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  1. The new update for iOS looks really great with significant improvements in the interface. However, losing presentation mode is a big deal for me. As a someone who teaches and speaks regularly I LOVED presentation mode. I was able to design a speaking outline and then use presentation mode live to just scroll through my notes as I speak. The way it stripped out all other buttons and such made it something I used multiple times a week for the last 2 years. Is there any chance it might come back or something else like it? If there was a way to freeze the keyboard and/or other options/buttons it would get me close enough to where it was before. Let me know what you think.
  2. Is anyone else having trouble with the note editor using the new version? Editing plain text with simplified formatting is excruciating -- after each keypress is about 750 milliseconds of dead time before a response. I don't see any posts about this -- is it just me?
  3. I am frequently using tables in my notes. However, these days I encounter a strange issue: Tables that are showing up perfectly fine on Mac, will shown up squeezed very narrow on iOS - see screenshots. Please help!
  4. I need to see the tags in the lists. Without this it is impossible to use. You suddenly hid them, and there the information necessary for searching and navigating, the description of the content. Earlier in the lists I could see the content type: file, schema, article, instruction. Now I can not.
  5. I remember when I first found the real value of suggested note title.... I had an event on my device calendar and I took notes directly in Evernote during the event. I noticed it gave my note a relevant title given the connection to my calendar. It was contextual not just to Evernote, but my events in my calendar. At moment the light bulb went on and I realized the genius of this feature. It saved me the time of creating a note title. It furthered my connection to Evernote. Why take it away? Did it really take up that much overhead in app performance? Please consider bringing it back.
  6. Can anybody confirm whether TextExpander is finally coming to Evernote 5 for iOS? Thanks-
  7. Seriously cannot believe that Presentation Mode is no longer available on iOS. I've worked in software development for years, and am a long term premium users of Evernote. It makes absolutely zero sense to implement a very useful feature, and then remove it on one of your main platforms. Personally I use presentation mode extensively when I'm speaking (as speaker notes for me). It has easy to read typography, the ability to use note links for navigation, and I can setup the individual pages to show exactly what I use per page. However I can't use my iPad when I'm presentation! Crazy and very frustrating. Totally makes me want to find a different note taking app. Aaarrggghhhh!
  8. Good morning, whenever I in advertently swipe my iPad (2 mini) from the right side, Evernote opens. How do I turn this feature off? Thanks, John
  9. Hi all, This morning we released version 8.2.1 of iOS to the App Store. You can download it here. This version includes - Improved 8.2.1: A change which will make app resume faster for some users. Fixed for 8.2.1: Fixed an issue where some table columns appear compressed. Fixed an intermittent issue where some notes are blank on initial load. A note on the issue where some notes were showing incorrect spacing in our last release (8.2) - if you edited any of those notes, the incorrect formatting/layout might have been saved to the database, and you will have to recover with note history. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the iOS team!
  10. I would like to see - if possible - the iOS app provide feedback on offline notebooks to indicate storage usage for each notebook - similar to that on Android - so in the event space is needed - it is easy to see where to find it across a series of notebooks. Also the number of notes is helpful to identify, manage and verify offline vs online notes.
  11. Hi there, I have several notes that use double spacing. On the web editor, the formatting is perfect. However, now the mobile app reads the formatting as single line spacing. Will you guys be able to fix this? Or, are you guys forcing us all to change every note to single spacing in order to work with the mobile app? Thank You, Chad
  12. One of my favorite things about Evernote has been automation of the note title/subject based on my calendar. This seems to have gone away in the new version. Is there a setting to restore or it, or is this a casualty like it was with Penultimate?
  13. There is erratic behavior when using apple pencil. There are freezes every now and then and then I keep sketching over and over on same spot, thinking that Apple Pencil is not responding. and.. frustratingly after few moments all lines I drew appear... so so frustrating
  14. I have some notes with long strings, like file paths or long urls. On the Mac client, they wrap properly to the screen width. And when you're in editing mode on the iOS client, they wrap properly as well. But in view mode on the iOS client they don't wrap, and since they have to fit on one line they end up making the rest of the text look ridiculously small and hard to read. See the attached screenshots. This is in the brand new version of Evernote with the new note editor (version 7.16, released on August 30th). Reported as bug 1794028.
  15. In the apple world, Evernote for Mac starts a new note in the title field, which I believe is the correct place to start. I enter lots of reminders that have a title but no note body. The Ipad and Iphone versions start in the note body first and its gets annoying to have to move the cursor back to the title field to enter my reminder. I request that all apps consistently start in the title field first
  16. Hi everyone Can anyone help me solve my problem of frequent inability to serach notes while offline with my ipad Pro 9.7 inch Its an erratic behavior that irks me. I have all my notebooks duly marked for offline storage. So logically searching within those notes should be a local device based affair. But unfortunately despite being a paying customer for Premium with a promise for offline access to notes, EN often disappoints As an additional support to my question, I am attaching screenshots showing the errors and my setting for notebooks. Any, all help will be highly appreciated
  17. I have terrible problems with Evernote 8.1 for iOS on on iOS 10.2.1 - it is randomly mixing up content between notes. Sometimes after note is edited, its contents gets replaced by randomly selected older notes. Edited content of original note is lost !!! The note listing still displays original content, but after opening of the note - content from different not is displayed and saved (synced to cloud). It happened to me already more times on few occasions. I deleted the app and reinstalled twice - nothing helped. I'm using Evernote since 2012 - since then I had Premium account (now Plus for few months), ...Evcernote is great .... but the latest iOS Client is terrible.
  18. I use tags just as Michael Hyatt describes on his website ( I love his system, but it's annoying to do on an IPad or iPhone because there seems to be limited functionality for tags. I have a couple of feature requests relating to tags: 1. I'd like to be able to manage tags very similar to how I can on my desktop-- I want the tag management to be easily accessible (not buried as it is now) and I want to see nesting (not listed alphabetically as it is now) and I want to be able to manage/manipulate nesting 2. I'd like to be able to always view tags in the header of my notes (versus having to click the "i" icon). Many thanks!
  19. I had this app on my iPhone 6 with the same version of iOS. When I went to install all of my apps on my iPhone 7, this one hung somehow. It shows as installed and has the "open" button, but nothing happens when I press open and it doesn't appear anywhere on my phone. I have restarted the phone and logged in and out of app store with no luck.
  20. Title says it all: even if Evernote support says they were not happy with how it worked (well, me neither:-), it was still good to have it. Quite often it clicked and was ready to use. And it was very easy to override it with my own note title. Because of that I do not quite see the reason why to discontinue it - it was not mandatory, it was just an option - sometimes very handy. Please, see the discussion I had with the support: Ava H (Evernote Help and Learning) Feb 22, 12:06 PST Hello Ros, Thank you so much for contacting Evernote Customer Support. My name is Ava, and I will be happy to help you today. I understand that you were looking to enable suggested note titles in Evernote for your iPhone. This feature was removed with the most recent update because it wasn't quite working the way that we preferred. We decided to give you more control over how to title your notes, rather than using an algorithm to suggest note titles based on location, calendar event, or note content. Evernote's development team remains small and we wanted to concentrate more on our core values in order to provide you with the best note taking experience possible. I understand that the updates do take a little bit of an adjustment period but, we truly believe that they offer the most intuitive user experience on our iOS application to date. I will make sure to mark this on my end with your ticket but I'd also encourage you to post this on our Evernote User Forum, where you and other users can suggest new feature ideas, and vote for them. While we can't guarantee all feature requests or design ideas will be implemented, our development team regularly reviews product feedback submitted through the Evernote User Forum. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best, Ava H Rostislav Říha Feb 13, 07:25 PST %subj% says it all - on the latest version automatic note title suggestions do not appear. Is it some setting (where?) or was this feature discontinued? Thanks Ros
  21. I just downloaded Evernote 8.0.351713 for iPhone and discovered that I have lost the Atlas (or Map) feature. This was one of my favorite features of Evernote and now it's no longer available on any platform. It used to be available on both iOS and Windows and now neither.
  22. I was using Evernot a lot on several difference devices until I noticed some inconsistancies between devices. Mainly the lack of font control on the IOS devices, specifically IPad and IPhone ( I don't have an android device so I don't know if this applies there as well). I'm not asking for a lot of font/paragragh control. I'd settle for being able to change the font, font size and font color, although actual paragraph control would be a nice to have. This functionality is especially necessary when copying and pasting text from web pages into Evernote, or formated text from other programs. I would like to be able to select all the copied text and convert it to all the same font and color or size of my choosing. This makes reading my notes much easier. Also there are times when the default text is too small to read on IOS devises and I would like to make it bigger. I can't do this with the IPad or IPhone version only the desktop. As a user I don't understand why this functionalty isn't already in the app, it exists on the destop, it exists in other IOS applications so I have to believe it is possible. Other posts regarding this issue suggest first copying and pasting text into a text only application, which defeats the entire point of Evernote if I have to use multiple programs to make a simple text change. Other posts have also noted that this comment box contains more text functionaly than exsists in the IOS applications, which to a user seems really really odd. If you have no plans to add this functionality to the application could you supply the reasoning why something so common can not be implemented in Evernote. If we can't have a feature it might help the annoyance factor to understand why. Evernote has stopped being my go to resourse on IOS devices for this reason, and thats a shame as its a good program.
  23. I have recently starting keeping meeting notes using my ipad and ipen to create "sketch" images of my hand-written notes. This is instead of using a physical book. I keep finding that when I look some time later (perhaps days), there is no content in my notebook and they are empty, no images, or any content at all. Looking online in the notes are also empty. They are lost on the ipad with no obvious way to recover them either. Why is this happening and is there a way to look at why these notes didn't save? Currently I have empty notes from a bunch of meetings with actions that now I have no record of. Clearly unacceptable.
  24. When searching in the content of all notes and then going to one of found notes it would be very helpful if arrows (navigation bar) for moving to previous/next search result within the text or PDF note itself would appear immediately after opening the note and replace bar with 4 icons for inserting images, audio etc. in the note. Right know (and it works only on iPad) I have to click three dots in upper right corner to invoke menu, where I click „Search in Note“ and then click „Cancel“ to see search results navigation bar. That works only on iPad. On iPhone and MacOS I have to scroll through whole note to find all occurrences of the searched word, if there are any. Search results navigation bar should show number of occurrences of the word in text or PDF. Obviously, if I search the notes I want that all the time while in search mode. That goes for iOS and macOS version as well.
  25. After this last update, I am assuming, my notes auto-reset/scroll back to the top of the note after editing a note. So I can be editing a note halfway through a long note and when I hide the keyboard after edit it shoots the document back up to the top, losing my place in the note. How do I fix this?