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Found 10 results

  1. I really like the tag filter menu when viewing notebooks. It provides an additional overview of notes, tag-based, and even allows to further filter the list. Unfortunately, this is a missing function in the search results view. Please give us that feature as it would really add some more value to the search function.
  2. I would like very much if each notebook would have the option for notebook specific filtering in the columns. Some notebooks I want to show tags, some I dont. Some notebooks I want to sort by date updated, some by name, etc.
  3. Say I highlight text blue in multiple notes as a form of tagging text down in notes, does there exist a third-party tool that will let me see all the text from multiple notes (displaying like it's all in a new note) highlighted with that color?
  4. Is there a way to filter tags by notebook? For me that would be very helpful. Michael
  5. it would be simple as possible to code IMO. if brody@nowhere.com writes to you en email to evernote than -> go to @brody #newmail notebook if sarah@example.us writes to you en email to evernote than -> go to @sarah #personal notebook otherwise go to @default notebook. this features would be great in helping me to tidy up my notebooks and my email.
  6. I'm making increasing use of folders to organize my separate projects. Within these, however, I will constantly add clips from web, notes for bigger assignments within that project or source material. The result is that my most important working notes become lost in the list. My suggestion is for an option that allows a note title to be highlighted. I am thinking of how Mac folders work, with multiple colors. For now one color would be sufficient. Even if I make a note a favorite, it does not change the formatting of the title sufficiently in my list for quick identification or access. I didn't expect this to be such a challenge, but when working with source materials the note names start sharing certain words. They become subtle differences of each other and therefore very difficult to pull apart. Another option for solving this would be to add a field in the note list frame. In the same way you can add 'Sync Status' alongside 'Updated' and 'Title', you would be able to add 'Starred' or a 'High Priority'. This would allow for a quick re-ordering of the list between high-priority (working files), medium-priority (support fragments of writing) and low-priority (source material).
  7. I'm a recruiter and using Evernote as a means for storing resume's until I have a chance to review them and decide whether or not I want to put them in the system. I have a person that sources resumes and will drag and drop them into Evernote for me, and so there is a continual flow of new resumes. My main issue is that I have another recruiter that also needs access, and we like to have the history of resumes, but I don't want to keep looking at the same resumes over and over again. What I would like to do is add a tag "Reviewed" once I've reviewed them, and then be able to search only the resumes that DO NOT have that tag. The only other option I know of is to use the "created since" search criteria to only review resumes from within a specified date range. Is there a way to add tags and then filter out based on those tags?
  8. Hello Evernote team Number of cathegorization levels is very limited in Evernote. I can see tagging as the only one manner to substitute at least one more level for cathegorization. But this manner is not very practical if there is need to scrool down all possible tags when trying to filter notes in selected notebook and to "enter another cathegorization level". This would become more usable if "tags menu" showed only tags that are available for selected notebook as shown in picture. Would such feature be possible in future in Evernote? Thanks RastyG
  9. If I choose a notebook in the favorites bar and then a tag in the sidebar I can get a manageable list of notes to browse. Clearing a tag feels a little unintuitive though. As a casual user I forget how to clear a tag and always attempt to do the following (in this order): 1) Find the list of filters (breadcrumbs?) applied and click on the little 'close' button to clear the tag I don't want any more. Problem: These have been taken away in the new interface. 2) Go up to the favorites bar to the "Tags" section to see what tags are currently applied. Problem: If you didn't choose your tags there then this is always empty. 3) Go to the "Tags" list in the sidebar. Click on an empty bit of the tree in an attempt to clear any selections. Doesn't work. 3b) Click "Show all tags". Problem: This clears my "Hide unassigned tags" preference. Now I have an unwieldy list of hundreds of tags. So undo. 3c) Resort to the keyboard. Try combinations of "Alt + Click" "Shift + click" "Cmd + click" until I finally rediscover how to deselect a tag. In my playing, I also find that the "Back button" works to clear my most recently selected tag, but it depends on the order that I filtered and so isn't the most graceful method of browsing. It also doesn't graphically show you what you are doing. You have to look at the sidebar, favorites panel, and list of notes to guess what is being 'undone'. All in all, I feel that far too much brainpower is required in Evernote's navigation method. I think that the following would help: 1: Tie the favorites searches and the sidebar selections together so that clicking on something in one will also select it in the other. 2: Allow a single click on any selected item to deselect it. Please consider my requests.
  10. Currently I can browse by tags or I can browse by notebooks. But I can't mix the two. (Searching does not count as browsing). My suggestions: 1. Add a new sort method. Currently we browse notebooks, and then see a list of notes, sorted by date. Add a "Sort by tag" feature. This would group the notes by tag instead of date. This would at least allow us to scroll through the list of tags within a notebook, whilst seeing what notes belong to each tag. Currently impossible. And/Or, 2. After selecting a notebook and entering that view, have an item at the very top (before the list of notes begins) called "Filter more..." which allows you to narrow down the list even more by selecting tags. Of course, we should be able to select "either/and" for whether 2 tags add filter each other out or not. And the list of tags should most definitely only contain the tags that pertain to the notes in the currently open notebook. I have been asking for this for years, and will continue to do so periodically because I think it is so important.