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  1. Subfolders

    I REALLY would like to make subfolders in Evernote a thing. I'm an extremely specific person and I like everything to be in subfolders. For example, I'm a photographer and I like to have all of my clients as a separate note. I'd LOVE to be able to have subfolders in my "Clients" notebook for completed, processing, & queued clients. Does anybody else forward this? I think this needs to be a thing.
  2. I've been using Evernote in "lazy man" mode, but now want to organize my note files. I thought Evernote would have a simple click & drag method where I could set up folders (notebooks) in one column, and in another column I would have my original notes which could be dragged to my newly organized notebooks. Instead, it seems I need to click a note and then click a dropdown and add it to that folder / notebook. It would be much simpler and intuitive to have a click and drag capability. If I'm missing that option, please let me know and I'll use it to sort through my various notes. Thank you! Mark D.
  3. Feature Request

    Folders. Folders to place Notebooks in. I use the Notebooks to place several Notes on several ideas, and use each note to list the details and implementation of each idea. I work with a variety of companies as a support consultant, and it would be great if I could create a folder for each company or section of my life, and place within the folders the Notebooks of various Notes I have created. PS - Also when 'sorting' by alphabetical order, it would be helpful to get rid of unnecessary white space that needlessly expands the list downwards requiring more scrolling and less note titles in eye-view at one time. Thank You.
  4. Is there a way I can designate a folder on my Windows desktop where whatever is in that folder, it will be automatically synced to Evernote? Yep, I have the app installed on my Windows Desktop.
  5. So I did a quick search and saw that this feature was discussed back in 2011 and it has not seemed to change. A colleague and I have a shared folder. He cannot add new tags to his own notes in the shared folder. This is a huge oversight! The option to allow this permission is a must. As a creator of the note, I need my collaborators to have full-functioning access. The tag system is why the lot of us are here. Search functionality is a must. If a user who is using a shared folder cannot create their own tags, they are excluded from exploring the full potential of a shared platform. I hope this can get support and ultimately implemented. The official response I saw back in 2011 was that this was not a feature to prevent a collaborator from "polluting" the folder with new tags... Allow us to determine whether that is a concern. By granting access to the folder we are obviously assured that they will contribute quality content. Mind blowing oversight, haha. Anyways... what does the community think? Let's get them talking about this.
  6. While trying to organize my notes in evernote, i suddenly was no longer able to drag notes into folders. Things were going along swimmingly until suddenly that feature stopped working. Is there some thing i accidentally pressed that made this feature go away? I can still manually move the notes if i go into the individual notes and click on the folder option in the top left corner, or go to the "move to notebook" option when multiple notes are highlighted. Thank you for your help
  7. Hi, Feature request. I'm guessing it's been requested in the past but in case it hasn't, have Evernote monitor import folders and synchronize deletions, renames, etc. Thanks. RBL
  8. Hi, I know this is not a new suggestion, but please please please make folder stacks that can go more than one folder deep. It is extremely obnoxious that this many years into the program you do not have this feature. Tags are great but they are not a substitution; i want to use them differently than i would folder organization. I want to use tags differently than you guys want me to, i guess. This lack of depth in organizing on top of a slew of new technical error is making me look into other programs. I have invested a lot of time into evernote and i would prefer not to have to change programs, but i am seriously considering it. If it matters i am a premium user and have been for a few years.
  9. I am trying to figure out how to use the new "Style" attribute of folders to color code two Notebooks that I have. I can change the text style and the text color for individual folders, but there doesn't seem to be a way to change these attributes for the entire Notebook. What I would like to do is to select a color and a text style for all the folders in one notebook (i.e. RED and BOLD), and select a different COLOR attribute for all the folders in another Notebook. So far, I have only been able to do that one folder at a time. And if you choose SET THIS [STYLE] AS THE DEFAULT STYLE, it changes ALL folders in ALL NOTEBOOKS to that style. There must be a way to use the style attribute to distinguish folders in one notebook from folders in a different notebook, visually. Ideas and suggestions, please! I have way too many folders to do this operation one folder at a time! I tried selecting multiple folders before changing the STYLE attributes, but that option does not seem to be enabled. HELP!
  10. In order to take advantage of the organization features in Evernote, I have to: 1. Create a note in Penultimate; 2. Sync Penultimate to Evernote; 3. Switch to Evernote; 4. Open the note, put it in the correct folder, tag it. 5. Close Evernote; 6. Reopen Penultimate, and start taking notes. This leaves me with a far more organized folder structure in Evernote than Penultimate (because you can only create the stacks in Evernote), and tags that can only be searched in Evernote (when I spend 90% of my time in Penultimate). Can you please mirror the functionality from Evernote in Penultimate?
  11. I want a way to move a note between notebooks when I press the 'info' button. Thanks, Jared
  12. Hi there, I have tried and stopped using Evernote several times over the years for one simple reason, which is I cannot figure out how to create nested folders, or folders within folders. The system only allows me to create Parent Folder > Child Folders (As Many as I can make) EG. Business Projects > Project 1 What I need to be able to do is Business Projects > Project 1 > Subtopic Folder 1 > Etc I really don't feel like going back to Devonthink Offic Pro, but if this is still a limitations I really cant see how i can continue to use Evernote as a serious tool Thanks for your help.
  13. I am a teacher and thinking of using Evernote to scan all my student's work into Evernote so that I would be able to compare and show growth to each student over the course of the year. So my question is: Is it possible to sub-divide Notebooks into different categories by title? For example, have a Notebook titled History and then categories by student's names; or a Notebook for each student, with categories of the subject matter.
  14. mac disappearing folders

    I created folders which disappeared. It says I have 19 but only displays the ones I created yesterday. When I search for them nothing appears. When I recreate them it says I can't duplicate. Where are they and how do I access them?
  15. All the sudden, the folder selection option in Evernote Web Clippet completely disappeared! See attached screen shot. Under folder options for web clipper, I can select "Smart Filing" "Use Last Folder" or "Always Start In". Changing these settings does nothing. All three of them still result in zero folder selection option. I can't use web clipper anymore! I have no idea where my notes are being filed... writing down keywords so I can search for the later in Evernote desktop or Web is actually waaay too much trouble. I've had to resort to old-fashioned bookmarks. Arrgh... What's wrong?
  16. Hello EN community! So I'm trying to get out of the folder-subfolder mindset, because 1)EN doesn't have subfolders, and 2)tags seem to be more flexible. The problem I'm facing is this: With the usual folder-subfolder hierarchy, when I open a folder, I get a list of all the subfolders within that folder. With tags, it isn't like that. I'd have to remember all the additional tags i need to filter further. I don't have the visual sense of what's inside the folder, or "tag". This is especially a problem on mobile devices, where you can search for a tag, but you can't filter by two or more tags without going into search>advanced search>choose notebook>and find all tags. Even here, the tags are sorted alphabetically, not grouped! It's really pain. I'd appreciate any advice from you pros!
  17. I'm a frequent Evernote user, on multiple platforms. I depend on it, and I desperately want to like it. But it frustrates me every single time I interact with it. I write this in the hopes that I'm just missing something. To me, the most transformative benefit that came with storing things digitally was the availability of an arbitrarily deep hierarchy. No longer did I have to limit myself to a sheaf of notes stapled together inside a manila folder inside a file drawer. I could create a lush hierarchy that let me quickly navigate to my current area of focus, and brought complete freedom to subdivide that focus, or not, as deep or shallow as I chose.* Here's the key: When I add a note, I may not remember how I've organized things in this "region" of my brain precisely. I want to see that organization explicitly, so I can decide where the new information belongs. If there's already a note on this topic I may want to add to it rather than force myself to look in two places for it. If there are related ones that are diverging into multiple clusters I may want to split them. Throwing my new note into an unsorted pile and hoping search can find it later feels like throwing it away to me. Evernote is a big step backward from files stored in filesystem folders in this respect. I acnowledge all the powerful data entry tools that come with EN -- that's why I use it. But in terms of organization we're all the way back to manila folders (Stacks) containing sheaves of paper stapled together. Why? What's so hard about putting notes in a folder hierarchy? Is there some downside to this that I can't see? -J * I fully recognize that tags are in one sense more general than a folder hierarchy in that they allow a single item to be associated with multiple organizational nodes. But that strength is also their weakness -- they don't allow you to rediscover the hierarchy as you navigate it.
  18. I have figured out how to share a notebook with a premium user (I am also a premium user) and they can edit the notes in my notebook, but I need her to be able to also add additional notes into my notebook. Is that possible? How do I do it? If it is not a current feature, I guess, it is a request to have Evernote create a level of rights for premium users to allow other users to add notes to shared notebooks.
  19. The title says it all. When ever I try to switch folders, evernote (currently the windows desktop client build 5) minimizes itself to the tray. To switch folders I needed to shutdown the client, and restart it. I have to do this every time i want to switch folders. This problem started when i was using the desktop client build 4 and persisted when I moved to build 5. its frustrating. any suggestions? Ideas?
  20. I just synched my evernote and all of a sudden every single one of my notes were taken out of the folders I placed them in and placed in "Conflicting Changes." Is there anyway to replace them back in their respective folders without having to individually go through all 600+? Also, how do I make sure this doesn't happen again?
  21. Sneeky Sidebar Poem 'O Sneeky Sidebar... Why do you sneek back on when I shut you off? I would have thought by now you'd understand... (wait, I need to cough, *ahem*) When I drag a note to my folder of choice, You get in the way, and I want to raise my voice. 'O Sneeky Sidebar, please get out of the way, Productive people don't have that much time in their day.
  22. android (Archived) Dating each note title

    First, I want to thank the faithful posters of this forum for helping me get started. I downloaded tons of forum discussions to Pockets and have spent the last month reading and rereading different people's organizational systems before I began. Almost became paralyzed with too much info, but finally just dove in and am loving it so far. Thank you! Now to my question. I read on this forum a couple of times that I should date each note in the title for ease in finding over the years, and the preferred method of dating was yr,month, day (ex. 130220 for today). I have been doing that, but honestly don't see how that is going to be helpful for me in the long run. What have you found. For the record, I've taken the advice of the pros that have posted here and have minimal notebooks (inbox, active, archive) and am including keywords in my titles and using a few tags when necessary. I also add the day's date to the beginning of each note, but it feels arbitrary when the note itself doesn't have any relevance to the date. Am I missing something or did I misunderstand something?
  23. Is there any way to change the cover of a notebook ? I read somewhere about putting a picture in as the first note and it would show through ! This certainly doesn't work. Does anyone know if this is possible in version 5 ? I am trying to set up notebooks for each of my students. It would be good to have their photo as the cover.
  24. I just noticed that I have duplicates for all of my folders - one is local, one is synced. Did I change a setting or something? To which folder do I add new items?
  25. Hello everyone. I recognize this is a cross-post with a "Lifestyle" sub-forum and I apologize to those whose net etiquette has been offended. Recently embarking on the paperless journey, I have quickly realized that for the elegant simplicity of naming and tagging documents to be thrown into the Evernote soup and retrieved later via metadata or a robust search, there are many hang-ups in doing so with documents that one either needs to edit, ammend, aggregate, or otherwise tinker with while doing work. Whether these documents are as basic as MS Office files, or as complex as large statistical data sets, there are things that, at this juncture, just cannot live happily in the Evernote world. Without a boring discourse, I really have two fundamental questions: For those who require a file structure outside of evernote to do work (be it because of file formatting, frequent editing, sharing with non-evernoters, firewall issues for EN syncing, etc) - what, if any, program(s) do you use to achieve a similar level of ubiquitous access to your files as is provided in Evernote (i.e. Dropbox, Sugarsync, GDrive, etc.).? Whether you use a cloud sync tool or not, what is your preferred method of non-Evernote folder/file nomenclature/project structure? Does your file and folder nomenclature change if the documents are to eventually be archived in Evernote? I have grown quite fond of the YYMMDD prefix that Grumpy Monkey has adapted for his digital life, but I am struggling with how such a filing identifier can be adopted into a file naming system which also uses things like job (project) identifier codes (i.e. project 172C) to categorize and track things like costing, logistics coordination and billing. I ask these things because it appears as though I am quite unintentionally relying upon Evernote as a capture and action-related tool due to the bulk of my ongoing work taking place outside of Evernote. At the same time, I see great utility in combining the two, and at the very least would like to develop a work process that naturally feeds one into the other (or back and forth between the two). Any advice or experience in this area is, of course, much appreciated. Thank you all in advance for your valuable input on these forums. Without your willingness to share your experiences, I would still be mired in the paper/digital hinterland with the lion's share of my colleagues. It has drastically changed the way I approach information and work.