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Found 526 results

  1. Whenever I log in to Firefox, an unwanted Evernote screen with tips, suggestions, and sales pitches pops up in a new tab. I have unchecked all notifications for my account, but they still popus. I wrote to Support, and got back unrelated jibberish about forthcoming upgrades. How can I stop Evernote from spamming my web browser with unwanted pop ups?
  2. It would be nice if Evernote would align their web clients. I see two different editing bars between Chrome and Firefox. In Firefox there's no ability to use quotes like in the Chrome version. Also in Firefox, there's no ability to attach Google Drive documents (though I suspect that this is a business deal with Google). Selection_019.bmp
  3. Recently I got an error message in Firefox that a Skitch related Javascript stopped working. Now I wonder why I get this one, though I did not use Skitch for a long time, and the addon is not even installed? Could it mean the Web Clipper, while it writes "Skitch"?
  4. There is a red dot on the elephant and the clipper does nothing! The web clipper was great when it worked. Please repair.
  5. I am having a problem with Evernote Web Clipper in Firefox Browser. I am now using V 51.0.1 of Firefox. However, this issue was going on back in V 50.0 and forward. The problem is having to log-in over and over again. The login is required every time I go to use Webclipper. I have to say this is really a major issue. Since this been going on for the last few Evernote Web Clipper updates, I had to revert back to V 6.2.0. To keep my machines updated, I tried the update of V and it's doing the same thing and maybe a bit worse. If I am busy saving info to Evernote, using Web Clipper, it can be every minute that I have to re log-in. This is just not acceptable. Is there a resolution for this issue other than reverting back to an older version?
  6. There doesn't seem to be any way to permanently dismiss the annoying little web clipper "nag" to "try it out" every time I navigate to a page with a PDF download or reader. Yes, we can click the X box, and the nag disappears. But it reappears persistently... even after we have "tried it out." We don't always want to use it. Give us a switch to permanently turn off the nags, at least after a "first-time" use. Thanks.
  7. We have 4 window 10 computers at home running firefox. Web clipper on all computers stopped working this week. Problem -could not log in, received “Checking credentials took too long.” Uninstall then reinstalling - same results. Also tried installing version 6.9.3 - that did not work. Installed 6.2.0 and it worked.
  8. My Web Clipper button for Firefox does not respond anymore! I've tried reinstall it, even with older versions. Nothing works! Reinstalling doesn't seem to reset anything that has gone wrong.
  9. Firefox

    For a few days I have been completely unable to log into Web Clipper. There's a little red dot on the icon. The first time I tried to log in, I got the sign-in box, but nothing happened. Now when I click on the icon, I get a blank box for a second and it disappears. Every time. I'm logged into both Evernote Web and the desktop application, but the clipper is completely borked. I have re-installed the add-on and updated Firefox. Zilch.
  10. I think it would a useful feature to add an option to remove graphics from simplified article clipping. Given almost every news article these days contains some graphics one way or another, I find myself constantly removing them manually once the article is clipped into Evernote. Better yet, maybe a checkbox next to each graphic in the article for user to decide which one to clip along with the article and which one to leave behind.
  11. I'm very pleased to announce Web Clipper 6.9.3 for Firefox. Thanks to the new 'Web Extensions' API in Firefox we're able to jump from version 6.2 to 6.9.3 and provide you the same feature set we have on other browsers. Moving forward, we'll be much quicker to update it. (We'll submit 6.10.1 for review today). To install Web Clipper for Firefox, go to: This new version works in Firefox 49 or later. For older versions, please visit the extensions versions page and download Web Clipper 6.2.
  12. Firefox

    Hello, I am new to clipper. Evernote starts when i boot up but it seems like I have to log in on again to use Clipper. Any method to auto log in to clipper? sciopist Thanks Robin
  13. Hi, since the update to the Web Clipper it do not work any more. I try to to delete and reinstall the Addon but if I click the Web Clipper Icon nothing happens. No Clipper no error windows or something!? What should I do to use Web Clipper again at Firefox 64bit version (Waterfox)? Regards, Steffen
  14. I am running Firefox build 50.1.0 and Evernote Clipper - I have been unable to use clipper since a popup box was introduced as the login default. I put my username and password and the box disappears and the clipper icon remains non-functional. Pressing it brings up the pop-up login .... again and again and again. I have reinstalled the Clipper multiple times and the problem remains. Can you please recommend a FIX. I have integrated clipper into my normal workflow and the lack of function is having a big impact on my ability to work effectively.
  15. Title says it all. I was excited to see that the web clipper now supports gmail, but unfortunately it appears that it doesn't work with gmail's preview pane feature enabled, which I can't live without. Any chance you could fix that?
  16. I have recently started experiencing some aberrant behaviour on a windows 7 machine running firefox. The evernote web clipper stopped functioning. After much poking it was discovered that normal functionality could be returned by setting the third party cookie setting in firefox to an "accept" policy rather than a "denied" setting I am only seeing this behaviour on a single machine, running Windows 7 64bit, Firefox 50.1.0 with web clipper , and previous to last week was was not displaying the behaviour. I have looked at a Mac OSX 10.12.2, Firefox 50.1.0 with web clipper, A Linux machine of some Ubuntu flavour running Firefox 50.1.0 with web clipper , Neither of these machines are dysfunctional with the third party cookies denied. I found it persisted through reinstalls of the addon as well as Firefox, I attempted Firefox 50.0.0 and Firefox 51.0.b14 both with web clipper and the problem presisted. However when I downgraded web clipper to 6.9.3 the problem resolved. web clipper is operational with third party cookies disabled. I am not too sure what happened to invoke this behaviour. The affected machine was operating 'normally' up until recently. And machines with current version configurations of Firefox and web clipper are not displaying the behaviour, yet.
  17. Hi, Please have a look at the following bug report: It would be great if somebody could have a look at the issue and comment over there. Thanks, Roberto
  18. Hi, Some of my clips started taking ages. I noticed I can't access them via my app either as it has not synced with the cloud yet. I had my clipper set to clip locally to the app on my windows desktop to prevent these issues, but it seems that option has now gone away and it can only sync to the cloud? If this is the case, then I have to provide the feedback that this choice is very bad. Clipping large web documents for example can take minutes to the cloud, seconds to local storage, where the sync can happen nicely in the background. In addition, I rarely use evernote web, prefering the local app to do my work. What I just clipped is not in the app until after a sync, which is another inconvenience. If it is possible to change this, please let me know.
  19. Hello! Web Clipper on Chrome works perfectly. However, after installing Web Clipper on Firefox Nightly the Firefox browser gets much slower, to the point the browser hangs. I haven't any other extensions installed except for uBlock Origin. Is this a known problem? Are there any specific steps I can follow to ease the debugging? Thanks in Advance, Pedro
  20. Love Evernote but I do wish it would not log me out so often, or give me an option to stay logged in. Yes I get the security aspect, but when it logs you out so often or does not give you the choice of a checkbox to remain logged in, it forces people to make less secure passwords so defeats the point. Why cant we have a permanant 'remain logged in' checkbox on the web version and clipper!?
  21. Firefox

    I can't login in Evernote web clipper 6.9.3 and Firefox 50. When I type in my credentials and press login, I get the message "unknown error".
  22. This has gone in for several weeks. Started a few weeks on my old computer. Got a new computer and a fresh download to re-install evernote clipper for Firefox. In both computers, got a stop save script after saving, but before getting the second screen from Evernote that indicate the clip was saved. this results in speed in ALL of my apps slowing to a crawl and I have exit all programs and reboot my machine. This has happened so many times that I am now reluctant to use Evernote. When I see something I really want to clip, and I decide to take a chance, it will do it all over again.
  23. My web clipper recently updated to version 6, and I can't seem to figure out how to choose the notebook and tags for a clip. It used to be that the dialog would allow you to select both, but now the only options relate to the format of the clip, not where to put it. If I click on the Options button at the bottom of the dialog, I can set the default notebook and tags for all clips, but I don't see anywhere to set them for the particular clip being taken. Was this ability removed? If so, why? If not, could you help me find it? Thanks. Edit: additional info. I tried turning off 'smart filing' in the options dialog, but there is no change. (And with the old web clipper, I had smart filing on, and it helpfully preset tags, but I still had the ability to change them.) Also, I notice I can't select the "Always start in" option for Notebook. Both the radio button and select box are non-functional.
  24. When I try to clip from a html page in my hard disk (not from the www) by Evernote Firefox clipper, it does not clip the article - it only asks to clip URL. Is this a bug - or is there any specific reason for this?
  25. Apologies if this should be obvious to me. Having recently discovered EN and purchasing an Android tablet, I have found EN a great tool for class notes and readings in my MBA classes. Many documents are provided to students (such as a syllabus) as a Word .doc file. Web clipper does a fine job of grabbing web pages, so I exported as XHTML from Openoffice. It opened fine in Firefox and Web Clipper offered to save it as a note, but only the URL, not the page. Try as I might, I cannot get Web Clipper to save the actual page. Worse, it saves the URL of the local file on my desktop (e.g. file://home/marty/blah.html), making it inaccessible from my tablet. I tried a simple copy/paste but all tables and images get lost. I could always convert to PDF but Android EN cannot render those, so they just show up as an attachment which makes browsing documents more cumbersome. Is there a graceful way of tricking web clipper into copying actual XHTML? Many thanks, Marty