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  1. Is there an official or unofficial way to install Evernote version 7? New design and features seem great, I just can't stand how slow this app is now. Hopefully it will eventually be resolved but for now I'd just like to be able to access my notes on iPhone without waiting so long for the app to open. How can I install v7?
  2. When I keep logs on Evernote and view them on my iPhone, I have to scroll to the bottom to make an addition. Scrolling to the bottom every time is a real time waster. My ask is for some simple way to be able to quickly move to the bottom of the note so that I can add to it.
  3. Can you please support the Adonit Pixel stylus
  4. Hope to be able to create & edit table in iPad or even iPhone like what I can do in Mac.
  5. Hi, First of all let me say IOS is the only platform Evernote does a (very) good job in handling RTL. My only complaint is this: (After the text is aligned to the right & you input some text): Writing a number followed by a dot at the beginning of a line (say 1.) the number will disappear. Any insights?
  6. Dear developers, Last year you've made a change in your Android app & since then it's very (very!) hard to use it for RTL languages. Arabic alone is the next most spoken language in the world after English ( (preceding it are only Chinese, Hindi & Spanish). The support for RTL across all your platforms has been inconsistent & it's a shame as it's possible to achieve. How do I know? from the following: - The IOS version currently works ok - start writing & then long press the screen & click the IOS change orientation symbol (2 opposite horizontal arrows) - The windows version works weird - it's possible to write from right to left but the cursor doesn't follow as you type & actually placing it at the end with the mouse makes typing start at the beginning of the line! Additionally either typing numbers(!) or (god forbid) adding a word in English messes up the entire line & renders the text unintelligible & non-editable. - If a note was written in IOS (aligned to the right first & then add the text, not the opposite or it won't work!) & then opened in the Windows program - magically the Windows program works perfect! This shows you fixing all versions to do RTL is possible & I believe I've just given your programmers an option to check what is it that works & implement it in all versions. Please help hundreds of millions of people use your apps (Adnriod in particular), please, please, please allow us to continue & use Evernote
  7. I'm a relatively new user to Evernote. I had originally been using the Notebooks and Stacks to separate different tasks and groupings, but started to shift towards using tags and shortcut searches. One search that I have used on the Windows desktop app is searching for specific tags and filtering out anything that has a future reminder date (after today). This seems to work great on the desktop applications, but I noticed a difference when I look at the same shortcut on the iphone app. Here is the syntax: tag:"@Home" tag:"Next Action" -remindertime:day+1 As I mentioned, this seems to work great on my desktop, but on the iphone app this same shortcut only shows tasks with reminders previous to today and reminders from today. Doesn't show anything that DOESN'T have a reminder... Any recommendations?? Thank you!
  8. Hi all, We continue to fix bugs and top crashers. This version also re-adds 3D Touch Peek and Pop actions on note lists as well as some additional improvements. New: Peek into notes from the note list using 3D Touch Press on a note to Peek into a note without marking it as recently viewed Swipe up to expose more options: Set Reminders / Clear Reminders / Mark Reminders as complete Add to / Remove from Shortcuts Share (this opens the share sheet) Press a little harder to Pop into the note editor (in view mode) This works on 3D Touch-enabled devices (iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus) Improved Reminders swipe actions in the note list For notes without reminders, tapping the swipe action Reminder button adds a reminder and prompts for date For notes with reminders, tapping the swipe action Reminder button gives more options to add/change/remove date, mark as done, or clear reminder Fixed: Reduction/elimination of App Store sign-in prompt Adding tags to Business notes via autocomplete will now search all Business tags Saved searches created before v8 can be added to shortcuts Filter by tags in joined notebooks Cancel button on verify email screen closes the screen Sync improvements More reliable offline notebook downloading More reliable sending contact info after scanning a business card Fixed crash when canceling from Print screen Fixed crash when opening attachments in other apps Many other bug and crash fixes You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  9. I have been a very happy user of SoundEver for years with big buttons that make it easy to trigger and pause recording plus offline storage of recordings. It is rock-solid reliable and thus I trust it far more than the Evernote iOS client which has lost recordings and has a near-unusable interface. Unfortunately, SoundEver is a dated, 32bit app which is no longer on the stores and will at some future iOS version be probably blocked from launching. It already issues Apple's bogus _this app may slow your iPhone_ warning. So, any suggestions for a dedicated recording app to replace it (I really don't have the time to write one myself)? Must have Offline storage with review/replay on device. Ability to upload notes to Evernote. Pause. UI which allows for hands-free or nearly hands-free use with minimal glancing at device, for safe use when driving. Nice to have Level meter or warning if recording level is too low. Indication of note successfully uploading to Evernote. Easy switching of tagging notes to pre-classify them. thanks Andy
  10. I have terrible problems with Evernote 8.1 for iOS on on iOS 10.2.1 - it is randomly mixing up content between notes. Sometimes after note is edited, its contents gets replaced by randomly selected older notes. Edited content of original note is lost !!! The note listing still displays original content, but after opening of the note - content from different not is displayed and saved (synced to cloud). It happened to me already more times on few occasions. I deleted the app and reinstalled twice - nothing helped. I'm using Evernote since 2012 - since then I had Premium account (now Plus for few months), ...Evcernote is great .... but the latest iOS Client is terrible.
  11. Hi all, Thank you for your continued feedback. We released v8.0.4 this morning with performance improvements, fixes for top crashing issues, and a fix for some notes not loading in the note editor. What's fixed in 8.0.4: Performance improvements with note loading Some notes that would appear as blank will now load Crash on launch observed by some users - due to issues with some saved searches Crash when viewing a PDF on iPad and rotating the device - we have an updated PDF viewer that fixes this issue Crash when submitting a support ticket You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers! P.S. We continue to troubleshoot the prompt for App Store sign-in issue that some users are seeing.
  12. Bom dia, sou usuário do Evernote já algum tempo, parabéns pela evolução visual e das ferramentas que vocês tiveram nestes anos todos, mas gostaria de saber se não há a possibilidade de fazer com que os Lembretes colocados nas nossas notas possam aparecer tanto no Widget do Evernote, quanto aparecer no aplicativo de Calendário nativo do IOS? Ao montar os compromissos do dia no Calendário seria muito interessante conseguir ver que há um Lembrete de uma nota do Evernote naquele dia e hora. Obrigado e parabéns pelo aplicativo.
  13. I just updated the Evernote app to version 8, and it crashes on launch. I force quit the app and re-launched and got the same result. I restarted the iPhone ( 6S plus running 10.2(14C92) ) and got the same result. Another suggestions besides a reinstall, I don't want to download 7GB of data again. Would a crash report help? I can upload one if needed. I went ahead and submitted a support ticket, so please ignore the post if needed.
  14. I use Evernote on my I Pad but I installed an upgrade and can't change the font any more, and I need to change the font from to time. Can that be done?
  15. The new update for iOS looks really great with significant improvements in the interface. However, losing presentation mode is a big deal for me. As a someone who teaches and speaks regularly I LOVED presentation mode. I was able to design a speaking outline and then use presentation mode live to just scroll through my notes as I speak. The way it stripped out all other buttons and such made it something I used multiple times a week for the last 2 years. Is there any chance it might come back or something else like it? If there was a way to freeze the keyboard and/or other options/buttons it would get me close enough to where it was before. Let me know what you think.
  16. Hi There, Long-time fan of Evernote, I can't imagine life without it at this point. HOWEVER! Lately, my internal formatting of notes keeps getting wrecked. For example, I include bold/italic/underline in my notes. Then I'll go back to a note, and all my text will be one giant block of text. Talk about frustrating! I will say that at work, where I access Evernote most, I do NOT have good phone service and NO Wi-Fi. I am wondering if the "Evernote cannot sync," which constantly pops up when I edit a note, has something to do with this. Thank you in advance. Respectfully, Justin
  17. Story: "As a user, I want to easily switch between existing Evernote accounts, on my iOS devices, so that I can easily access notes from several accounts without having to share or mix them in the same account." Acceptance Criteria: - From the Evernote iOS app for iPhone or iPad, users can add multiple account credentials - New account credentials are stored on the device - Users can select an account already added to switch to that account. - Users can delete account that they want to remove from the device. - Removing accounts from the device removes them from the list of accounts and deletes all the associated data. - Supports a mix of accounts using varying authentication schemes; single and 2-phase authentication/ Please update, and or supplement .. Thanks Erick Crowell,
  18. I'm trying to log into Evernote on my iPad using Chrome but there doesn't seem to be a "Sign In" link available in the menu - only "Sign Up" and "Download Evernote" . Screenshots attached. Is it possible to login using Chrome on an iPad?
  19. I've seen issues with this in earlier updates, but it's an issue that continues to plague me unfortunately. I am using an iPad Air 2 with the onscreen keyboard. I'm on the latest iOS and current Evernote version. However, when I am typing notes, about 50% of the time the onscreen keyboard covers the bottom of the note. I am still able to type onto the note, but I'm not able to see what I'm typing. Sometimes if I quit the app and reload it, the issue is resolved. But not all the time. Thoughts?
  20. Why does evernote not have the ability to handwrite in the iOS version. I don't want to use Penultimate because I don't want to have two copies of my notes in two different applications. I know you can attach a picture of a white piece of paper but that is too cumbersome. Handwriting is available in the Android version, so why not bring it over to iOS. Many user have wanted it and handwriting is an essential part of note taking for me.
  21. Anyone know how to add a telelphone number to a note in the mac client or ios so that when I open the note on my ios device I can simply click on the link to have my phone dial the number? I did a bit of searching, seems like this is available on the android app but I haven't figured it out on ios. it's probably a simple solution ...
  22. I think it's very strange that reminders in Evernote do not push to Apple Watch. I feel like this is an obvious feature and there isn't much of a reason to use the Apple Watch app if you don't get notifications. Additionally, it would be wonderful if there was a more granular selection for setting a reminder time - currently there is only This Evening, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month. This would be my go-to Apple Watch app if it had these features!
  23. I would very much like to see my tags without having to press the i on the iPad app. I often send articles and recipes from Flipboard and find the process of adding tags from the Flipboard app very cumbersome. I prefer to do it within the Evernote app itself, but I have to go through several steps to even see if that notes have tags. I'm also finding it more difficult to do searches of tags than with previous versions. I hope future versions will improve tag visual access and searches.
  24. Hi everyone Can anyone help me solve my problem of frequent inability to serach notes while offline with my ipad Pro 97 inch Its an erratic behavior that irks me. I have all my notebooks duly marked for offline storage. So logically searching within those notes should be a local device based affair. But unfortunately despite being a paying customer for Premium with a promise for offline access to notes, EN often disappoints As an additional support to my question, I am attaching screenshots showing the errors and my setting for notebooks. Any, all help will be highly appreciated
  25. Why so far, even in the Premium, is not implemented Tree label in the application on iOS (iPhone and iPad)? Highly! it is not convenient to use the application without this elementary function on these devices