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Found 160 results

  1. Hello, I am a co-founder of Backupery, we are making local backup software. I am glad to present you Backupery for Evernote application. It is a lightweight application that makes automatic backup of Evernote notes to local hard drive. Here are some highlights: The application is very small (~700KB) and easy to use. Backup is started by scheduler, so a user doesn't need to run it manually. We don't send any bit of your data beyond your computer, so all your data belongs to you only, forever. The software works without internet connection (it is essential if you are travelling, for example). Since the app utilizes Evernote-standart export technology (ENEX), no third-party tools are required for restoring (Evernote client is enough). Since we are using ENEX-export, the app backups local (unsynchronized) notebooks and unsynchronized notes. You could read more and download the application here: It is for Windows only for now, but we are working on Mac version also. Any questions, suggestions or ideas are highly appreciated, please let me know here, or use Best, John
  2. Hi I run an old version of Evernote ( I have been taking notes for several years and it has been good. Upgrading to Windows 10, I am unable to install this version of Evernote. I keep getting an error. Something about "failed to load a dll:enlnst" and Setup terminates Has anybody seen this problem? So I then thought of installing the latest version, export all my notes from the previous version and import it in the new version. In the newer versions, it is unable to import older note version files. So does this not work? Am kind of stuck now.. Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks Vasu
  3. Hi All, Here is a tool for converting Chrome bookmarks to Evernote. Worked well for me, let me know if any bugs and will try to fix. Note: for PC users, not sure about MAC. Credit: I forked this work from another chap and updated it. Enjoy! Keir
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to import a set of notes from Evernote into Excel, where each note takes up a row and all the notes fall into two columns -- one for the notes' titles, the other for the notes' bodies. So as an example, I have twenty vocabulary notes saved in Evernote (note title: vocabulary word, and note body: definition). If I were able to import these notes into Excel, I would like there to be twenty rows (one for each vocab word), where the first column features the vocabulary word (note titles) and the second column features the definitions (note bodies). What's the best way of going about this? Any help is appreciated!
  5. Greetings, I am a newcomer to Evernote. I have been using Apple Notes as the main app. Now, want to try out this Evernote app. One quick question: How do I import about 2000+ notes from my Apple Notes app to this Evernote? Of course, I don't want to manually copy and paste them into this Evernote. Your help is much appreciated. John9569
  6. Hi all. I have the version one of DayOne app with about 2-300 entries. Including pics and texts. Now Evernote has a password/Touch ID secuirty I have decided to use this app as my personal diary instead of DayOne. Ive done a search on how to export from DayOne to Evernote but failed to find any clearly and defined way. Has anyone discovered a way to do this efficiently?
  7. mac

    How can I import my notes from Apples Notes App into Evernote?
  8. I'd like to import files that have been tagged in macOS. The tags are lost now on import into EN.
  9. I created a Shared Notebook, and I used the Tools | Import Folders feature to link folders on my file system that I want included into a shared index. Unfortunately, every time I edit an Excel file in one of those folders, Evernote is importing TWO "new" files. One of these is the original Excel file, and the second one is the automatically-created backup of this file. I edit some of these files 30 times a day. If I am doing a long edit I am constantly saving updates to the file system, and there Evernote goes and uploads these as new files. This is a real disaster because I end up with 60 new files that are all actually duplicates from the standpoint of people using the Notebook. If this is EverNote's idea of version control, it is not a useful implementation of the idea. This behavior makes the feature nearly unusable for actively maintained folders. Plan A: I looked for a way to turn off the automatic updating on a per-folder basis. I don't see that as an option! That isn't a good design. How can Evernote not see that actively maintained folders are going to generate lots of updates that create duplicate files? Plan B: Is there a way to alter this behavior globally? At this point, I would be okay with leaving the automatic updates turned off in some global option, and then once a week I do the update manually. Plan C: Assuming none of the above are possible, then would I be able to at least delete the entries in the Import folder function, and ever week when I want to do the update I would re-establish those entries and then when the update is finished I delete the entries again? Something tells me that if I do this, when I re-establish the Import Folder to the same files, I will end up with the entire Notebook duplicated. Plan D: Assuming nothing about this feature actually works for this application, then I am left with the possibility that I have to create the Notebook, import the folders, then immediately delete the Import Folder links. Once a week, I then have to delete the entire Notebook, recreate it from scratch, and resend invitations to Share the Notebook. That could get old fast, for both the content creator and the content users. This is pretty frustrating.
  10. I am using the email into evernote feature often using tags to immediately assign them. Also other people are sending notes directly into my evernote. I often have troublefindig these because there si no way to see you have received a note. Is there an option mohave a notification somehow to see you have a new note?
  11. Hope this is the proper forum since it deals with 3rd party app and scripting. Not actually an "idea," although it is tangentially.. Is it possible to open a EN notebook using Excel script? If so, how?
  12. mac

    I want to share with everyone my way of tackling the lack of Automator support and options to bulk import pdfs into Evernote. I created an email Automator script as follows (the automator actions are in bold): 1. I collected all of the pdfs I wished to add to one folder and made a note of the file count. 2. Get Specified Finder Items: here I dropped all of the collected pdfs. 3. Dispense Items Incrementally: downloaded from ( and allows automator to loop 4. New Mail Message: placed my Evernote email in (To:); added the information for title, notebook, and tags in the subject ( and left all other fields blank for my purposes 5. Send Outgoing Message 6. Loop: I left the option to loop automatically and added the file number count to the "stop after" section to ensure I caught everything. 7. Press play. I have a MBP with a SSD and 8gb of RAM so it went pretty fast although I think it's possible it may hang-up slower systems. Mail will repeatedly jump to the foreground when sending the messages, so it's best to not touch the computer while executing this. I also suggest a trial of 5 files initially to ensure you have everything working properly. I hope this helps everyone.....
  13. Hi, Feature request. I'm guessing it's been requested in the past but in case it hasn't, have Evernote monitor import folders and synchronize deletions, renames, etc. Thanks. RBL
  14. Please find a way to make all text in Moleskine notebooks extractable & importable into other uses/applications (like calendars & To Do Lists). At present, it's supposedly "searchable." However, the search never works for me. This was the whole reason I got the Moleskines & Evernote Premium. As I understand it, it's supposed to only be searchable, and it simply inserts images as a jpg (rather than doing anything with the text.)
  15. I'm beginning to use Evernote Clipper to save my bookmarks, but was looking for a way to import my existing bookmarks from Chrome, without having to clip every. single. one. I don't really know how to code, so Applescript, etc. was out for me. But I figured out this work around. It requires signign up for a few things, but once you're done, you're done! and the import is quick. Note: This is a crude import system. You may not get pictures imported with the links, or tags automatically added (other then from what you set in IFTTT). It's quick and dirty, but gets the job done. Also, this will probably work with services other than Pocket, that's just the one I already an account with. In your browser, export your bookmarks into an HTML file. Login or create account at (we'll come back to this, but you need a Pocket account setup before the next step) Login or create account at Create new recipe: IF...Pocket...Any New Item... THEN...Evernote...Create New Link Note... (Fill in settings as you want. I add the tag ".Bookmark" for easy sorting later) Go to: Under "2. Import your bookmarks", Upload your HTML file from Step 1 Click "Import" Wait for the magical elves in the cloud to do their work. It will take longer for the more bookmarks you have, but is still way less than doing this all manually. Now all your old bookmarks are in the same place as your new ones, as you add with Clipper. You can choose to go back through and organize with notebooks and tags as you like. If you're not familiar with IFTTT, I recommend it for other actions, like adding Facebook posts and photos to your Evernote.
  16. Does evernote have the ability to import from Notes+? Looking to carry over notes structure over as well. Thanks
  17. I want to switch from Onenote to Evernote. When I copy notes to the clipboard and paste into evernote, I only get a PNG, not pure text. If I make an intermediate step over a text editor, it works. This is very tedious. Where could the error be? Please excuse my bad english
  18. Hi, I'm trying to import notes from OneNote (version 17.7070.57821.0) that comes with Win 10 but Evernote says "OneNote notes cannot be imported at this time. To import notes from OneNote, you must have OneNote version 2007 or later installed on your computer". Could someone help me out please? Best,
  19. I had the need to create 4000 notes based on excel data because tagging system in Evernote makes search way more easier than excel. Also with Evernote I could create many Table of contents based on my needs. My excel data was well formatted - each row was going to one unique note. After searching through this forum I realized that may it is impossible to do and I decided to copy painfully one note at a time. Then IDEA!!!! came What if I create a note in Evernote, export evernote file (.enex) Open in notepad and view xml code Find out of table structure and modify to my needs Use vba Macro to convert each row as one noteI found a gentleman (Anton Fishman) on internet who worked on similar problem before and he helped me achieve my goal. I can not attach excel here - but here is the link People with good XML knowledge can help clean up the VBA code a bit to get better table format, that would be great. Remember to change the path to your liking strFile = "C:\Users\1.enex" I created my 4000 notes with required tags with click of a button, it took more time to Sync across devices than to create it. It will create one big .enex file but when you import in windows or Mac machines with File-> import, it will create all notes for you. I would appreciate people's feedback
  20. I'd like to move all my bookmarks form Delicious to Evernote. I've exported my Delicious bookmarks to HTML. I've searched around for guides on how to import this to Evernote, but all the guides seem to be out-of-date and using features that no-longer exist. Is there still some relatively simple way for a normal user to import just under 1000 bookmarks to Evernote?
  21. I have a collection of business cards stored on a third paty application called camcard and I'd like to know if there's a way to import them to evernote.
  22. I just got a new computer, so I exported all my local folders to .enex files as instructed by Evernote. I then installed Evernote onto my new machine, signed in, and started importing the .enex files. Periodically it would say that it couldn't import a specific note and that it put it in a temporary file. I have something like 30 notes in this temporary file. I can't restore these notes and am afraid to turn off my computer for fear of losiing them. What do I do? I have tried contacting Evernote using a support ticket, but the actual submit button never shows up. I choose the 3 levels of category and then nothing, no pop up window, no submit button, nothing. Please help. I really don't want to lose these notes. (and yes I have switched my new computer over to be one of the 2 allowed computers on my free subscription)
  23. most system setup have in average a folder depth of 5 to 7 folders Evernote has only the ability to import only 3 levels and leaving out the rest Example structlre like 1st level expenses 2nd level --years -2015 3rd level ----Quarters-- Q1 4th level -- Months----- Jan 5th level ------purpose---------- Private 5th Level -----purpose---------- Business there are many other ways that always go beyond the 3 levels limitiation or Evernote please increase the folder import and sync to 5 or 7 levels to imported
  24. I was considering using evernote but it does not import my notes which are in rich text format. The folder is archived as Folder->Sub-Folders with each sub-folder containing a note... I'm curious why the import sub-folders option does not work. Any ideas? Thanks!
  25. Hello, can anybody tell me - how can I import my diigo bookmarks (with tags) into evernote? I want to import everything from diigo into evernote and quit with diigo - don't want any IFTTT games. I have googled this question - nothing clear. but I don't believe there is no normal, simple solution. by the way - I'm on Mac OS X 10.6, if it matters. thank You in advance