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Found 70 results

  1. Advait C

    Web Clipper 'Undefined' error

    Chrome browser. See attached image. How do I fix this? When I click to unselect the "Select All Message" box nothing happens. Can this be fixed? How? I want to clip some of my gmails to evernote. Thanks,
  2. Recently Google provided an update to their Gmail client. Update breaks the Web Clipper. Thanks for a fixed ASAP.
  3. there are two ways to log into Evernote: the regular login way google login when i send a message to my Evernote account, i can't find it unless i log in with Google. the thing is, Google's notebooks, notes, etc, are all emails, not my notes. please, someone, help me.
  4. bobzani


    Since Google started the new Gmail, I can't clip emails. I have to revert back to the old Gmail to do it. Will this be corrected?
  5. egsnyder@gmail.com

    Integration with the NEW Gmail

    The integration of Evernote and Gmail seems to have been lost with the new Gmail introduced in the past few days. In the previous version of gmail, it was possible to simply use the Evernote web clipper on the desktop version and save the entire email message. Now, what gets saved is this. This was a very handy feature. Can it be restored please?
  6. The Web Clipper extension was totally broken until the latest (7.1.0) version. Now it works across most pages, but it no longer can clip an email in Gmail. Clicking the menubar icon does nothing. Please restore this functionality, which I use all the time.
  7. Hi everyone, I am having some headaches with the new version of evernote web clipper on chrome, clipping in Gmail, appart from not having the search notebook anymore (already documented in a thread), I found that I am not able anymore to clip just attachments from a conversation. Before I was able to unselect all emails and it would show me all the attachments in the thread, I could then leave it like this or just leave selected the attachments I wanted to clip. This was useful because sometimes I have long threads of conversation where new attachments keep arriving, I was able to rapidly clip only the new attachments or the new messages + attachments or even just the new messages to clip. After last update I can't do it anymore, first the attachments show inside each email (leaving me not knowing exactly how many attachments I have in that thread), so if I unmark an email in a thread, I will not have access anymore to the attachment, appart from the PITA of having to check every single message to see if there's an attachment inside. Is there any possibility to roll back to a previous version of Web Clipper? Thank you in advance, Hugo
  8. Currently if you mail emails from Gmail using Outlook for the Mac 2016 to Evernote the formatting does not remain. There currently is no Evernote clipper (except Office 365 accounts) for Outlook for Mac 2016 but having one for Gmail accounts on Outlook for Mac would be great.
  9. I love using clipper and I am working on doing more with it to reference todo items back to the emails they came from. However, the "Open Conversation in Gmail" link that clipper creates does not open properly when I click it from my Samsung S5 and open it in any of my mobile browsers (Chrome, Firefox, LastPass, Samsung Default) the link fails. I think this has something with the "u/" portion of the address. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/--------------- Has anyone figured this out? I am glad it works on my laptop, but that is really limiting me to this one option when I could also be working on my phone or tablet. Thanks.
  10. Hello, do you plan to make an addon/extension for gmail like Asana, Trello,... did the last days in the G Suite Marketplace?
  11. Ran Milstein

    gmail no clipping

    I see this over and over again in the forums, but no clear understanding if it is solved and where. I do get that for some people it works and for other it does not... I am trying to clip on my chrome browser, in my gmail messages, and get: " The Clipper couldn't start on this page. Reload the page and try again. If that doesn't help, contact customer support. " popup. anything I can do?
  12. Светослав Стойков

    How to stop forwarding mails to Evernote?

    Hi all, I've the following issue. As for some years I was subscribed to premium EN (now I'm using the basic package once more) I used to forward my mails from (gmail/work email/etc.) to EN. Now, I don't need to forward mails as my work does not require it. So how to stop forwarding mail? I've tried to stop it by changing my EN mail-address, and this is the message I'm getting. We couldn’t deliver your message The emailed note was received, but Evernote did not understand the email address. It may have been mistyped, or the user may not exist. Please check to make sure the address was properly entered. So my question is how to stop forwarding of mails completely? Best regards, Svetoslav
  13. Hey guys, Whenever I work with clients I create a project like CALMERA Project in Evernote and I use tags to tag. I have been experiencing a problem when people reply on these mails. Because the next notes do not get into my Evernote book any more. CALMERA is a note book in Evernote. #leon is the name of the person #2016 is the tag of year 2016. I create an email with the subject @CALMERA Project This email is about progress #leon #2016. I put everything in the body plus attachment. I send it to the client client@gmail.com and I cc my evernote email eg myemail.evernote.com This email and note will end up in the notebook CALMERA and I see the topic called Project This email is about progress. And I see tags 2016 and leon. But when the client replies to my email and the topic becomes FW @CALMERA Project This email is about progress #leon #2016 I do not see the emails anymore in my notebook. Evernote does not recognize the @ anymore.... because there is a FW in front of it..... HELP..... I NEED THIS TO WORK. How to fix it?
  14. Is there any email system that has tight integration with EverNote? I don't like the workflow I have seen online where people take an email then "forward" it to their EverNote email. That creates a lot of extra work, and then you effectively have to deal with the same information in two different places. I was hoping to find a system where I could just add a single tag to an email and then it magically appears in an EverNote inbox for processing in EverNote.
  15. I was trying out Work Chat for the first time, and clicked to connect Gmail contacts. I soon realised my mistake however, as the few people I will want to share notes and chat with are not the thousands of contacts on Gmail. Can I revoke this access/reverse this import of Gmail contacts? Thanks for your help.
  16. JohnMarshallSmart

    Safari Clipper doesn't work with Gmail anymore

    The Safari web clipper is no longer working for me with gmail. It used to clip emails fine. Now all I get is the spinner.
  17. RVATraveler

    chrome Web clipper not clipping Gmail

    When I use the Web Clipper in Chrome to try to clip Gmail, I get no content. I saw posts from 2013 about this problem. Has this still not been fixed? If not, is there anyway around it?
  18. Jonathan Wheeler

    Export to Google Drive/Gmail

    Getting a Scannable document into an ongoing email chain in Gmail is tedious. Can we streamline this, perhaps by adding an "Export to Google Drive" feature to Scannable? The current process looks like this: Scan with Scannable. (iPhone) Save to Evernote. Open Evernote. Find/open the same scanned document. Click "Open in...", scroll, select Google Drive. (Why isn't this feature in Scannable, or really, why isn't Scannable rolled into the Evernote app?) Go to Gmail. Attach the scan to ongoing email chain.
  19. After clipping an email in Chrome the links in Gmail do not work (e.g. removing a lable or selecting another folder) until reloading the site.
  20. Fraser_Morrison

    Mass Import From GMAIL

    Good Day, I have several thousand email messages saved in my GMAIL account that I would like to import into my Evernote account. I have the Plus version of Evernote. I know how to import the email messages one at a time but as I said I would like to move several thousand. Every email in my GMAIL account has a label already applied to it. Is there a utility or process available that someone could point out for me so that I can accomplish this task? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  21. coopermedical

    Chrome Web Clipper Not Working with Gmail

    Evernote web clipper recently stopped working with my gmail despite even though I have not made any changes to my computer recently. When I click on the Clipper icon in the Chrome toolbar, I get the message: "Evernote Web Clipper The clipper couldn't start on this page. Reload the page and try again. If that doesn't help, contact customer support" I had reloaded the page, uninstalled and reinstalled Clipper, updated Chrome, restarted the computer several times - no change. Evernote Web Clipper V6.1 (1e1c883/ Keyboard shortcuts not enabled Google Chrome 54.0.2840.99 Win10 Home V1607 64bit Thanks very much Mike
  22. I am using gmail in chrome. When I am clipping a gmail-message and select email, the message is added to evernote. However, when I look at the note in evernote web as well as on my android app, the email message is not shown correctly. All letter are shown among each other and this used to work correctly. Please advise how to fix this Conversatie openen in Gmail
  23. Hi. It's a great idea have a direct link to the google drive links in the application, could be great have the same service for Gmail (automatic update of the email feed in the Evernote) and tha capability to add links for Dropbox. Regards. Angelo
  24. Chrome派生のブラウザのWeb ClipperではGmailでメールとしてクリップできますが、Firefoxは選択肢に出てきません。 これは仕様ですか?
  25. I've created a recipe into IFTT that receive a message from Gmail and sent to Evernote. The point is that there is a pdf file attached in the message that arrives into Evernote as short link to IFTT server instead of attached or embedded. Do anyone know how to receive attached? Tks in advance