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Found 144 results

  1. Help! I love using Evernote but I can no longer type properly on it! So ever since an update a few months ago, I don't recall exactly when, whenever I type in Evernote android, it's been crazy glitchy. I can type smoothly on every single app on my phone except Evernote so I'm pretty sure Evernote's the issue here. Examples of glitches are: - typing "i" gets deleted after hitting spacebar - backspace on a word adds letters to the word? they --> backspace one letter and the word becomes --> theythe - deleting an empty line before a paragraph deletes the first word of that paragraph - cursor jumps around like when I try to move it - cursor also jumps to a different spot in the middle of typing (I didn't touch anything weird, like it'll jump up way to the top so no way could I have scrolled all the way up in the middle of typing) I can't remember all of them right now but typing is randomly slow as well. Also, my phone has lots of memory because I clean it up at least once a week, deleting cache and other files etc Does anyone else have these problems? Are they fixable?
  2. Hey all, Since apparently a bug in the software isn't worthy of supports time because I don't pay, I have to come here. (lazy, tbh. Bugs should be supported at all times.) I have a few different template notes I've been using for emails for the last few months. It makes it easier to work outside of Gmail, and then copy in. However, over the last few weeks I've noticed issues cropping up, and they come back without warning, even after I've tried to remove them. Here are my issues. When pressing enter to create a new bullet, sometimes my 12pt Verdana (any font really) becomes a 14pt font that is purely labeled as 'Font' when you look at the description ribbon. To change this font, I cannot select the whole document and format. I have to select ONLY the offending lines and change each line manually. This issue will sometimes recreate itself. When I enter a new bullet off a main bullet, it sometimes injects '4' spaces after the start of the bullet, requiring me to hit backspace 4 times. These issues are ludicrous for a text editor, and if I try to create new notes, and copy over, it brings over the broken portion of my note, and the fun just starts again. Any ideas of what's happening here, so that I might be able to not ask other people "Do you use a note program that doesn't break like Evernote does?" I literally just need a text editor that has cloud saves. It can be any editor, I just kept using Evernote after I received my original account via a physical notebooklet I was given. Thanks again!
  3. I used some command once I think that closed my sidebar. I reopened it, but now every time I bring up evernote the sidebar is closed by default. Anyone know how to fix this? Edit: It's a mac
  4. So I'm a songwriter and I use Evernote to write. I have a bunch of sections of notes to stay organized, and I just lost a VERY large amount of lyrics I've written. Basically picture I have Note 1 Title with Note 1 Contents and Note 2 Title with Note 2 Contents. Literally out of nowhere, AS I WAS WRITING, I switched to Google Chrome and when I went back to Evernote I had Note 1 Title with Note 1 Contents and Note 2 Title with Note 1 Contents. Basically it replaced Note 2's contents with Note 1's, so now I have two note sections with the same exact notes but the original titles, as if I deleted then copy+pasted. Anyone have this problem? I want to revert back to before it made this change but I feel like I need Evernote Premium to do that and I don't have it. Is there a way the devs could go into their server and revert my notes back?
  5. See how the text on the right corresponds to the keywords on the right, and the text won't overflow past the next keyword? It's a beautiful format and I wish I could use it
  6. I'm using the latest version of Evernote for Windows ( (301769) Public. When I press the Sync button then the stacks of notebook which I have expanded/opened in the shortcuts menu close. Does anyone know why this happens or how I can stop this? Is it a bug? I've been using evernote for several years and never encountered this problem until the latest update. Thanks
  7. Darmaji Gunawan

    [ ask ] need help

    Hello, i need help. for some reason my notes on evernote website didn't show up. but if i access it from my phone. my notes still there and i can see the content. can someone help me up ?
  8. I made an audio recording in Evernote on my iPad, and when I stopped the recording, the file vanished. It's not in the trash, or in the note. Is there a temporary file folder, or any way to recover the recording?
  9. So, I'm trying to figure out how to create a local notebook and there seems to be very little information about it except how to create one. Which doesn't work in my case. Edit: I'm speaking of the EN on OS X El Capitan 10.11.1, latest version. Incase you didn't recognise from the screenshot.. Here's a screenshot of when I try to create a new local notebook trough the menu -> file -> new notebook -> : http://imgur.com/N1FS53n So, is this normal, a bug, or because of I am on basic evernote and I need to pay to unlock a local notebook feature?
  10. Hi guys, I bought Evernote today and I'm in the process of transitioning from OneNote. I've overcome my initial disbelief that there is no functionality in Evernote to import my old notebooks and am now hard at work manually moving things. I hit another roadblock however. When i copy my OneNote pages and paste them into Evernote It will work just once. The second OneNote page I attempt to copy and paste will not register in Evernote. The windows clipboard will register that there is new data in the clipboard, but when attempting to paste this data into Evernote, It will simply paste the first OneNote page I copied and not the second(newest) page. There seems to be a disconnect between Evernote and the Windows clipboard. My work-around is to exit Evernote completely. This will buy me 1 copy&paste before I need to restart Evernote again, and so it goes... Workflow: 1. Select OneNote page. Right click -> Copy 2. Create new note in EN. Paste into EN. Everything works as it should. 3. Select next OneNote page. Right click -> Copy 4. Create new note in EN. Paste into EN. Old data from step 1 gets copied into the new note. 5. Restart EN. 6. Start at step 1 again. I should mention that my OneNote pages are composed of different cropped print screen images using "Lightshot". One note can consist of 5-20 images. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hey guys ! So, I wanted to know : how can I make most efficient use of my 60 mb upload limit when using web and pc client ? Is there any point in using web client if I have the pc one ? What sync settings would be the most optimal to reduce my upload limit ? Maybe some general tips on how to avoid exceeding upload limit ?
  12. Hi, I am new to evernote. I have several notes that say "untitled" in their pop-out window, even though the subject line above the regular text has a title. What is going on?? How do you "title" a note? It looks like to title a note you just type it into that subject line above the body of the note. But all these pop-out windows of notes say "untitled" even though that subject line is filled in with a title. The very top line of the pop-out window still says "untitled." Help! I attach a screen shot for reference. Thanks for help.
  13. I started using evernote and want to ask here before I dump this app. I wrote a note with like 10 lines of text. For some reason its only showing the first two lines of my note and the only way I can see the rest is if I use arrow keys and move down the text. But even then it still only shows 2 lines...How can I fix this?
  14. Hi there really hoping someone can help me out with this.. I've recently returned to using Evernote after many months and am unable to login to web or phone version because 2 step verification is set up to a phone number I no longer use.. I can't locate any backup codes but I can get into the desktop app on my macbook.. Please help! how can I get around this? I've got some important work to do!
  15. 우선 간략하게 상황을 밝히자면.. 취미 반 직업 반으로 소설을 쓰는 사용자입니다. 지금 프리미엄 유저고요. 노트북(에너보트)을 나눠서 쓰는 데, 한 노트북에 대략 85만자 정도의 텍스트가 있는데요.. 글을 쓰면서 느끼는 건데. 정말 언제든지 저장된다는 건 좋지만.. 문제 1. 글자수가 많아서 그런지 몰라도 소설을 이어 쓰다가 보면 높은 빈도로 렉이 걸려서 텍스트가 늦게 쳐지거나 (반응이 느려집니다.) 문제 2. 사용자 인터페이스가 뜨는 속도가 뭔가 느려진 것 같습니다만.. 어떻게 해결 해야 할까요??
  16. danielbuffoni

    I lost my notes !!

    Hi there, I've a problem, some days ago I lost some of my notes ! These notes are very important for me, so if someone could help me i'd be very happy. I used "evernote touch" on my Windows PC to take these notes and I always press "save" at the end. Now I can't see these notes in "evernote touch" and in the web version of evernote. I'd know if there is a place in my pc where i can find the notes saved Thank you
  17. Hey guys! I was using evernote the other day on my tablet and was using an input method in which the base of the screen was a white space that i could write on with my stylus and that converted the written words into proper text and punctuation up top on the page. I went back to do so again today and just can't figure out how it is i got to that particular tool. Every other method i come across is strictly the handwritten way that doesn't convert to text. Please help!
  18. After using the keyboard shortcut <ALT + SHIFT + B> to change a note's notebook, the program's focus disappears and I can no longer use the keyboard to navigate until I click somewhere with the mouse. Is there a why to restore the program's focus without using the mouse?
  19. We use Evernote in our office for notes and to keep our to-do lists and our lead agent has lost his. I have tried everything listed on the support page, forums and the like but nothing has worked. If someone from Evernote or another user who has lost notes please help. Without these notes our lead agent cannot do all of his work. I have looked in the trash, for "comparable documents", "Recovered" documents but we still can't find the note. Please advise.
  20. I just started using Chrome again on one laptop after Firefox was using far too much memory and CPU time for comfort, and noticed that the usability of the help and learning pages is vastly different if you use Chrome. This is my Firefox view on this laptop - notice the search bar? That's pretty important for looking up stuff, right? OK - now check out what I see in Chrome. No header, and no search; which means if the topic isn't on the front page, I have no way to find it. (Well OK, there's Google, but hey..) I also wonder whether this difference has anything to do with some folks' apparent inability to find the Support link, even though they're paying customers... If this is a settings issue I apologise - but meantime Chrome users - you're (maybe) missing out!
  21. The current (Mac) Evernote Help-menu options are limited. There should be at least <some> forum link(s) added to this list versus having to google it via web.
  22. Hi everyone, Every time I try to open evernote, it says there is an internal server error- can anyone help as to how I can fix it please? I have reinstalled/restarted/logged out etc and nothing. It just keeps crashing. I am using premium - Any help appreciated, Thanks in advance!
  23. I'm having an issue with using the Evernote app on my iPad Mini. When typing towards the bottom of a note, the text lines that I am trying to type on become hidden by the keyboard. I try to scroll the note up, but once I get so far down in a note there is nothing I can do to be able to see the last line of text being typed while typing. I have to hide the keyboard, look at where my text is being typed, bring my keyboard back up, and hope that as I am typing I am making no errors since the keyboard overlaps my text. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed, or is it something I am doing? Thanks!
  24. Hi Since upgrading to Evernote I can't view photos on the iPhone that I have saved within notes. They are still available to view in my evernote account when viewed on a computer. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Nick
  25. It is not possible to log in to help.evernote.com to submit a support ticket. I am logged into www.evernote.com, but help.evernote.com shows "Sign In" ... clicking this takes me back to www.evernote.com, where I am already logged in. Clicking on Account -> Help & Learning leads me back to help.evernote.com, where I am not signed in (still shows "Sign In" in the corner), and can therefore not submit a support ticket. By the way, I have Evernote Plus, so I should be allowed to receive email support, but there is no indication how else to do this. Please assist.