joy on my iPhone. Any ideas? ETA: Problem on iOS is caused by "incorrect password" message. It isn't incorrect. I just changed it 15 minutes ago and know exactly what it is.
  24. Hi. It would be really useful to have an option to start a new note in the Title rather than just the body. Frustrating always having to remember to click in the Title before writing and especially on a smaller (phone) device and the space isn’t so much and you end up having to be so precise that it sometimes takes a few attempts. Thanks for consideration. Susan.
  25. I deleted the app rather than pay to view my evernote info on my I-phone. It felt exactly as if I was being asked for ransom money. Not a winning idea.