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Found 137 results

  1. There is an annoying bug on Evernote for Windows (I have not tested this in other platforms) that has been around for over a year now I believe. If I try to set my default font size to 10 (under options->note font), Evernote will keep reverting to size 9. Oddly enough, if I set it to 11, or 12, or apparently any other, this issue does not occur. Please, someone have a look at this and fix it, as font size 9 is too small for me, and 11 is a bit too big, so I've been living with the annoyance of manually changing the font size to 10 for a long time now.
  2. Hi guys. Since a couple of days or maybe weeks, i can't any longer copy from evernote and paste to word without having formatting errors. It always used to work fine. See my attached files. I'm writing in Swedish. I'm using Evernote and Word on Mac osSierra.
  3. Hi everyone, So … I restarted using Evernote, mostly the web version, and here's my feedback: we are in 2017 and Evernote is one of the only apps I know that doesn't allow to apply styles or format text with headings and so on. IMO, it doesn't make sense. Even Google Docs allows some styles, or at least, allows to import/paste from word and maintain a few styles. Evernote does not. I kindly request the Evernote team to add this feature to your roadmap. I really want to keep using Evernote but I really need to use something better for my notes. Kind regards, pedr
  4. Evernote is great...but it's driving me mad with silly little issues that should just not be happening. In the web-editor - Copy and paste - even within a note - keeps losing the font of the text. I'm using Chrome to access to web editor. I open a note. Most of my text seems to be in Gotham font, size 14. I don't know why... that seems to be the default. Can't change it anyway. I copy that Gotham 14 text - seems to only happen when I've got multiple lines - ie. including a carriage return. Move the cursor somewhere else. Paste it. Evernote turns that into: Some Gotham 14 text Some text in a different font - which says "Font, tT" in the menu bar at the it doesn't really have a font....but it's not Gotham 14. Looks like it might be Verdana - but it's not the same size as any of the ones you can select yourself...slightly bigger than Gotham 14 Some more Gotham 14 text I don't know why it's changing the font, and why it's just some of it. Sounds like it's something to do with the carriage return/newline / multi-line text. So every single time I copy and paste - which is quite a bit - I have to go and put the formatting back....really annoying! I would quite happily change all my notes to whatever that odd font is if it's going to keep changing text to that font - but you can't as it doesn't have a name! Is anyone else getting the same? Seems to have started a month or two ago. Screenshot hopefully showing the issue. Repeatable - happens everytime. I hope Evernote starts fixing some of these basic text formatting issues soon otherwise it's going to drive me away...we shouldn't be having problems with basic text handling..
  5. I save a lot of articles I find on the web with the Evernote Clipper and clip them as a Simplified Article. It would be super awesome if the mobile Evernote app would display the Simplified Article in white text over a black background in full screen on your mobile device... a la Pocket [] [] I would like to read my articles in on the Evernote app as if I was reading an eReader... like how Pocket has done. Hope Evernote can make this happen!!! Thanks!
  6. Hello, I love the code block feature that was added. However, I think it has some down falls. Mostly, I think it is lacking in text formatting. An amazing feature would be for Evernote to recognize some popular coding languages and be able to color code variables and other identifiers. At the very least, I wish the code block kept my formatting when I copied and paste from a text editor. I often copy and paste code from SQL management Studio hoping for the color coding to stay, which it does not. If I copy into a normal section, it is fine but, the code block removes the color formatting. (I have tried pasting with match style, does not work). I think this would make Evernote more robust and be able to reach a larger audience. Mainly, extend reach to developers who would like a place to effectively store their code for reuse. Thank you for taking the time to consider this idea!
  7. Right to Left

    I know this feature has been asked many times on this forum. I haven't found real answer though. I just want to re-emphasize its importance with the competing with OneNote. I know I can overcome this by pasting from MS Word but formatting text will be difficult to manage then.
  8. Sync and Formatting Issues

    Hi There, Long-time fan of Evernote, I can't imagine life without it at this point. HOWEVER! Lately, my internal formatting of notes keeps getting wrecked. For example, I include bold/italic/underline in my notes. Then I'll go back to a note, and all my text will be one giant block of text. Talk about frustrating! I will say that at work, where I access Evernote most, I do NOT have good phone service and NO Wi-Fi. I am wondering if the "Evernote cannot sync," which constantly pops up when I edit a note, has something to do with this. Thank you in advance. Respectfully, Justin
  9. Please Make Ctrl + Shift + V work the way it used to!! I used to copy tons of data from tables and all over with formatting and tables, etc. I use that Key Combo to paste with all formatting _stripped_! Please make it work the way it used to in ~6.4 Thank You a Bajillion times Bajillion! - Evernote User
  10. On the WebApp/Browser version of Evernote, I can use a single backtick: ` before and after a snippet to turn it into a code snippet, just like Markdown/Zendesk, etc. Works great, even inside a bulleted list. I can also select a block of text, and hit the Code Block button, or use three backticks: ``` before/after the text block, and turn it into a code block, again even if it's inside a bulleted list. I can't do any of this in the Windows version of Evernote, which is extremely odd to me that the web client is more fully featured and easier to use?! In the Desktop client, backticks seems to do nothing - they don't trigger any formatting. I can select a block of text, but I can't turn it into a code block, unless it's NOT in a bulleted list?! Worst of all, code snippets seem to be ignored in the Windows version - even if they look/work ok in the WebApp interface! Things are slightly better in the Android app, since at least it does show code snippets I've previously created. Thus I've uninstalled the desktop version as I can't find any utility in it over the browser version and it's missing these critical features I need. Which begs the question - why is the far more complicated desktop version of the app, failing to do these simple formatting requests? Furthermore why is the interface and featureset between all versions of evernote, so different from eachother? Why isn't there just one standard interface and feature set on all platforms!? So confusing to me.
  11. [Disclaimer: I have tried to find a proper way to report bugs and failed. "Help & Learning / Submit a request" tells me to "Please submit a ticket" but doesn't say how.] Greetings. Copying and pasting in code blocks has been flaky as far as can I remember, but after I updated from 6.4 to 6.6 it has become almost unusable due to formatting being destroyed. I was unable to find a way to paste text into code blocks while preserving the font. Make a new note. Click "Code Block". Type "abc abc abc". Select any fragment of that line. Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V. In Evernote for windows: observe how the font has changed. In the browser-based client: not just the font, but also the general line height changes (e.g., if you paste text into the second line of the code block, the first line moves vertically). On a related note, pasting text (into notes in general) contaning newlines is also buggy. In the desktop client: Copying a full line (including EOL) from a note then pasting it back does not insert the newline. Copying a full line (including EOL) from another app (e.g. Notepad) then pasting it into a note inserts a double newline. Pressing Ctrl-Z (Undo) after that moves the cursor to an unrelated location.
  12. Is it possible to simplify the note formatting when using the web beta interface? If not, I would find this to be a useful feature to add. I'm used to using the Evernote Windows program where I can do this but am trying out the new web beta site. Thanks in advance.
  13. I have created a form with WordPress Contact Form 7 to create journaling entries in Evernote, which work like a charm except for the lack of formatting of the text. I would love some guide on how emails should be formatted so that In can create basic formatting like bold text.
  14. UPDATE: If you stumble across this post AND would like this feature don't just comment. Please use the arrows to vote. For all the attention syntax highlighting gets as a desired feature there are very few votes in threads like this. ---- I've been waiting for some form of basic syntax highlighting to be implemented in evernote for years. Am I missing something? The copy/paste solutions into online syntax highlighters are not really an acceptable workaround. Anything like Quiver on Mac would be awesome: Others have been continually asking for the same....
  15. I can't pin down what is causing this, but I am frequently seeing Evernote losing all formatting of my notes, mainly my most active ones like my todo or shopping list. My formatting is not that involved, mainly newlines and sometimes a single layer bulleted list. When this happens, the note is completely unusable on mobile, or at least very tedious. I have to go back to my PC and reformat the whole note which is the only viable way. I have mainly seen this when using the mobile app, so it usually strikes me when I need Evernote the most. If I can't trust my data to Evernote then I need to find another product that can do such a simple thing like not corrupting my notes. Here is an example of what happens: Sample original note: --Todo List Take out garbage Buy groceries Cook dinner Note after corruption: --Todo List Take out garbage Buy groceries Cook dinner I am using Evernote on Windows 10 and IOS (latest). I usually have the Evernote app open on my PC even when I'm away, but even if I closed it, it would still be syncing in the system tray. I only have it on one computer, my iPhone, and iPad, and rarely open anything on my iPad. I use the web once in a while, but not when I see this issue. EDIT: Just ran into this again and found something interesting. Sometimes the note shows as corrupted on IOS, but on the Desktop it does not. If I edit on the desktop and resync to IOS, the note gets fixed on IOS.
  16. Lost Formatting with Checkbox Lists

    I use Evernote almost exclusively for business and personal to-do lists. When I began using the checkbox lists, I always got a nice "tab" sized indent between the checkbox and my text. Now when I make checkbox lists, even within the older notes with spaced formatting, there is no space next to my checkbox. It's completely inconsistent across notes and drives me nuts. How can I correct this formatting error?
  17. Hey All, I am trying out the Evernote presentation mode. Just like in Powerpoint or Keynote I want to be able to have an image and maybe some text to fit within the window without having to scroll to see the whole picture. I import a picture into Evernote but the image seems to be too big; therefore, if I am presenting something, I have to scroll to see the whole picture. Please see attached image to see what I mean. Question: is there a way to get the image to fit on the screen without having to scroll? It sure seems like Evernote should be able to scale the image, especially since I have already set where I want the page breaks in the "Presentation Layout" menu. Thank you!
  18. mac Formatting - Spacing between lines

    Hi there, I hope someone could help me on this. Strangely on this forum, I was not able to 'search' for formatting, simply because I don't see a 'search' dialog box. Only the 'Google site search' is available. Anyway, after typing in 40 lines of texts, they look like a big chunk of cake. Can someone please direct me on how to space them out between paragraphs, especially after the 'hard enters'? I have attached a screenshot. Thank you. Nick
  19. If I scrape, copy and paste into a note (not using the web clipper), En promptly increases the spacing between paragraphs for the rest of the note. Changing all the text to 10 points doesn't change that spacing back to single-space. Nor does Simplify Formatting and/or Remove Formatting. I find that really, really, really irritating. Any advice?
  20. My requested feature is an addition to the Evernote top menu. From the top menu, select <Format> From the format menu, select <Paragraph> At the top of the paragraph menu please add <New Paragraph> The purpose of this requested feature is to provide a means to change formatting to manually add content or comments to an existing note that was clipped from a WebSite. I assume you can implement this feature by putting a <div> tag represented on-screen as a thin grey line, and a blank line where the user can type with default (or customizable) formatting, followed by a </div> tag represented on screen as another then grey line. An example note in which I was unable to add an unformatted set of notes after the section that was clipped from the web is: That is my mail request and it is the purpose of this email. However, as I have been writing this note, I wished it were possible for me to identify myself to you as a premium user without making my account details available to those who see this post. Your software does not provide a simple means of allowing a customer to uniquely identify him/herself with an account ID or account number. Since I have two Evernote accounts, it is often a cause of confusion when trying to discuss program issues, since my default email has a different Evernote account than the one I use most of the time. Thank You.
  21. These were written with the OS X client in mind, but hopefully the spirit of the updates could be reflected on the other clients as well. Bulk Change Due Date This will be extremely convenient for anyone trying to do something non-trivial with the Reminder feature. There is currently no alternative except to manually click each note, go to Reminder -> Change Date -> click calendar/click the text entry field and update it there. If you want to change 10 date-less reminders to be due at the end of the month, it's a big hassle. Users should be able to change the Due Date on multiple reminders at once.When multiple notes are selected, the "multi-select" screen that appears in Snippet View should have a "Set Reminder Due Dates" field.The right-click menu should have an "Add/Change Reminder Due Date" entry which changes to "Set Reminder Due Dates" when multiple notes are selected.The "Note" menu should have an "Add/Change Reminder Due Date" entry which changes to "Set Reminder Due Dates" when multiple notes are selected.Completion History The current lack of history and searchability of completed reminders is contrary to Evernote's core premise of being able to find stuff based on any relevant vector. It's pretty reasonable to ask "Okay... what did I get done last week?", and I was honestly surprised to find that it is currently not possible. When a user marks a note reminder as Complete...The "Alarm" icon changes from blue to green. The completion is noted permanently on the Note somehow. Ideas: A "Completed Date" field appears in the Note Info dialogue with today's date ("Completed:" would also show up next to "Created:" and "Updated:" in the main note view). This is much more invasive to code since it would get the Reminder model chocolate all up in the Note model peanut butter, but is much more preferable because it encourages searchability and has a cleaner appearance. A History entry is created for the note that reads "Marked Complete by {User}" A "completed" tag is automatically added to the Note. In Preferences -> Reminders, there is a checkbox called "Tag completed Notes" that toggles this behavior. When the checkbox is checked, Input A and Input B become enabled. Input A is a text box which is populated by default with "completed". Input B is a checkbox with the label "Append the current date to completion tags", which will result in completed Notes being tagged "completed 1/6/2014" for example. Reminder Milestones The Reminders feature is excellent, especially with the beautifully-implemented "Upcoming Reminders" list that appears in Snippet View. I think a simple "Milestones" feature would make them even more functional and intuitive. Basically a Milestone is an unspecified point in time that represents a bunch of other tasks being completed. For example, you could have a "To-Do List" notebook, and create a Milestone Note for each month. Or if you're working on a home improvement project, you could have a Milestone for "Licenses and Raw Materials", another for "Basic Construction", and another for "Finishing Touches". When a user clicks on the gray Alarm icon for a Note with no reminder, the resulting popup now has two buttons. In addition to the "Add a Date" button, there is a "Set Milestone" button.When a user clicks on the blue Alarm icon for a Note with a reminder, there is a fourth button that reads "Clear Milestone"/"Set Milestone" based on whether the Note is already a Milestone.Milestone Reminders have a distinct background color in the "Upcoming Reminders" list, and their title appears in Bold-weighted font. They are otherwise functionally identical to normal Reminders in terms of setting dates, dragging to reorder, and notifications.Nice-to-Have: Notes with Milestone Reminders have another button/icon somewhere that automatically updates their text to be a Table of Contents listing ONLY the Notes that are part of that Milestone, which is determined by the following rules:A note is considered to be part of a Milestone if it...Appears ABOVE the Milestone in the "Upcoming Reminders" list (either by default positioning or by a user manually dragging it there) Does NOT appear above any other Milestones in the "Upcoming Reminders" list.In other words, a Note can only be part of one Milestone at a time, and a Milestone is comprised of all Notes that appear BETWEEN that Milestone and either the next Milestone above it OR the top of the "Upcoming Reminders" list.Nice-to-Have: When a Note is completed, if it is part of a Milestone according to the above rules, a link to it is added to a "Completed Reminders" list at the bottom of the Milestone Note. If the list does not exist, it is created. This is similar to the "Table of Contents" functionality, but on a Note-by-Note basis.ALTERNATIVELY, there could be a lo-fi way of doing this by simply allowing Reminders to have some basic formatting applied on the "Upcoming Reminders" view. For example, if you select one or more Reminders on the "Upcoming Reminders" list, open the Color list, and select a color, the background color of that Note's entry would change to the selected color. It could conceivably work with the Font list too. Thank you for your time! - Max
  22. hey dudes! first of all Thank you very much for your hard work! Love Evernote! But an annoying thing happened where the check boxes that should be aligned with it's associa ted text, the checkboxes are now on their seperate lines. This seems to have happened to several hundred notes... see the difference here: aand this not so good:
  23. Hi. I'm writing on behalf of my friend who has Evernote Premium. When she shares a note from her iPad by email the recipient gets a note with tiny text and huge pictures. The same happens if she shares a link, even worse. If we simplify the formatting the text is fine but no pictures are received. Please can you help? I've tried everything I can think of. Many thanks
  24. I am a huge fan of Evernote and have been since I first started using it two years ago. However, one of my main issues with the product (across all platforms, but primarily on PC) is with the poor formatting capabilities of the product. I especially have issues with properly formatting outlined lists (i.e. when I want a multi-level outline: I. -> A. -> 1. -> i. ...) This is particularly an issue when I want to draft work emails in evernote, which I think Evernote could be the perfect tool for. Am I missing something, or is this a problem that a lot of other people are having? Evernote team: Keep up the great work! I would love to hear about how you guys are thinking about this issue? Thanks! Matt
  25. I need two columns in a single note, so that I can view my notes in both columns. Is there any way to do this? Thanks for any help.