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Found 11 results

  1. Hel10s

    iCloud Integration

    I love the integration now between Google and Evernote. I would love to see similar integration with iCloud and/or the macOS Apps Calendar and Reminders. The idea is simple enough (though I know execution is far more difficult ): If I create a checklist in a note, it can sync to the Reminders app, a due date would appear in Calendar, and a meeting in Calendar would allow for a meeting note to be made in Evernote.
  2. I know a fair bit of people use Google Drive and Google Docs. A lot of my clients who are prospective Evernote users are loving that. What I have gotten asked about a few times now is iCloud Drive integration and full support of .pages, .keynote, and .numbers file formats that Apple's iWork productivity suite uses. I have a few clients that are solitary and swear by those apps. I assume more have to be out there. I know I use Pages on occasion to make flyers and such. So what I am suggesting is support for those Apple iWork file formats in full, like Microsoft Office and Google Docs. If the iWork app is installed on a device then the file opens appropriately (like MS Office formats), but, otherwise, it would open via the web on icloud.com (like Google Docs do). I can not imagine people outside of macOS and iOS using it. But, just in the case that they did is why I suggest the latter. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hi There! When I scan any business card it is saved to my Contacts (iOS 10.1.1, iphone 6) and it’s great feature! But… any of scanned card doesn’t sync to my icloud. I can see new contacts and can edit them on my iPhone but not on my Mac. I use the same icloud account on all my devices and any contacts added manually (no matter on what device) is synced. The only problem is with scanned business card (I mean created contacts from scanning) from evernote or scannable. Anyone had same problem and solved it?
  4. My work routine relies heavily on storing successive versions of files I'm working on in the same note, and right now I can only do this on my Mac, not on my iPhone or iPad. When will we be able to attach files (other than photos) to an existing note in Evernote for iOS ? I can't imagine being alone in sorely needing this feature. Every major—and not so major—competitor to Evernote allows this. iOS now makes it trivially easy to implement. It would be a fantastic improvement that would require minimal effort. Please?
  5. I've been using Evernote for a number of years on my desktop PC, iPad and iPhone. I've just noticed the the iCloud backup file size for Evernote on the iPad is 1.5GB, whereas it is only 700 MB on the iPhone. Can anyone explain why there is such a discrepancy in the file sizes. Do I need to use the iCloud backup service if all the data is stored on the Evernote servers? Surely if I have to reinstall Evernote on one of my devices then it will automatically sync will the data stored centrally by Evernote?
  6. Hi, I'm looking into EN to see if it fits our company's needs, so I did some searches but I couldn't find a definitive answer on whether it is possible to have Evernote save and sync data locally / in a Cloud folder? If so, does it still sync between EN OS X, EN iOS etc versions? For example: Could I use Evernote on my Mac, making it safe my data without uploading it to the Evernote servers? Even better: To Dropbox or iCloud or whatever cloud service I like? For example 1Password let's me choose where I place my sync folder. Of course, it still syncs with the iOS app / other platform versions. I'd want to do this because I like to decide for myself where our company's data is stored.
  7. Hi all - As my contact list grows, it's beginning to get overwhelming. 500+ contacts in my iCloud list just isn't necessary, considering I don't contact most of them (rarely if ever). Therefore, I want to import some (not all) of my contacts into an Evernote notebook. That way they don't clutter my contact list, but are still accessible should I need them. I have a few questions to go along with this: 1. Is this a good idea? Do you see any problems arising in the future? 2. What tool can I use to accomplish this? Ideally I'd like each contact in it's own note (so they are easily searchable) with standardized formatting to allow for easy export / transfer in the future. I currently use Evernote for Mac and iPhone, but I'm happy to look at other options if necessary to complete this. Perhaps Evernote Hello is needed? Thanks for your help, everyone!
  8. Hello, I have been using Evernote a little, but I am beginning to think I haven't been using Evernote to its fullest capacity. It dawned on me today when I was adding files to dropbox that I could do the same with Evernote. Is my assessment correct? Could I literally put everything in Evernote and utilize it the same way I would use dropbox? Is there a disadvantage of doing that?
  9. Hi, I'm considering to purchase Scansnap Evernote edition. (Why Evernote edition is, seems like it sorts items out automatically - which is the function I wan to have.) The Scansnap Evernote edition come with one year of Evernote Premium subscription. It is nice, however, I happen to have 50GB space with iCloud already. My question here is: Is it possible to do below workflow and how? 1) Scan and sort papers using Scansnap Evernote edition, then 2) Archive documents in iCloud. Thanks!
  10. This is a basic Applescript for converting a single selected Evernote (alarm must be turned on with date chosen) to a todo in iCal (MacOSX 10.7.5). I know, why bother? I generally use Evernote to organize my projects, and I try to make use of the Reminders feature as is. But sometimes you just can't beat a real ToDo list, and I still use iCal on my MacBook, while I'm now using the Mynd calendar app on my iPhone as a dashboard for everything to plan my day which integrates with Apple's Reminders. Here's the selected note in Evernote on the Mac: After running the Applescript, here it is as a ToDo in Reminders: Note that iCal in OSX 10.7.5 separates calendars and reminders, but you refer to the reminder list as a calendar (see line where it says [tell calendar "Name of your Reminder list between these quotation marks] - do not write in the name of your iCloud calendar or you will get server error messages saying the calendar won't accept this, you are evil, etc..). Here's my first Applescript ever. Modifications are welcome (like how would you select multiple Evernotes?). Cheers, and happy holidays, Josh tell application "Evernote" synchronize delay (3) --get selected notes set theSelection to selection --loop through selected messages repeat with theCurrentNote in theSelection --get information from the current note set todo_Name to title of theCurrentNote set todo_Date to reminder time of theCurrentNote set the_Selection to selection set the_HTML to HTML content of (item 1 of the_Selection) set plain_Text to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of the_HTML & space & "| textutil -convert txt -stdin -stdout" tell application "iCal" tell calendar "Name of your Reminder list between these quotation marks" make new todo at end with properties {summary:todo_Name, due date:todo_Date, description:plain_Text} end tell end tell end repeat end tell
  11. I am new to developing apps and have a question regarding how to successfully sync an iOS app with Evernote? iOS provides iCloud services to sync the app across multiple iOS devices, however if i also want the notes content of my app to sync with a single Evernote notebook do I design it to sync with both iCloud and Evernote or can I select one or the other? Will Evernote be able to replace the iCloud service in terms of syncing the notes across multiple devices? Thanks for those who reply.