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Found 173 results

  1. I've got 400+ notes in Apple Mail.app. What's the easiest way to import these into Evernote? I tried the Import... feature, but this wouldn't let me select my notes mailbox, even after I tried to Archive the Notes mailbox. Thanks!
  2. How to Restore Selected Notes from Mac Time Machine to EN Mac Ver 2.0 Nov 23, 2015 This question seems to come up often, so I thought I'd post these steps to a new thread that is easily referenced/viewed by all. Please post below if you have any questions about this process, see any issues with it, or have suggestions to improve it. One very important concept to keep in mind is that if you restore Evernote from a backup that is older than your current account, when you sync after the restore the data from the EN Cloud will overwrite all Notes that were changed since the backup. Thus, if you were trying to restore specific Note(s) to a previous version, the previous version will be lost when you do a sync. So what you have to do is to export to ENEX all of the Notes of interest AFTER you restore from backup, and then sync, and then import these ENEX files back into Evernote. These are the steps to do exactly that. Sync EN Mac OPTIONABLE -- Export to ENEX all Local Notebooks you have, with each NB to a separate ENEX file. This is an extra safety precaution in case you have to do a clean install. All of your sync'd Notes will be downloaded from the EN Cloud Then you can import your Local NBs from these ENEX files Disconnect from Internet to prevent Evernote from further syncs Quit EN Mac (app and menu) OPTIONABLE -- Backup everything Evernote (app and data) This is an extra safety precaution in case everything becomes lost/corrupted You will most likely not need this backup See Location of Evernote Data Folder for EN Mac. Note that TM does not support the backup of a specific folder. It does a backup of everything, except for folders/files you specifically exclude. You can use the Mac Archive utility to create a compressed zip file of your Evernote Folder, but you need to open Archive first and set its Preferences to output the zip file to a location outside of your Evernote folder. Best location is to an external drive. Rename the existing Evernote folder (see Step 5.3) and the Evernote.app to "ORIG." & current name. So, for example, it would be: ORIG.com.evernote.Evernote Do a TM restore of the entire Evernote data folder & app from when you know the Notes of interest were still there (If you can't find your backup, see instructions below to Show Hidden Files) Start EN Mac Find your notes and export to ENEX, with each NB in a separate ENEX file outside of the Evernote folder (like your Documents folder) (be sure to check the box for "Include Tags") OPTIONABLE -- For extra safety you might also export these Notes to HTML Exit Evernote (app and menu) Rename the Evernote folder (which was from the restore) and Evernote.app to "OLD." & current name. Rename the original Evernote folder & app from Step 6 ("ORIG.") back to the original name Start EN Mac Import the ENEX files you created in Step 9. This puts them in a Local Notebook. Update/Restore to the Original Sync'd Notebook Move them into a sync'd Notebook OR If the Note(s) still exist in a sync'd NB, but need replacing, you can copy/paste the contents from the restored Note into the original sync'd Note. This will maintain any/all Note Links to the original sync'd Note. If everything looks good, connect to Internet and sync. Note that all Notes added or changed in your sync'd NBs will go against your monthly upload allowance. When you are sure everything has been updated properly, you can delete the Notes imported to the Local NBs in Step #15. Optional: I would zip the ENEX files created in Step #9, and put them on an external drive for safe keeping, then delete the ENEX files. Proceed with caution! Do not start this process until you fully understand all steps. I have NOT actually tested this process, so be careful. If you can't find the backup you want in TM, you might need to tell the Mac Finder to show all folders/files. How to show hidden files in Finder on OS X If you use OS X 10.9 Mavericks or OS X 10.10 Yosemite, follow these steps to show hidden files in Finder: 1) Launch Terminal. 2) Copy/paste or type in the following command defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true ; killall Finder How to hide hidden files in Finder on OS X Follow these steps if you want to hide the files and folders you previously revealed. Note this works with OS X Mavericks and Yosemite. 1) Launch Terminal. 2) Copy/paste or type in the following command defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean false ; killall Finder References: Evernote Backup and Restore Options How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks using ENEX files Time Machine The Best Mac Backup Software of 2015 | Top Ten Reviews
  3. Hi there, I've been a loyal Evernote user for a number of years. I really love the app and use it for all of my notetaking needs. I've recently bought an Apple iPad pro and Apple pencil. I'd like to use those with Evernote to take handwritten notes to keep alongside my regular typed ones. Is that possible? If not why not? If not, when is this functionality coming? Best wishes, Pete
  4. I'm trying to get my archive of saved links in Facebook into Evernote as well as new links that I want to read later, but not publicly share. I like to use IFTTT to automate things when I can, but it doesn't have a trigger for Fb's saved links. So, I figured out a work around: In Facebook, create a new Page, in the setup: choose any category, name the page as something like "My links", skip through the remaining questions except those that are required. Once the page is made, go to Settings and Unpublish the Page. This will make it so that only you (or other people you add as Admins) can see what is on the page. In IFTTT, create a recipe that triggers with a new post to a Fb Page, and sends the link to En: https://ifttt.com/view_embed_recipe/283889-share-a-link-on-a-fb-page-and-send-it-to-evernote Share new posts, or old ones in the Fb Saved Link page, to your new Page.
  5. Mac 10.9.5 Evernote 6 I have thousands of notes many of which contain encrypted text. I use the same password for all my encrypted text. Is there a way to temporarily decrypt all of the text BEFORE exporting to HTML? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  6. Is it possible? I know about IFTTT.com. It can create a note at a specific time every day, however I have to rename it later, since IFTTT doesn't offer a choice (it's "13th of November, 2014" style). Any other possible not too technical solutions (Mac, Android)?
  7. This is a registry tweak on how to make the Windows 10 note quick action in the notification center launch Evernote desktop app. Choose method 1 if you are experienced with the windows registry or else choose method 2. Method 1 Open the windows registry and navigate to the key below. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ActionCenter\Quick Actions\All\SystemSettings_Launcher_QuickNote Double click on the string value "URI" and change its value to "evernote://". Now close the registry sign out and sign back into windows. Go to notification center and hit the note quick action. Voila! Method 2 Open notepad and paste the following text highlighted in red below: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ActionCenter\Quick Actions\All\SystemSettings_Launcher_QuickNote]"Icon"=dword:0000e70b"IsAllowedAboveLock"=dword:00000000"Title"=dword:00000075"Type"=dword:00000002"Uri"="evernote:" Go to file and click Save file as.Change Save as type to All files.Name your file with .reg at the end.Now go to your saved file and double click it.Click yes when prompted to add information to the windows registry. Enjoy!
  8. I've combined 144 notes into 1 note. By combining them, I thought it would be a "new" not and the originals would still exist. How canI undo it and have the seperate notes again.
  9. I can get an email in the morning, which is nice, but I was hoping that Evernote would pop up a little window when a reminder came due. I get a notification on my iPad but not on my Windows 7 Desktop. (New user)
  10. Just for posterity... For those who stumble across this thread via a forum/ Google search, here's a straightforward blog post on how to back up and restore your Evernote data: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2932989/syncings-not-enough-how-to-back-up-and-restore-your-evernote-data.html The premise is the following: "Syncing's not enough... syncs can go awry. Cloud services can go down. Here's how to ensure your notes are there when you need them."
  11. Hi Have long meeting at work to attend. Wish to record this, will use iphone on desk. Basically how long will i be able to record for ? 1 hour 2 hours? Understand that once recorded if file is less than 25 mb or 100 mb , normal version v premuim you will be able to sync... but how long would would this be for a meeting. Also if the file recorded was over this size and couldnt sync, how can i get it off phone. Thanks
  12. Hey guys! I was using evernote the other day on my tablet and was using an input method in which the base of the screen was a white space that i could write on with my stylus and that converted the written words into proper text and punctuation up top on the page. I went back to do so again today and just can't figure out how it is i got to that particular tool. Every other method i come across is strictly the handwritten way that doesn't convert to text. Please help!
  13. If anyone is interested I just published a blog post on this. Hope it's useful to someone! http://bit.ly/1eXUKXn -- Cheers Mark
  14. Hi, I have recently gotten an iPhone 6 Plus. This may be really easy to answer. When I use my Mac Evernote, the default font size is perfectly readable. On my new iPhone 6 Plus, the text is just approaching the point where I would like to increase the size visible on screen, but I don't want to increase the font size and have it larger on the Mac or any other screen I might read it on. Is there a simple way to do this? Pinch and zoom is no use, as you now have to scroll. I want to get larger text and automatically have it reflow. Any thoughts?
  15. Hi All I think I have probably discovered already that this is not possible, which is disappointing considering I learnt this after I signed up for premium, but is there anyway I can get PDF's into evernote so that they show as the file contents in the web and ios apps rather than just the attachment that needs to be downloaded each time. I admit I am a "late comer" to evernote and many have been using it for years but alas I have not. I have tho been "scanning and chucking" for a number of years which means I have quite an accumulation of PDF's that it would be great to have in evernote (rather than having to use two services) that I cannot see how I can recreate to put into evernote and I no longer have the originals. Any suggestions on how to do this or plans to change this? Thanks PS I have Wndows, Iphone and Ios app and also use webapp. I have access to a snapscan (not evernote version tho) but this is not on the machine with evernote installed.
  16. Is there a way to backup your Evernote data?
  17. I'm beginning to use Evernote Clipper to save my bookmarks, but was looking for a way to import my existing bookmarks from Chrome, without having to clip every. single. one. I don't really know how to code, so Applescript, etc. was out for me. But I figured out this work around. It requires signign up for a few things, but once you're done, you're done! and the import is quick. Note: This is a crude import system. You may not get pictures imported with the links, or tags automatically added (other then from what you set in IFTTT). It's quick and dirty, but gets the job done. Also, this will probably work with services other than Pocket, that's just the one I already an account with. In your browser, export your bookmarks into an HTML file. Login or create account at getpocket.com (we'll come back to this, but you need a Pocket account setup before the next step) Login or create account at IFTTT.com Create new recipe: IF...Pocket...Any New Item... THEN...Evernote...Create New Link Note... (Fill in settings as you want. I add the tag ".Bookmark" for easy sorting later) Go to: http://getpocket.com/import/delicious Under "2. Import your bookmarks", Upload your HTML file from Step 1 Click "Import" Wait for the magical elves in the cloud to do their work. It will take longer for the more bookmarks you have, but is still way less than doing this all manually. Now all your old bookmarks are in the same place as your new ones, as you add with Clipper. You can choose to go back through and organize with notebooks and tags as you like. If you're not familiar with IFTTT, I recommend it for other actions, like adding Facebook posts and photos to your Evernote.
  18. Evernote is a wonderful platform, but I have a concern and I am sure I am not alone. I want to use Evernote for managing all sorts of information related to work projects, but I want to have the ability to export them to a desktop folder to use elsewhere if I want to. As far as I can tell, Evernote supports exports in PDF and HTML, but this is not very useful to me. I would like to be able to export to .doc or .txt so I can use my data outside of Evernote if I ever choose to. Right now it seems that content is basically trapped in Evernote's ecosystem forever. Please tell me I am wrong.
  19. Rebeeca

    Evernote: Realtors BFF

    In this 1 hour workshop designed specifically for Realtors, we will go over how to use Evernote for different aspects of your business. We will cover how to use Evernote to: Communicate with your clients How to only have to take your phone or tablet to appointments with clients How to create System Notebooks that work for YOU How to use tags and the location function of Evernote I will walk you through how to do everything with your phone/tablet, whether you are a novice or a professional user of Evernote. Where: 2855 Mangum Bldg. B Suite #114, Houston, TX 77092 When: Tuesday, December 13, 2016
  20. Annaannaanna

    Intuitive tags?

    Dear evernote gurus I am very new to evernote, but think that I like it A LOT and that I will use it A LOT. As I hope to be using it more and more, I am trying to think of things that I should consider doing or not doing to avoid problems down the line - while keeping the free flowing feel of freedom that so delights me. So, here is my question that I would appreciate your input on : At first I was creating lots and lots of notebooks but quickly realized that this is not the way to go. Now I tag. And I love doing that. I currently have only very few notebooks - an inbox, a file cabinet and an extra notebook of my sons drawings and things, which I separated for sentimental reasons (I like that I can just go in and look at his stuff whenever I feel like it). Now, here is my question: I have read a lot about setting up a strict tag hierarchy, being extra careful about tagging correctly, etc. This seems very restricting to me - not to mention a whole lot of effort. I have created a very loose tag hierarchy - but mostly tag every note with as many tags as I think make sense and that I believe I'll think of when searching for this particular item. Mostly that ends up being 4-6 tags. I am also operating on 'when in doubt, add an extra tag'. While I do take care to make the tags case consistent (is that a word?) and use only singular (mostly because I like the look...) I do not try to figure out a strict context of tags that I adhere to, on the premise that it will be harder for me to look up what the strict structure says than to just use whatever I think of first. I have tried trial runs and have no problems whatsoever finding notes, no matter what the context, as the tags make a lot of sense to me. Of course - I only have a couple of hundred notes and maybe 30 tags... I love doing it this way, it gives me a strange sense of satisfaction to intuit tags like that, so I would love to keep on doing it. But... if many more experienced users suggest a different way, there is probably a reason... So, experienced evernote users, I'd be very grateful for your opinion - can an intuitive tagging system like that work, even if I run up lots and lots of notes? Thank you for your time and input anna
  21. Hi guys, I am using Evernote since a few years, and have thousands of notes in it. Today I decided to remove some of the shared notebooks (shared with me by 3rd persons), because they were not anymore relevant. However, now I am stuck with a huge bunch of unused tags that these notebooks contained, and the problem is that I cannot remove them! When I right-click on these tags with my mouse, the option "delete" is not even highlighted, the only thing it allows me to do is add the tag to the shortcuts. Is there any solution to it? I'm using Evernote for Windows, v 5.6. (premium account) Thanks for your help in advance! Mirra
  22. I do Ctrl+N to create a new note. The cursor moves to the body of the note. The usual way I would (and I am guess a lot of people would think) is to put the subject of the note and *then* fill out the body. However, in evernote I have to put the body first, then there is a perceptible delay when evernote transfers the first line of the body into the subject, which is almost always not what I need Then I fill in the body and eventually grab the mouse go into the subject and change it. Is there a way to amke this more intuitive (at least to me) i.e. on Ctrl + N the cursor goes to the subject line first. Or is there a shortcut to go to the subject line *While* creating a new note. Unless the note is fully created and the subject is (wrongly) filled up automatically by Evernote, I can't use the tab keys to go into the subject.
  23. I found the tech note on how to create stacks (ability to nest notebooks) misleading. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314158-How-to-organize-notebooks-into-stacks The part where it says to drag and drop a notebook on top of one another to create a stack DOES NOT WORK IN THE SIDEBAR! It only works in the Notebook main window. PLEASE update the link above to include this info or add a feature request so you can do it from the sidebar.
  24. I'm looking at using Evernote for important business files, etc. If I decide to do this, I need to know that there is a backup happening somewhere in case something happens (such as a crash, Evernote disappears, you know, things you don't want to happen). Can anyone help me be reassured that I won't lose my files should the unexpected happen? thanks!