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  1. I have attached a file. I refer to the bar with all the font type, highlighting, text size etc Features I would think would be common sense to have in a note taking app, and which I feel I use as a student and so others would find useful include: The ability to highlight in more colours then just yellow?! Yes you can change text colour, but it depends on what you like - I prefer using different highlights, as I assume others would too Superscript/subscript - put this in there - its a farce trying to use the shortcut or finding it from right click menu! Link with dropbox! please, not everyone uses google drive can be put in submenu with google drive integration - see below Get rid or put in a submenu - replace with ones mentioned above Camera? google drive? Other then the above - I think its a fantastic note taking tool. I love the simplicity of it all. Just a few features needed to make it, in my view, the best. (and I have used OneNote before this so I can compare the two - it has a lot of features, but I felt for just note taking they were excessive...evernote has the right idea imo) :-)
  2. A wish list, I guess. I clip a lot of stories, articles, reviews – for research, or the basis for further work. This involves subsequent organization into overlapping and constantly developing areas of interest. I find myself wanting to be able to do two things: 1. Highlight and annotate text in notes. I know you can do this with pdfs, but I wish I could highlight text selections or add comments to things in notes – much in the way I might use a highlighter in a physical book or notebook, or scribble some comment in the margin. 2. Add the same new tag to multiple notes. My areas of interest overlap. I notice a connection between tag A and tag B. They're separate things, but there's an overarching relationship, so I want to add a tag C. Instead of opening all the notes with tag and tag B singly, and adding the new tag to each of them, I wish I could do this with a single action. Or two actions. Search for notes with tag A, add tag C to every note on the whole list of results. Same with tag B.
  3. Say I highlight text blue in multiple notes as a form of tagging text down in notes, does there exist a third-party tool that will let me see all the text from multiple notes (displaying like it's all in a new note) highlighted with that color?
  4. Alright...I'm about at my wits end with Evernote now. I don't see how I can keep my membership. I work for a company that doesn't allow installing Evernote, and work on multiple desktops. I use it regularly for my note-taking and I work on several machines (real and VDI in a single day). Evernote is perfect except for the fact that they don't allow highlighting in the classic web version (I won't touch the version because it's too different from the desktop, and I'm looking for simplicity and consistency across devices). That's Evernote in so many ways, So, what's up? Why isn't this implemented. I'm really going to have to discontinue use this year now that I'm relying on cross-platform and web access daily. It's just a real drag and seems so simple to fix. I've seen people asking for this for at least a couple years. Thanks!
  5. Highlighting Text in PDF

    When annotating a PDF that is embedded in a note, the highlight option only provides access to free-hand highlighting. This results in messy highlights and doesn't really fulfill the needs of the tool. Is there any way to simply highlight text that has been selected?
  6. A great app would be even greater if the text formatting functionality were significantly improved in iOS. My particular problem has to do with selecting text in web-clipped notes for highlighting, which is a key function when using evernote as a research tool. It's really awkward to select the text you want to highlight - you tap, you tap again, sometimes you get one popup function, sometimes another. After multiple taps you might be lucky to get the keyboard to come up. Then you have to spread the selection area to the specific amount of text you want to highlight - except that half the time the selection starts running wild up and down the page. ETc etc. A really good model for easy iOS formatting can be found in the Kindle books app. You just hold down your thumb on the first word you want to highlight for the function to initiate. Then drag your finger smoothly down the text, and let go. Voila - perfect highlighting every time!
  7. Hi, though I am very satisfied with the overall functionalities offered in the web clipper for desktop, I wish we could have a HIGHLIGHTING function, allowing us to just clip one sentence, a turn of phrase, a few words only, rather than having as only option to choose a portion of screen. Furthermore, the absence of a proper clipper both on iPhone and iPad renders your tool close to useless for me, and I have had to use Pocket instead that offers to tag, an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL tool, especially when you use Evernote as a blogging tool repository. Without the ability to keyword or "tag" text clipped, there isn't much point in clipping using your service when on an iPad or an iPhone. I hear many share that frustration. Isn't it time you implement this function in iOS?
  8. How do I stop some numbers from being underlined.
  9. After upgrading to latest version (5.6.1), I suddenly starting having an issue when I copy and paste within a note. About 1/2 the time when I copy a line of text from within a note, it highlights the sentence in yellow automatically so that when I paste it, the new sentence is also highlighted in yellow. I want to turn this off, but I cannot seem to do so. Any thoughts?
  10. Since I have updated my version of Evernote on Windows 7 to V highlighted text displays as highlighted but the highlight does not appear in print preview or in the printout of the note. I synced my notes and printed the same note from Evernote Version 5.5.2 (402634) on my MAC to the same printer and the highlights printed. They used to print from the Windows version too but not any more. I also believe that they did not print in the previous version of Evernote for Windows. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Has anyone discovered a work around for it. Has this been reported as an "official" problem to people who can do something about it? I'm afraid to update my MAC version now for fear that I will never be able to print highlighting on text ever again Bill
  11. Once saved, highlighting a web article from Evernote desktop apparently requires selecting the text then clicking the highlight button. Is there a keyboard shortcut or tool comparable to the web clipper text highlighter, which automatically highlights what's selected?
  12. I can't seem to find a way to highlight text on either my iPad or iPhone. The desktop version has a highlight tool in text formatting toolbar...am I missing something here or is this basic feature not included in the iOS versions? I'm not talking about PDFs either...plan ol' text imported into Evernote through Web Clipper or email.
  13. The new Mac Os X desktop Evernote app is great. Noted the addition of highlighting - but the tool does not stay "on"/clicked to facilitate additional highlighting like it does in Clearly. I noted this once I moved a note over using Clearly add-on to chrome, but it got filed to the wrong Notebook - when I went in to continue highlighting, I noted that the tool would not stay on. 2 feature requests if I may: 1) please make the highlight tool within the desktop client on Mac Os X stay clicked on 2) in clearly, allow filing directly to a notebook if possible. Thanks! Keep up the amazing work Evernote team!
  14. I selected some text and clicked on the "Highlighter Pen" button. The first couple of times I did this I didn't realise the highlighting had happened because the visual feedback was very subtle... The colour stayed almost the same until I deselected the text. It might be impossible to do this but is it possible to have a less subtle change in colour (or some better feedback) when you select text and then highlight it? (This is on a 2011 13" Macbook Pro running OSX 10.8.4 in case that makes a difference.)
  15. Hi! I'm new to the forum and new to using Evernote. Started converting today. I have a suggestion and apologize if it's been posted here before. I saw several posts where other users expressed desire to reorganize the lists of their notebooks, but I originally signed on here to say, I wish there was a way to reorganize your notes WITHIN the notebook itself rather than by Date Added, Date Updated, etc. Does anyone know of a work-around for this or could suggest another note-tagging app? Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote - I'm just a control freak. I'd also like to really throw a hand in the ring here about highlighting text in the notes themselves. I'd even pay for that!
  16. Back up all your notes

    Evernote team, First of all I want to say thank you for creating this great tool, which I use on a daily biases at work and at university. Great job !!! Is it somehow possible to download all my created notes (just like a backup on my computer). It would be comfortable to have the Notebooks as different folders that contain all the created notes e.g. in .doc files. This is a feature my friends and I appreciate very much. One more thing: It would be great to have some more options to highlight and color your notes. Cheers Chris
  17. OK. Three Issues I'm having, despite general love of EN. First: So I've got a notebook with maybe 20 notes in it. It's for a big trip with many legs, hotel stays, tickets, etc. Listing my notes by title, date, or alphabetically means the stuff gets out of order chronologically. i.e. the "Angola Flight info" note falls before the "Zanzibar flight info" notebook, when in fact Angola is the last part of the trip and Zanzibar the first. Being an org freak, I decided to number my notebooks chronologically. i.e. 1. Zanzibar flight 2. Zanzibar hotel 3. Dinner with friend downtown and so on... Simple, right? NO! Evernote only lists the numbers 1 - 9. When you type in "10" it reads it like it's reading the alphabet and sticks it after the number "1". Meaning to go past "9" you have to use a format such as 9a, 9b etc. Evernote chat support told me this is just how it is. Seriously!? Second: On the desktop app, you can bold, ital, underline, add links, etc: Why no highlighting? Esp when you can do it on the web site, like this? Third: Ditto word count or for that matter adding comments or viewing corrections. If Evernote added this stuff they could put MS Word out of biz. I'd literally use it for everything. Seems like an easy feature to add, given the other much greater and more high-caliber features, no?