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Found 33 results

  1. Hello! I recently got a Sky Wifi Smartpen and have been using the LiveScribe Helper to upload my documents to EN. However, I can't name any of the documents. Its very confusing because I have audio from multipule classes and several notebooks on the go. Is there any way I can reorganize my files so that I can rename them for classes? Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. It's nice to have some help to move files around, and maybe rename them, archive them, maybe even create a reading (or a review) list. I normally suggest Belvedere for this task, which is an old-ish app based on an AHK script that mainly used to move files from one location (usually my scanner destination folder) into an Import folder appropriate to the name of the file. Basically it filed my edited scanning for me. Seems like there's a new sheriff in town however. I just found DropIt! (The exclamation point is entirely me - sorry..) "Drop a group of different files and folders on the floating DropIt image and it sorts them to defined destination folders, compresses or extracts them, opens them with associated programs or performs other defined actions." (From the website) It will: If (my) Evernote is to be believed, I actually knew about this app in 2011, but I only installed and used it in anger a few days ago. I don't even recall who gave me the link now (sorry again) but I just dropped about 100 files into the icon on my desktop and for each new file type was asked (effectively) "what should I do with this?". PDF files over a certain size can go direct to a cloud drive now - and I'll see whether I can add a 'packing list' to attach to a note so I know exactly what is where. Other files with keywords in the title can go to my default notebook import folder, or to my local notebook 'receipts' folder, or to... wherever. I'm proceeding slowly to minimise unexpected outcomes, but it's very easy to script actions at my beginner level, and the app is clearly capable of a great deal more. I'd definitely suggest having a look at it - it took ages to get through the initial list - though I've had live assistants that would have taken longer to get the system in their head - but the next time I drop a bunch of files I just have to deal with a few new queries. My progress towards Worlds Laziest Man is already on target for this year
  3. Hello Whenever I attached a word, pdf or other such files, a big box with file name appear in a note. I simply don't like these square boxes and want my attached files to appear as a simple list. How can I do that? Also, some of the attached files appear opened in the note and make whole space clumsy. I don't want to see files (like pdf) to appear open in a note, rather would prefer a list of files. How can I do that? I've attached a screen shot. Thanks Asi
  4. Guys, imagine you have that massive folder tree with tons of slides, videos, etc. sorted out by topics. Finding the right thing may be a problem, especially without tags. So the Big question 1) Is it possible to link each file and folder in my Finder (Mac) to the Evernote 2) If yes, can you explain with screenshots how exactly it works? with/ without Google drive? Thanks a lot!!
  5. It would be great if the New Files App supported Evernote as a location for files. Some of my customers are beginning to use iPad Pro as their main computer. The Files App will become central to their workspace.
  6. I've been using Evernote in "lazy man" mode, but now want to organize my note files. I thought Evernote would have a simple click & drag method where I could set up folders (notebooks) in one column, and in another column I would have my original notes which could be dragged to my newly organized notebooks. Instead, it seems I need to click a note and then click a dropdown and add it to that folder / notebook. It would be much simpler and intuitive to have a click and drag capability. If I'm missing that option, please let me know and I'll use it to sort through my various notes. Thank you! Mark D.
  7. Make "Files" or "Drive" a list, and a first class citizen, in the Left Panel/Sidebar and have it behave the same as other lists "Notebooks", "Tags" and "Trash". The "Drive" list will hold my files (PDF, video, images or whatever is a file). Files are not notes. The benefit to me is I can easily visualize my files I want uploaded/downloaded and/or synced without having to open notes to get to the file. I can easily move groups of files and I am used to file managers. This could be done as an inversion of Evernote's "note has files" to the new view "file has notes". The Evernote "note" becomes the metadata of the file. Both views "Notebooks" and "Files" can exist side-by-side as different lists over the same data in the same database. To mange files, I either drag'n'drop files into the files list or use Evernote's "Import Folders ..." function. I just want a list of my files and this reduces the friction between embedded files in notes and a list of files.
  8. Hi everyone the issue is in app evernote iOS , i am trying open a file with other app but evernote close. this is only with extension files rare for example .asc .gpg .pgp. with common files, it´s working fine. any idea my friends. Regards!!!
  9. Frédéric Vbc

    List of attached files

    Hi, I attach lots of files in my notes like pdf with hundreds of pages and its not practical to have to scroll down all the pages to reach the next file. I think it would be more practical if there were a possibility to see a list of all the attached files. Or simply the possibility to collapse/develop the documents. Same idea for the photos, it would be more practical if there were the posibility to see miniatures of them. Thanks a lot if you can do something for that.
  10. How secure are the notes stored in Evernote? Is there a way to make sure the files stored in the Evernote directory structure on the local hard drive are encrypted? If I store company documents, including peoples SSNs, and personally identifiable information, how secure are they? When a notebook is shared with another Evernote user, does the data pass back and forth as SSH? Thanks
  11. Hello, I recently imported some S Memo notes from my Samsung S4 application to Evernote but when I go to access the files it just says 'no application found to open this attachment.' I've downloaded a couple of the Google Play apps that are then launched but none of them have worked. I have a Basic Evernote account. Hopefully someone has a solution to this as I really need to access the material on those notes! Thanks
  12. I have an MS excel document saved in my note. After I open it from within Evernote and modify the document, and sync Evernote, it is not saving back into Evernote. The modified document is saved in my files outside of Evernote. The implication is that I cannot see the latest version of the modifed document when I re-open Evernote. How do I open, modify and save an attachment so that the modified version is available next time I open Evernote.
  13. Hi! Just had to reinstall Windows 7. Not the friendly "you get to keep your installed programs installed" reinstall,, nor even the "you get to keep your drivers installed" reinstall. No, we are talking a "I don't think Windows has ever been on this system" fresh install. And here is the problem--a major chunk of my Evernote file database was in a file that was NOT backed up with the Evernote cloud services. I had copied it over and it was too big for the free monthly limit, so I placed it in an un-archived (by Evernote) folder, and then a few days later paid for the basic pay package. Naturally, I never got around to moving the stored information over to a cloud-archived directory... End result, about half of my database is stored in the Evernote cloud, and about half is sitting on my harddrive. I did not lose ANY of my data files, so my un-clouded directory is still on my harddrive--somewhere. Where would I find it, and how would I pull it back into Evernote after I reinstall Evernote? (Right now the system is siting next to me looking for every Windows 7 update ever created, which takes some time.... I figured I would do that first.) As always, TIA!
  14. I'm new to Evernote and trying to get my wits around it. I dragged a bunch of documents (PDFs and text mainly) into a notebook. Does Evernote make copies and store them in the program? Can I trash my originals? Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, I'm thinking of uploading about 10 gb of stuff I have been saving since like 5 years ago. This includes: PDF'S, some curated music, some pictures) and doesn't include video. I have Evernote Plus btw, for like 6 months, but only recently I'm thinking about uploading this cause I have important files I wouldn't want to lose with a virus or some accident. I don't have any cloud storage service besides Evernote. (Evernote kicks a...) I have some doubts. Will this slow the function of Evernote? I am at my house, but lets say I go to the college PC's and log in into my Evernote Account, then, will all my pdfs, pics and music download instantly at the college PC when I log in? Thanks for the help!
  16. Evernote Version 5.0.7 Mac Version 10.8.3 I am new to EN and somewhat new to Mac. I have read many posts on backing up Evernote and they all say my files live in the following location. Here is an example: On my Mac (OS X 10.7.4) running EN Mac 3.3.0, the path to the Evernote folder is: /Users/<userID>/Library/Application Support/Evernote Again, I am not that familiar with Mac. I go to Finder and see my name there which I click on. At the bottom of the window it does indeed say Macintosh HD>Users>my name But none of the files listed under my name are Library, though it does show iPhoto Library. What am I doing wrong? I have also done searches in Finder for Library, Application Support and .enex with no matches or incorrect matches found. I am not worried about backing up as long as the documents are on my computer, because I have regularly scheduled TimeMachine backup. I just want to make sure the documents are on my computer so they can be backed up. And I want to be able to find them. Signed Evernote and Mac novice.
  17. Hello, I've always wanted to be able to create a link from inside Evernote to a file stored elsewhere on my computer (i.e. not in Evernote). For example, I have several spreadsheets and other text documents on my hardrive that I mention in my notes inside Evernote. It would be INCREDIBLE if there was a way to create a clickable link to those files! Is there any way to do that? I'm using a Mac, in case that helps. Thank you very much in advance. BertieTBE
  18. can i reach my deleted files and records? its very important. my evernote account had always been opened in someone's tablet and i had using it. She formatted her tablet and my evernote account and files which is connected to this account are gone. is there any way to find them?
  19. I am using Concept Draw as a project management tool, I use both the mandamus and the Gantt chart options . I am using Evernote to keep quotes and drawings in. I use Evernote as it syncs across all my devices. Before the last upgrade if I clicked on a note and and then "Copy note link" it gave me the link to the note which I could then copy into Concept Draw and when I needed the note I just clicked the hyperlink. In the new version of Evernote it still does the "Copy note Link" but it only copies the link to the note in the cloud. This gives me a problem as when out in the field in remote places I often do not have internet access so the hyperlink won't work. I can open Evernote and search for the note which is what I am doing now, but it is time consuming and irritating. Is there anyway to link the to the file on my computer rather than the file in the cloud? Also on local notebooks the link does not work at all.
  20. I'm new here, and I'm finding Evernote my savior. I can't remember *****, my wife says it's like a blurred photograph... and it's in motion. It's fleeting, I can't remember what McDonald's taste like. It's that bad. I tried evernote a couple years ago. I didn't get it. Then, my wife really got on me about my memory. She wanted me to see a doctor. I googled "how to remember" and this article came up and it talked about Evernote. And it had a video attached to it. I decided to give Evernote another try. And wow, after watching the youtube video I have a whole understanding of Evernote. I love Evernote! In two weeks, I already have over 300 notes! However, however. I'm wondering if my attachments are safe. I have private attachments, such as excel files. I see where the database file are:%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases Also, I can see the attachment files:%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases\Attachments This an example of courseI have a file called "electrical formulas.xlsx.backup" under "Attachments", and this is a private file. I noticed I can copy the file to another location, then drop the *.backup extension, and open the file right up. This scares me. What if this was a really private file with financial information or passwords. The only way someone can open this file is, you must have evernote installed, and then have the Evernote user's name and password to open this file. Is there away to encrypt this file?
  21. I was thrilled to see that Evernote now allows you to add audio to a text note. That's a great thing for me as a journalist who does a lot of interviews. However, once the interview is done and the story is written, in many situations I want to retain the text but not the audio, which (as a .wav file) takes up much more space. But I can't figure out Evernote's file structure or where the audio notes are stored on my hard drive, therefore I don't know how to delete the audio only without deleting the whole note. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Minda
  22. Hi, i have a basic free evernote account that i use with both windows & MAC. I have a windows laptop at home and use a mac while on the road. Everything works fine with windows but i have a couple of issues when using MAC operating system. 1. If i create a Word or Excel file on MAC, i cannot drag/copy/attach the file to a note in evernote. It wont let me. Any reason why or work arounds? 2. I cannot edit current attachments in evernote while using MAC operating system. All files only open in read only format, meaning i must save them again on my desktop, but as per the first part of my question - i cannot re attach them to the note. As a result i end up creating/editing documents and emailing them to myself before reimporting them from my windows PC. Is this normal or am i missing something?
  23. In Adobe Acrobat Professional, I can encrypt a PDF by choosing Properties | Security | Password Security. If I bring that file into EN it disappears into a black hole, leaving only a thick horizontal black line in the event horizon. If I bring in an unencrypted file, it displays properly. If I encrypt it within EN, it also goes into the black hole. Running for Windows (271962) Public. Fortunately it was my own file that disappeared, thus I can recreate it. I don't use this feature often and can't say what happened to any prior encrypted PDFs in my database, if I even had any. Thanks in advance for fixing. Right now very clearly EN can't deal with PDF text it can't display, and encrypted PDF files are commonly used even as copyright protection. Thanks, Lena
  24. Is there a way to ONLY search the body of the note and not file attachments? There is so much pollution in my searches now that Office documents are searched by default. A lot of files we use have lookup tables, so searching for a product is worthless because several files have a full listing of ALL products we carry, but are 100% irrelevant to a given search. If not, can a flag be added to a future version so only the note body text is searched so we can effectively turn off file content search?
  25. Hello! I have a Mac with a very small SSD, so I save everything to Copy (it's like Dropbox, if you haven't heard of Copy). I heard that all Evernote notes are saved as local files for backup, too, but I can't find anything that will let me change the location of the backup. Is there a way to do this? I don't even know where they're being stored now, let alone how to change it. Thanks!