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Found 102 results

  1. Hi, a search in the forums only turned something up towards PDFs and that wasn't very helpful. I am wondering if Evernote has the ability to extract the text (via OCR) from an uploaded image? I am thinking here of something similar that Microsoft's OneNote is doing (you can right click on an image, then tell it to "copy text" and then paste that text anywhere you like)? It would be greatly helpful for indexing / working with images / screenshots of articles and actually complete my evernote wish list (well, if I'd be nitpicking I'd love to see the voice to text as well, Microsoft is sorta kinda working on that, the ability to link certain notes to certain time stamps in the audio has proven quite useful in the past, but now I am rambling / digressing).
  2. Just a semi-quick question. When I attach scanned documents as pdf's (and I am a premium subscriber) how long does it take for Evernote to index it? Today was the first time that I used this feature and it seems to be taking some time, which is why I ask. I have no problem waiting, I just want to know the limit so I know when it's a problem. Many thanks!
  3. Hi, I have been encountering this issue when using drag and drop to add images a note. Assume I have a image in the file. If I drag and drop an image above the existing image then the window jumps to the bottom of the note. If I drag and drop an image below the existing image then the window jumps to the top of the note. This is frustrating when trying to add multiple images in a particular order as it requires having to navigate back to the spot where you were after adding each image. On top of that it I try to keep adding images to the bottom then it keeps jumping back to the top each time (or visa versa). (as an aside: dragging and dropping multiple images results in the images being inserted in apparent random order) Is there a solution to this? Or can this please be rectified in the next release? Thanks, Sam
  4. Images in a note created using the Evernote API appear fine on the desktop apps but they are missing when I view those notes on the Web App. Also, When i quickly switch through the notes on the web app the images do appear for less than a fraction of second but then disappears. Any help would be really appreciated.
  5. Any way we can assign tags to images in a note(or at least insert a tag line on top of a image in that note)? I have lots of images in one note so I can browse through them easily by swiping left/right in IOS/Android Apps. But some images share the same characteristics so I want to assign a tag for these images. Right now I have to create separate folders to manually sort out all images in "Main folder", say folder 1, folder 2. I use main folder to insert all images and I use sorting folders to group images sharing the same characteristics. I have to manually copy each image in main folder to different sorting folders. That's very painful and causes multiple copies for one "master" image and if I want to annotate the "master" image, I have to copy the changed master image to the sorting folders again. Main folder(10 images) folder 1(5 images) folder 2(4 images)
  6. As described, when I go to clip an infographic or larger picture file, Evernote downscales it into a grainy, almost useless picture. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. Hi Is there a resource I can be directed to that explains which images are displayed in the Notes list on the left depending upon what kind of clip is chosen, i.e. Article, Simplified Article, etc.? If a page has many different images, which one does Evernote choose to display in the list? I use Evernote for recipes and, for many of my Notes, the images don't match to the recipe because its choosing what appears like a random image from the page. Some of my notes display a gray placeholder instead of an image. This started to be a problem within the last few months, I didnt have this problem in the past. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  8. Hello, I have recently started using Evernote. I have installed its app on android and on desktop (Windows). 2 days ago, I uploaded 2 images to a note through my android app, but when I opened the desktop version, everything got synced to it except the images. In place of images it is showing generic image icon (similar to one we see if a page load is incomplete in web browser). Can anybody help me with it? I was thinking to move on Evernote but found this bug. When searched web about this issue, I saw another usinf facing this but his problem seems resolved with some personal help from Evernote team. Please help me! Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, Today I opened my Evernote, and noticed out that all my images from a note have disappeared. There is just nothing, blank space, instead of the images. How to fix this up? I tried to contact support via thicket but i didn't manage to do that, I think it's only for premium members. I need help, lost a lot of stuff =/ The activity log is attached. Regards, Pedro Evernote_6.8.7.6387_20180312.log
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but this is bothering my OCD. I have several images in a single note, or rather a lot of notes but that's not the point. In Note List View it somehow chooses which image it wants you to preview. I can't stand what it's showing me because it's not the main image of the note. Is there a way to customize which image it previews for you? Oh and while I'm posting, because posting reminded me of it, is there a way to permanently turn on "Notify me of replies". I appreciate so much that Evernote doesn't want to inundate you with a ton of undesired messages but if I post something I always want to know about replies. Many thanks for any help! I just love Evernote and believe it or not, I've been a paid subscriber for years now and just realized the many ways I can truly enjoy it. DUH! I'm so glad I have this!
  11. The ability to highlight multiple images and resize them all at once would be amazing! I've been waiting for this feature for years—it would be a huge time-saver!
  12. I sent a Cook's Illustrated "how to sharpen knives" webpage to Evernote using the chrome webclipper > Simplified Page. (I was on my win10 desktop). When the page was "simplified", it displayed the images. All was good so I pressed Save. When I opened the page in Evernote (Desktop), there were no images (just links). (Android displays the images though). I repeated a few times and always got the same result. Normally images work fine, but I have seen instances like this before, where the images just display as links instead. Anyone know why that is? (I don't have anything like "show as attachment" enabled). BTW, I got the same result when I selected "full article" instead of "simplified". No images on win10 desktop, images fine in Android. If anyone wants to give it a try, here's the webpage: https://www.cooksillustrated.com/articles/218-how-to-sharpen-kitchen-knives#
  13. While at meetings I like to hand write my notes and then scan them into Evernote via taking pictures on my phone app. I've recently found myself wanting Evernote to automatically add tags to the note based on what I write in my notebook. Here is an example. I keep a tag for most people I encounter in my daily life. If they are in a meeting with me, I'll tag them in the note when I create it so I can quickly find what I've collaborated with them on. I would like this to be an automatic process for all hashtag markings i.e. If I write something to the effect of #Joe_Smith or #Confidential on my paper, when I scan it into Evernote it would automatically put the tag "Joe Smith" and "Confidential" on the note. The # is just a relatable example, but could be any identifiable marking, possibly even user determined. I guess before I put this up as a feature request I should if this is already possible and I'm just not aware of how to implement it? Thanks
  14. hello, I'm trying to save my Quora blog pages, however, Evernote is really slow in doing this, sometimes takes 3 minutes. Also, when I'm trying to edit the article, Evernote seems to freeze, while only after 30 seconds the changes occur in real time. Furthermore, after I save my article some images won't display, see below what I mean. The screenshot is my article, the second is my article in Evernote. Strangely enough, the images do display when I'm in presentation mode. When I make a shareable link. the images become attachments, I want to see the images in my Evernote, also when I try to replace the images with the actual images, it works, however, Evernote is so slow when editing it impedes the process of doing so. Even more strange when I go into edit mode on the Evernote web version the images do show up . . .
  15. HI there, I am very new to Evernote and it is perfect! One of the only things right now that is really bothering me is that I cannot wrap text around images. I am using Evernote on my Macbook. Is there a way to do this at all? Cheers!
  16. Dear All, My use case is that I am creating notes with images captured of a digital version of a magazine. I am then annotating mentions of certain products and or brands which I am manually picking out. I would like to be able to search these annotations, to count numbers of mentions of certain brands / products. However, when I do search it seems the search function does not cover the annotations themselves? Please help me to resolve this, or help by suggesting an alternative approach to my use case. Best regards Efe
  17. We have been using the iOS share extension for some time in our iPad/iPhone app with images and they used to work on Evernote's Share Extension. Within the last couple Evernote releases, there appears to be a bug. When we send the image data to evernote, instead of saving it as an image file, it is saving it as a binary. This is despite us indicating that the object type is image. After If login to evernote from Browser in Mac, I can download the binary file. If open it using preview, the image does show up. But within Evernote it's just a broken image preview. We downloaded the demo app from internet for the share extension demo and it has the same result. So this appears to be a bug with Evernote (note: The same data works with other third parties, be it Pinterest or others) https://github.com/evernote/ios8-share-extension-demo Please advise: Is this a known bug? Will Evernote be addressing it in a future release?
  18. Abimael jr

    Search within images

    Hi I just start use searching inside images that are attached to a note. However, I realized that sometimes I did a seach, it seems that EN finds the proper note, but it does not show the word it found. I realized that in the Evernote App for Android, it always shows the word if finds in the image. However, in the web app, it finds the note, but it does not shows the word inside the images. Is there a configuration that I need to set? Thanks in advance
  19. adrian.saliba

    Notebook with images

    Hello, I was thinking whether it could be a good idea to customize the "notebook" front cover to include an image. For example if its a work notebook I can include my work logo or if it's a university logo i can include their logo. The image can be uploaded from a local drive and can be faded not to contrast too much.
  20. I'd like to use a few of my notebooks as collections of images on particular topics. If I'm on a web page and I right click an image and choose "clip image" it seems to clip the image automatically to my default notebook (or is it just the last notebook clipped to?). I realize I can click "edit" on the small pop up notification that appears but then I have to further click "show details" (and get redirected to the evernote site) to finally get to the dropdown menu to change the notebook. What I'm looking for is a faster solution, more like pinterest - I click the image, instantly can choose which pinboard, and click pin and I'm done: the image I've selected goes directly to the pinboard I want. To be clear, I see that when I clip an article using the evernote web clipper button on my browser the large pop-up window easily allows me to choose which notebook - I just don't see this functionality when I'm right clicking individual images.
  21. Excuse my english as it's not my first language. A very important request for me (And I'm sure for others too) is the way evernote organizes images within the notes. Most of my notes are recipes with photos of the steps needed. Evernote just places all the images simply in the note and so I have to scroll down to see each one. For me this has been very annoying because: 1. Too much scrolling needed to view the images, 2. Big hasstle of scrolling up and down to edit the note or while viewing, 2. Text under a group of images gets neglected because lots of scrolling involved which usually makes me miss reading them, 3. It just looks very ugly and not organized. At first I had no idea how to improve this or what's the solution. But today I came across an app called Instructables and it had very similar pages to how evernote notes look. This app allows you to see images within the page in a very dynamic and organized way which solves all the issues I have with evernote. I have attached 2 screenshots from this app inwhich I use 2 different views (you have an option to expand all images on the button on the top right corner.) Here is the first screenshot with the images expanded (which is similar to how evernote displays images ??) And here is the improved way of organizing images and viewing them compactly and neatly ???) This app displays images that are grouped together (meaning no text inbetween them) in a gallery like structure which allows you to view the images one by one without scrolling. I hope very very much that evernote adops such image view within the notes to solve all the issues I am facing and make the app a lot better. By the way, as a side note I'd like to say one more thing, the image used as a note thumbnail is chosen from the images in the note depending on the image with the largest dimentions. This is extremely horrible and have not been fixed for many years now. Please allow us to choose the image to become a thumbnail rather than making me edit all the images to make sure the one I want as a thumbnail has the largest dimentions (simply horrible) Thanks a lot for reading this long post and I hope you guys implement this soon.
  22. Gauthier

    Image Size Optimization

    Hello, I often take screenshots on my Mac that I directly copy within Evernote. Nevertheless, the resolution and the size of these screenshots is bigger than what I need. The size could be lower, and the quality the same. Is there a way to optimize the picture size, when I copy one into Evernote ? I know I can change the size in another software before importing it into Evernote, but it takes ages to do it over and over again. (I'm a Premium member, but this is annoying when I want to export what I saved into Evernote later on. For example, when I export a screenshot to Anki that I previously saved into Evernote, the size is way too big) Thank you for your ideas
  23. Hi, I've been using Evernote on a MAC and iOS device but recently started using it on Android with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. I'd like to be able to annotate PDFs and images that are in Evernote using the Galaxy's S-Pen. I see that Skitch seemed to be the way to do this before, but it's being end-of-lifed. How is this done now? Thanks in advance for any and all help, Mike
  24. jonnyb

    Notes with many images

    Notes with many images always show broken links when first loading. but clicking a different note, then back to 'many images' note loads more of the images...but not all. You have to do this action many times before all images are loaded. What gives?
  25. I would like to drag images, including groups of images, from the finder and the mac photos.app into a note in evernote.