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Found 87 results

  1. I use galaxy note 5. The current handwriting feature is terrible and I have to use another app for memo. The good example is Squid app. - Please improve the delay when I write memo. - Please add eraser mode with one hand. - Please add an option of adjusting paper size. - Please allow multiple page notes.
  2. On my new Note 8, when I select handwriting, the S Pen responds slowly while writing. If I write on S Note, or Sketches, or Google Keep, the ink responds as expected. However, on Evernote, the ink is waaaaay behind the pen stroke. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I'm a researcher and I spend a lot of time reading and annotating papers with my thoughts and comments. I'm trying to use evernote to save on printing them out and also to keep them all together. When I use upad or penultimate with my stylus, I can free handwrite on the pdf. However, when I annotate a pdf in evernote with a stylus, the programme "smooths" the line I draw making it difficult to handwrite. Further, if I handwrite I often will double tap the screen in the process of writing a word, meaning that the previous stroke of the pen is selected for deletion (try handwriting t, or h, in annotation mode). In order to continue writing I have to tap somewhere else on the screen mid word or letter and then go back to it, which slows me down and makes annotation unusuable. Can evernote fix this by having a handwrite annotation option on pdf annotation? This is vital if I'm going to write comments on a pdf, I don't want to type as I find doing so on an ipad slow and unweildy. Further small point - when I open a pdf to annotate, the "arrow" is the default annotation tool, to save time, it would be better if evernote remembered the last tool you were using and opened with this onel. I note this has been an ongoing problem since 2014 for researchers trying to use evernote, and will push people onto other platforms:
  4. Hi We need a full integration of EVERNOTE with Bluetooth Stylus: Bamboo fineline & others in order to have a good handwriting experience PLEASE !! // the handwriting experience in EVERNOTE Android is excellent in SAMSUNG tablets with S-pen , We need this in iOS
  5. Graph Paper look

    Is there a way to set up a note so it has a graph or grid background? I sometimes use my tablet hand draw floor plans or keep handwritten notes. A graph paper look would be great... if I could find it!
  6. more handwriting colors

    i love this app and the features but i think it would be awesome to add an array of colors for pen & highlight for the handwriting feature on android
  7. I would love to use Apple Pencil better...like in OneNote. So, just write anywhere, mark anywhere, highlight anywhere. I copy/paste a lot of stuff from the web or other sources, and would like to annotate them, also pictures/graphics. Like drawing an arrow from outside the graphic into it - to show a specific topic/point and making an annotation handwritten. That would be a great support for learning/presenting.
  8. I would be great if Evernote had a feature to convert parts of handwritten notes to text, similar to Microsoft's OneNote or Samsung's S-Note. Since the OCR search for handwritten text already works extremely well I feel like this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  9. EN does a really good job of recognizing handwriting in a jpeg file, but doesn't apply it to pdf's. I use a sheet fed scanner to scan in multiple pages of handwritten notes. I can scan them as pdf's and send them directly to EN, which is easy, but with no recognition. If I scan them as jpegs, EN treats each page as a separate note. It's a major hassle trying to merge them into one note. First, notes are always merged with the most recent on top, so you need to scan them in reverse order. Second, there are large and unnecessary headers and titles for each page, that need to be removed manually. I have made it work, but it adds a HUGE amount of time to an otherwise simple workflow. It would be SO MUCH EASIER if you would simply apply the handwriting recognition to pdf's.. Thanks for considering
  10. Hey guys! I was using evernote the other day on my tablet and was using an input method in which the base of the screen was a white space that i could write on with my stylus and that converted the written words into proper text and punctuation up top on the page. I went back to do so again today and just can't figure out how it is i got to that particular tool. Every other method i come across is strictly the handwritten way that doesn't convert to text. Please help!
  11. The handwriting tool is OK, but the pen is too thick, even on smallest setting. Needs a range of smaller thiner sizes.
  12. A new suggestion in relation to using a PEN and HANDWRITING on WINDOWS 10 devices: I use a Samsung Galaxy SPro with Windows 10 device (similar to MS Surface). This device comes with a pen, however, I can't use the pen in the Windows 10 app or on the web version for Evernote. Could we please have the option of clicking on a 'pen' icon for handwriting in Evernote Desktop and Evernote Web? Similar to the Android App, whereby we can use a pen to handwrite in Evernote, merely by clicking on the pen button. I'd love this as a standard option in Desktop and Web versions, seeing most people are moving towards mobile and touch screen devices with Windows 10 and a pen. Many thanks for considering this. Kind regards Bianca
  13. With the recent feature of canvas & handwriting, I love ever note more than before. Its pretty good on my iPad Pro. But I do feel the canvas size is small. Its enough to make quick notes or draw a small sketch. But there are at times when I wanted to take handwriting notes for the entire seminar, but small canvas size is limiting what I wanted to do. I use one note on these occasions. Solution: Option to increase the size of the canvas or complete handwriting supported notes
  14. So I am rushing around making notes toself....open my tablet and Evernote pops up with Quick Note....it wants me to type..boo hoo...wanna handwrite!!!! Please Please Please give us a choice or something! THanks!
  15. Search within written notes

    Hello How can I search *within* handwritten notes? I've been using EN for about a year, mostly to take handwritten notes at work during the day, and for course work in the evenings. My notes are written with a stylus on my Samsung 12.2 Pro directly into EN. Does EN have a feature by which I can search within the notes? Practically, I don't think I'd make the time to regularly export notes to another format like pdf or jpg, to have the search function - I'm asking if this feature exists within the handwriting format. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for your consideration and help.
  16. Hi, im using Evernote with Apple Pencil (handwriting) but i dont know how to add a new sheet when there is no more space in the first one. Thanks a lot JC
  17. I have a surface 3 and would like to use Evernote instead of Onenote to take handwritten notes with my pen. Can this be done? Can only see the option in Evernote for Android and that's stange. Am I missing something?
  18. It seems like something evernote has the technology to do, since i can search within a document, but how do i just take a picture of my page of handwriting and convert it to a note? And if Evernote doesn't do this, does anyone know of an app that does?
  19. Hi, I recently started to use Evernote and really enjoy using it! I am think to upgrade to the premium package but before I do I would like to know the following: Is it possible to convert documents or presentations to PDF? and then annotate them with handwriting? The current annotation allows me to put in text blocks, arrows etc etc but when I just try to write some small notes it does not work as it tries to make line's circles etc of it. When I add a note I can use my pencil and write, make drawings etc etc and keep those but I can not do this on any document/pdf what I save in my notebooks. I use iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Thanks
  20. So guys, need your help, im going to college again(nutrition) and i want to be more paperless and efficient, beside that i like studying different kind of subjects, but unfortunately i have to keep printing pdfs for annotation and things like that, i also have a notebook with me for frequent annotations on things i find interesting, or read, saw somewhere. My main question is, which could be the right device for that use, handwriting notes, annotate on pdfs, draw, read ebook and make annotations there(points, arrows, handwritten notes, post its), save web articles for studying, ill use the evernote to keep all of them in the same place, but i need the manual thing on a portable device or ill start to get way too much mechanic and not creative, i like mind maping, drawing, highlighting, colors, for my learning. From what i saw, the ipad pro together with the notability app or the good notes 4 would be a good call(i heard those are good together with the evernote), but im new in this world and i want some suggestions, thats it, i currently have a lg g4, and this would be my first apple device maybe, need help. Edit: I already have a dell notebook for when i need a true desktop.
  21. I usually avoid using the handwriting feature in EN on my tablet for the simple reason that the minimum pen thickness is too large for use on a tablet - I guess it was designed for phones. Since with a dedicated stylus you can get much more precision, it would be nice if you could take advantage of it in evernote. At the moment, I make notes in Squid, and then import them as PDFs, but this is kind of a hassle, especially if you want to go back and make some changes. I'm not asking for the full set of features that are available in dedicated handwriting tools - simply being able to fit a bit more on the page with thinner lines would go a long way.
  22. Something seems to have changed in the last week or so with Evernote on the iPad Pro. I make notes and draw sketches using the Apple Pencil. The app is now attempting to auto-correct every hand-written mark I make, and this is very much undesirable and a productivity killer. After drawing a line, Evernote automatically straightens it, or turns my "o" into zeroes, and any number of other similar corrections. If I click the Undo button, Evernote reverts the auto-correction to my initial sketch, which was my intent anyway. The app was not doing this earlier this week. What has happened? How do I disable this "feature"? Did I inadvertently change a setting? I have looked through the settings menu but do not see anything that seems relevant. Help. Please.
  23. Penultimate 6.2 Released

    Hi all, We released Penultimate 6.2 to the App Store earlier today. This version adds multitasking, iPad Pro & Apple Pencil support, and free paper for everyone! What's new in 6.2: All papers are now free!Now supports iOS MultitaskingApple Pencil pressure sensitivity support (iPad Pro only)More intuitive pen, highlighter, and color selectorsNew full-screen paper selector when creating a note or switching paper types within a noteAdded a grid view to the pages tray so you can see more of the pages within your note and quickly navigate to the page you want to editNotebooks look like notebooks instead of circles, and it's easier to identify business and shared notebooksAdded a page count to the cover of each note in a note listUpdated Penultimate Help screen (accessed from the writing screen)UI improvements throughout the appUpdated Adonit SDKPlease let us know what you think. You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store. You can order the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market. Cheers!
  24. I've done some searching in the forums but haven't found a thread that answers this question. I'm considering the purchase of an Android tablet with dedicated stylus - probably the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen so that I can capture notes by writing rather than typing on my tablet. What's not clear to me is how this would work with Evernote, I know that Samsung has its own note taking app but what I'd like to do is to be able to write directly into an Evernote note, is this possible? If not, what are my options here? Help greatly appreciated!
  25. I recently got a Surface Pro 3 and have been looking forward to using it with Evernote. The biggest barrier to that right now is the annotations editor is doing something awful to my handwriting, to the point where it's unrecognizable. If you've ever used an art program with a smooth-stroke option that's exactly what it looks like: pen strokes with the smooth setting on max. I'm used to using Evernote with my Wacom Intuos attached to my desktop. That doesn't have any issues with the editor. I've attached two handwriting samples to show you what I mean (I'm sorry they're not inline images, but for some reason they're gigantic.) Handwriting with Surface pen. Handwriting with Intuos pen. Does anyone know what's going on here?