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  1. Evernote Tables

    Hello, I just want you to know that I was happy to read that you had done work on the ability of Evernote to accept tables. But you NEED to know that Evernote is seriously LACKING in handling tables. I do not use tables too often in Evernote or any other application, but it is atrocious in Evernote!! It is much easier still to create and work with tables in MS Word or Excel than Evernote. Thanks, so much. Scott
  2. Hey Evernote, it would be sooo sweet if you guys would allow for curly quotation marks and single quotation marks. I am all for how my notes look. If I write something in MS Word and then put it into Evernote, Evernote seems to allow for the curly quote marks, so why not just allow for Evernote to accept curly quotes at first?? Thanks, sooo MUCH. I do so LOVE the product. Keep up the GREAT work. Scott
  3. Code Block Formatting

    Hello, Please consider updating the font or functionality of Code Blocks. When I paste content into these, it may sometimes keep the formatting and may sometimes (always when pasting matching formatting) paste in 'Monaco', which is a font that is not available for selection on Evernote Windows app OR Evernote web app. There are plenty of unicode options available that are more common to use that could be recognized in multiple applications. Alternatively, you could add support for Monaco font in Windows app. A "Copy Format" tool would be very handy as well, which is surprising to see missing from the full app, as even free open-source text editors have this feature. Please let me know if you think there is a solution that I am missing, -PA
  4. Evernote for Mac Version 6.13.1 (455785 Direct) 1. When I have a numbered list and change the font to Verdana 18pt, then the numbers remain unchanged and small (looks like Helvetica 13). 2. When publishing such note, the numbers are bigger but not Verdana. Tested on Google Chrome for Mac Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit). See screenshots attached. This is clearly a bug. Please fix. Thanks, Martin
  5. I often use Evernote to keep track of things I read on websites. Often though, copying and pasting from a site creates formatting issues that won't go away by selecting Simplify Formatting from the Format menu. For example, I pasted the Contents from a YouTube page (first image) into my document and found that every thing was double or triple spaced. There are no detectable line returns to remove and when I choose Simplify Formatting (second image), the text simply gets larger. If I try to then reduce the font size, I end up back where I started with the big gaps. I don't want to convert to plain text because that will happen across the entire document and I lose all the formatting I've done and links I've inserted elsewhere as well as the links that came with this paste. This and similar formatting issues happen all the time for me in Evernote. Am I missing something? Martin Mac OS 10.11.6, Evernote Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct)
  6. indent button

    I know it is possible to indent using shift+command+] but is there an indent button? Seems like a pretty standard formatting button. While I'm asking.... can anyone tell me how to insert the symbols for shift, command etc.?
  7. Disappearing Formatting Toolbar

    Hello, I'm new to the forum (not to Evernote) and apologize if this is not the correct forum and/or if this issue has been addressed. I am working on a late 2011, 13" MacBook Pro, running Os Sierra 10.12.6. Following is my problem: If I right click on a note, the formatting options appear (bold, italic, attach, font, size, indent etc.). However, if I take my cursor off the formatting window, in order to select the text I would like to format, the formatting options disappear. Does anyone know how to fix this, so that I can use the formatting options? Thank you very much, Laurie
  8. I would really love to be able to go into the options panel and set the default paste to exclude all formatting. Evernote is a good lightweight word processor, but I strongly prefer all of my notes to be uniform in style. I find it makes it a lot easier to navigate my notes across all platforms. Really, the only formatting stuff I use is occasionally bold or italics. Any time I paste stuff from another program it's a pain having to fix the formatting so I can navigate around it easily. As far as I can tell, there's currently no way to accomplish this.
  9. Is there a way to see the hidden characters in a note? Like microsoft word? The reason I ask, is because I have a note that I've been using as an audio log, but the entries don't appear each on a different line, instead they all seem to be on one line. Trying to edit it and making each entry one line, makes it go wonky and loose the audio notes. And I can't even revert the notes, so wanted to see if I could find the hidden newlines and make it consistent.
  10. I'm glad Evernote has simple quick tables, but for taking notes, they use way too much space. A note with even a moderate amount of information either doesn't fit, or isn't nice to look at as there is too much whitespace around the text in each cell. I'm not asking for word processing/spreadsheet functionality, just the option of a more "compact" table layout for my notes. Example
  11. Control-shift-space does not remove tables. But I consider tables as a formatting as well. I want to keep the content of cells and get rid off a table structure.
  12. Paste as text

    MS Office has one great feature - Paste as text. It places just a text without any formatting. This is handy when copied text contains for example tables because Remove all formatting feature (control shift space) leaves tables intact.
  13. Hello, this is my first time in the forums so I'll try to be brief... I have an issue with the numbering format for numbered lists with indented bullets. I had a list of bulleted material with sub bullets that I wanted to change into a numbered list. When I tried to do this however, first some of the tabs and formatting for my existing subullets were removed and realigned with my main bullets. Also, it changed the sub bullets to numbers (which I guess makes sense in theory) when I would have preferred to leave the sub-bullets alone and stay bullets. But my biggest problem of all (that also seems to have no manual work around) is that when you change the list to numbered, if there are any sub-bullets under any of the numbers, the numbers reset to 1 for the next main item on the list after the sub-bullet for the previous number. I cannot figure out how to fix this for the life of me. Plz help.
  14. Copy Format

    The function "copy format" for text like in word or pages (style copy) would be fine. If I copy content out of other sources it is way to much effort to format the text like I want to have it. It would be way easier if I could copy the format of existing text in a note to other text in the same note.
  15. Formatting text in the notes

    Hello i'm writing to ask some things, sorry for my english. I have some request; 1. when i'm importing a text in the note, i would like that with one click of 1 botton i apply a styke that i choosed for my note ( style of the character, height of the text ecc). So that i do not change every box to format my text. 2 . i would like that in evernot there will be more stacks in one original stack. ( more folder in one stack). so that i can organice better my files and notes 3. i would like to make a link of one of the my notes on my computer desktop. So that i don't have to open every time evernote and search my note 8it's a waste of time) Thant's if some one respond and i hope the tecnichans will work on this points.
  16. I would like to report several errors in the note formatting when copy-pasting text into the desktop note. 1. The spaces between words sometimes disappears when text is copy-pasted into the desktop notes (especially when the original text crosses into the next line). (see screenshot) 2. Copy pasted text from powerpoint slides does not appear in the desktop note. I can only paste the desk when using the web version. Formatting appears fine on the web version, but the same formatting error in (1) appears when the same note is opened up on the desktop version 3. Recently new features for tables on the desktop version have been updated and I love them! However, there are two problems: Sometimes the cursor doesn't allow me to change the borders (the borders become static lines again) until I exit the note and open it again When a desktop note is opened in a separate window (and used in split screen with another app), tables cannot be inserted. These may seem pretty minor but can be really frustrating when I'm trying to take notes quickly in lectures! Thanks
  17. I was recently wondering whether there is a way to do something about Evernote's poor formatting capabilities. I’ ve tried using Marxico but I was sorely disappointed with its inability to edit notes created in Evernote app. The main reason why I prefer Evernote over the other note-taking apps is the Web Clipper extension which IMO constitutes the best tool for collecting information from the Web.However, lack of styles that can be applied with a keyboard shortcut like in MS Word, makes writing anything of considerable length or more sophisticated structure a nightmare. Therefore I’m looking for a way to edit text notes more conveniently.I’d like to mention that I’ve tried solutions involving ahk scripts to automate formatting, unfortunately, none of them worked properly. Perhaps there are some 3rd party apps (Other than the aforementioned Marxico) with decent formatting capabilities that can access Evernote account? No need to say Evernote should have introduced styles long ago, sadly it didn’t happen and I have no hope to see that functionality in the nearest future.
  18. Hi guys. Since a couple of days or maybe weeks, i can't any longer copy from evernote and paste to word without having formatting errors. It always used to work fine. See my attached files. I'm writing in Swedish. I'm using Evernote and Word on Mac osSierra.
  19. Right to Left

    I know this feature has been asked many times on this forum. I haven't found real answer though. I just want to re-emphasize its importance with the competing with OneNote. I know I can overcome this by pasting from MS Word but formatting text will be difficult to manage then.
  20. There is an annoying bug on Evernote for Windows (I have not tested this in other platforms) that has been around for over a year now I believe. If I try to set my default font size to 10 (under options->note font), Evernote will keep reverting to size 9. Oddly enough, if I set it to 11, or 12, or apparently any other, this issue does not occur. Please, someone have a look at this and fix it, as font size 9 is too small for me, and 11 is a bit too big, so I've been living with the annoyance of manually changing the font size to 10 for a long time now.
  21. Please Make Ctrl + Shift + V work the way it used to!! I used to copy tons of data from tables and all over with formatting and tables, etc. I use that Key Combo to paste with all formatting _stripped_! Please make it work the way it used to in ~6.4 Thank You a Bajillion times Bajillion! - Evernote User
  22. [Disclaimer: I have tried to find a proper way to report bugs and failed. "Help & Learning / Submit a request" tells me to "Please submit a ticket" but doesn't say how.] Greetings. Copying and pasting in code blocks has been flaky as far as can I remember, but after I updated from 6.4 to 6.6 it has become almost unusable due to formatting being destroyed. I was unable to find a way to paste text into code blocks while preserving the font. Make a new note. Click "Code Block". Type "abc abc abc". Select any fragment of that line. Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V. In Evernote for windows: observe how the font has changed. In the browser-based client: not just the font, but also the general line height changes (e.g., if you paste text into the second line of the code block, the first line moves vertically). On a related note, pasting text (into notes in general) contaning newlines is also buggy. In the desktop client: Copying a full line (including EOL) from a note then pasting it back does not insert the newline. Copying a full line (including EOL) from another app (e.g. Notepad) then pasting it into a note inserts a double newline. Pressing Ctrl-Z (Undo) after that moves the cursor to an unrelated location.
  23. I have created a form with WordPress Contact Form 7 to create journaling entries in Evernote, which work like a charm except for the lack of formatting of the text. I would love some guide on how emails should be formatted so that In can create basic formatting like bold text.
  24. I use Evernote almost exclusively for business and personal to-do lists. When I began using the checkbox lists, I always got a nice "tab" sized indent between the checkbox and my text. Now when I make checkbox lists, even within the older notes with spaced formatting, there is no space next to my checkbox. It's completely inconsistent across notes and drives me nuts. How can I correct this formatting error?
  25. On the WebApp/Browser version of Evernote, I can use a single backtick: ` before and after a snippet to turn it into a code snippet, just like Markdown/Zendesk, etc. Works great, even inside a bulleted list. I can also select a block of text, and hit the Code Block button, or use three backticks: ``` before/after the text block, and turn it into a code block, again even if it's inside a bulleted list. I can't do any of this in the Windows version of Evernote, which is extremely odd to me that the web client is more fully featured and easier to use?! In the Desktop client, backticks seems to do nothing - they don't trigger any formatting. I can select a block of text, but I can't turn it into a code block, unless it's NOT in a bulleted list?! Worst of all, code snippets seem to be ignored in the Windows version - even if they look/work ok in the WebApp interface! Things are slightly better in the Android app, since at least it does show code snippets I've previously created. Thus I've uninstalled the desktop version as I can't find any utility in it over the browser version and it's missing these critical features I need. Which begs the question - why is the far more complicated desktop version of the app, failing to do these simple formatting requests? Furthermore why is the interface and featureset between all versions of evernote, so different from eachother? Why isn't there just one standard interface and feature set on all platforms!? So confusing to me.