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Found 30 results

  1. I've installed Evernote currently at version If I go to search or use the shortcut on the desktop there's no icon for Evernote. I know it seems like a small problem but it's really really annoying.
  2. Hi, feature request of a size option to allow for smaller inline attachment icons. To save vertical space I often like to have them in the same line as the text; it would be nice to be able to maintain the same line height throughout the note to avoid a disjointed note. Attached a crude example of what this might look like scaled down from the current look.
  3. I work on OSX with a premium subscription. I have a feature request due to a problem identifying iconised windows. If I have iconised all of my Evernote windows and then I right click on Evernote in the dock, I see a list of all open windows and tabs. The window/tab titles are correct but not all are helpful. The Evernote “Main” window (the one that shows the notebooks) is labelled with the name of the currently “active” notebook. In other words, this changes from minute to minute and becomes hard to identify in the list. Please could you highlight which icon refers to the “Main” window, i.e. the one that displays all the notebooks? I suggest using a special icon for this the “main” window. ( If that is not possible, maybe you could simply use a special colour to highlight the existing icon? Unfortunately colour blind people probably wouldn’t appreciate the use of colour alone… Maybe you could simply always label that window as “Main” instead of using the name of the currently active notebook (but if someone had their own Notebook called “Main” then that solution could get very confusing!) ) …but please distinguish it for us somehow :- ) Thank you. Paul
  4. HRKarenUBIF

    What is this icon

    There is an icon that looks like people with the number 2. I do not know what it means. I do not believe I am sharing anything from this notebook. Any ideas?
  5. Hello, Does anyone know what these two icons mean? Please see the attached JPG, there's an icon next to 'PERSONAL' and one next to 'TRAVEL'. Thanks! Adrian
  6. IT.Support

    sharing problem

    Hi, So i have 2 evernote accounts. 1 on personal and one on my work email. I wanted to share a notebook on my work account to my personal but with edit permissions. There is no share icon on my work evernote but on my personal one i can share the workbook via workchat Any ideas? personal work
  7. allpinkynobrain

    Better "Stack" icons

    In the shortcuts bar, it's difficult to distinguish between a notebook icon and a stack icon, so a more obviously different icon would help.
  8. I like that the notebook's snippet view has an image thumbnail (if image is loaded). But the image changes based on most recent upload? It would be great if you could determine and lock the image. Use case 1: I have a notebook for all of my clients, that has my discussion notes, crucial profile data, etc. I would like the thumbnail to be my clients' logos. Makes them easier to identify. Use case 2: Put profile picture of a contact. I have notebooks to keep notes on my clients and try to get familiar with them.
  9. Evernote for desktop generates a duplicate icon in the taskbar in addition to the pinned program icon. It ends up making my taskbar look very cluttered when I have Evernote open; I'd appreciate a more seamless, integrated look. Instead of adding a blue bar to the bottom of the pinned icon, a duplicate icon with the blue bar appears alongside the original. From what I have read, this is an incompatibility issue that can only be resolved by the developer (https://www.ghacks.net/2015/08/04/fix-duplicate-icon-issues-on-the-windows-taskbar/).
  10. Justin M Zielke

    ANSWERED Glitchy icons error

    Please view attached image. App's functionality intact - just absurdly annoying to look at while working. Any ideas? Best, Justin
  11. ・Evernote 版本已更新為最新版本 ・目前作業系統 iMac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 ・異常狀態如附件內容
  12. Kkfaye

    Icons messed up

    Hey guys, I just updated to version 6.11 and the icons on the menu bar seemed to be messed up. Any solutions? Thanks!!
  13. Jimmyhosen

    Disable System Tray icon

    I do not want a system tray app/icon; it seems to be bloatware and clutters up my system tray. I did not see how to disable this in the Options. Please add an-easy-to-find checkbox in Options to disable the system tray app/process/icon thing.
  14. Aloha, This is referring to the little teeny-tiny icon that appears next to the file name field when you're ready to SEND or SAVE a scanned image. It would be helpful if this icon were changed (by color preferably) so it's easier to distinguish the file type at a glance. Mahalo & Aloha!
  15. I have been using Evernote for a while now on my Win7-64 machine... A while back, after an update, the icon went missing. It didn't show up in the Start Menu, wouldn't show when you created a shortcut to the desktop or pinned it to the Taskbar. When the program runs, the icon is active. I used a workaround for the problem recently by creating my own Icon, making it the icon for the shortcut and then dragging the shortcut to the Taskbar, all good. Another update and another issue: now the properties box for the shortcut icon has the "Change Icon" button greyed-out, so that little trick won't work. I'm a little baffled that a program as slick as Evernote is having weird little problems like this. Has this happened to anyone else or has anyone been able to fix it?
  16. In Firefox at least, many icons are dark gray. It would be so nice to have the Evernote Clipper icon green again There are 5 related icons that I arrange in a group on the address bar. It's a bit inefficient to need to scan them to find the Evernote icon. Green would be so much more natural and improve brand recognition as well.
  17. Hi all I use Evernote for collecting reference images and have stumbled on a problem. When I drag an image from my web browser (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) onto the Evernote icon on my dock, it creates two identical notes. It used to just create one, but something changed about a year ago. Now each time I have to delete one of the notes, which is not ideal. I'm on the latest versions of OS X and Evernote. This feels like a bug, can anyone report having the same issue? (I would use the web clipper but for some reason, for me, this creates a note that doesn't have a thumbnail) Thanks! Johnny
  18. rjparker1

    Icon Preview

    OK developers, I think you need to stop making this program so good. Just stop it. I spend enough time in Evernote I don't need more reasons to like it. NOW I can see icon preview images in my notes list.. what's up with that?!?!? A new feature I really like and now I suppose I have to add that to my list of things that makes Evernote great now? seriously.. stop.. I am getting things done quicker, gee thanks! more work for me. On a side note (see what I did there) how can we change these because some notes have the icon while others do not.. where do we customize these? Because now I have to learn something ELSE.. c'mon.. its only going to make me want to force the CFO to buy a site license
  19. mikecox39

    Second icon in Taskbar

    After the last update I noticed that the icon on the taskbar would get duplicated when I clicked it. The original icon, the one that opened EN, then becomes inactive. I end up with 2 EN icons and only one does anything. It gets confusing because when I want to bring the open EN window back to the screen I sometimes click the wrong icon. Why does EN create a second icon and inactivate the one that was used to open EN and produce that second icon?
  20. thisisswilliams

    Evernote icon missing in Dock [mac]

    On my Mac (OS X Yosemite 10.10.1), the Evernote dock icon is missing and comes up as, well, nothing. A blank space. See the below image. It appears this has already been posted as a topic, but each time I attempt to view that link, it says I do not have permission to view that forum. The Evernote icon appears as normal in Finder. Any ideas on why this is happening, or more importantly, how to fix this? Many thanks, SW
  21. Can we add an EN Icon in ( Chrome's ) web-page address-bar when the page has been previously clipped? Would be a significant time saver for most users as they determine whether they should clip a page ( just in case ) or needn't clip a page ( 'cause the icon indicates they already have! ). Thanks!!
  22. Hello everyone. I have both a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet. On my phone everything is working great with Evernote. I can Launch Evernote from the list of installed Apps, and also add the Evernote icon to a homescreen, add a widget, etc... However, my problem is that on the Note tablet I can not do any of this. No matter what I do there seems to be no way to add the Evernote icon to a homescreen or launch Evernote from the list of installed apps since it's not showing up in the list. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, etc... nothing works. The problem seems to be tied to the fact that Evernote comes preinstalled on this tablet, so the stock launcher is treating it differently. (That's just my best guess). For example, no matter what I do or try, the Evernote icon NEVER shows up in the list of installed or downloaded Apps even though the app is installed. For example, when I go to the Google Play store it shows the app as installed and I can thus open Evernote that way. Here's a few more details. On my 2014 edition Note tablet, there is a "Galaxy Apps" icon which opens up a similar app like Google Play or the Amazon App store apps. When I open up that Galaxy Apps icon, then I can eventually find the Evernote app icon buried a few pages deep and then launch the app. Even then it's not really the app icon because I can't long press on it and add it to the desktop. It's just the info page for the app with the options to uninstall updates or launch the app. So, on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 edition tablets is this the only way to launch the Evernote app - by going first to one of the Play store's then launching the app? That's crazy unless I'm missing something. Any ideas as to why Evernote does not show up in the normal list of installed Apps? Thanks, Brian
  23. I don't know where to put suggestions. I can't find any contact info, so if someone can help direct me, let me know. First I wanted to say, I absolutely love the clean look for the new beta version of Evernote. I stopped using this service years ago because the "clutter" was just driving me insane. Everytime I logged in I had a distracting mess of notes and pictures. And whenever I put some "NSFW" images on here and whenever I would log in, it was the first thing that I saw. With the streamlined beta version that doesn't happen anymore. I really want to jump on board and get the monthly subscription and everything. I want Evernote to be pretty much like my backup brain and just put everything in here. I am a more visual person, and I would love it if we could have more options to "view" our notes in particular notebooks. Different views for different types of notes, just like in any operating system. You can have a list view for documents or an icon view for pictures. I am a much more visual person and I like to include images in my notes, especially for ideas I get. The now defunct Springpad did this perfectly. I was considering migrating to them, but honestly they can't compare to Evernote. This type of style is becoming popular, and can be seen in sites like Pinterest or Tumblr. Although, I like to keep most of my ideas private and sites like Pinterest have more of a social media focus to it. I would love if we can have an "icon view" option like in Springpad. It can have a square with a summary of the note. If the note has an image, it can include and image with a shorter summary. Or it can include the image, with the text overlayed in white on top of it [like FB does]. Here is an example of Springpad
  24. debhammon

    What's wrong with my Icon

    When I upgraded to OSX Yosemite 10.10.1 and to Evernote 6.0.1 my Evernote icon in my iMac dock changed from the elephant to this. I prefer the elephant icon. What's up? Confused.
  25. theinspired615

    mac BUG with Evernote menu bar helper

    I like to keep my dock hidden because it takes up so much of the screen and I don't need to stare at it while I'm working. Whenever I take a snapshot or create a note and save it using the Evernote menu bar helper, my dock refuses to pop up afterward. Usually, I have to either toggle off the hiding feature for a few hours or restart my entire computer to make it functional again. Is there any way to avoid this or is it a bug within the software? Thanks in advance.