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Found 41 results

  1. V8 for IOS is nice, but a real backward move was requiring two clicks to insert bullets and another two to indent them. On iPad there's plenty of room to give direct access to these functions in the bottom bar. (But thanks for at last putting the Expand button in the top bar instead of the top of the note - great improvement). Thanks.
  2. complectrum

    Lose the New Note button

    Other threads have complained about this, but it looks like nothing has been done, so I'm going to bring it up again. The giant green left panel ⊕︀New Note button on the desktop client is distracting and a total waste of space. (See how stupid that looks?) Please get rid of it or give users the option to hide it. I mean, really, what was the UI designer thinking? I'm not crazy about the Google-style ⊕︀ buttons either, but at least they don't make the interface less usable.
  3. ego77774


    good afternoon! very much hampered by the frame that appeared in the latest version, in a note. can you somehow provide for its disconnection? Also in the notebook / notes panel, every time you enter, everything turns out to be collapsed. please return the option to save the last view of the panel!
  4. I am using Evernote (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) on a Windows 10 machine and this morning I noticed a link to mysite.du.edu at the top. Could anyone please tell me what it is all about and how it suddenly appeared? Thanks in advance.
  5. Gracjan Nowak

    Interface doesn't expand

    Hello! I have some issue with latest Evernote app for macOS High Sierra. On my computer auto-hiding dock option is enabled and often Evernote ignores it and doesn't use all space. Please fix that. Thank you in advance and have a good day!
  6. When editing tags for selected notes wait until I click away to re-filter the search results. (Mac)
  7. Inside the Options area, there is an area which allows for the alteration of the standard setting for new notes, when they are created. However, there is no setting area to alter the Interface font or size.This surprises me, because every program i use, as this ability Some require editing an external data file, or CSS file. Some have the setting in the same are as the alterations to the default file settings for text files (Scriviener, Word, Eclipse, every browser has this option, OpenOffice, Libre, LangugageTool, NotePad++ Every IDE I have (10 or more).--- Every program I have has the option to adjust the font size used by the interface, for the menus, the listing of folders and files, The labels... I know this because I've had to adjust them all so I can read them, and be able to use the programs. Everyone of them, except Evernote. Which, again, is a surprise.Unfortunately , since I can't read the menus or the listing of my folders on the sidebar, I'm going to have to wait for you to add this feature, before I can use the program again. Hoping to hear from you soon....
  8. Ali Elsheikh

    Support Right to Left (RTL) direction

    Dear Evernote Team. good day. I am an Evernote user and very proud to get the chance to use this great app, meantime i am Arabian user i want to suggest adding Arabic Language as user interface to Evernote"all platforms" and i am ready to translate it which will help Evernote to reach millions of Arabian users. i hope you can consider my suggestion and i am sure it will help so many people in the Arabian world. Thanks & Best Regards Ali
  9. Feature proposition : add a small area dedicated to tags directly in the editing note interface : This feature would give the user the possibility : to quickly see which tags are used on the note, to be able, by clicking on the keyword used to tag the note, to list all the similar notes tagged with this keyword >> improvement of the navigability through similar notes, to easily add new tags to the note (without having to go to the back interface through the button "i") What do you think? All the best, Alex
  10. Dear dev team, I like Evernote very much, but I don't use it for typing. Why? very uncomfortable. i'm a professionnal writer and I'm writing in hirizontal mode by 2 tumbs. In evernote horiz interface you left only 4 lines of the text. It's very few!!! Please add the possibility to switch off all unuseful boards. Look at the good example: the format boards appear only after SELECTION. I hope you'll try to create your app more comfortable for people who are really WRITING Thanks for your attention See the examples in the attach file.
  11. いつも楽しく製品(主にMac版アプリ)を利用しております。 下記に述べる理由で、Mac版アプリ及びWeb版において、ステータスバー等によってノートの文字数をリアルタイムに把握することができるような改善を希望いたします。 最近は機能が充実してきているようでユーザーとしては喜ばしいことなのですが、Windows版と他のプラットフォームの間に存在する差異が気になることもあります。その中で最も大きなものが、ステータスバーによるノートの文字数の常時表示がMacやWeb版では行えないことです。 Mac版では、ノート右上部の「i」のアイコンをクリックしますと、「サイズ」情報として文字数を確認することができます。しかし、わずかな手間ではあるものの、この手間がノートに気軽に書き込みを始めるモチベーションを下げてしまっている気がします。 とくにアイデアを文字数制限付きでまとめる必要のあるライターや研究者、調査分析担当者といった職業/役割のユーザーには、文字数を素早くチェックできるこの機能は必要不可欠のものであると考えています。 以上、ご検討のほど、よろしくお願いいたします。
  12. thoreau

    new ios interface

    hi. the new evernote design is great. my opinion is that it will be more better.
  13. In the Macintosh Evernote application the search field needs to be moved over above where the notes are listed. (see attached file) 1) As you are typing into the Search Field in the extreme upper-right hand side of the window...you have to move your eyes back and forth between the search field and the list of notes. This results in wasted movement going back and forth between different parts of the Evernote application.2) This interface enhancement would match the same interface design of the Windows PC version of Evernote. (I use both versions of Evernote daily). If you use the Windows version you will find that the ability to search (the search field is directly above the list of notes, in the middle of the main application window) and quickly see the results of the search are more fluid because you can very quickly see the results without having to move your eyes significantly around the window.
  14. It would be great if anything you type into a note while recording audio had a visible time stamp, e.g. 10:19 next to it. Clicking the number would then navigate to the place in the audio recording. Of course there is at least one app that does this, but it would be ideal to have this functionality inside Evernote. Thanks.
  15. What keyboard button is used to select into a different notebook? In the screenshot I'm highlighted onto "Korean" but it won't let me select the highlighted portion. I tried a multitude of keystrokes including but not limited to: ENTER, RIGHT ARROW, TAB, SHIFT+ENTER I really try to avoid using my mouse as much as possible, especially when it comes to entering text.
  16. I have reported this but I wanted to post it here as well in case others are seeing it and have more detailed info about how to reproduce. Every once in a while I will drag the List scrollbar way to the top and it will not stay there to display the notes at the top of the list. Instead, it automatically moves somewhere down the list. I can reproduce the behaviour (see screenshot) but there may happen in other circumstances as well.
  17. Hi! i recently started using evernote, on the 1st of october, on my acer laptop, and i fell in love with it, it had such a classy, catchy and beautiful appearance. today, for some reason the interface completely changed and i cant see why. i believe i might have had evernote touch on my laptop previously, but i was a premium user, and i have unsubscribe from that service as i am no longer pleased with the app. do tell me if there is any way for me to revert back to my older orientation. i have attached examples of how the app looked earlier and how it looks now.
  18. srp1187

    Username in Evernote Interface

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with the evernote application. When I originally signed up for the service I used a personal email to create an account when in fact I wanted to use a work email. When I used my personal email address it would show in the evernote application in the upper left hand corner, but once I switched to the work email all that shows in the corner is a refresh button. Because of this issue whenever I try to use the evernote extension in safari it stays linked to my old personal email account. I have tried signing in with the work account, deleting the app and reinstalling, changing the account settings through the app and through the website but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else had this issue? I would appreciate any feedback.
  19. One of difficulties I have with EN is the somewhat cluttered interface. Having 3 columns makes the note space too small. Got better with the trend of more horizontal space of laptop screens but even so... Yes I know we can use F11 to show/hide note list view or make a note full screen snippet view robs horizontal space (it is the one I use) and yes I know there is list view but the later is not a solution beacuse it robs vertical space. I remember the late Google Notebook had an option with only 2 columns: tag and notes view. But we could scroll all the notes by tag and not only one at a time, selected from list view as EN. Would this be possible? A list or snippet view in wihich all the notes were editable and viewed in full? It would unclutter the EN interface and enable scrolling all notes with the same tag Best Regards JPaz
  20. Is there a way to change the look of the UI. The all white scheme is hard on the eyes and there are no visual cues to help guide the eyes through what can be a sea of notes. White space is great but becomes hard to use and ineffective when there are no visual cues. It's a shame because Evernote is a great solution in theory. It's back to OneNote.
  21. Jen Franklin

    Color for Interface

    I just got started with Evernote and am really struggling with both how boring it looks and how much more difficult the blah interface makes it to use. Am I missing something? I've looked everywhere for ways to customize the colors on my screen or be able to add personal aspects, or to be able to organize things using color cues that match my memory and thoughts about how I group different aspects of my life. I have been using Trello, but wanted to change to Evernote because it seemed more flexible. However, I just don't know if I can live in this gray world, and I don't know how anyone can remember or find things only using word tags without any kind of color organization. All of my Trello boards were different colors, and I found a way to add photos to each list I made so that the photos looked like headers and stayed visible at the top of each list to keep my page vibrant and also to provide me with instant visual cues of what to click on, where to add things, where to see things. Don't get me wrong -- I'm a writer and editor, and text is fantastic. But I'm also in my fifties and getting a little visually challenged, not into gray/black/white, and definitely into things that look sparkling and alive. If something is going to take up real estate on my screen, it needs to look warm and inviting and pleasing and colorful and fantastic. I keep watching tutorials and reading tips and thinking -- where is that button I push to give me some....teal? Please let me know if I am missing the obvious -- I'm crossing my fingers!
  22. Hope this is the correct way to post topics since the user interface language of the forum suddenly changed to Spanish such as Fóruns Atividades Minhas Pesquisas Home General Discussions Evernote General Discussions Criar Novo Tópico Criar Novo Tópico DETALHES DO TÓPICO Envie notificações quando outros responderem And all I can see is guess. I have no clue how to change the language to either English or Japanese because everything is written in Spanish!
  23. Can Evernote create an alternative interface for mobile and ipad without all the clutter. I'm the type of user that wants nothing more than a search box, a 'new note' button, and a list of all my notes. can I have an interface with nothing else please.
  24. Hi The tag page in Evernote has a grey background, with the tags a slightly different shade of gray, and the text a slightly darker shade of grey. I can't read them, there isn't enough contrast. Any chance you could change the colours, or at least make them user configurable? For your referencem, here's a tool to check whether contrast complies with various accessibility legilslation http://snook.ca/technical/colour_contrast/colour.html Thanks in advance
  25. What has happened to Everynote on Mac? it's absolutely terrible now! Has Evernote given up on Mac and only supporting Windows? First, there IS no interface much any more. You can't do 1/2 the things in Mac you can on Windows (lazy programming or lack of commitment?) There's no color, few lines and a lot of the functionality is gone from even the previous versions of Evernote! This has completed WRECKED my entire use! In my GTD System i WAS using with EN, I could have nested Tags. In other words in the sidebar, I could have Reference as a tag and then nest a tag called !Ref-Article, and !Ref-Security, etc. These would be indented and easily accessible by expanding and collapsing the head tag. Now this is impossible to create and everything is single level! In fact, the "Tag" icon doesn't even exist until you create a Tag in the first place (not so in the Windows Version! I'm using Firefox with my iMac running Yosemite. Can anyone shed any light on WHY the commitment to Mac has suddenly died? I'm about to dump EN and go to Nozbe or something this is so frustrating! ADDED NOTE: In reading other posts, it seems my frustration isn't alone and there are even MORE functionality items that are missing or broken in the 6.0.x release. Shame.