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Found 51 results

  1. darvil

    Different Colors for Highlighter

    Please introduce different colors highlight! In previous versions of the software - before the highlight button was inserted - I was able to highlight in different colors by using Mac's text contextual menu. Now it's impossible... Please introduce this option, its helpfulness is crucial! Thanks, dario
  2. oshun55

    Highlight Text on Mac?

    I can no longer highlight text. There is no highlighter icon. I could have sworn the capability was there before, now I'm not so sure. I'm using a Mac Workbook Pro, OS High Sierra, 10.13.4 . with Chrome browser (latest update). Free version of Evernote.
  3. I use Evernote for some fairly extensive research, and some more robust tools for managing this would be appreciated. In particular, quote management tools. Features that I would like to see include: Highlight colours. "Quote blocks" (I currently use code blocks for big quotes but they are a bit fiddly). Tagged highlights (e.g. a tag for the author or subject of the quote). Quote compiling: a dynamic list of all highlights, with the ability to sort by tag. I currently use an app called PDFExpert for highlighting PDFs, due to it having multiple highlight colours and a dynamic list of highlights/notes (though you cannot tag quotes).
  4. Pull highlighted sentences out from a long note. Gather the highlights in a separate view. List the highlights one-by-one in bullet points perhaps. I wonder if this is handy for anybody.
  5. petri71

    Highlight Search results

    When I make a search on android phone, the results are highlighted in the notes, but when i search on my mac, there is no highlight... is this on purpose or did I miss smth ?
  6. acrutchfield

    Highlighted text summary

    It would be very useful if we could generate a summary of the highlighted text within a note. My view is it could be appended to the beginning or the end of the note. Please implement this or some other method of summarizing the text we highlight. It's useful for getting a quick overview of the key points from within your note.
  7. improve the annotate pdf text highlight features so the highlight snaps to text, in the same way chrome web clipper alread annotates text. currently annotate pdf highlight text is freehand and highlights look ugly. see attached for two examples - the neat snap to text style highlight from webclipper, and the more ugly freehand version from annotate pdf
  8. multi colour highlighting options needed for android and windows app
  9. Hi, It would be very helpful if you would allow the user to highlight text within a note and then be able to export a list of those text highlights to a text file. Think of someone who is reading a textbook and highlighting text with a highlighter, but instead of all the highlights being trapped inside the book forever, the user could export the highlighted text into a clean list of notes. At the very least, a user would be able to collect their exported text files on a given topic and copy and paste them together into a word processing document or into a new Evernote note. Bonus if Evernote had a feature to select multiple note snippets from a list of notes that contain highlights and then Evernote merges just the highlights from each note into a new Evernote note. Sure, currently you can have lots of notes in Evernote and even though you can highlight text in each note, the highlights are still trapped inside all those notes. This means if you have 50 notes with highlights you would have to open each one at a time and copy and paste each line (or block of lines) of text into a word processing document or a new note. That is extremely time consuming and tedious... and that might just be for ONE topic you have notes on. Now imagine that you have thousands of notes across various topics with highlights and you can see how that becomes an outrageous task. Even for a user who currently doesn't have any notes with highlights, why not make it easier for them to pull together their highlights before they build up a big backlog of notes with highlights. I currently have no need for your Plus or Premium upgrade, but if Exporting Highlights was in one of those plans, then I would upgrade without hesitation.
  10. Hello fellow note takers, I could need some input on my note taking strategy. This is what I usually do: See/read something Copy the link and make it the "headline" of a section in a note about a topic – if really important add printed PDF or web clipping Copy important parts of the note as plain text into the note Add my own comments or additional information about THAT section (note: not the whole article, but maybe a paragraph, sentence or particular information) Split with <hr> if closely related The result might look something like this: The thing is: On the one side I don't want notes that look like a flick carpet of fonts and colors* – on the other hand I'd like to be better able to discern between my own notes and the excerpt from the source. What I'm missing would be something like an indented quote formatting. * also this often wouldn't help but look especially strange, if the source is set in Arial/sans-serif, maybe with a different line height etc. This would make the note even more unreadable for my eyes. Currently I use italics. Because it is the fastest way via *Command + I*, for a while I used a mono space font for the source, but this takes quite long (and I always forgot which font I used). Writing directly in the clipping isn't an option for me either 1) because it feels to messy for me (and my experience with the web clipper in general is often horrifying) and more importantly 2) because I really just want the most important highlights of the source in my main note to be able to skim it quickly. Does someone have an idea how I could enhance my strategy here? Is there a, for example, a way to add own formats via hotkeys? I would appreciate any ideas!
  11. yeah_ryt

    Highlight the parts Of Note

    Hi, I want to highlight multiple parts of a note, just like the one provided in the highlighter of web clipper. Selecting the text and the clicking on highlight is not effective. I use my evernote to study and Notes have a lot of study material. Highlighting would make revisions quicker. Any other way I can do this?
  12. KEWL145@hotmail.com

    Link Highlight Function ???

    Hi, How do i turn off that annoying feature that has shown up in my Evernote, whenever my mouse cursor sits above a link. It is by far the most annoying thing since the invention of the paperclip in Microsoft word. Is there a way to turn this thing off? If not, there needs to be a setting IMMEDIATELY added. Thanks
  13. I like te feature to highlight a sentence in a note. It would be very usefull if it would be possible to see all highlighted sentences from different notes in to one note as an overview. This would be escpecially usefull for students.
  14. Your screenshot editor in Evernote Chrome Extension is best around. Yet it has one pretty obvious graphical imperfection - the Highlighter tool is flawed. Your highlight tool makes the text less visible - somewhat foggy. The classical highlighter tool (such as in Acrobat Reader) doesn't just overlay the color over text - it overlays the color in a "multiply" or "darken" mode, so that the text remains black or becomes even bolder.
  15. Robin Willis

    No highlighter?

    Is it me or is it Evernote? There is no way that I can find to highlight text? No I don't want to change the color of the text I want to highlight it. Even the text editor that this forum uses has a highlighter. Please say it's just me.
  16. Does anyone know how to highlight an area of text using Evernote on the web? A control -shift -h command brings up history rather than highlight.
  17. Hello, I think that it would be useful that when you want to use the highlihter you push the button and the cursor key makes that function until you push again. For example in the web clipper you can highlight text by simply selecting what you want. But in Evernote Windows, first you have to select the text and then push the highlighter, time after time, or text after text. When your are reading a text is more useful the way of clipper. You just read and highlight what you want. Hola, creo que sería muy útil que para usar el resaltador activaras el botón de resaltar e hiciera esa función hasta que lo desactivaras. Por ejemplo, en el web clipper resaltas el texto al ir seleccionando lo que quieres. Pero en Evernote windows primero tienes que seleccionar el texto y luego pulsar el resaltador, vez tras vez, selección tras selección. Cuando estás leyendo un texto guardad es más útil la forma en que funciona en clipper. Simplemente lees y resaltas lo que quieres.
  18. Olá, uso bastante a função highlight do evernote para marcar partes importantes das minhas notas, mas só há a opção de cor amarela. Sei que é possível ter mais opções para fazer anotações em PDF, mas queria poder destacar partes do próprio texto que escrevo na nota em várias cores (amarelo, verde, laranja etc...). Já escrevi para o suporte e parece que quanto mais pessoas pedirem isso, logo essa opção estará disponível! Quem aqui gostaria de poder fazer marcações em notas com outras cores além do amarelo?
  19. Villar.Anna

    Print highlighted text

    Hi, I am writing some notes to do a demo of one of my company´s products. I have highlighted some text, to help me to follow the script. When I tried to print the note, the text was not highlighted. At the end, I had to transfer the context into Word and print from there (I tried printing from the Web App, no luck). I believe this feature was available in the past, and I certainly want this to be in any future release of the product. Thanks! Ana
  20. Hi I am new to Evernote! I just uploaded >10 pages of images of a report and I am trying to do a text search. However it pulls back the note where I saved all the images (using the IOS app) on my Windows desktop but it does not highlight the specific. As you can imagine it is still quite painful trying to then look for it on the images. My friend stated it highlights/circles it for him on the images where Evernote finds that specific texts. It does not come back with no search found or anything it just does not highlight it. I am an Evernote Free user but trying to make it user friendly for me before I commit £££. Many thanks PD
  21. harrykalaskid

    MAC highlight copy issue

    I am a pretty experienced user. In the most recent version on my Mac, highlighted text in Evernote doesnt show up as highlighted when i cut and paste into outlook, word, etc ... in other words, the formatting is lost in the transaction. i have seen a problem going the other way as well, where formatting from Mac Outlook is lost when dropped into an Evernote file. Thoughts?
  22. I've seen this mentioned in other threads. Highlighting needs to add color without lightening black text, like a real highlighter. In Photoshop, this would be achieved with "multiply" rather than "normal." To me, this is a simple fix (a mathematical change) and would truly enhance the appearance of highlighting. Do us a solid and bring up the highlight quality, won't you!
  23. Hi, This message is composed by two topics about Evernote Web Clipper: the first is a suggestion and the other is a problem (bug). The suggestion: It would be good to have at least two colors avaiable for highlighting information into Web Clipper (and into Evernote as well), to be possible to differentiate important topics by their highlight color. This is specially important for reading (and clipping) blog content. The bug: I always highlight texts and clip them through Web Clipper; and I've noticed a very annoying bug. Very frequently, when I finish reading and highlighting a text and save it, when I look at the note inside Evernote, the text is not fully highlighted as I previously did (it "stops recording" my highlights at some random point). This is a incredible annoying bug, specially in long texts, when I lose a big chunk of highlighted information, and have to dedicate a lot of time to highlight it again. Please, fix this bug as soon as possible. I love Evernote, it is very important to my workflow: and I want to keep loving it. Thanks.
  24. Hello! Unlike previous versions of Evernote, Notebooks do not remain highlighted after clicking to select. Looking to the top of the Notes pane is the new way to determine which Notebook is currently displayed. The Windows version of Evernote ( maintains the highlight on a Notebook name when in List View. Is there a reason the Notebooks in the Mac version do not remain highlighted? Or am I missing something (a preference to return the old behaviour, etc)? I'm using: - Evernote for Mac (Mac App Store edition 5.0.5) - View menu, Notes, List View Many thanks! peter
  25. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere: I can't find exactly what I am after. I am a relatively new Premium user. I deal with large PDFs of typed words - hundreds of pages at a time. I need to highlight and bookmark the relevant parts. At the moment I scan, OCR, then highlight and bookmark in Preview. Is there any way to simplify this in EN? I can put the document into EN, but I can't have the highlighter lock to lines of text: it's like a big wobbly pen rather than the tidy highlighting of lines or paragraphs I get in Preview. I can open the document in Preview (EN gives me the option) but (as I have seen elsewhere) the OCR is left behind. It looks as though, with 'Include Annotation Summary' checked I have all I need save for the tidy highlighter - any clues please? Thanks.