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Found 36 results

  1. I've been unable to get the IFTTT recipe, "Speak Notes to Evernote using Siri and IOS Reminders" to function, at all, and am curious if anyone has ideas on how to get it functioning properly with my iPhone 7. Steps I've taken: 1. IFTT account is set up and other Applets are functioning properly. 2. I set up Speak Notes to Evernote using Siri and IOS Reminders by a). Created a Reminder List titled, "Evernote," and b. Created an Evernote Note titled, "Siri Notes." I clicked the "Check Now" button and it indicates, "Checked." When I activate Siri, I say, "Add Evernote Reminder Take Fluffy for a walk." Siri then asks me which list I would like to add the note to, and I say, "Siri Notes." Siri will then save the note correctly to the Evernote list titled, "Siri Notes." While this in itself is convenient for taking notes on the fly, it would be nice to avoid having to answer the follow-up question from Siri asking which list I'd like to save the note to. When I check the Activity Log in IFTTT, it doesn't show that any recipe related to this was launched. If you are currently using a version of this recipe that launches, what's the title of the recipe, please? (There are several variants on IFTTT). Anyone have tips on how to get this recipe working properly, please?
  2. I'm trying to get my archive of saved links in Facebook into Evernote as well as new links that I want to read later, but not publicly share. I like to use IFTTT to automate things when I can, but it doesn't have a trigger for Fb's saved links. So, I figured out a work around: In Facebook, create a new Page, in the setup: choose any category, name the page as something like "My links", skip through the remaining questions except those that are required. Once the page is made, go to Settings and Unpublish the Page. This will make it so that only you (or other people you add as Admins) can see what is on the page. In IFTTT, create a recipe that triggers with a new post to a Fb Page, and sends the link to En: https://ifttt.com/view_embed_recipe/283889-share-a-link-on-a-fb-page-and-send-it-to-evernote Share new posts, or old ones in the Fb Saved Link page, to your new Page.
  3. curtisdevault

    IFTTT Applets Did Not Run

    I had no idea where this post belongs, since I use Evernote on Windows computers the most I figured I would post here even though my issue does not pertain to a specific platform. I have several IFTTT applets that run at 12AM MST on the 26th of every month. They did not run yesterday. Any one have any issues with IFTTT applets not running lately? The applets in question all create a new note in my defaulte notebook with some tags.
  4. Evernote is failing as an IFTTT trigger; something that neither IFTTT or Evernote seem willing to address. Anybody have workarounds? Evernote error Jan 10 - 3:58 PM If new note in a notebook, then Create a text post on your Tumblr blog An error with Evernote prevented your recipe from working. Tap to v... Evernote error Jan 10 - 3:56 PM If new note in a notebook, then Create a text post on your Tumblr blog An error with Evernote prevented your recipe from working. Tap to v... Evernote error Jan 10 - 3:54 PM If new note in a notebook, then Create a text post on your Tumblr blog An error with Evernote prevented your recipe from working. Tap to v... Evernote error Jan 10 - 3:52 PM If new note in a notebook, then Create a text post on your Tumblr blog An error with Evernote prevented your recipe from working. Tap to v...
  5. I've had a lot of trouble getting IFTTT to work well with more than one Evernote note at a time. For example, if I set up an IFTTT trigger for to send notes with a particular tag into Trello, and if I add the tag to 15 Evernote notes (by selected them all and adding a tag in bulk across all of them), Evernote's API gives IFTTT an error message. I would like to sometimes send more than 100 Evernote notes at a time to certain places using IFTTT. Is there a way around the Evernote API restrictions so I can have IFTTT trigger on multiple notes, in bulk?
  6. I have been researching ways to use Evernote for task efficiency, mainly concerning "The Secret Weapon" and "Getting Things Done" methods; I am new to both of these thought processes, but have adapted them because I found that I am consistently writing lists in EN, while my poor paper agenda has been lying on the way-side for sometime now; if I don't get to my written to-dos, then I need to re-write them all over again next week. In hopes of eliminating this constant 're-writing' of to-dos and projects, I've begun to write all my tasks in EN, and assigned a time-priority tag (ex. '01 - Now', or '03 - Soon') to every step of my projects and things on my to-do list (ex.'Actions Pending'). SO, I am trying to now incorporate IFTTT so that every morning it populates all of the notes that have been tagged in each time-priority into a table of contents, thus refreshing my to-do lists for me every morning. How would I go about doing this? Use Google Calandar to prompt it to populate every morning? And while we're at it, I am also trying to find a recipe that archives shazamed songs for me into EN. I've see the Gmail prompt to EN, but not sure how that works. Any ideas?
  7. I use IFTTT to post a note from EN with special tag (f.e. publish). Everything works fine except a PDF attachment is not appearing in WP post
  8. Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before but i could not find a thread that matches with what I am looking for. I have integrated IFTTT with EN to post to my WP, this recipe works correctly. But the format is off, any amount of paragraphs are join to be one big block of text. Is this a known bug or is there a way to resolve it? I'm using both web and iOS app.
  9. In ifttt, I added oroszgy's evernote to drive if tagged formula, but it only seems to work for my personal notes, not my business notes. Is this a known limitation?
  10. I'm sorry if this was addressed in another location, but I'm trying to use IFTTT to send emails with attachments to Evernote. There are tons of recipes that do this, but they only place a URL to the file in the note. The URL is to some locker, and I'm not sure why the file itself can't be sent. I have a similar setup for Onedrive and the file itself is sent. Is this a limitation of the Evernote API? Thanks.
  11. I need to delete a huge number of notes permanently from my account. I've been using Evernote for 2 years as a premium user, and last year I start to use IFTTT to forward rss feed contents to my account, without the knowledge that for individual users there are 100000 limits of the number of notes. At mid July this year, I hit the limit with exactly 100000 notes in my account, and all functions don't work except editing/deleting existing notes. I decide to delete about 97000 notes from my account, That where the tragedy begin. What is different when you empty trash with more than 100 notes? As we all know, notes are not deleted (i.e., expunged) directly from notebook (i.e., notestore), but are moved to trash, the those notes are then called inactive notes. As trash will also sync with your client on windows/IOS, to speed up sync and for some other purpose (like avoid errors, use trash as another notebook), we can delete those inactive notes permanently. Most user don't think there're any problem since they often delete notes in trash, or empty the trash. That's because the amount of inactive notes deleted seldom exceed 100. If you try to delete 50000 inactive notes in trash by right-click on the trash and click empty trash, you will see the problem I've experienced. "Sync failed due to unexpected problem at server side". I found from my experience that evernote server deletes inactive notes with batch size of 100. In another word, evernote only delete at most 100 notes for one operation, and as documented in its API reference (expunge inactive notes), the process is expected to be slow if you have a huge amount of inactive notes in the trash. For my case, it cost about 7 minutes to delete 100 inactive notes. And during the 7 minutes, activity like deleting more inactive notes, add notes to server, webclipping will not work. If you are using client, the client will pop a notice that there are "unexpected problem at server side", or "Could not connect to Evernote service". why? At the beginning, I deleted all the 97000+ notes from the windows client, and then sync seems to not work as it pop the "unexpected problem at server side" or ""Could not connect to Evernote service" notice every time I ask the client to sync since then, and no change is observed on the client interface. However, I prove later that it is actually working, if you use web interface, and within a few minutes after you push the sync button, the number of inactive notes in trash will reduced by 100. That suggest all the inactive notes to be deleted are split into batches with 100 notes each, and every time you sync, the client only ask the server to deleted one batch (100 inactive notes). During the process when the server is deleting those notes, most other operation on the account will be refused by the server, so there will be a notice on the client that there are "unexpected problem at server side"/"Could not connect to Evernote service". Some comment here. When you delete more than a few hundred of inactive notes in the trash, you will definitely see notice of "unexpected problem at server side" or "Could not connect to Evernote service". Don't take it for granted that the problem is on the client (actually I had thought it's the problem of the client, and waste a lot lot lot lot of time on reinstall/downgrade/upgrade the windows client and resync the notes). It is actually indeed the problem on the server, the server is busy deleting inactive notes! You need to wait for the processing of the server, and after a few minutes, press sync button again, and do this over and over again, until all the inactive notes are deleted from the server. To see whether the server are deleting notes, use web interface to see whether the amount of trash is reduced by 100 after a few minutes (if more than 50000 trash notes, then wait at least 5 ) when you press the delete button on the client. Question: if there are 97000+ inactive notes to be deleted, and if deleting 100 notes will cost 7 minutes, then one had to sync 970 times and it will cost at least 113 hours if one can press the sync button with the interval of exactly 7 minutes, that's painful!! Answer: Yes, that's painful!!! Question: Since you are premium user, why not as for the support to help you? Answer: Yes, I did ask for the support. But don't suppose premium user to have more priority over free users. The ticket on this issue have been opened for 3 days, and every time I ask for the progress on the issue, I only received a automatic email with exactly the same contents telling me that "You have been copied on Ticket # XXXXXX", I haven't heard from any "senior agent " promised in the chat/email by Evernote. I must say, I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED! I think I must rely on myself! Question: Can you use API to empty the trash? Answer: No. There actually is a command provided in EDAM to empty the trash is called "ExpungeInactiveNotes". However, that command is not available to third party app, you can only use official client/app or web interface to empty the trash. Question: Is there anything you can do to automatic the process? Answer: What I'm doing is: 1. On another computer which can work 24/7: (1) install the latest evernote windows client and do a full sync without emptying the trash. (2) From the client, manually delete 2000 notes from the trash, every a few hours. (3) Use Windows task scheduler or or DOS command "for", which can executed a command at regular intervals, to run a command line "evernote.exe /Task:SyncDatabase" provide by the official windows client, and automatic the sync of the client every 7 minutes. 2. Use evernote as usual on other computer client/app, except that when you add new/delete local notes, or perform webclipping, there will be "unexpected problem at server side" error or "crashed webclipping" error if you don't stop the process on another computer which is doing the "emptying trash" process. For users with more than 50000 trashed notes to be deleted, I highly recommend you to do so. To summize(总结): When you delete more than 100 notes in the trash can, don't be misled by the notice "Sync failed due to unexpected problem at server side" or "Could not connect to Evernote service", just wait a few minutes and if it stop with the notifications of some error, just resync (or wait for the client to automatic resync), until the sync is completed.(当你从废纸篓中删除超过100条笔记时,不要被“同步失败,原因是服务器端出现意外问题”或"Could not connect to Evernote service"所误导,你需要做的是等同步停止,如果见到出错信息,那么再重新同步,直至同步完成。) Don't excessively trust the so called "Technical support" of Evernote, even you are a premium user, most time they will not appear when you are in need of help. (不要过度信任Evernote提供的服务支持,即使你是高级付费用户,在你需要帮助的多数时候,他们都不会出现。) Be careful when combining IFTTT and Evernote, don't add to much note to your account if most of them are supposed to be delete in the future.(在使用IFTTT和Evernote时要谨慎,因为你只有100000条笔记的限制,在未来删除这些笔记时,这个过程会非常痛苦。) It's better to know that some of the command line provided by the official evernote windows client, like "/Task:SyncDatabase", sometimes they might help. (了解Evernote客户端提供的dos命令行工具,有时是有帮助的,例如 "/Task:SyncDatabase")。
  12. Hi I am wondering how to get my own blog posts to automatically get sent to an Evernote folder. I tried IFTTT but can't seem to make that work - if anyone has a recipe that would be great. I wondered about somehow using the RSS feed - but not sure how to make that work. Any suggestions of how to automate this would be appreciate.d
  13. Morticia

    other IF Do Button log

    You can log your cigarettes, your coffee, or whatever you wanna track in your daily life. It's easy. Just hit the button on the screen on your phone. No open apps, no settings every time. You need an IFTTT account, and the app Do Button http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJwytifDKpKc66sBzErQyBr0vj7iOdf6uA/ PS: The screenshots is from my private Do Button 1 flaska mat och dryck (Swedish) = A bottle of food and drink (oral nutritional supplement)
  14. Hi, I want to use Evernote as a trigger for recipe in IFTTT but it looks that at this momento Evernote can only be used for actions. I want to send Evernote notes tagged with specific tags to Slack but since Evernote can only be used as action this is no currently possible Can anyone tell me why? I mean is this an IFTTT decission, an Evernote decission, a technical difficulty or what? I'm aware that I may use Zappier but that means adding another integration tool and I'm not very interested in taking this path unless there's really no other better solution. Thank you in advance.
  15. I want to create an easy way to save my attachments that I receive in Gmail to Evernote. I'm on a Mac, use chrome, have webclipper, and evernote premium. The process I go through now is to download attachment in Gmail, find the attachment in downloads, drag to evernote, then go to evernote. Ideally I want to just go to Evernote knowing that the attachments are there. Here are things I've tried: Webclipper in Chrome - should work per some documentation, but it does not save the attachmentifttt script - gmails with attachments forward, but the attachment is still in a link (link to locker.ifttt ...)Any ideas? Thank you.
  16. Hello everybody! I am trying to learn to use Evernote for my blogging needs and one of the needs is to take notes of articles (mostly in the internet) and save the notes and the links on the Evernote. However it sounds so easy, the problem is this; I'm mainly working on mobile/tablet, and that is sort of really annoying kerfuffle to switch between two apps to read the article and take notes. So annoying - in fact - that I have written the notes on actual post-it-notes to avoid killing my home button from iPad. But like many of you know, those post-it's tend to get lost quite easily. So I was thinking what sort of third-party applications could help me out? I already checked out pairing Instapaper and Evernote via IFTTT (save underlined text as note-recipe), but the problem arises, when I have more than one underlining creating multiple notes from same article. I know this is bit harping on the issue, because it's almost what I am looking for, but it just doesn't work exactly how I want, so I was wondering if there is some solution to save all the notes at once, so I don't have to edit them in to one afterwards in Evernote.
  17. Although Evernote isn't designed to be a photo album, it can be convenient to keep photos in Evernote. I'm an iPhone user and have photos organized in albums, but those albums don't sync with my PC or my Kindle Fire; I can't view them on the web, either. I like to use Evernote for as many functions as I can because it syncs everywhere. I created this flowing system for getting photos into an Evernote photo album: I told Evernote for Windows to monitor a particular folder and to add anything in that folder to an Evernote Photo Album notebook. I use Picasa on my PC to organize photos. When I want to add photos to my Evernote Photo Album notebook, I simply export those photos to the Windows folder that Evernote monitors, and with Evernote magic, the photos are added to my Photo Album notebook. I have Picasa export the photos at 800 pixels rather than full resolution, because I don't need full-sized photos in Evernote -- and also, full sized photos eat into one's Evernote space allotment faster. Later on, I organize photos into nested notebooks under my Photo Album notebook. That's it. You can adapt this system, such as it is, to other photo organizing programs, should you not use Picasa. There's also an IFTTT recipe that automatically copies photos from an Evernote iOS photo album to Evernote, https://ifttt.com/recipes/104765. That works well, too, for going directly from iPhone or iPad to an Evernote photo album. I like having my photo albums available everywhere I am, and now with Evernote they are. Bill
  18. Hi there,my new Question:I use IFTTT - (If this than that) to save Pinterest Activity to a Notebook (but synchronized) an later, i put it to an offline Notebook (Local Notebook).Is it possible to do that so that Evernote can save the Pinterest Activity with IFTTT directly to the Offline Notebook (Local Notebook)?Thanks for help.Patrick
  19. I lot of you guys using notability with evernote should know this trick: Using this IFTTT recipe: THIS which links your notability backup in dropbox to gmail and forward to your evernote. It will appear in your evernote as a pdf which is like the normal pdf you can view in evernote, not a .zip file or just a link, like this: This is under the dropbox sync setting as PDF only. However, if i set to PDF + audio. It will update a .zip file to my evernote. What is the point of syncing if I can't view and hear my notes directly in evernote? The reason I want to use notability is the function of AUDIO NOTES with normal notes taking. This is really important during lectures and conferences. But evernote is important as my second brain to store everything and allows me to review the notes easily. (But it is not efficient for quick notes taking esp. when I need to type and record and take photos at the same time) An integration / automation of the two apps will be great for me. I can make my notes efficiently by notability and archive them in evernote. So..does anyone has a solution????? Please help me :-(
  20. Hi all I'm wondering if you can help me. I have various recipes set up posting things to Evernote. However, some of them either don't work, or seem to start working and then stop. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. For example, I have set up a recipe to send a note to Evernote when I add a YouTube video to 'Watch Later' I've attached the Screen Shot. Title: Watch Later: 'Title' Body: 'Url'<br> 'Description' Notebook: IFTTT YouTube Tags: IFTTT, YouTube, watch later, video Anyone got any ideas?
  21. Not sure if this is the right place to ask IFTTT question (I asked here). I need help with a (I think) non-trivial recipe. Here it is, in case someone has an idea. I want to read a blog, post by post, according to a given schedule. Example Monday, week #1: post #1 Thursday, week #1: post #2 Monday, week #2: post #3 Thursday, week #2: post #4 Monday, week #3: post #5 Thursday, week #3: post #6 The trigger is easy. It's the target that's complicated as it requires to keep track of the last post that was read, and do "next post".
  22. err...

    Help with IFTTT

    Hi, is there any discussion forum for IFTTT questions? Couldn't find any.
  23. Why can't Evernote Business take advantage of services like IFTTT or UberConference. I've connected these services and they don't play well with EB. For example... I want IFTTT to append a note in a business notebook called "Social Media". This way our marketing team members can all see them. When IFTTT triggers, it renames the notebook "Social Media(2)", creates a personal notebook called "Social Media" and puts the note in there. This is funny because even Admins can't rename a notebook and have it sync. Same goes for UberConference when I try to connect it with a Business Notebook. Our small business takes advantages of these free services but the service we pay for doesn't play well with them.
  24. Hi Guys, I take meeting notes regularly with Evernote and I have a bunch of to do items added into them as the meeting progresses. Currently I use a saved search "todo:false" to find anything I haven't done yet, but because it is all over the place as to where the items could be, I want to try and put them into two new notes "To Do" and "Done" (automatically shifting to the done pile when they are checked). Is anyone aware of a way I can get this to happen? I am not fussed about them being removed or synced with the original note (i.e., they can stay in there, that is actually a good thing anyway), but I do want to copy them out, plus useful info such as the original notes creation time and the note name (so I can reference back easily). I'd like them to end up in the new note something like: [ ] To do item as from the original note [Original note name] {Original note creation date} Then when it is complete, shift it to the Done note. Happy to only do it once or twice an hour if that is the best way to do it. Been digging around IFTTT but can't seem to figure out a way to do it reliably. Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers Chris
  25. Can I set up IFTTT to create a new note with checkboxes in it? I see two potential methods: 1. Create notes from google calendar. Can checkboxes be included via google calendar? 2. On a schedule, it should duplicate a certain note and then give the copy certain tags. Looking forward to hearing your input...