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Found 80 results

  1. Mazerolle

    Simplify formatting

    I cannot find "simplify formatting" on the web version, as I do with a right click in the windows version. This is a very useful feature for cleaning the clutter of web pages and make them more readable. When do you plan to have the feature in the web version and in the ipad version (it existed, but disappeared). Thanks for the info,
  2. As a relative Evernote beginner, I'm trying to find an efficient way to add text to a Note in a different style (like in MS Word). Frequently, I would like to differentiate in a Note between my text and input from others. I have not found an easy, efficient and repeatable way to switch to different styles in Evernote. Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  3. I just updated the desktop version 7.1 for Mac, and discovered that bullets from itemized lists are disappearing when I copy and paste to Mac Client email (version 9.3). This works fine when copying and pasting into Word or Gmail. It also works if I copy and paste from the web version as a workaround, but this used to work before. Has anyone else seen this? Would appreciate assistance. I have tried to downgrade the version but was unable to since notes have been created with this newer version. Please see screenshots below: Screenshot of Evernote Desktop: Screenshot of email with bullets missing:
  4. Evernote Team, why is the formatting of my note information so amazingly terrible whenever I copy it into another application; like Outlook or Word? Isn't this considered a use case for your product? I am a huge fan of Evernote in general. I want to use it even more than I do, but this is a HUGE problem, Along with how often the formatting within a noted gets messed up when editing. These keep Evernote from being my go to tool for collecting and sharing information. They are the primary reasons I haven't upgrade to a premium tier - if I can't use the information in my notes seamlessly across my workflow the hassle of cleaning up the formatting outweighs the benefit of trusting Evernote. I know there are substantial technical challenges to handling formatting cleanly across multiple platforms. But isn't this considered core functionality? It should be.
  5. Hi All, I'm using Evernote on a Mac with OS Sierra. Until a while ago, when I copied a text from somewhere else to the Evernote, it used to paste it with the exact same color and font as in the source. But now it does not preserve the format (color and font) of the text copied anymore. Even when I use the option "Paste and Match Style" (command +Shift + V). for example I copy this text but when I paste it into Evernote, I get this format: Does anyone know how I can fix it? Thanks
  6. RememberingAndThinking

    Table not formatable

    Cannot see borders on table, cannot format table. Does not work as Help page indicates.
  7. I'd love to be able to have presets normal text, Title, Subtitle, Header 1, etc etc the way that Google Docs does. I rely, heavily, on visual hierarchy when it comes to text content. As such I'm big on using Various sizes of text. It's a pain to constantly hit enter > change text size > change font weight. Would love this feature. Would be EVEN better if I could tag my note with a link to my Google Drive that would then create the document (in a folder you'd set up when creating the tag) and have two way sync. This way I can keep documentation in ONE place (since I'd rather have some stuff private).
  8. I have tens of thousands of notes in Evernote. They are all formatted to have a space (or empty line) between paragraphs. Documents viewed on my iPad are still spaced correctly. And they were always spaced correctly on the Mac version of Evernote. But since updating to Evernote 5.6, which seemed to update the entire database, all the paragraphs now run together. In other words the line space between paragraphs has been lost. I cannot find a command to change the spacing, but it all looks a real mess now, like a bad nightmare, and I would like to restore the spacing I had before. How do I do this? Please someone advise.
  9. I use evernote a lot for not taking and to-do lists. Virtually everything I do in Evernote is in outline format (bulleted usually), unfortunately there seems to be a lot of formatting issues. Cutting and pasting for one section of the outline to another will often cause a double bulletted outline, or it will add a blank line creating 2 separate outlines that you can't get rid of. Sometimes inserting a line into a pre-existing outline will cause the bullets to disappear on the new line, or disappear if you bring in the indentation. Evernote is such a great program and I would love to see a fix for this.
  10. I am missing one very important thing on evernote. This is styles as most text editors offers. The "bold", "italic", "size", "font" are aweful and even Microsoft Word offer a much better solution: styles. Styles allows you to customize text format such as title, subtitles, alignment, code block, quotes... While taking a note I don't need funny formatting. I just want to classify and organize my thoughts efficiently. So please, remove (or at least add an option) and replace the B I U button and Size, Font menus with one single menu with customization styles: titles, subtitiles, paragraph, emphasized text, ... 1. A section 1.1. A subsection A paragraph 1.1. Another subsection Another paragraph From this it would be great to get a table of content for each note. This feature would make evernote perfect.
  11. warten.jetzt@gmail.com

    Remove formatting

    While in the settings the text formatting is adjustable, there's no option in the text area to set everything to the default, or like in gmail "remove formatting".
  12. Dear Evernote, I absolutely love your product; however, after a recent update my ability to copy paste from word to Evernote has been compromised. When I copy from word and paste into Evernote I lose all the formatting, specifically bullet points and sub bullet points. Can you please help?!
  13. How can I prevent Evernote from interpreting host names in pasted plain text as URLs? I have disabled the option "Note -> Automatically format text elements" in an attempt to preserve the original text as best I can, but URLs are still created. Also, how can I clear large numbers of URLs from existing pasted plain text? Neither "Simplify Formatting" nor "Remove Formatting" (as suggested in the below forum post) will remove the URLs. I can right click each one and remove the individual URL, but in a list containing several hundred such URLs, that gets pretty old pretty fast. Post that suggests remove formatting:
  14. Hello Evernoters! I often copy text to Evernote from different sources and then I always struggle with formating it to fit the "normal" text formatting of the note. So, I'd like to ask you to introduce the Format Painter tool = the "brush" you probably know from MS Word. Just select the text with the proper formatting, click on the Brush, and then select the wrongly formatted text to become properly formated. Could you please maket it? Would be very much appreciated! Thank you very much, zbynek dalecky
  15. I use Evernote to take all my business meeting notes. I need to email these notes to folks and emailing a link isn't acceptable in my business. So, I try to either (1) C&P the note directly into Outlook or (2) Export Note to HTML and then C&P that into Outlook. In both cases, I run into a terribly annoying situation - when pasted into Outlook I get an extra bullet per indent level. Here is what it looks like in Evernote: START TESTTESTTEST 2TEST 2TEST END Here is what it looks like when pasted (or exported and pasted): START TESTTEST TEST 2TEST 2TEST END By the way, the export to HTML looks fine. It's when I paste into Outlook. I have dealt with this for years. It's the reason I started using ONENOTE for a long time. I recently came back to Evernote and it still has the same problem. This does not happen when I C&P from Word, ONENOTE, WEBPAGES, so I don't think it's an Outlook issue. Fixing this would literally make this product perfect for me. It it remains broken I might have to find another solution as almost every note I write I email. HELP!!!!
  16. I use preset stylus a lot while using MS word, Markdown tools, or even writing in HTML. Preset styles such as Titles, Headings, Citations, Normal styles are very helpful for making well-organized notes quickly. BUT the current Evernote only provide simple text styling tools like the size or the font, so it is very difficult to have a beautiful and coherent note. Please add Styles feature.
  17. MBader

    unbold-ing text

    On a Mac, bolding text before typing works with Command/B. Unbolding works the same way. . . except if you type Command/B to release bolding but need to type further unbolded text. Releasing bolding with Command/B works if followed by the space bar, but bolding returns if bolded text is followed by the tab key.
  18. Counters using numbers can be added for all menus in Main Menu, also counters in title bars. The Reminders in blue text above all notes is still handy, but upon entering the app, there are times where I just want to see my reminders as its own menu settings with other options for reminders as its own entity. Please see screetshots for examples:
  19. What the heck happened to the "Paste as Plain Text" command that used to be available?! I think there must've been a recent update that replaced it with "Paste and Match Style" which, in my experience so far, means "strip out all the line breaks and turn your clipboard into a giant blob of text." This used to be one of my most frequently used commands ... Copy a selection of text from an email, a web page, a PDF, whatever ... if you just paste it (CTRL+V) into the Note, you're going to get all the formatting, which will usually make a mess of the text. But if you use Paste as Plain Text (CTRL+SHIFT+V) you'd get JUST the characters, including line breaks and bullets, and then you could clean it up with formatting or indents if needed. Now that it's "match style" it's stripping out everything except the text, which includes the line breaks, making it virtually impossible to capture a lengthy section of email or web content, without spending ages going back in to insert line and paragraph breaks. If this was an "enhancement" I'd say FAIL! Also, it looks like they've changed the way tables work, because all of my older notes that had tables in them, now when I try to add a column or edit anything in the table, the table blows apart! Augh. REVERT, REVERT!!
  20. johnjchris


    There's a function in MS Word (and other word processors) called "Format Painter" or the like. It allows one to select a section of text and replicate the format in other sections of text. I use the formatting functions/icons in Evernote all the time but it's time-consuming to make multiple changes. Does Evernote have anything like "Format Painter"? Thanks.
  21. It would be nice if the EverNote team could improve it's URL detection code to better auto-detect only valid URLs. For example, this gets auto-linked by EN but is not a valid URL: /www/abcxyx.com/docs/ For coders and devs/designers, this stuff comes up all the time. Additionally I'd like to suggest a related feature: (Menu) Format > Remove should never be dimmed, so long as ANY block of text is selected. Selecting Format > Remove would then remove ALL links from any set of selected text. This would allow EN users to quickly get rid of a large chunk of mis-linked text.
  22. tessinbo

    Paste Format

    A format painter like a lot of other programs have (like the brush in Office) or a copy/paste format, would be nice.
  23. Hello. First time posting. So I have been teaching myself web design & development, and using Evernote to keep notes on various languages and frameworks. These notes have, of course, code snippets, mostly that I copy in or type out by hand (for example, as I watch a video on Code School). These are interspersed with my explanations and comments. So I am typing my note in the default font, Helvetica Neue, and then going back through and changing the code snippets to Courier New. I know I can go and put my snippets into some code formatter web app and paste them back in, but for my purposes all I really want is for snippets to be a different font. And I want to avoid the hassle of selecting the snippet and going through the font dropdown every time. I was wondering if there was a way to do this. I have been fiddling with AppleScript, trying to make a Service that I could then bind to a keyboard shortcut, but Evernote doesn't seem to allow access to the actual content of notes from AppleScript. Right now I'm trying to save the note HTML content to a variable and then add a font tag to lines that start with a certain character, but I was just introduced to AppleScript today so I don't really know what I'm doing. Here's the lame attempt I have so far: property noteHtml : "" property addOn : "<br><br><hr><br><br>" tell application "Evernote" activate set note1 to selection set noteHtml to (HTML content of note1) set addString to "<br>" if {noteHtml starts with "<p>"} then set editHtml to ? set noteHtml to editHtml end if end tell Can anyone offer any tips or a solution? Thanks.
  24. how to keep format when copying from word to evernote
  25. I am baffled by the Match Style Paste on Mac, as my formatting is no longer retained. I am Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.4 and I did a routine software update today. Yesterday, anytime I pasted from any source (specifically Chrome content), I could see the format of clipboard with a simple command + V (no shift) after copying. Today I am pasting from my clipboard and the formatting is not "matched." I tried Paste Match Style from Edit menu, the shortcut command + shift + V ... I even tried fiddling with "simplify format," to see if I had "toggled" a setting ... nothing. Frustrated by the lack of consistent behavior, and lack of any defaults or setting adjustments in Preferences. Did something happen after the software update? Or was some account setting altered after I used the app on android? Can anyone help, or provide an update on this issue? Is it a known bug? Thanks!