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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I ran into an issue today while preparing for a business trip. I will be without a PC for a few weeks and using my iPad. (Internet access will also be limited.) I have trip-needed documents in several folders on my work PC with (mostly) PDFs and .xlsx files, as well as a few other random formats (.pptx, .docx, .msg). My goal is to have all these documents easily accessible on iPad for my trip. I figured the best way is through the Import Folders function in Evernote Windows. I did this and got all the files into Evernote. These are all downloaded to my iPad as I utilize the "Download all notes" feature. So far, so good. Here is the catch: Not all the files are intelligently named, since my coworkers and I rely on the folder system within Windows/Dropbox as well as Windows search (which looks inside .xslx, .docx, and .msg, and probably soon .pdf) to help us find what we need while on PC. So we just name many files with names like "Report.xlsx", "Model.xlsx", etc. When I do a bulk Folder Import into Evernote, the files are imported without any tags. So it is pretty difficult for me to find, say, my notes on Japan Company #1 since, while this file is titled "Notes.doc", so are 15 other files from my Folder Import. It seems that, with the latest Windows Beta (6.4), you guys are somewhat addressing this on PC Evernote client side through built-in document search of documents like .xlsx. However, I still think this would be a good feature: either a default or an option to simply tag all files by the immediate folder they were in. So my "Notes.doc" file that was imported from "Japan Company #1" folder on my PC would be tagged with a "Japan Company #1" tag in all of Evernote: in the desktop, iPad, Android, etc. clients. This would make my workflow much quicker + easier when trying to find documents on my trip on my iPad while preparing for meetings. Thanks.
  2. I created a Shared Notebook, and I used the Tools | Import Folders feature to link folders on my file system that I want included into a shared index. Unfortunately, every time I edit an Excel file in one of those folders, Evernote is importing TWO "new" files. One of these is the original Excel file, and the second one is the automatically-created backup of this file. I edit some of these files 30 times a day. If I am doing a long edit I am constantly saving updates to the file system, and there Evernote goes and uploads these as new files. This is a real disaster because I end up with 60 new files that are all actually duplicates from the standpoint of people using the Notebook. If this is EverNote's idea of version control, it is not a useful implementation of the idea. This behavior makes the feature nearly unusable for actively maintained folders. Plan A: I looked for a way to turn off the automatic updating on a per-folder basis. I don't see that as an option! That isn't a good design. How can Evernote not see that actively maintained folders are going to generate lots of updates that create duplicate files? Plan B: Is there a way to alter this behavior globally? At this point, I would be okay with leaving the automatic updates turned off in some global option, and then once a week I do the update manually. Plan C: Assuming none of the above are possible, then would I be able to at least delete the entries in the Import folder function, and ever week when I want to do the update I would re-establish those entries and then when the update is finished I delete the entries again? Something tells me that if I do this, when I re-establish the Import Folder to the same files, I will end up with the entire Notebook duplicated. Plan D: Assuming nothing about this feature actually works for this application, then I am left with the possibility that I have to create the Notebook, import the folders, then immediately delete the Import Folder links. Once a week, I then have to delete the entire Notebook, recreate it from scratch, and resend invitations to Share the Notebook. That could get old fast, for both the content creator and the content users. This is pretty frustrating.
  3. I have two import folders set up with items set to keep. When I put a new item into those folders, Evernote imports them correctly to the correct notebook. However, if I log off my computer, or restart, or start up after a shut down, ALL of the files in the import folders get re-imported. This happens every time, with each import folder. What have I done wrong? How do I stop Evernote from re-importing files it has already imported?
  4. Using Evernote for Windows (Windows 7) I had to wipe and restore my system for several reasons. When I came to the install and update of Evernote, it went smoothly EXCEPT for the settings in the "Import Folders". All those settings were gone. Emailing Evernote Support is a royal waste of time. Simply got back an answer saying "Sorry... check your backups." Even though I did say I have backups of the entire drive prior to the wipe and restore. Problem is that it did not occur to "Tania" to give me instructions on where I might find that info. Claims that the setting are stored locally. Any thoughts from anyone would be gratefully appreciated. I'm find that Evernote is a great product but it's support has become "lacking". Regards: Louis James
  5. Hi All, Recently upgraded work computer and re installed EN. I had 5-6 Import Folders set up and now it's causing a problem with duplications when setting them back up. Luckily did a test before setting up my folder that includes 1,000 files...definitely getting duplicated - understandably, it's as if EN is reading the folder for the first time, then creating a new note accordingly. Anyone managed to find a workaround for this scenario? Hoping to find something that is a bit less time consuming than duplicating all the original files, then deleting all of the 'new' instances? That's all I could think of.. Thanks,
  6. Hi, I migrated to the Evernote 5 beta from Evernote 4. The import folders did not migrate with other settings. When I added back my import folder, a number of files in that folder were re-imported into Evernote. Please address this so we don't increase our storage by what looks to be 15-20% for no reason.
  7. I'm already working with someone on the EnB Customer Service team on this, but I am wondering if anyone else has gotten it to work. I cannot get notes to automatically go into a business notebook. The Import Folders dialog doesn't show business notebook, only personal ones, and when I emailed a note to it (I tried t@Customer Service Data and test @"Customer Service Data") it just wound up in my personal default notebook. Anyone else having an issue here? As to a suggestion that makes sense for business users the Import Folder setting should be able to connect to mapped network drives and UNC paths, things that businesses use rather than personal hard drives. I have the Windows client.