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Found 541 results

  1. I am still not able to use the EN Web clipper in Firefox for Mac. The web clipper icon has a red dot on it. When I click on the icon, a blank Mozilla pop up page appears. Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks very much.
  2. Firefox

    Today I tried to get an article on a wordpress blog, via clipper, but in the simplified article there are a few links missing. If I use Safari or Firefox reading mode, the links appear. Example: Original Post: You can show the original post here: Can you fix it? Thanks Andrea
  3. Hi, The Web Clipper on Firefox was updated, and Firefox on my computer applied the update recently--Version: (48bcd17/ Tonight, when I clipped some content, I discovered that the web clipper settings had changed. In particular, both Related results [ ] Show Evernote content related to my web searches. PDF page button [ ] Show Save to Evernote button on PDF pages. were turned on. I've always kept them off because otherwise, they hinder my work. I turned both off and saved my settings. However, even with the settings off, every time I clip content from the web, the clipper shows me related content. 1. How do I make this stop? 2. In future, can you please stop resetting the settings? I don't know if it's relevant, but the MozLog shows many instances of this warning: 01:44:36 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time) (WARN) moz-extension://335745b1-36aa-4ea5-99f1-0c074bbe9bc7/background.html: chrome tabs query did not return a result while changing window focus /n01:44:46 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time) (WARN) moz-extension://335745b1-36aa-4ea5-99f1-0c074bbe9bc7/background.html: chrome tabs query did not return a result while changing window focus /n01:45:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time) (WARN) moz-extension://335745b1-36aa-4ea5-99f1-0c074bbe9bc7/background.html: chrome tabs query did not return a result while changing window focus /n01:45:27 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time) (WARN) moz-extension://335745b1-36aa-4ea5-99f1-0c074bbe9bc7/background.html: chrome tabs query did not return a result while changing window focus /n01:45:46 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time) (WARN) moz-extension://335745b1-36aa-4ea5-99f1-0c074bbe9bc7/background.html: chrome tabs query did not return a result while changing window focus ...thanks!
  4. Hi, i make a day several Webclipper Tags in my Notes in Firefox about Website contents. But after a while I do not know, if I made it, or not, so I have to look in my Evernote. But the useability would be more better, if I have a Symbol, when I go with the mouse of the Add-On in Firefox Evernote Clipper would me recognize, that from this Website I made a Note or not.. Would be super, when this feature will be soon exist. Best regards Georg
  5. Hi, I'm a bit disappointed, that the firefox esr versions (firefox long-term-support versions, actual version: 45.9.0) are not supported by Web Clipper.
  6. Trying to install the Webclipper addon on Waterfox version 52.0.1 (64-bit) I always get The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt I tried with evernote_web_clipper- and evernote_web_clipper-6.11beta1-an+fx-windows.xpi Looking at the plugin contents, I don't see install.rdf, chrome.manifest, ... How is this expected to install?
  7. Firefox

    Sinds the latest update for Firefox 52.1.1 64 bits under Windows 10, the plugin doesn't work anymore :-( Any idea ? Thanks in Advance, Mike
  8. The extension, when clicked on, opens a window and closes right after it opens and it wont let me sign in or anything. It's been like that for a long time. Would really like some help.
  9. Hi, I want it like pocket. If I have a link at this time and I click right it is only the option "store link" The pocket extension stores the whole text of the links's Website. I don't know why Evernote clipper don't can do this. That is the only reason why I use pocket at this time. If you can add this feature, pocket is obsolete for me. I want to use only Evernote. But it is very anoying to open every Website and to store the text to read it later. Is it something you have in your todo?
  10. Firefox

    Windows 7 x64, FIrefox 52.0.2, Web Clipper Not sure when it started, but I first noticed it yesterday. WebClipper no longer signs in. I click on the toolbar icon and it brings up a window, but before anything in the window loads, it closes. I've tried it with all other add-ons disabled. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Web Clipper add-on. If I delete all cookies and restart Firefox, the sign in window loads properly and I am able to tell it to sign in. However, the toolbar icon still does not say I'm signed in. Clicking on it again brings up the empty popup window that quickly closes.
  11. I have been having problems with my Firefox for some time, and eventually disabling each add-on one at a time, I noticed that Web clipper is the one causing the slow down to a point where FF gets unresponsive. Anyone else with the same problem? I only have 4 other add-ons: FEBE, DownThemAll!, Fireshot and Password Exporter. Cheers,
  12. I'd like to be able to click in (or near) the "add tags" field and get a drop-down of all my defined tags. I've even seen reference to this feature as if it already exists, but if it does, I have not the wit to find it in either Firefox 19.0.2 or Chrome 25.0.1364.172 m. Is there something I might have misconfigured? I'm using Web Clipper 5.5.1, Evernote The feature would be better if the drop-down list started with a (configurable) number of the most recenty used tags, followed by all the tags in in alphabetical order.
  13. Firefox

    Using Firefox 52.0.2 Every time I open a web page, Webclipper butts in at the top right corner and has to be closed to get it out of the way. Is there a way to tell it to butt out and stay out until invited? Thanks.
  14. Dear Evernote, My latest version of Firefox gave me this disturbing news. Just wanted to know if you are aware of it. Is there anything that can be done about it please. Webclipper save my life!
  15. There doesn't seem to be any way to permanently dismiss the annoying little web clipper "nag" to "try it out" every time I navigate to a page with a PDF download or reader. Yes, we can click the X box, and the nag disappears. But it reappears persistently... even after we have "tried it out." We don't always want to use it. Give us a switch to permanently turn off the nags, at least after a "first-time" use. Thanks.
  16. Hello, I tried many times and in different Firefox profiles. Evernote web clipper can't clip anything from I tried clipping pages from in Chrome and it works flawlessly. So, bug in the clipper for FF? If people from Evernote are interested I can send Event Logs.
  17. I'm very pleased to announce Web Clipper 6.9.3 for Firefox. Thanks to the new 'Web Extensions' API in Firefox we're able to jump from version 6.2 to 6.9.3 and provide you the same feature set we have on other browsers. Moving forward, we'll be much quicker to update it. (We'll submit 6.10.1 for review today). To install Web Clipper for Firefox, go to: This new version works in Firefox 49 or later. For older versions, please visit the extensions versions page and download Web Clipper 6.2.
  18. I am having a problem with Evernote Web Clipper in Firefox Browser. I am now using V 51.0.1 of Firefox. However, this issue was going on back in V 50.0 and forward. The problem is having to log-in over and over again. The login is required every time I go to use Webclipper. I have to say this is really a major issue. Since this been going on for the last few Evernote Web Clipper updates, I had to revert back to V 6.2.0. To keep my machines updated, I tried the update of V and it's doing the same thing and maybe a bit worse. If I am busy saving info to Evernote, using Web Clipper, it can be every minute that I have to re log-in. This is just not acceptable. Is there a resolution for this issue other than reverting back to an older version?
  19. FireFox last version 48.0.2 is not compatible with Web clipper extension, any advice?
  20. Whenever I log in to Firefox, an unwanted Evernote screen with tips, suggestions, and sales pitches pops up in a new tab. I have unchecked all notifications for my account, but they still popus. I wrote to Support, and got back unrelated jibberish about forthcoming upgrades. How can I stop Evernote from spamming my web browser with unwanted pop ups?
  21. It would be nice if Evernote would align their web clients. I see two different editing bars between Chrome and Firefox. In Firefox there's no ability to use quotes like in the Chrome version. Also in Firefox, there's no ability to attach Google Drive documents (though I suspect that this is a business deal with Google). Selection_019.bmp
  22. Recently I got an error message in Firefox that a Skitch related Javascript stopped working. Now I wonder why I get this one, though I did not use Skitch for a long time, and the addon is not even installed? Could it mean the Web Clipper, while it writes "Skitch"?
  23. There is a red dot on the elephant and the clipper does nothing! The web clipper was great when it worked. Please repair.
  24. We have 4 window 10 computers at home running firefox. Web clipper on all computers stopped working this week. Problem -could not log in, received “Checking credentials took too long.” Uninstall then reinstalling - same results. Also tried installing version 6.9.3 - that did not work. Installed 6.2.0 and it worked.
  25. My Web Clipper button for Firefox does not respond anymore! I've tried reinstall it, even with older versions. Nothing works! Reinstalling doesn't seem to reset anything that has gone wrong.