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Found 12 results

  1. I currently have a simple embedded AppleScript in Hazel to move a select PDF file to a new Evernote note (below). How would I go about adding the file to a specific notebook? Currently the new note is sent my default folder "@Inbox". tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile end tell Thanks in advance
  2. Reiner Knudsen

    Hazel: Add PDF to existing note

    Hi, I'm a bit lost. I know I read a solution somewhere but I can't find it anymore I find lots of solutions that tell me how to write scripts that create a new note in Evernote. But what do I have to do when I just want to attach a new PDF to an existing note via Hazel? The note's name could be "mynote" in notebook "mynotebook". Can someone paste me a bit of code that will help me doing this? Thanks! Reiner
  3. I have to import several images to an Evernote notebook but I need to have each note creation date changed to the image creation date. I'm trying to do it using Hazel and AppleScript but had no success changing the note creation date. I set Hazel to monitor a folder on my Mac looking for new images and I have the following script sending them to Evernote: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile notebook {"Test"} end tell I'm not a developer and have little experience with AppleScript. That said I have already tried my best using, for example, "creationDate" to completing the script and could never get it to change the creation date. All I got so far was a loop importing the same file over and over again or an error from Hazel. Would appreciate some help from you guys. Thank you!
  4. I am trying to create a Hazel script that takes a date from the file Hazel is making an Evernote note from and uses that as the creation date of the note. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I've got a script that can do this after the fact, but I can't seem to get it to work within Hazel. Thanks in advance! Jamie
  5. Hi all, I'm using Hazel to move files from my Mac's hard drive into Evernote, using an Applescript to retain Notebook names. Is it possible to retain the tags as well? Here is the applescript I am using thus far: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile notebook {"! Inbox"} tags {".education"} end tell However, what I would really like to do is have the tags that are currently attached to my files be transferred into Evernote automatically. Is this possible?' Thanks so much!
  6. It is not often that I envy Windows users but one of the few things that I covet is the auto-import feature of Evernote. Ideally I would like is a folder which Evernote monitors, then creates notes using the OS X tags as Evernote tags. I can do most of that with Hazel with an embedded script and a pre-defined set of tags; but it is complex, error prone and will fail if there are new tags created. Unless of course someone has a simpler way of doing it?
  7. Hi Everyone, I've created a new (bash) script to automate the filing of documents to Evernote in the background with support for Mac OS X tags – I'm calling it Everfiler. The benefits of this script over other solutions I've found is two fold: I can deal with a file once (not once in Finder, once in EN) as I add tags when saving the file in Finder The file upload to EN happens in the background (via email) and doesn't take over my computer It is designed to be used with Hazel (http://www.noodlesoft.com/hazel.php) and/or Apple's Automator but I'm sure someone could adapt it to work with other apps. Download I'm releasing it into the wild so others can benefit from it and even improve on it. You can download the script at: https://github.com/ryanaspire/everfiler Disclaimer I'm a scripting novice. This is the result of days of googling + trial and error so I can't guarantee it won't nuke your machine. Help Wanted For someone who knows what they are doing, I see some areas where it could be improved: I'm having trouble running this as a Shell script from Hazel. When I run it as an Automator script via Hazel, it works but this is clunky and the execution is slower. My home ISP blocks port 25 so [mail] doesn't work. Setting up Mutt is a pain. Would love to find a simpler solution Currently the Pushover notification fires a success notification unconditionally. Would be great to have a success/error notification. Other Push Notification options could also be added.
  8. Hi Everyone - so, I'm looking archive all of my old posts on my site into my Evernote notebook. The purpose obviously is to have an archive I can readily search. I read through the posts in the Forum and came across SiteSucker.com. It's a useful app in that I now have an HTML version of ever post since 2009. The challenge now is how do I replicate this but only send the text and not the HTML file as an attachment? I appreciate the tips, suggestions, etc. Thanks!
  9. I have a Scansnap Manager and some Hazel rules. Everything I scan goes to a specific notebook in Evernote after a Hazel rule, but another copy always stays in my Evernote Inbox. Is there a way or a rule to trash this Inbox copy and let me stay only with the one in the notebook? Thanks
  10. wlmorin

    mac AppleScript Gone Bad

    I'v been using a simple AppleScript that I use with Hazel for awhile now and just recently started getting an error. The script I use is: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile end tell When I go to compile it, the word "note" is highlighted and I get the error message below: The error message that I'm receiving is: "Expected end of line, etc. but found application constant or consideration" Any assistance will be appreciated
  11. I have set up a Hazel rule on my MacBook to send any PDFs that I download to my Downloads folder to my Evernote Intray. This is working really well, but with one minor problem. Each time that a PDF arrives in the Evernote Intray, my MacBook switches to the Evernote fullscreen workspace. This a real pain as if I'm downloading multiple files from a website, I have to keep switching back to the Safari workspace. Can anyone tell me how to prevent this problem?
  12. So I'm a songwriter but not much of a code-writer. I want to be able to find and archive song ideas that I've collected on my iPhone or laptop and organise them a bit for Evernote. I want an applescript to tell Hazel to add voice memos to an existing Evernote note. These are the steps I'm wanting to accomplish: Watch the folder for an audio file (created on my phone in voice memos, etc) When it appears, add it to an existing Evernote note In the example below, it should find the notebook "Audio Ideas" and the note "2013 Song Ideas" and append "theFile" already selected by Hazel. I can sort out details on getting songs from 2011 into the 2011 note, etc, but I don't know the basic syntax for appending an audio file to an Evernote Note. Here's what I have but it's not working and I haven't had luck finding instructions anywhere online for this basic action. tell application "Evernote" activate append note from file theFile notebook {"Audio Notes"} where its title contains "2013 Song Ideas" append html "<strong>bar</strong>" end tell Thanks in advance.