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Found 11 results

  1. until
    You're invited to join the GTD® Book Club: Getting it EverDone®. Each week, Evernote Expert and Certified Consultant Stacey Harmon will be reviewing a chapter of David Allen's best selling book "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity" and discussing how Evernote is an amazing solution for the concepts he presents....for free! Join in each Monday on the Harmon Enterprises Facebook Page to discuss a new chapter (the series is a total of 18 weeks running February 19th - June 18th). Sessions last approximately 30 minutes each and start at noon Central Standard Time. Those who attend live can ask their questions and get real time answers about deploying GTD® in Evernote. Sessions do get recorded and the posted on both the Harmon Enterprises Facebook page and the Harmon Enterprises YouTube channel for replay. Please join in and share with anyone who could benefit from this focused discussion. You can review week one's session here to see if it is for you and get the feel for how the book club works.
  2. I work in Corporate America. I invest in real estate on the side. I am married with no kids. I am quite OCD, especially about organization. I have spent countless hours researching how other people use Evernote to 'remember everything' and 'get things done'. I have spent significantly more hours setting up this system than I have saved using this system. Hopefully that will change. Anyway, I wanted to share how I organize Evernote, which is really just The Secret Weapon (TSW) slightly tweaked for my personal needs. This system, in my opinion, limits decisions points (i.e., where should I put this note and how should it be tagged?), effectively tracks action items through to completion, and allows me to save and organize everything else. I will try to keep this explanation clear and concise; here it goes...Limited number of notebooks. I have four:!inbox - Everyone seems to have this one down. This is my default notebook where all notes start before being filed and tagged. Work and personal emails, webclips, random notes and ideas, etc. Case in point, I am writing this in a note that is currently in my !Inbox folder.Action Items (2) - This is a notebook stack for my notes that require action. There are two notebooks inside: Open and Complete. I'm sure you can guess what's in each.Cabinet - Essentially, this is a notebook for all notes that don't require action. I put meeting notes, receipts, webclips, etc. in this notebook.Contextual TaggingI only use tags for context. The tags answer where, when, and what.where - All notes get a where tag. This answers what part of my life the note pertains to (e.g., @work, @home)when - All Open Action Item notes get a when tag. This is how I prioritize notes requiring action. Each of these tags are mutually exclusive. Once the Open Action Item is completed, I remove the when tag and move the note to the Complete notebook. Below is a description of each when tag:what - I use this tag for notes that go in the Cabinet folder. It helps me quickly find things like receipts, meeting minutes, templates, webclips, etc. Not all notes in the Cabinet get a what tag, but many do.1-now - get it done today / tomorrow2-next - get it done this week3-later - get it done within two to four weeks4-someday - get it done someday5-waiting - getting it done is dependent on action by someone else (e.g., you are waiting for someone to reply to your email)TSW recommends a who context as well, but for me that was spiraling out of control quickly, so I nixed it. If a note is associated with a certain person, I usually just try to make sure their name is included in the note itself.Here is a screenshot of my system: I hope this helps at least one person out there!
  3. JErnestGo

    Re-purposing (Re-using) Notes

    Those who are using either GTD, or TSW with Evernote. How do you do it? If a Note is made Actionable, but would require dual or multiple-Actions? Do you duplicate Notes and use them for different actions? or do you simply make use of a single Note and re-purpose / re-use them as needed?
  4. For those of you who are GTD fans, we just released a new GTD® & Evernote® Setup Guide. Two different versions available for Mac and Windows desktop. Lots of great GTD tips, tricks, and strategies from David Allen & team for configuring Evernote Notebooks for projects, next actions, and reference Notebooks. You can find them here: https://secure.davidco.com/store/catalog/Setup-Guides-p-1-c-263.php Hope you find this useful for your GTD practice!
  5. Hi Evernote and GTD lovers, I'm Karol, the CEO of OneMln, the developer of www.everdo.it I've started this thread as we will soon be launching our 2do and calendar app that synchronizes with Evernote. It reads your notes and allows to process them in EverDo.it. EverDo.it allows creating tasks / events out of notes or part of them. It also allows you to put an event / task to your calendar. The iPad version will be available this month. iPhone and Android in January and February. So to sum it up - EverDo.it adds the GTD experience to Evernote :-) You're all invited to comment on our GTD app for Evernote lovers Would really appreciate your feedback! What kind of features would you expect? What are your wishes? Regards, Karol
  6. Hey there :-) Our app for iPad has been chosen the Best Evernote Business Integration: SmartTM in the Evernote DevCup 2013 Click here to read more We are currently searching for Web and iPhone beta testers - the tests should start really any day. Contact us using the contact form on our website here: Contact Thanks, Karol
  7. Karol_1978

    SmartGTD - task management

    Hi, as we have joined the Evernote DevCup 2013, I would like to invite all of you to a Google Hangout on July 2nd, 2 PM EST (NY). We will present the app and would be more than happy about your feedback. If you are interested, please contact us at: support@smartgtd.com Thanks, Karol
  8. Hello Friends, let me introduce myself. I'm Karol, the CEO of a company that will shortly launch SmartGTD, a brand new app for Getting Things Done and Evernote lovers. We would be more than delighted if some of you would be willing to join us and support our efforts on the creation of a useful tool. All of you that are interested, are more than welcomed. Just shoot me an email at: karol@smartgtd.com Currently we are looking for iPad, iPhone and web beta testers. Sorry for not putting this message in Japanese language, but during my visits to Japan I was able to learn only the words that allowed me to cope with daily activities :-) Thank you a lot. Karol
  9. Hi all. I've been using EV in conjunction with Omnifocus (OF) for a few months now, it's turning out to be a great place to keep all the data I need around my Getting Things Done process without getting in the way. For example I have a recurring task in OF called "Weekly Trigger List" that pings every Tuesday morning at 7am when I'm on the train. The task has a link to the EV note containing a list of mental triggers. The system works really well as even if I'm away from my mac and the reminder triggers on my iphone, I can still click the same link and open EV on my phone. Anyway. I also started to use "Launch Center Pro"(LCP) on my iphone recently. I can use the OF URL schema to create a custom button to do pretty much whatever I like, the possibilities are huge. What I'd really like to be able to do is open LCP, & hit an icons that launches EV, takes me to my business receipts notebook, opens a new note, and fires the camera. This is something I do 3-4 times a day every time I pay for something that is a business expense. Questions: Is there a detailed EV URL Schema? If not, how do we get one? Are their any other solutions you could recommend?
  10. Trying to start a task-management program (Getting Things Done, for those interested - like so - http://www.thesecretweapon.org/) using Evernote There are multiple combinations of tags used, and the easiest way to get to the task lists I need is to use saved searches. This works like an absolute dream in the Windows client, and I set out to figure out how to use the saved searches in the Android client. It wasn't obvious to me how to get to them, so I started with Google. Came up with this article: https://support.ever...ote-for-Android The screen shots seem to be from an earlier version, but it gave me confidence that the feature was there. To wit: "Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to create new Saved Searches in Evernote for Android, but it is possible to run existing Saved Searches; just tap the mangnifying [sic] glass:" So I should be able to run existing saved searches in Android. I assume that means searches I created in the Windows client. And that's where I hit the wall. It didn't seem to matter what magnifying glass I tapped, I didn't get the same pop-up. I tried entering the text of an existing saved search, thinking it might be clever enough to auto-fill. No dice. Then it hit me. The saved searches sync! Had I synced since I created these searches? Apparently not. Seconds later, my saved searches are showing up under the search bar right below the search history entries. Anyway, I had already started writing this post, and just in case there was some fellow noob out there searching for this topic (or someone who happens to need a great pre-built implementation of GTD using Evernote), I might as well record it for posterity. Cheers
  11. Hi, I'm using Evernote for the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. On my PC I just click on the icon in the tray, enter the todo that came into my mind and it will be saved into the Evernote's Inbox. On my Android phone I have the widget on my screen which will show me the things I have to do. The only problem I have is that the widget will show the last three notes of all notebooks. Therefore I don't have a view on all the things I have to do from my inbox. Is there a possibility to display all notes in a specific notebook (my inbox) in the widget? Frank