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Found 152 results

  1. I was recently wondering whether there is a way to do something about Evernote's poor formatting capabilities. I’ ve tried using Marxico but I was sorely disappointed with its inability to edit notes created in Evernote app. The main reason why I prefer Evernote over the other note-taking apps is the Web Clipper extension which IMO constitutes the best tool for collecting information from the Web.However, lack of styles that can be applied with a keyboard shortcut like in MS Word, makes writing anything of considerable length or more sophisticated structure a nightmare. Therefore I’m looking for a way to edit text notes more conveniently.I’d like to mention that I’ve tried solutions involving ahk scripts to automate formatting, unfortunately, none of them worked properly. Perhaps there are some 3rd party apps (Other than the aforementioned Marxico) with decent formatting capabilities that can access Evernote account? No need to say Evernote should have introduced styles long ago, sadly it didn’t happen and I have no hope to see that functionality in the nearest future.
  2. Hi there, I hope someone could help me on this. Strangely on this forum, I was not able to 'search' for formatting, simply because I don't see a 'search' dialog box. Only the 'Google site search' is available. Anyway, after typing in 40 lines of texts, they look like a big chunk of cake. Can someone please direct me on how to space them out between paragraphs, especially after the 'hard enters'? I have attached a screenshot. Thank you. Nick
  3. If I scrape, copy and paste into a note (not using the web clipper), En promptly increases the spacing between paragraphs for the rest of the note. Changing all the text to 10 points doesn't change that spacing back to single-space. Nor does Simplify Formatting and/or Remove Formatting. I find that really, really, really irritating. Any advice?
  4. Hello, I love the code block feature that was added. However, I think it has some down falls. Mostly, I think it is lacking in text formatting. An amazing feature would be for Evernote to recognize some popular coding languages and be able to color code variables and other identifiers. At the very least, I wish the code block kept my formatting when I copied and paste from a text editor. I often copy and paste code from SQL management Studio hoping for the color coding to stay, which it does not. If I copy into a normal section, it is fine but, the code block removes the color formatting. (I have tried pasting with match style, does not work). I think this would make Evernote more robust and be able to reach a larger audience. Mainly, extend reach to developers who would like a place to effectively store their code for reuse. Thank you for taking the time to consider this idea!
  5. In iOS, how to paste as plain text or any way to match existing formatting in the note? This is a feature which many people is waiting for many years.
  6. penguinairlines

    Code Block Formatting

    Hello, Please consider updating the font or functionality of Code Blocks. When I paste content into these, it may sometimes keep the formatting and may sometimes (always when pasting matching formatting) paste in 'Monaco', which is a font that is not available for selection on Evernote Windows app OR Evernote web app. There are plenty of unicode options available that are more common to use that could be recognized in multiple applications. Alternatively, you could add support for Monaco font in Windows app. A "Copy Format" tool would be very handy as well, which is surprising to see missing from the full app, as even free open-source text editors have this feature. Please let me know if you think there is a solution that I am missing, -PA
  7. JamesYeoman

    Native Markdown Support

    Markdown is a great way of formatting text as it was intended to be convertable into HTML and yet be easy to read. It makes note taking a lot more fluid as you don't have to move a mouse to format. Evernote already has the "---" markdown for horizontal rules. So I don't think it would be too hard to implement "*" for italics and "_" for bold. Also, "-" for bullet lists should be easy to do as well since there is the option to use "*" for bullet lists. However this clash would mean that it would have to be specified whether or not markdown is to be used when making the note. I would use Evernote a lot more if there was support for markdown as it would mean note-taking on my mobile would be a whole lot easier.
  8. Hello Evernote developers, Can you add multi-level aka nested lists? If there's one formatting feature that must be added ASAP, it's this one. Hope to hear from Evernote as to whether this feature is going to be added. Best regards, Kitezh47
  9. brettofthejungle

    Help with formatting on iOS clipped sites

    Hello all, I used EN off and on for years for simple typed notes at work, and have just started using it for cataloging various internet content. I have been very pleased with the functionality in MacOS Safari, but am frustrated with the options on iOS. If I try to send something to EN via the Evernote icon on the "share" menu in Safari or the youtube app, the result is essentially garbage. It wouldn't be so bad if it was simply the full webpage, but the formatting is so messed up it's not usable. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? I've included screenshots of notes viewed on the PC version that were created on iPhone. The first two screenshots are of an article I clipped on iOS. You can see that the entire first few pages are a bunch of unformatted ads, some stuck in an overlay that I can't remove or alter. This ad overlay goes right over the article text, and I can't see how to remove it. Full clipped pages clipped on desktop don't do this. The third screenshot is of a clipped youtube video. Unlike the nice photo and link you get when clipping on desktop, it again has a big ad overlaid that I can't remove. This is totally useless....is there a better way to do it? Thanks for your help.
  10. I set the font to Courier for a few lines in a note. I want those lines of text to be exactly equal in length, hence the monospace font choice. However, one character will spontaneously change to the default font. I can tell because suddenly one line of text is shorter than the rest. I change the text to Courier again, everything lines up nicely again, but after a while, one character changes. Again. Initially the same line of text was affected. I reworded that line, and now it’s a different line that’s repeatedly affected. i use Windows and an iPad. I posted here about this problem a month ago, and someone said I should delete and reinstall EN on my PC and iPad, Did that. Everything was fine for a while, then it happened again. Any other suggestions?
  11. Evernote keeps adding formatting after I make an entry. It turns account numbers into telephone numbers Example, In a note I input: 0619 193.67 0555 193.67 2081 193.64 Evernote changes this to: 0619 193.67 0555 193.67 2081 193.64 And not right away. It is as inputted, but the next time I go to the note... there it is. There must be a way to stop this right?
  12. If someone could please point to a discussion topic on this issue, I'd appreciate it. I know I can't be the only one experiencing text formatting issues in both Windows Desktop version and web version. Bullets are acting crazy. Copy/Paste function is changing the format of my text entirely. Is there something I need to do in settings to get this to work. At first, I thought it was a Windows version only issue, but when I attempted to make the same edits via the web version, the same crazy formatting problems surfaced there too. And Today, my Evernote for Windows 7 crashed completely and I keep getting periodic messages 'Not Responding'. It just gets hung up and crashes. It's been doing that a lot more frequently over the past month. Can someone give me some advice here before I open a support ticket?...which I hear is not doing people any good right now. I've been with Evernote since Dec 2015 and I've never had so many formatting issues than I've had over the past few months. I am a Premium user. ~ Frustrated
  13. The new Code Block feature is great! I use it a lot. Here are a couple things that would make it even greater: Convert smart quotes into straight quotes. I copy code snippets from websites, and when I later try to use them, I'm often told that there are "illegal characters" in the code, which turn out to be smart quotes. AFAIK, programming editors don't deal well with these. I recommend that when creating a code block, any "smart" quotes (and apostrophes) be converted into their plain equivalents. Maybe filter out other non-ASCII characters, or at least flag them so we can deal with them before they cause trouble. A common technique is to display them as a question mark inside a diamond. Allow "in-line" code formatting. Many programmer-oriented websites (like StackOverflow) display any text enclosed by backtick characters (`) with code styling. It would be great if Evernote could do this, too.
  14. Hi, I copied part of a web page to a note. I then was editing out the irrelevant parts of the webpage to consolidate it with other text (which is why I didn't use web clipper). I am in Chrome OS. The buttons copied over from the web page are images that are anchored in place and float over whatever text you put there. When I look at the source code, they are inside a div. Since we cannot edit the html (or whatever your code is), I am unable to delete the images. Using delete/backspace doesn't work and there's not a way to do it by right-clicking. I am unable to remove formatting from the copied text. So I have large spaces between paragraphs due to padding I cannot remove. Again, if I could edit code directly, I could fix this. Or if the formatting editor included more functions, I could possibly fix it. The only workaround would be to copy text to Notepad and then back to evernote, but since I am on a chromebook, this is not possible as far as I know. I did try copying over to Google Docs, then clearing formatting, line spacing. I can see it working in Docs, but when I copy back over to evernote, it still retains padding between paragraphs. If anyone has other suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Thanks.
  15. It is bothersome that the numbered list format does not distinguish between different levels of the list. Currently the list format is: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 2 It would be better if it were formatted like: 1. Level 1 A. Level 2 (1) Level 3 B. Level 2 I tagged this with names of all the platforms because it seems to be the case in all of them.
  16. Is it possible to simplify the note formatting when using the web beta interface? If not, I would find this to be a useful feature to add. I'm used to using the Evernote Windows program where I can do this but am trying out the new web beta site. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, I use Evernote both for business and private, it's great! However, we have many notes that we want to create with same layout which currently is not possible. It would be nice to have a button to copy the selected layout to a new line (Windows or Mac client). See it like the paintbrush icon in eg. Microsoft Office apps. On the other hand, when we have used webclipper to copy/paste things or copied articles and want it to become plain text, it would be nice to select an area or everything in the note and be able to clear the layout. Last but not least it would be nice if we were able to select multiple lines of text (some selected lines, then some not, and later in the note some other lines) and change the formatting (font, color) or copy it etc. Hope it gets implementend some way. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  18. I use Evernote 7.1 for Mac, along with Evernote Clipper for Mac Chrome 7.1.0. Since migrating to these new versions (last week? - can't recall), I've experienced several annoying issues: 1. When clipping articles from my browser, I'm unable to type in part of a tag that brings up all tags with that word. The tags that appear are only those that begin with the sequence of letters I type in, but this is much less user-friendly when you can't recall exactly how the tag name begins (a great many are sub-sorted with different lead words). Previous versions of Clipper did allow that, and it was vastly better. 2. When using the Evernote application itself, all new clipped articles have a weird formatting that does not correspond to my preferences. For example, my default text is Arial, but the text appears in PT Serif font (I hate serif fonts!). Moreover, the headlines are in 83 point font, which is far too large. And finally, the margins of the clipped article are very narrow - what happened to the wider margins of previous versions? 3. All of this means I have to go in and manually reformat the text to a smaller Arial font. 4. I'm attaching screenshots of a. an example article as it appears in my browser; and b. an example of how it appears on my Evernote. I hope Evernote is aware of these bugs (at least I hope they recognize them as such) and will correct these in future updates.
  19. When copying/pasting text from another location into a note, there should be an easy way to erase or clear the formatting that travels with it (ie - size, font, bold, etc.) This is a feature on many word processing applications, and on google docs. Thanks!
  20. Evernote Team, why is the formatting of my note information so amazingly terrible whenever I copy it into another application; like Outlook or Word? Isn't this considered a use case for your product? I am a huge fan of Evernote in general. I want to use it even more than I do, but this is a HUGE problem, Along with how often the formatting within a noted gets messed up when editing. These keep Evernote from being my go to tool for collecting and sharing information. They are the primary reasons I haven't upgrade to a premium tier - if I can't use the information in my notes seamlessly across my workflow the hassle of cleaning up the formatting outweighs the benefit of trusting Evernote. I know there are substantial technical challenges to handling formatting cleanly across multiple platforms. But isn't this considered core functionality? It should be.
  21. Good night people I migrated from OneNote to evernote for a simple training that exists when you copy browser texts, especially google chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181), or some visual studio type text editor, and maintains a standard formatting. and this is a wonderful thing, since this is evernote for study. But he is not doing it. this is only serious, unless I use firefox. I would like to know if someone has already gone through this, and if any problem or solution, because the search in the configurations is not found anything related. Test - chrome Test2 - firefox
  22. I have been using Evernote to document some software development courses and for some time have been able to copy Javascript code directly from Visual Studio Code into the Evernote web application (not the Mac OS X client app). For months I would copy and paste code snippets directly from Visual Studio IDE into an Evernote note, and the result would look exactly like this: At some point in the past couple of weeks, something changed on the Evernote Web App. Now all of my notes containing copy and pasted sections of code suddenly look like this: AND I can no longer copy and paste directly from Visual Studio Code, as it results in this: Did some update to the Web Application break this?
  23. Control-shift-space does not remove tables. But I consider tables as a formatting as well. I want to keep the content of cells and get rid off a table structure.
  24. I'm new to Evernote. I just wrote a note and wanted to underline and bold some of the text. This feature is not working, it doesn't do anything. I try highlighting the text and click on the underline or bold. Nothing happens. I also tried clicking the button first and then typing. Nothing.
  25. I would like to report several errors in the note formatting when copy-pasting text into the desktop note. 1. The spaces between words sometimes disappears when text is copy-pasted into the desktop notes (especially when the original text crosses into the next line). (see screenshot) 2. Copy pasted text from powerpoint slides does not appear in the desktop note. I can only paste the desk when using the web version. Formatting appears fine on the web version, but the same formatting error in (1) appears when the same note is opened up on the desktop version 3. Recently new features for tables on the desktop version have been updated and I love them! However, there are two problems: Sometimes the cursor doesn't allow me to change the borders (the borders become static lines again) until I exit the note and open it again When a desktop note is opened in a separate window (and used in split screen with another app), tables cannot be inserted. These may seem pretty minor but can be really frustrating when I'm trying to take notes quickly in lectures! Thanks