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Found 31 results

  1. Forum thread posts default to sorting by vote. I can choose to select by date, but this selection isn't permanent. Is it possible to make sorting by date the default?
  2. The web clipper forum seems to have disappeared. Is that unintentional and something's gone wrong with the forum database, or is Geoff just in the process of moving the furniture around? Inquiring minds want to know...
  3. I would like to know if there's a different way of asking a question other than going to to the previously asked questions and clicking New topic?
  4. I was at Evernote's "Help & Learning" section and tried various terms to try to discover how to access the Evernote Forum. After I was not successful, I used Google's search feature and found this site immediately! I was surprised that I needed to go to Google to get information that should be readily available at Evernote, especially since Evernote's search features work so well within its own program. I'm puzzled.
  5. DaveScotese

    Forum Feature Request

    This forum area is really for feature requests to be added to Evernote, I think. I just added a request for a forum enhancement because I didn't find a forum area for "Forum Feature Requests." It might be a good idea to add such an area.
  6. DaveScotese

    How to make a signature

    I suggest that the place where you set your signature show up as "Once you've _____________, you can create a signature for yourself which will appear before all your posts. Please enjoy helping others learn!" whenever a newbie (such as myself) views their account settings page. It would also explain why I can't do it now.
  7. As it stands, for threads where the Voting mechanism is in effect, readers can 'Like' the originating post without their 'Likes' being counted as Votes. An example is here, where several new forum participants did not realize their Likes did not count. Including Likes for originating posts automatically as part of the Vote count will avoid this miscounting and give EN staff and forum users a better idea of idea popularity. This mechanism should be applied to all existing threads where the Voting mechanism is in effect.
  8. As an occasional user of these forums, I did not realize there was a 'voting' scheme separate from the 'like this' feature and suspect that most users don't either. I've searched for discussion of this and haven't been able to trace that to anything helpful. Why aren't 'likes' the same thing as 'votes'? What's the point in having two such similar mechanisms? As it stands, who gets to set up a voting scheme and how?
  9. RE: Welcome to the new Evernote Discussion Forums Geoff, my immediate impression is: Thank you so much. it is very cool, and very useful. This will allow users to easily and quickly select just the part of a post they want to respond to. Yea! The other biggie for me, is how easy the pages are to read. They are both easy to read, and look very nice. Another, big, big, THANK YOU!. (Note: reposted this in the General Discussions forum after I discovered that I accidently posted it in the Announcements forum.)
  10. [Not quite sure where to post this.] I'm following the fairly active thread, linked below, but I'm getting too many email notifications each day. So, last week, I changed my notification preferences to "One email per day with all new content from that day." Yet, despite doing so, I continue to receive individual notifications for each, new post that's added. Whenever I log in and view my settings, the correct option is still selected. The software is simply ignoring the option I've selected. Admin or moderators, can you please look into this?
  11. Hope this is the correct way to post topics since the user interface language of the forum suddenly changed to Spanish such as Fóruns Atividades Minhas Pesquisas Home General Discussions Evernote General Discussions Criar Novo Tópico Criar Novo Tópico DETALHES DO TÓPICO Envie notificações quando outros responderem And all I can see is guess. I have no clue how to change the language to either English or Japanese because everything is written in Spanish!
  12. OK - confused again; the emails I get from following these forums are increasingly showing subject lines like "<name> 發表了主題 feature request...." and according to my trusty Google translate, these characters mean "Keynote". Has there been a forum change? Are we seeing more forum queries from Asia? Is Google wrong? We should know these things!
  13. Does anyone know how to search on multiple forum tags, and return ONLY those threads/posts that have ALL of the Tags? To be clear, I'm talking about doing a search here, in the Evernote Discussion site, using the native forum search, not using Google. I find that when I search on more than one Tag, it also searches for the Tags I entered as text in the body of the post, returning many, many false positives. For example: This search returns: which is very wrong. The actual count is not even close to 562.
  14. I like the new "answered" tag that shows up but it is green just like Android's tag color. Which makes a visual scan down the forum for Android topics more difficult. Is it possible to change one of these to another color? I assume Android would change since "answered" would tie into Evernote's colors, but really either would be good.
  15. Intro =========== Ok major kudos to the Evangelists! Every one of you guys are my personal heros and I have learned SOOO much from you. You continue to do Yeomans Work We all know the limitations of Forums, and just in the little time I have tried to help people I have seen the repeated questions come up. Yes, they should be searching before they ask but its HARD finding the best threads to answer one of your more common questions ======================= Why not this - 1) Evernote- creates a single account for the Evangelists -- shared password 2) you Pin a Post to the top of Best Answers Thread to FAQ for each section 3) You lock the thread -- so not a lot of white noise gets attached below it 4) The obligatory "we are not Evernote employees but are heavy users with thousands of hours each . . . bla bla bla" 4) A basic ***** list is made then any one of you can add links to what you think is the best answer threads and could add to them at your leasure -- you could sign your name to the link, if you wanted so . . . for example . . .. the question comes in. "Are my notes secure in Evenrnote?" the FAQ page would be . . . . . 12) Are my notes Secure with Evernote? jefito likes; https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/53 . . . . BurgersNFries likes: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/573 . . . ScottLougheed likes https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/577 and https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/588 gazumped likes https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/5773 . . . and https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/522 . . etc etc etc with all of you guys Each adds to it when they want THEN . . . .. Evernote pays all of you to write your best answers to each of the FAQ questions and then Evernote posts it to the help page "These are the best answers from some of our best and knowledgeable users" (edit) OR have a private thread for each of the FAQ that only the Evangelists each anser and have a conversation with the group.
  16. Does anyone know of a way to set the forum threads to appear on-screen so that the newest post is always at the top when you open the thread? I can see the option to use Descending versus Ascending on the main forum boards, but not for individual topic threads. I'm on Windows 7. Thanks!
  17. While I'm in the forum, I'd expect that if I click on the EN logo in the upper left hand corner that I'd return to the main page for the forum. Instead you're transfered to the main EN page. It's an annoyance. Please correct. When I'm in the forum, I expect an easy way to return to the main forum page (typically clicking the logo does that). If I want to get back to evernote.com I already know how to do that. Just a personal annoyance that others may have. Please correct.
  18. I am interested how becoming an Evernote evangelist? What are they doing? Do they have more rights than normal members in the forum?
  19. I've been getting a lot of obviously inappropriate new topic notifications recently. Most of them are about either movies, tv shows, or escort services. Had over 10 of these last night, and it seems to have been going on for months. So, it makes me wonder: Has the Evernote Forum been hacked?
  20. Where can I get help with changing my profile email address? I keep entering the change but the password "is wrong". I don't get it, because it's the password I used to log into the forum. I even tried the password I used to log into Evernote. Nothing works.
  21. Traveling for a couple weeks.in central Maine - cell phone access is just miserable. Access to this forum on my Android via wifi was fine during the first week. (jumped to last post, viewable font, readable)But for past couple days, access to this forum on the Android via wifi changed dramatically and resembles viewing the forum through desktop Windows Firefox browser (way too much information for the Android to display, starts with 1st post in a message, the font is almost micro font, impossible to read)Possibly one of the apps I added caused the problem. Any ideas? I'll be back in the normal world in another week, so this temorary issue will be resolved..
  22. I am getting the following error message at least 50% of the time that I am requested to log in to Evernote to access the Evernote Forum: Usually all I need to do is to REFRESH the web page and it works. However, a lot of people might not know this will work. Steps to Reproduce Error: Go to Evernote.com Log out Click on link to Forum thread in email notification of new reply/post Respond to web page asking you to log in ERROR Message is displayNote: I don't normally do Steps #1 & #2. I have been logged out automatically by Evernote due to exceeding the length of time required between logins (1 week I think).
  23. I just spend 15 minutes writing a reply to a discussion, but when I posted, the thread had been locked. As you know, these iframe replacements of <textarea> cannot be retrieved, so everything was lost. However, I have noticed that it says "last auto saved", whilst composing. Can these saves be retrieved?
  24. I put a 9mb pdf in my evernote, and then open it directly in evernote by preview. Then I annotate it, just highlight a line, and quit preview. And I find my monthly quota lose 9mb. Evernote is not syncing only the highlight part but syncing it as a whole new pdf. Why won't you only sync the increment part like dropbox?
  25. I see the forum was hacked this afternoon. What are the implications for account security?