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Found 112 results

  1. We have been using the iOS share extension for some time in our iPad/iPhone app with images and they used to work on Evernote's Share Extension. Within the last couple Evernote releases, there appears to be a bug. When we send the image data to evernote, instead of saving it as an image file, it is saving it as a binary. This is despite us indicating that the object type is image. After If login to evernote from Browser in Mac, I can download the binary file. If open it using preview, the image does show up. But within Evernote it's just a broken image preview. We downloaded the demo app from internet for the share extension demo and it has the same result. So this appears to be a bug with Evernote (note: The same data works with other third parties, be it Pinterest or others) Please advise: Is this a known bug? Will Evernote be addressing it in a future release?
  2. Hi, a search in the forums only turned something up towards PDFs and that wasn't very helpful. I am wondering if Evernote has the ability to extract the text (via OCR) from an uploaded image? I am thinking here of something similar that Microsoft's OneNote is doing (you can right click on an image, then tell it to "copy text" and then paste that text anywhere you like)? It would be greatly helpful for indexing / working with images / screenshots of articles and actually complete my evernote wish list (well, if I'd be nitpicking I'd love to see the voice to text as well, Microsoft is sorta kinda working on that, the ability to link certain notes to certain time stamps in the audio has proven quite useful in the past, but now I am rambling / digressing).
  3. Hi, is there an easy way to paste an image from my Windows clipboard into the Evernote web interface? Saving and uploading the image is one step extra that I want to avoid... Best regards, Ollie
  4. Search within images

    Hi I just start use searching inside images that are attached to a note. However, I realized that sometimes I did a seach, it seems that EN finds the proper note, but it does not show the word it found. I realized that in the Evernote App for Android, it always shows the word if finds in the image. However, in the web app, it finds the note, but it does not shows the word inside the images. Is there a configuration that I need to set? Thanks in advance
  5. Notebook with images

    Hello, I was thinking whether it could be a good idea to customize the "notebook" front cover to include an image. For example if its a work notebook I can include my work logo or if it's a university logo i can include their logo. The image can be uploaded from a local drive and can be faded not to contrast too much.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but this is bothering my OCD. I have several images in a single note, or rather a lot of notes but that's not the point. In Note List View it somehow chooses which image it wants you to preview. I can't stand what it's showing me because it's not the main image of the note. Is there a way to customize which image it previews for you? Oh and while I'm posting, because posting reminded me of it, is there a way to permanently turn on "Notify me of replies". I appreciate so much that Evernote doesn't want to inundate you with a ton of undesired messages but if I post something I always want to know about replies. Many thanks for any help! I just love Evernote and believe it or not, I've been a paid subscriber for years now and just realized the many ways I can truly enjoy it. DUH! I'm so glad I have this!
  7. Just a semi-quick question. When I attach scanned documents as pdf's (and I am a premium subscriber) how long does it take for Evernote to index it? Today was the first time that I used this feature and it seems to be taking some time, which is why I ask. I have no problem waiting, I just want to know the limit so I know when it's a problem. Many thanks!
  8. I'd like to use a few of my notebooks as collections of images on particular topics. If I'm on a web page and I right click an image and choose "clip image" it seems to clip the image automatically to my default notebook (or is it just the last notebook clipped to?). I realize I can click "edit" on the small pop up notification that appears but then I have to further click "show details" (and get redirected to the evernote site) to finally get to the dropdown menu to change the notebook. What I'm looking for is a faster solution, more like pinterest - I click the image, instantly can choose which pinboard, and click pin and I'm done: the image I've selected goes directly to the pinboard I want. To be clear, I see that when I clip an article using the evernote web clipper button on my browser the large pop-up window easily allows me to choose which notebook - I just don't see this functionality when I'm right clicking individual images.
  9. Excuse my english as it's not my first language. A very important request for me (And I'm sure for others too) is the way evernote organizes images within the notes. Most of my notes are recipes with photos of the steps needed. Evernote just places all the images simply in the note and so I have to scroll down to see each one. For me this has been very annoying because: 1. Too much scrolling needed to view the images, 2. Big hasstle of scrolling up and down to edit the note or while viewing, 2. Text under a group of images gets neglected because lots of scrolling involved which usually makes me miss reading them, 3. It just looks very ugly and not organized. At first I had no idea how to improve this or what's the solution. But today I came across an app called Instructables and it had very similar pages to how evernote notes look. This app allows you to see images within the page in a very dynamic and organized way which solves all the issues I have with evernote. I have attached 2 screenshots from this app inwhich I use 2 different views (you have an option to expand all images on the button on the top right corner.) Here is the first screenshot with the images expanded (which is similar to how evernote displays images ??) And here is the improved way of organizing images and viewing them compactly and neatly ???) This app displays images that are grouped together (meaning no text inbetween them) in a gallery like structure which allows you to view the images one by one without scrolling. I hope very very much that evernote adops such image view within the notes to solve all the issues I am facing and make the app a lot better. By the way, as a side note I'd like to say one more thing, the image used as a note thumbnail is chosen from the images in the note depending on the image with the largest dimentions. This is extremely horrible and have not been fixed for many years now. Please allow us to choose the image to become a thumbnail rather than making me edit all the images to make sure the one I want as a thumbnail has the largest dimentions (simply horrible) Thanks a lot for reading this long post and I hope you guys implement this soon.
  10. Image Size Optimization

    Hello, I often take screenshots on my Mac that I directly copy within Evernote. Nevertheless, the resolution and the size of these screenshots is bigger than what I need. The size could be lower, and the quality the same. Is there a way to optimize the picture size, when I copy one into Evernote ? I know I can change the size in another software before importing it into Evernote, but it takes ages to do it over and over again. (I'm a Premium member, but this is annoying when I want to export what I saved into Evernote later on. For example, when I export a screenshot to Anki that I previously saved into Evernote, the size is way too big) Thank you for your ideas
  11. Hi, I've been using Evernote on a MAC and iOS device but recently started using it on Android with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. I'd like to be able to annotate PDFs and images that are in Evernote using the Galaxy's S-Pen. I see that Skitch seemed to be the way to do this before, but it's being end-of-lifed. How is this done now? Thanks in advance for any and all help, Mike
  12. Notes with many images

    Notes with many images always show broken links when first loading. but clicking a different note, then back to 'many images' note loads more of the images...but not all. You have to do this action many times before all images are loaded. What gives?
  13. I would like to drag images, including groups of images, from the finder and the mac into a note in evernote.
  14. Hello all, I've started using Evernote last week as I've been trying to standardize and centralize my note taking efforts. When I initially started working with Evernote, I only launched the webapp version which I started enjoying right away. I love the clean design and how responsive it is. I started using it quite heavily and the more I use it the more I am frustrated with the lack of certain "obvious" features that should be available. The most annoying of which are: No shortcuts available - Here I am not referring to shortcuts that apply to creating a new note, or toggle to a different notebook, etc; I'm referring to text input shortcuts such as a shortcuts for bullet points, for indentation especially, etc. My note taking efficiency significantly suffers if I constantly have to take my fingers off the keyboard so I can make an indentation or create a bullet point No Image Resize capability - This one just seems like it's a no brainer. The typical workflow for my note taking is sitting in a meeting and capturing notes and at the end I'll take a pic of a whiteboard or something along those lines. I use the evernote phone app to upload the pics to the respective note, and on my webapp version, these images are huge with no possibility of resizing. So now I have to open Evernote Desktop app to resize these pictures which is pretty ridiculous to me Other simple UI fixes; for example in the webapp, when you highlight a bunch of words and click to "insert a link", the box drops down with two fields: the link text and the link itself, however for some reason the cursor doesn't automatically go in the link box and in fact it just disappears which requires me to have an extra click. This is not the end of world, but it would be such a simple fix. When I'm taking notes, 90% of the time I'm documenting a meeting and an extra click slows me down quite significantly So why don't I use the desktop app directly you ask? Because from a UI design perspective the webapp is much more attractive. The design is much cleaner, note previews look much better and I'm finding much better response times with the webapp. Not only that, literally everything I work with nowadays runs in a browser (email, gdocs, music, etc) so I'd prefer to continue using my browser for note-taking as well. Also, when switching between the webapp and the desktop app, I constantly notice discrepancies between notes. For example, I'll find areas of text that are bolded in my desktop app but not in webapp. Implementing these features (or bug-fixes) seem like low hanging fruit and going through quite a few posts on this community forum, it seems like they would truly bring value to your users as they've definitely been in-demand (some even for a couple of years). Hell, even make these features part of your "Premium" offering and I'll purchase it right away. The lack of these features is not holding me back from using your otherwise awesome platform, however there's always going to be an asterisk when recommending it to a friend.
  15. As described, when I go to clip an infographic or larger picture file, Evernote downscales it into a grainy, almost useless picture. Is there any way to fix this?
  16. Does EverNote index text within images, such as JPG and PNG format? It would need to OCR the image, obviously, in order to find the text. I upload a lot of technical diagrams that have been printed to image formats, but which contain textual labels throughout the diagram. Having that automatically full text indexed would be a gigantic feature for me. That would provide an easily-explained selling point for EverNote as well. Anyone who collects technical diagrams on a subject would now have a way to textually search through any term appearing in the diagram. If EverNote does not do this, is there any tool I can buy that would automatically scan images in a folder and create a companion document that has the OCR text from that image? The things I do not like about EverNote OCR so far: 1) I hate the lack of tools to easily see whether a document has been indexed at all. 2) For me anyway, PDF files are frequently just not full text indexing at all. I have opened a trouble ticket and so far no resolution after a week. 3) I want a way to actually inspect and modify the full text index of a PDF, to correct errors and enrich the OCR.
  17. Hi, Introduction: I would like to write an app for Evernote that uses the annotation feature available for images. As an example, the file below was annotated in Evernote and saved to disk. If you open this image in Evernote or Skitch, you can modify the annotation, as if it was a vector file format (like SVG). But the magic is that you can also open the same image file in any(!) image viewer as a normal PNG and you can still see the annotated image (magic !) but and you cannot edit the annotation. So the secret behind the magic - in my understanding - is that this is saved in Special PNG format (Skitch PNG format) which contains: 1) the original, un-annotated image 2) annotation information (text content, position, size, font color, etc..) 3) the flattened annotated PNG image (which is what gets displayed when you open this file in a "normal" image viewer). Now the questions: How can I extract the annotation information from this Special PNG format ? How is the annotation information stored in this image? Is this described somewhere in detail ? I have searched the web very throughly and did not find this information anywhere. I wonder - is this information some kind of secret or am I just the first one who wants to know how this works and use it to develop Evernote compatible software ? Is it possible to get this information from Evernote so that I can develop an application that is compatible with Evernote's format and users of my application can benefit from exchanging information between my application and their Evernote accounts ? Regards, Jozsef
  18. I often take about 5-10 screenshots using Mac native feature and then struggle to insert them into an Evernote note. It is painful - insert, rezise, resize again, then rezise again to make all images the same size. Please come up with a better solution, where the screenshots would automatically appear as thumbnails in a nice matrix but would still be full size without compromising quality.
  19. If I paste a transparent PNG file into a note, it is displayed with a black background. This is a problem when the image has black text on it Is there an option to choose the background color for images? (Or instead of choosing a color, just show the background color of the note -- usually white)
  20. Dear Evernote community, I use Evernote for my research and often annotate images with text, arrows, lines etc. (example attached). Is there a way to change the default fonts and arrowheads in this tool to a more professional looking set of fonts? I also tried Skitch but it seems like it is the same annotation tool as the default one. Please let me know if there already is one. If not, is this something that Evernote can provide in the future updates? TIA, -Saur
  21. Hi everyone! I'm new to Evernote, so I know this is probably an easy question (I've tried searching the forums but I haven't found an answer yet). I have the Evernote app downloaded on my Android phone. I've been uploading some of my photos into notes and organizing them. In a few notes, I want to delete some photos that were unintentionally added to the incorrect note. How do you delete photos that you uploaded from your phone into a note? I've looked everywhere, tried right-clicking on the photos, no such luck. Uggh!
  22. Aloha, Over the past few days, I've been using scannable A LOT. Long ago, I selected PDF as the default scan option in settings. Yesterday and today, it seems like it's automatically reverting back to AUTO. And then, as a result, it is then choosing PNG as the file format... Of course, I'm not noticing this until after I've saved the file to Google Drive and see it's PNG instead of PDF; resulting in my needing to re-do the whole thing again. I go back to settings and change it back to PDF and it sticks for a while, then it reverts to AUTO again. It seems to happen when I close the APP and start fresh with a new session (But not always.) I'm on version 2.2 - Running IOS 10.1.1 (Haven't upgraded to 10.1.2 yet) Mahalo & Aloha,
  23. Hello! I has received a question from a user regarding EN. She writes her notes on iPhone and inserts photos to them there as well. Then she synchronizes the note to the EN desktop version on her PC and converts to PDF by printing to PDF Creator. It was all fine, but now each image has the original size and therefore takes several A4 pages. The problem is not only present in PDF Creator application, but also in the EN inbuilt Print preview option. What could have changed the size settings? The previous notes from September 2016 are still shown with the correct - adjusted to the A4 width - size, so the problem is only with the latest created. I could not find any option on the desktop application, but maybe there is something that can be changed on the phone itself? Resizing the photo size on the iPhone and restoring the PC/phone image from September is the last and rather impossible solution. KR, Polina
  24. When I save/convert a note to PDF (using the Evernote desktop program) which contains a photo, the photo will often be distorted/broken up in the resulting PDF, meaning that it'll appear in several separate portions. For example, a note that I create and attach a photo (which was taken with an iPhone 6 and attached in the Evernote app on my iPhone) will ultimately result in a three page PDF with the photo split up into three portions when I save/convert the note to PDF using the desktop Evernote program. Is there any way to prevent the photo(s) from being split up into separate portions when converting? I’ve attached a PDF of how the conversion appears when converted using the Evernote desktop program to illustrate the resulting conversion (Evernote Backup (converted to PDF in Evernote) REV.pdf) and another PDF of how it should appear and how it looks in Evernote prior to converting (Evernote Backup (as it appears in Evernote) REV.pdf). I have many notes with photos attached and typically back them up in PDF format but haven't been able to reliably save/convert the note when there are photos attached. I would really like to preserve the original look and format of the note. Here are some details about the software I'm currently using: Evernote Premium; Evernote desktop version (303788) Public; Windows 10 Home, version 1607, OS build 14393.447. Thanks! Evernote Backup (as it appears in Evernote) REV.pdf Evernote Backup (converted to PDF in Evernote) REV.pdf
  25. I am trying to save a webpage, but all the images aren't showing up. It's this page:, when I use the firefox web clipper and when I drag and drop images from another webpage. The first image works, but the other ones are just big grey boxes. What gives?