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Found 22 results

  1. I work in Corporate America. I invest in real estate on the side. I am married with no kids. I am quite OCD, especially about organization. I have spent countless hours researching how other people use Evernote to 'remember everything' and 'get things done'. I have spent significantly more hours setting up this system than I have saved using this system. Hopefully that will change. Anyway, I wanted to share how I organize Evernote, which is really just The Secret Weapon (TSW) slightly tweaked for my personal needs. This system, in my opinion, limits decisions points (i.e., where should I put this note and how should it be tagged?), effectively tracks action items through to completion, and allows me to save and organize everything else. I will try to keep this explanation clear and concise; here it goes...Limited number of notebooks. I have four:!inbox - Everyone seems to have this one down. This is my default notebook where all notes start before being filed and tagged. Work and personal emails, webclips, random notes and ideas, etc. Case in point, I am writing this in a note that is currently in my !Inbox folder.Action Items (2) - This is a notebook stack for my notes that require action. There are two notebooks inside: Open and Complete. I'm sure you can guess what's in each.Cabinet - Essentially, this is a notebook for all notes that don't require action. I put meeting notes, receipts, webclips, etc. in this notebook.Contextual TaggingI only use tags for context. The tags answer where, when, and what.where - All notes get a where tag. This answers what part of my life the note pertains to (e.g., @work, @home)when - All Open Action Item notes get a when tag. This is how I prioritize notes requiring action. Each of these tags are mutually exclusive. Once the Open Action Item is completed, I remove the when tag and move the note to the Complete notebook. Below is a description of each when tag:what - I use this tag for notes that go in the Cabinet folder. It helps me quickly find things like receipts, meeting minutes, templates, webclips, etc. Not all notes in the Cabinet get a what tag, but many do.1-now - get it done today / tomorrow2-next - get it done this week3-later - get it done within two to four weeks4-someday - get it done someday5-waiting - getting it done is dependent on action by someone else (e.g., you are waiting for someone to reply to your email)TSW recommends a who context as well, but for me that was spiraling out of control quickly, so I nixed it. If a note is associated with a certain person, I usually just try to make sure their name is included in the note itself.Here is a screenshot of my system: I hope this helps at least one person out there!
  2. maartenvosselman

    CMD + J option for Windows

    Hi, Could be that this feature has been requested before. I am a Mac user and my digital life is in Evernote. The best thing for me is finding all my digital stuff in seconds due to the cmd+j option. I almost never use the search field anymore, because I can find everything via this shortcut. All my colleagues have Windows Machines and I see them struggling with finding stuff in Evernote. This is their biggest complain. Would it be possible to develop a similar option as CMD+J for Windows? And no... CTR+Q is not coming close... I want to find notebooks, notes, tags, cmd+J even deals with misspellings... I am so curious if our company is the only one begging for this feature. Love the new table options by the way :-) Thank you. Best, Maarten
  3. Hello, my name is Marcus and I would like to send some suggestions to make the Evernote mobile Application even more powerful.Add the application new colors to the characters. 1. Add the color change option in the characters you typed. 2. Make it possible to include notebooks in notebooks for better organization of notes. 3. Include the option to insert tables into Evernote projects. 4. Add a very useful feature, to be able to hide entire blocks of text, leaving the show, just the title, that reveals its contents when clicked on it (just like the "inspect element" options in the Google Chrome). Please see if these changes are possible as I use the app every day and I really like it. But I miss the features listed above. What Do You Think?
  4. Evernote is already used by many as a study, research, and creative tool. Its power as a learning acquisition tool could be drastically increased with an incremental learning tool; currently, the only other company using this method is the famed Supermemo, but its interface is far less developed than Evernote. I suggest adding an "incremental reading" option to the web-clipper tool, whereby one can highlight important text right within the web-page window, and when saved, it's grouped into a separate incremental reading notebook that provides prompts on when to continue reading articles at the place you left off. Incremental reading is one of the most powerful learning tools available to date--surprisingly, not many people know about this. Essentially, incremental reading is a method of breaking extensive knowledge resources down into component parts that can be assimilated into long-term memory in small increments. Rather than reading a twenty-page research article in a single sitting, one could break that into smaller 5-minute bites spread over a few weeks. This approach leverages the concept of "spaced repetition," which has been scientifically proven to drastically improve knowledge consolidation and recall. You can read more about incremental reading and spaced repetition here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incremental_reading
  5. Jem Clark

    OneDrive too?

    Hi. Why would Evernote work solely with Google / Google Drive? I'm a happy Microsoft OneDrive customer, and I have a several thousand of pdfs stored in OneDrive. I'd love to be able to use the Evernote technology to OCR and make my pdfs searchable (in a batch way?) through Evernote without having to manually import them all into Evernote. I've collected too many over the years, and have a filing system I'm happy with... Happy to search using Evernote - but search my existing pile of pdfs stored in OneDrive. Could you make the "magic" happen, Evernote Team !? Thanks, Jem
  6. HI there - My request is to include color coding for note titles to help easily identify a particular note or the importance of it, depending on what system you design for yourself. I'm familiar with the color coding for tags - but I'd like to be able to color code the note as it shows up in the main list. I have hundreds off notes and essentially run my business off of Evernote. As my collection continues growing, the system is almost becoming cluttered and useable. Being able to color-code would correct this issue overnight. Thank you, Nick
  7. martinellynge

    Secret notes?

    Is it possible to "lock" Evernote (or parts of it) to make private notes? In case someone uses your computer and tries to take a look into your notes. I found out, that Premium users can do this in iOS or Android, but what about on my Mac?
  8. Ever since discovering Evernote years ago, it has become an all-pervasive part of my personal and professional computing life. During that time, a feature I have continually felt the lack of (like a missing tooth you can't stop probing at with your tongue) is the ability to pin notes to the top of notebooks. As a writer who dedicates a note for organization on each project, it is a no-brainer. I'm sure would have great value in other fields. I know there are workarounds (the Reminder feature, adding to Shortcuts) and that if every suggestion in this forum were pursued, Evernote would be aiming at replacing every creative, organizational, and communication tool we use (Hey! That's an idea!), but this is such an obviously valuable feature and one I can't help to believe would be relatively easy to implement, that I puzzle at Evernote's neglect to seriously address it. So, Evernote, take a look at the changing landscape: If I Google "Evernote pin a note to top of notebook", I get over 700K results, the overwhelming majority of which (as far as I browsed the pages of results) lead to forums discussing the feature. If I limit the results to the past month, the first page is filled with headlines like "5 Alternatives to Evernote", "9 Promising Replacements for Evernote" or links to MS OneNote. This may seem like a minor issue, Evernote, but please note (!) the competitors at your heels, smelling blood on the trail.
  9. I'd love to see Touch Bar support in macOS for the new Macbook Pro late 2016 with Touch Bar. (I didn't see it submitted as an idea yet.) Thanks. David
  10. I have some notes that are very long and it can take a while to scroll to an area down below in the note. I'd like to have the ability to have a link that, when clicked, takes you to a later part within the same note or different location within the same note.
  11. ¡Hola Evernoters y Evernautas! Estamos ya en la segunda semana de Enero y este año promete muchas cosas nuevas. Para mi, esta época del año es muy importante, ya que trae muchos momentos de reflexión acerca de lo logrado en el año anterior y lo que hace falta. Después del caos y ajetreo de las fiestas decembrinas, es un buen tiempo para mi en el que tomo para organizar mis pendientes, prioridades y sobretodo, mi cuenta de Evernote. Mi cuenta de Evernote es para mi, mi cerebro externo. Contiene mis ideas, inspiraciones y las cosas que necesito mi día a día. Es emocionante explorar mi cuenta y descubrir contenido que había olvidado o contenido que ya no necesito porque he logrado la meta relacionado con el. En este 2017, mi cuenta de Evernote tiene más enfoque mis resoluciones para este 2017. Les comparto un listado rápido: Prepararme para el examen JLPT N3 y aprobarlo Organizar mejor mi menú semanal de comidas para tomar menos tiempo cocinando Terminar mi diplomado Redecorar mi alcoba para hacerla más eficiente en organización He dedicado las ultimas semanas para re-organizar el contenido que ya tenía en mi cuenta acerca de esto y crear nuevo para complementarlo. Es inspirador verlo como toma forma y le quita un poco lo intimidarte o imposible que pudiera parecer. Para ustedes, ¿Cuales son sus propósitos para Año nuevo?
  12. gabrielsprudencio@hotmail.

    dynamic calendar

    First of all, sorry for my grammatical mistakes. In my opinion ,one thing will make a big difference on experience of evernote users: it is the insertion of a calendar. A type of calendar that when you insert a new note and especificate a time,See it weekly or monthly calendar your note,to remember you that you have a important appointment for that day. I think this idea will make a great impact on users,because it will create a dynamic and comfortable environment on program.
  13. Hi everyone! I had an idea, and I was curious what you think. Sometimes my notes start to get a bit messy because I have multiple sections. For example, my Daily To-Do list has a section for today, this week, this month, 3 months, and also a section to keep track of my progress. What if Evernote included a simple option -- you could highlight text and click "hide", which would take away the selection and create a little sideways arrow in its place. When you click on the arrow, it could flip downwards, as the selection gets toggled to "show". This could be a nice, easy way to keep tabs on everything -- and to keep our notes cleaner / more accessible. Thanks, Michael
  14. It would be awesome if I could just see the thumbnail of the note in the task-bar because sometimes I have like 30 notes and while the counts goes up the task-bar change and I keep pressings in wrong notes until I find the right one, I can keep doing it but it would be a time saver. Thanks for reading.
  15. Sentinelgre

    mac Suggestions post

    Hi I wanted to make a post about suggestions I have. Perhaps people have suggested these before if so, so what?, it only goes to show that they are wanted... To folks that read this I'm not going on the warpath and neither should anyone else if you read this the suggestions are in full here https://www.evernote.com/pub/sentinelgre/evernotesuggestions and only because I'm a kind of visual guy (isn) for disambiguation and quick reference here's the list which is explained in the notebook much better Shop suggestion - how the shop should behave Sharing suggestion - how the sharing windows can be clarified Standalone internet browser - where it could go and how it would work Standalone web search - where it could go Annotations interface suggestion Cascading lists similar to explore evernote for user defined stuff I wrote these tagged for mac only because I use evernote on Mac mostly (iPhone too) it may be that windows users have different interface but if they don't have any of those features I think they would benefit from them too George
  16. When you go to the library, you can easily find any book on any topic, out of the millions available, all by using the Dewey Decimal System. Soon, you will be able to have that same advantage with ALL your information--even small notes! Better still, you will not have to limit them to the clumsiness of a sorting mechanism like the Dewey Decimal System. The Universal Decimal Classification was designed specifically for notes! It is also organized in a truly universal manner, so that is all-encompassing, topically proportionate, and infinitely extensible! The UDC was designed by bibliographers specifically to suit the needs of those who keep their information in note form, and will soon be available either as an embedded solution in Evernote or plug-in to support more sophisticated tagging of the content by using UDC Summary or as an extension of the MRF (Master Reference File.) The Editor-in-Chief of the Universal Decimal Classification Consortium has already indicated the Consortium's interest in a cooperative relationship with Evernote. All that remains to be done is for someone with some basic programming skills to download the UDC file and import them into Evernote in tag form. If Evernote is willing to have some of their master programmers take a few minutes out of their day to figure out how to simply get the import files into Evernote, they could feature it as an add-on. Evernote could open the doors on an entirely new market sector--becoming the universal application of choice for students, academics, libraries, bookstores, and book-related institutions globally with very little effort, and enormous gain! Here are the links to the Universal Decimal Classification Summary... Universal Decimal Classification Consortium: http://www.udcc.org/udcsummary/php/index.php UDCC Exports page for import files to download: http://www.udcc.org/udcsummary/exports.htm
  17. Dear Evernote team, I would really find it useful If If it was possible to create a new notebook directly from a note, for example in the dropdown menu where I choose the Notebook. The functionality would be the same as when you ad a pin to a pinboard in Pinterest : here you can either create a new board or chose an existing. Is this kind of functionality on it's way ? Thank you, Marie
  18. Hi all! We are working on a new product and would love your feedback on how to better integrate Evernote into it. Mural.ly lets you grab web content, organize it on a big canvas and share/collaborate with others (video showing it in www.Mural.ly). The end results are "Murals" of web content that help you share ideas visually: You can also create the Murals in groups, in real time. One of the "Web content" that we want to add are Evernotes, so we wanted to know how you'd use it! Cheers! Mariano Suarez Battan Mural.ly CEO
  19. I would like the option to include the originating URL with anything I clip from the browser. Today, my workaround is to clip the content, then to create a second note with just the URL, then merge the two. I'm envisioning something simple like having a checkbox in the web clipper panel with a label like "Also include URL" (see attached sketch), or including the URL could just happen automatically. oops... I'm now seeing this topic is feedback for the forum itself, not a forum for product feedback. I don't see any way to move or delete this, so I guess that's my forum feedback
  20. What if Leonardo da Vinci was alive today and he had access to a powerful tool like Evernote. How would he use it? http://upyourimpact.com/how-would-leonardo-da-vinci-use-evernote/ Da Vinci, one of the world’s most brilliant artists, inventors and explorers, was also one of history’s most prolific note takers. He carried a notebook everywhere with him to record his ideas, impressions and observations in words and elaborate drawings. My gut feeling, based on what is known about da Vinci’s passion for learning and exploration, is that he would embrace Evernote’s many capabilities to fully to capture, enhance and bring even more of his remarkable ideas to fruition.
  21. Hello, I have a question/suggestion for Evernote. It might go against the philosophy of Evernote, but it might be something others could use. I would like to upload attachments to Evernote, not in a note, but in some not-yet-filed storage place. I use Evernote at work using a note for a specific project. The note contains the entire project start to finish, invoices, schedules, contact numbers, etc. I want to be able to upload some relevant pdf etc to some temporary storage place and then later in the day file all those unfiled attachments. For me, it doesn't help if there are multiple notes (even in a notebook or a stack) that I have to go through to find information. Perhaps, as an alternative, someone can suggest some third-party browser sidebar in which I can store my unfiled attachments. Thanks! Bruce
  22. Like a lot of people, I use Evernote to collect material from the intertubes and use it in later composition. One big role is in preparing teaching material. Among Evernote's many great features, the combination of these three is invaluable When I clip something into Evernote from the web, including an image, it saves the source URL. Merge notes. I think this is an underutilized feature, but I use it often. If I'm reading an article and I think several figures from the same article might be useful as a case study in a class, I'll merge notes with the different pictures. Note links. Need I say more? If I'm taking notes from the scientific literature, I don't take the notes directly in Evernote, but use a proess like this http://twitpic.com/4bsq3g, which lets me get the notes into Evernote using tools that are more suited for the purpose. The source URL is really handy when preparing presentations to make sure I can point students (or a seminar audience) to the source, as well as providing proper citation to the image source. This may be the biggest time saver for me, since I sometimes have active bursts of energy, and toss a lot of stuff into Evernote. If I were using any other system, I'd have to make note of all the URLs myself, but with Evernote it just happens. It would be very convenient to have a URL to the attachments, not just the note links. As I mention above, keeping URLs back to images clipped from the web is not ony a time saver, it prevents accidental use of unattributed images. But if I export images to my filesystem the connection between the image and the URL from which it was clipped is broken. I currently use http:// image links via Evernote Web, but if those links are really permalinks, perhaps the client applications could provide a mechanism to copy them.