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Found 4,539 results

  1. I saved an image file on Evernote on my iPhone X and unfortunately I can't view the image in the Evernote app on my Windows 10 PC. Evernote support says this a known issue and that I should vote in the user forum so that Evernote will fix the problem.
  2. Alessandro_Evernote

    Tables on iOS devices

    I think that Evernote should add tables on the iOS app. I am a student and I use tables a lot with my pc, so I don’t understand why I can’t use them with my iPad when I am at school. They represent an incredible way to put things in order and I think they would improve the user experience a lot. Don’t you think so?
  3. ernstMreicher

    sort order on iOS Evernote

    Hi, I have a Evernote notebook with entries named with a specific datestamp as first word (e. g. 2016-09-21) and want to see last entries first so on desktop I set reverse alphabetical order. On desktop there is this option and it works. But on iOS I have to scroll down the whole list because there is no reverse order option?!?!Regards Ernst
  4. Kim_Lazyboy

    Sync Crashing Penultimate

    Hi Using penultimate with a 12.9 Ipad pro. Restored Data to a 10.5 Ipad pro. Now penultimate crashes when attempting to sync. Have deleted / rebooted / reinstalled the app - no change. Penultimate will work in "pause sync" mode - so I can capture local files and is stable, however any attempt to sync, throws it into a crash loop. Evernote seems to be working fine and syncing well. ticket logged with support, but so far no assist. Any suggestions or help ? Thanks Kim
  5. For those interested in IOS scripting, these screenshots show the Evernote Actions available' The initial screen shows a menu of actions on the left You drag the action to the workspace on the right to form a sequence Below are Evernote Actions Get Notes Append to Note Create New Note Get Note Link Delete Notes
  6. Chantal Leonard

    Evernote for iOS 8.2 Released

    Hi all, This morning we released version 8.2 of iOS to the App Store. You can download it here. This version includes - Performance improvements: The app and camera launch faster, and notes and tags load faster. Scrolling through your list of notes is smoother and more responsive. Enhanced business cards: Include both sides and easily update fields when you scan business cards. Access reminders more quickly: Tap the clock up top, to the right of the search bar. Reminders are now listed by due date, not date created or updated. Added Norwegian language support. Made numerous bug fixes and improvements, including several crashes. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the iOS team!
  7. Help! ... And forgive me if there is a known solution or I am posting in the wrong place ... My first post I have a note with over 460 pages and when I open the app often times it re-launches(sending me back to the first page) versus restore(which returns me back to last page I was editing) .... navigating page by page is horrendous... and I understand the app may re-launch based on other IOS activity, but help us please .... Is there a feature that will allow me to go to the last page in the note or enter the desired page number or A percent(ie 85% from top or bottom ) or Add new pages to the top of the note It's really painful when Penultimate closes and you have to scroll all the way to the last page to resume taking your notes when you have a substantial number of pages in a note! Please Help Craig iPad iOS 8.02 and Penultimate 6.1.1
  8. I have a numbered list in a note. I wish to indent an item. On my laptop, I would press the tab key. There is no tab key on iOS. How to indent on iOS? Thank you for any help!
  9. Hey y'all, 8.16 is now available in the App Store! New: We’ve added support for Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 to make Evernote even more flexible! You can now create custom voice commands to: view a note, notebook, space, or saved search; create a new camera note or audio note; copy a note link to the clipboard; or print the current note. Whew! Fixed: If you were using split view on iPad, dragging an image into a note would make it scroll to the top, which was super annoying. Now the cursor will stay right where you left it. Somewhere along the way, the app forgot how to save reminders that didn’t have a due date. But now everything is back the way it used to be. We had a security issue where you could see the note list or last note after you reloaded the app, even if the passcode lock was enabled. That was a big fail, but we fixed it. Adding images to a note in a joined notebook would sometimes cause a crash, but no more. Let us know of any issues and feedback you may have. Thanks!
  10. I just downloaded Evernote 8.0.351713 for iPhone and discovered that I have lost the Atlas (or Map) feature. This was one of my favorite features of Evernote and now it's no longer available on any platform. It used to be available on both iOS and Windows and now neither.
  11. Dear Evernote iOS development team, Please include nested tags / hierarchy into the iOS version! I finally made the move to become a premium user after discovering the the usefulness of tag nesting / hierarchy in organising notes on the Mac Evernote. Just about to port all my notes into evernote, then I realised the iOS version can't see the nested / heirarchy structure !! aagh and I've just paid for a whole year subscription ...bummer~ I understand there are tonnes of requests out there, but this seems to be a crucial notes organisation feature to be considered for inclusion? Please add this feature in line with the desktop apps please? My setup: Mac Evernote (on iMac) - for work at home iOS 8 Evernote (on iPad + keyboard) - for taking notes during work and conferences.
  12. Hope to be able to create & edit table in iPad or even iPhone like what I can do in Mac.
  13. Currently the business product is disjointed with workflows not allowing pins to be created or removed in IOS on our iPad Pros making people load the website on the same device. You guys have got have basic parity with workflow experiences so people don't have to exist the IOS native app and literally load a website on safari to edit and pins basic notes via "Spaces". Extremely frustrating
  14. Since one of the latest EN for iOS updates, I regularly experience that notes created and looking perfectly fine on my iPad show on my PC with various font sizes. This behaviour seems truly erroneous, I can't detect any regularity. As an example, compare the first bullet-point in note attached: as created on iPad and as synced to Windows.
  15. ChuckChuckBoBuck

    Edit created date

    Would love to be able to edit notes created date in iOS. I scan my notes and don't always scan them on the dates I write them and like to have the date created and the note date match for sorting purposes.
  16. Most of my evernote activities has to do with moving around various pdf, doc or excel files within Evernote. For example, I will scan a document into my inbox and it resides there in a pdf file. Later on I'll want to move that pdf to a different notebook or perhaps to a different note within that same notebook. Is there any way to do that? Also, is there any way to merge two notes within EN ipad?
  17. I just updated the Evernote app to version 8, and it crashes on launch. I force quit the app and re-launched and got the same result. I restarted the iPhone ( 6S plus running 10.2(14C92) ) and got the same result. Another suggestions besides a reinstall, I don't want to download 7GB of data again. Would a crash report help? I can upload one if needed. I went ahead and submitted a support ticket, so please ignore the post if needed.
  18. Have ability to view side by side notes on iPad Pro. The current Evernote default view is for productivity,but for activities like Weekly Reviews of tasks and stuff, side by side view is essential. This will make Evernote even more powerful on the iPad.
  19. I am using Evernote on Windows and the iOS version on my iPhone and iPad. Here is a problem I have been experiencing for quite a long time: I keep a small number of shortcuts to frequently used notes. Some of the shortcuts never change, some others I change daily. Whenever I add a new shortcut in the Windows version and open the iOS version some hours later, the recently added shortcuts disappear, while the shortcuts that have been around for a longer time are not affected. This behaviour can be reliably reproduced. I suppose it could be a timestamp problem in the sync process of the iOS version, maybe connected to the time zone I am in (UTC+1), because only recently added shortcuts are affected. Did anyone else also observe this behaviour?
  20. GiacomoLaw

    Inserting tables

    How can I insert tables in Evernote for iOS? Is there a work around that would allow me to insert tables? Thanks!
  21. On Mac and iOS, for documents with many Skitch annotations, the annotation summary presents as a single page that includes only the first ~20 annotations. Is this a known problem?
  22. The web clipper on mac does a great job of clipping simplified articles. On iOS, however, evernote clips the entire page (when chosen from the action menu). is there any way to clip a simplified article in iOS like the web clipper does on Mac?
  23. Hello, Is planned to add the functionality to write with the apple pencil directly in the notes as works for example in OneNote? Ia one of the points to use Evernote Premium or move to other alternative. Thanks!
  24. When I send a note via email, the same (old) list of "recent" recipients pops up. It never updates with more recently used addresses and I can't figure out how to delete the old ones. This occurs when I'm using my iPad. Thoughts?
  25. ctoohey32

    View Two Notes at once

    Recently I have had the need to flip back and forth between 2 different notes at the same to pull some information from another note. Am I missing something and is there any way to view two notes from 2 different note books at the same time? If not this would be a great feature to have.