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Found 58 results

  1. Cilusse

    ios12 Evernote on iOS 12

    Hi everyone! Because there is not special "iOS 12 Beta" forum for technical issues, I suggest that we post all of the issues on this thread, to keep it separated from the rest of the requests concerning stable software. Thank you! —————————————————— My first feedback : Evernote on iOS 12 is completely unusable because of the slowness of the app. Creating a note, opening the keyboard, typing or inserting media takes a very long time. Evernote 8.13.364022 — iPhone 6 — iOS 12 Developer Beta 1
  2. 自分で使っていて、大量のノートの中から探すときに文字列で検索をする事が度々あります。 その時につかった検索用語よく使うものをリストで出して欲しいというか、自分で確認したかったりするんですが、 どこかに保存されていてそれを確認するというような事は可能でしょうか?
  3. Dear Evernote Community, http://app.akreet.net Akreet is a new unique method for getting the most out of your Evernotes. It focuses on three knowledge organizing techniques to accomplish this: Categorizing Visualizing Reporting Our philosophy is that, only the Evernote user can extract useful knowledge from their own notes. It it is our mission at Akreet to deliver the best tools to help the Evernote users to do so. We are looking for any and all feedback. Got a good Categorizing, Visualizing, or Reporting idea? Tell us about it, we'll build it in. A few videos to get you started: Learn Akreet Video Coming Soon Video
  4. Everything's good, except the one and only Evernote Android thing that drives me nuts: Clipboard is inaccessible in the note making, unless you access it somewhere else, like, in the note title field. Evernote used to support this thing. Why would Evernote remove this? It's been a long time, and I decided to write this because I'm so fed up with doing this inefficient exercise: Wandering back and forth only to access and edit my recent contents of the clipboard, which contains way too much of copies to paste. Not to mention, those copies mostly have its font styles, meanwhile Evernote Android has no font styles, nor sizes. I know both Evernote Microsoft and Web are flawless, but does Evernote really expect us to carry PC everywhere we go? I wanted to write a feedback to Evernote, but Evernote has no contact for feedbacks. There's one more good example of different font styles and sizes on Evernote Android, but these attachments, already reached the upload limit, so bear with me. Thank you.
  5. Alfonso83

    Annoying Reminders

    Hello, Just would like to request the feature of being able to decide whether a reminder should be eliminated or not when is market as done. At the moment if you mark it like done, basically stays there with the rest of your notes... This is ANNOYING. I know I can have as many notes as I want, but I don't want to have notes of a title "call mom" repeating over and over next to actual useful ones. Thanks.
  6. Survey promoted in the recent email with subject "Help us improve Evernote" is broken. Here's the email I wish I could have sent back to the originators: Hello - I would like to help by completing this survey. I get a few questions in, and then it says to wait while I am redirected. 1. the redirect link has a typographical error which prevents me from continuing. 2. if I try to correct the obvious error (missing a : between http and //), I get "http://dkr1.ssisurveys.com/projects/end?rst=3&psid= " Unfortunately an error has occurred. We apologise for the inconvenience. Since the from: address is unmonitored, I figured I could send feedback through a web page. No dice. That led me here. ...bending over backwards for you folks and probably putting waaay to much effort into this.
  7. Hi everyone, I wonder if there is a way to turn off the feature in which Evernote Web prompt a link for me to click on whenever my mouse is hovering over the text that is embedded of that link. If there is no way to turn it off yet, I will create a product feedback. This feature really annoys me when I have many nearby texts that contain link. The link boxes keep prompting and I cannot work with my note. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, I will update with a screenshot. Thank you!
  8. I am a huge fan of Evernote and have been since I first started using it two years ago. However, one of my main issues with the product (across all platforms, but primarily on PC) is with the poor formatting capabilities of the product. I especially have issues with properly formatting outlined lists (i.e. when I want a multi-level outline: I. -> A. -> 1. -> i. ...) This is particularly an issue when I want to draft work emails in evernote, which I think Evernote could be the perfect tool for. Am I missing something, or is this a problem that a lot of other people are having? Evernote team: Keep up the great work! I would love to hear about how you guys are thinking about this issue? Thanks! Matt
  9. Dusch4593

    Reset Check-boxes

    I have a suggestion for how using check-boxes can be more handy. Check lists are important for me because there are always those critical, "must do", tasks to complete on a (sometimes) daily basis. So naturally, after I complete a task I check off the check-box that correlates with that task. Here's my issue: why isn't there a button or option to reset the check-boxes from "checked" to "unchecked"? This would come in handy with a chore list or a shopping list.
  10. First of all, I am going to start by saying I used to LOVE evernote. I have used it since it first appeared (oh so many years ago), have always been a PRO user, have a few thousand notes in 60 or so notebooks. Recently, I have found myself using Evernote less and less, and I thought I would provide feedback to Evenote in case it helps them in the future. These are the reasons why I am starting to STOP using evernote (and will most likely move my notes elsewhere in the near future and cancel my service): 1) The web login screen. I find the full screen animation really annoying - its massive bandwidth, does nothing to tell new users what Evernote is, makes it hard to see what I am doing - clean is simple. IF I wanted to see a movie, I would go to a cinema. 2) I am a user, I dont want to hunt for a LOGIN button every time. The initial prompts l(user ID and pasword) make it look like a login, but its a signup form. It used to be signin form, and "New User?" link. Hate I am less important that a new user 3) Everything is SOooooo slow now. After I logged in on the web, it took 26 seconds to load up my Evernote page. A sync on Evernote GUI app took 59 seconds. My web acess here is 80mb (fiber) so my internet is not the problem. Its really annoying to wait so long to do anything 4) The Windows GUI is awful. It has been awful since you got rid of the old interface and went to the flat look a couple of years back. Its hard to find anything (unclear where you should be looking), its full of useless information (those tiles of unuseful information) and the scroll bars are a joke - so thin you cant actually use them and the display of where you are in the scroll bar is very light grey on silver. Awful, awful, awful 5) The Windows GUI and the web interface of notebooks does not remember when folders are closed - I have folders in folders in folders - and every time I have to manual close them all again to see what I am doing. It used to remember. 6) The searching in the web version of Evernote is awful. So as an example - I have in my many notebooks, a notebook called "SQL Server", so I quick the notebooks icon, and it lists my notebooks, I go down to SQL Server, have a look around, need to find a note in SQL... there is no search facility other than the search icon on the tool panel on the left. I click it - where does it search? EVERYWHERE. Oh, there is a pull down of where to search, so I use the pulldown and there are two options down... ALL notebooks or my last recent notebook... which is not SQL. There is no way (or no clear way) of searching within a specific notebook. Evernote used to be about quick access, easy to save notes, and most importantly, easy to find notes. It now seems more about functions we dont need (does anybody actually use the evernote chat???) and finding some quickly is a nightmare. Its more an un-productivity tool. Please, stop trying to be clever - stop trying to add new features, stop trying to 'out feature' the other tools out there. Get back to basics - be quick, useable, the best note store and pickup facility you can be. Please! (I will be adding to this as I think of more things)
  11. Love Evernote, not interested in the competition thanks to your ability to cater to my needs quite intuitively without me having to think of options i might need myself in keeping my notes/admin but 1 feedback hard to find in trying to provide my feedback I had to search and user between 10-20 clicks to be able to come here and provide my feedback It might be an idea to provide a quick feedback option in a more centrally available place in the evernote personal environment. 2 link text in note creates hovering box when cursor flyover, very annoying when i put an http address link in a note, whenever i hover cursor over it, a floating box appears with the link repeated a bit under the original link text. When i have other text or space underneath it that I actually wanted to reach with my cursor, it becomes very annoying that I have to keep away with my mouse or try to avoid hovering over the link text in the first place, making it a real hassle to work efficiently within the note whenever I have a link text or more copied in it. 3 link warning for leaving evernote unnecessary in new tab on top, when i click on the link, it takes me to a new tab telling me i'll be leaving evernote, well, duh, why would i mind that in a new tab in the first place, that is fair warning if meant leaving my note environment, but that's still available in the original tab, so that also is unnecessary and creates extra clicks/actions. Thanks for taking note
  12. Hello Right now there is no option to go back if you accidentally delete some words on note. Evernote is a note taking app and adding a feature where you can go back and undo your mistakes would be nice as almost every other note taking app has this feature. Thank you
  13. Hi, First of all, I was not really sure where to put this post up, as my experience involves multiple platforms and multiple types of usage for Evernote. If the moderators feel that this post belongs to some other section, then please feel free to move it to an appropriate section. Secondly, I'm an Evernote Basic user since late 2012, and have upgraded to Premium this year. I have used Evernote in Android and Windows for basic note taking, writing stories, as a document repository, and some PIM. I really like the concept behind Evernote, and how good it is at executing some of those. It is indeed one of the most complete and reliable tools of its kind. However, lately I have been noticing that the usability and reliability of Evernote has taken a serious hit on multiple fronts. 1. As a writing app - editor issues on my Moto G 2nd generation (running Android 6.0) Since the introduction of the new editing interface (around 7.9.3 - 7.9.4), longer notes (15 KB or more, plaintext) are a pain to edit on my phone. I have updated the app to the latest version (7.9.6), and the issue still persists. The editor is barely responsive and taps and swipes get registered after a noticeable lag. It is not an issue with the phone, as other apps like MS Word work as those should. Also, as the note size increases, the performance degrades proportionately. I have raised a ticket with the support team regarding this, without a resolution. I won't say the support team is not responsive, they do try to help, but they haven't been able to replicate the issue, let alone finding the root cause. After attempts at replicating the issue for a month or more, the issue is currently pending with the development team for the last 20+ days, without a response. My gut feeling is that the editor was not optimized for older phones before the rollout. 2. All types of usage affected by syncing issues on every platform I have difficulty coming to terms with the fact that none of the Evernote installations can be trusted to sync properly. Some days back, one of the notebooks appeared to contain 2 notes on my phone, but on opening, only one was visible (and all other clients and web version showed one). On one of my laptops, one notebook seemed to contain 8 notes, whereas from all other clients 15 notes were visible. And to fix these issues, I had to delete the database from the Windows client and rebuild the Evernote database. Similarly for the phone. The major problem is, you never know when your database is corrupted, unless you keep on checking the note counts and the notes on every client. And to top this off, the web version shows that my trash contains 2 notes (other clients show trash is empty) - neither has a name and no content is visible. I'm wary to raise a support ticket, as again they won't be able to replicate this. Make no mistake, Evernote is still a great product, but it needs to get the basics right (those were right before, which is all the more disheartening). I'm not even demanding for features I'd love to see, but give us a working note taking/writing/filing tool which syncs well with the cloud. Please. Regards, Sandipan
  14. I use the database daily, and have a massive amount of tags to allow for cross-referencing research. The tags are tiered from what would effectively be a macro to a micro tag, sometimes 3 tiers deep (e.g. Banks -> Bank of Canada -> Stephen Poloz). I collapse the tags to try to make what I'm looking at more efficient, but am constantly plagued by what I'd amount to either poor planning or a glitch. I am not sure exactly what I do (or evernote does) to cause this, but my collapsed tags frequently all expand as I open the 'tag' homepage. I think it may occur when I tag search, back out of a tag search, or perhaps when I change a tag. If I've collapsed things on the full 'tag' landing page, they should stay collapsed unless I actually open them. This should be regardless of whether you show me search results with the tags fully expanded. The search should reveal all the information, but my 'tag' homepage should be cleaner than that. In the immediate though, a very pleasant and quick patch would be a button or +/- or something allowing to expand/collapse all tags. That way any time I either a) want to see everything or b ) don't want to see everything/see only my top tier tags (both options could be really important), I can quickly click one single thing instead of having to scroll through pages of tags and having to go through the ridiculous activity of collapsing everything.
  15. Hi everybody! We just launched an incredible new premium feature called Context. Context surfaces relevant content at the times you need it most. It displays related notes, people and high-quality articles based on intelligent indexing of your notes. As an Evernote Premium subscriber, you get (what is usually costly) relevant content for free from sources like the Wall Street Journal and more. Here are two important facts: 1. Your data is private We never send your content outside of Evernote. All of our clever matching happens within Evernote with data provided to Evernote by our partners (like WSJ). We do not monetize your data or your clicks. Context is not advertising. We are providing premium content to our subscribers for free. Context stays true to our 3 Laws of Data Protection. 2. You can turn Context off If you want to turn it off, you can easily do so from the Preferences in Evernote for Mac. We love using Context and hope you’ll enjoy it too! Get the latest version from http://evernote.com/download
  16. Make it easier to give feedback on new features. I am a beta user and love the latest feature that keeps the note title at the top when the note is scrolled but consider adding a "Like/Dislike" button somewhere to make it easier to give feedback. I am only taking the time to post this because I think it would make Evernote stronger in the market. I don't have time to search for a way to give positive feedback and I imagine others feel the same way. I love Evernote, esp. the Search features, and want it to stick around!
  17. Hello everyone! I like to use Evernote with individual windows for each note in full-screen. i.e. every note has it own space. Seldom I need of the main window of Evernote. The problem: If I have a full-screen individual note opened, when I click on Evernote dock icon, it goes to the individual note window and opens the main window atop. A possible solution: Add an option that prevents that main window opens if exists any individual note opened. Add in Window menu an option to open the main window when needed. This asked behavior is like VMWare Fusion app. (If it has a virtual machine windows opened, it doesn't open a Library window) Thank you!
  18. I just tried to leave feedback about file upload from iOS, and it was so tough that I'm instead suggesting an easier way to leave feedback. Seriously, you have to make an account on forums to leave feedback? On evernote Web, in the user's dropdown menu there are options for account settings, help&support, contact support (which doesn't actually let you contact suport on basic accounts, that's some pretty awful UX), and log out. There should also be one for 'suggestions'. It should link to a place where you can leave tagged general suggestions. The UX and PM people at Evernote should have direct access to what lands there. For example, I could say: ----------- In iOS, when uploading files for instance from the Voice Memos app, it appears to have worked, but when I go to Evernote Web in a browser it appears not to have worked, as no note is present. This seems horribly buggy. If you wait long enough, you find it just didn't have any upload progress indicator to let you know how long it would be. If, while you were waiting, you tried again, for example on a 15MB file, you will eventually find that it worked, but you wasted a weeks worth of Evernote Basic data upload allocation due to the double upload. That's really awful UX. Whenever a freemium service at the free tier does not provide the full free tier services, it makes me want to do the opposite of upgrading. It makes me want to migrate out to something else. If instead of the dialog closing when the upload begins, it should give a progress bar and a 'close and continue upload in background' button or something. Tags: Upload, upload status, UX, usability, Visibility of system status, Error prevention, Help users recover from errors ------------ Then your UX people can read my suggestion, and attempt to figure out exactly what I was trying to accomplish and why it didn't work out for me. They can get as deep in my head as they like about what different parts of my process made me feel. If you have an email address field that says "please leave your email address so our UX people can learn more about what you were trying to accomplish (optional)", they can even ask me. Then they can come up with some ways to serve my needs, pick one, and implement it. Trust me. I work in a big software company that has these issues too, and as a UX person it would make my life much easier and my company's product much better to have this suggestion box or something like it. Make that pathway.
  19. I have been an Evernote Premium client for many years now. I have made many suggestions through Customer Service and some in the forums also. But nothing seems to be done about my suggestions (I just added a note to a questions about page numbering in footers that I made exactly 3 years ago!!!). I had an issue with Hootsuite recently and, after tech support resolved it, I suggested that they make a change in their help files and better explain the particular procedure. The Hootsuite CSR pointed me to the Hootsuite suggestions page, where I made my suggestion very quickly. Someone replied back that it was easily done and would be taken care of after the holidays. Anyone who goes to the Hootsuite suggestions forums (https://feedback.hootsuite.com/forums/40182--hootsuite-com-web-dashboard) will see that thousands of suggestions have been made! And some of the suggestions have thousands of votes and hundreds of comments! Hootsuite uses UserVoice for suggestions. Evernote should consider using UserVoice or similar for suggestions as well: by letting Evernote know what is important to the user base, I think it will really enhance the engagement level of Evernote users! Hope someone at Evernote listens to this! Thanks, John
  20. Hi, I use the Evernote Clipper since years and love this feature! Sadly it doesn´t work usefull since firefox need a certification for addons! Cause every time i open it i have to fix it again. So please, is it possible you get this certification for your product? I also tried to evade this problem by using the about:config and xpinstall settings of firefox. but that also didn´t work for me. Your addon was befor so much timesaveing and usefull to me, i wish it become this again. By the way i think it´s also in your interrest cause your great feature already drops down to 2 stars at firefoxs customer rating, only of the fact that lost its advantage! thx Malificius
  21. akhansson

    Arabic OCR requested

    Greetings Evernote. I would like to know if I can search inside arabic PDFs. That would be awesome if you could support the Arabic language for OCR-recognition. This is very important for me since I use it for my work assignments. I hope you make my wish come true. Here are some facts about the Arabic script: There are 28 letters in the alphabet. Every letter that can be attached to another letter has 3 forms depending on where in the word it is. It looks one way when it is in the beginning of a word. It looks one way when it is in the end of a word. And it looks in another way when it is somewhere in the word but not in the beginning and the end. I think that you might be interested in checking out the following website: http://www.sakhr.com/index.php/en/solutions/ocr At least they might be able to answer some questions. Thank you. Best wishes. Please make this happen.
  22. Rxharris

    Print Font Size

    I ran into a simple problem when trying to print. I was unable to change the font size or style. I tried to change but it did not take. Nothing in the help function and no way to provide feedback to the developer. Find the product very valuable but.... need to get info.
  23. Hi, Guys This is just general idea or opinions that I wish Evernote developers consider to update. Plus, I wonder whether you guys also wishes same thing as I do. Evernote 1. Merging the cell from the table... (Did you know that you can't select the cell vertically? I don't like this part as well...) 2. I like the "Evernote user forum" and I believe there is a lot of good contents from users. I wish I can access the "Evernote user forum" from the "Evernote side menu(You know the place where "Note" and "Notebook" categories are)". Skitch 1. I wish I can select them(Whatever I draw on the screenshot or blank paper) all and move around all at the same time... 2. Honestly, why not with smart art(like powerpoint)? - Am I the only one who wants to draw some diagrams or flowchart easily? Do you think these are too much to ask? I believe there are a lot of people want these idea.
  24. I have loved evernote since I first landed eyes on it, quite in the beginning. Still I'm a free(loader) member since February 21st, 2011 (pasted, boy do I hate any forums that's not made in discourse!) and, more than not collaborating with its existence, funny enough, I never really ever used it. I do take notes on it eventually, but never read them. Okay, once I've used the awesome OCR for searching in an image, and that was it. I always think about contributing, like I did to lastpass, dropbox, google, crashplan and so many other services I find essential, and I do feel notes are basic. I love google keep, despite its lack of being able to truly backup (automated) / liberate data in a synced way. Which is one of the topics here. 1. I do realize Evernote also don't have true backups, only terrible ways of going around it. But just how terrible is it really? Can we count on it? I would sure feel much more confortable if I could add dropbox and google drive into that equation, rather than just Time Machine and *maybe* crashplan. 2. I use google keep a lot because it's blazing fast, for my workflow. And because it offers google search in it. Plus it's simple in its interface and highly complex on the backend... Sharing notes, colors, every single thing. How does Evernote compare to it today? Back in the days, evernote was way too slow. I still think it's slow, but I never used it "in production" so I wonder from experienced users... Do you get annoyed by its slowness? 3. Reason I'm coming up with this now is the apparently annual 3 free months offer that, they said on the email, should expire today (will it really, though?). What other offers are or were there? What would be the best time to and way to purchase it? I shouldn't really bother about it, since it's a very small financial gain in the long run, but for right now it matters to me. Any difference in prices from paying from europe and paying from US (VAT and stuff)? Couldn't easily see it on the website right now. 4. I was going to direct this to support, but they threw me here. Very aggressively, and badly. Boy, all this could be so much better if only they used discourse... Including for their support... And removed that dreadful "ticket" page which asks you to elaborate a title carefully and then "deletes" it for you when you're ready to follow up with your question even after their suggested research. Sucks so much! Don't Evernote has a pre-sales team? They should look at viv and other talking robots out there! And I'm done for now.
  25. Hello Evernote users! Announcement: We are excited to be featured in the Evernote AppCenter Travel section and Top #50 Productivity in the US & Canadian iOS AppStores. Ways to get the iOS app worldwide: 1. http://ideaplaces.com/download 2. Search "Ideaplaces" in the Apple app store. We have been working incredibly hard to build a new iOS app called IdeaPlaces. It provides a new way to use Evernote by linking your notes to locations on a map and providing a way to explore them visually. As Evernote users ourselves we really believe that one of the most valuable things in the Evernote experience is context. With each thought written down, to-do created or photo taken, we believe there is tremendous value in showing contextual information around anything created. Also, we have worked hard to facilitate the sharing of notes and context in the most seamless way possible, during the note creation process. App summary and why it matters to Evernote users: http://blog.ideaplaces.com/ideaplaces-app-a-new-way-to-experience-evernote-around-places/ ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Here are screenshots and explanations of the features to give you a good idea of how it works. Visualization of notes After you link your Evernote account to IdeaPlaces your notes are sync'd and you can view all of them from points on a map. This allows you to explore all of the notes you have that contain location meta data. You can even create places and attach notes to them. By doing this, any note added to a place will then have the location meta data of that place. We have integrated with two main API's: Foursquare and Google Places. Ability to create robust notes quickly. Sharing integrated in the process. We have realized that creating notes from your phone has to be simple or users simply wont take notes from their device. This is why we worked hard on creating an incredibly fast way to create notes. Right from the visual map screen you can tap on the create note icon or wave the phone on any screen to start the note creation process. The note creation process allows you to add and edit the following: Title Location (pre-input & editable) Users to share the note with (text or email) Standard text Photo's (multiple sizes) Notebooks (including shared notebooks) Tags Location-based reminders To-do based notes and shopping reminders are easy to forget, but with location based reminders we are hoping to make them a thing of the past. In the note creation process simply set the location and tap reminder to make sure you get notified the next time you are in a 75m radius. Location enhanced notes Understanding the context of the note while you are actually viewing the note is important for you or anyone you share the note with. This is why we have enhanced all of the notes viewed or shared within the app with both google map and street view. These images link directly into google maps and provide an easy way to get back into IdeaPlaces. Feedback and beta testers We are looking for passionate users of Evernote like us to test our application and help us with feedback. If you would like to help this app evolve into a truly amazing Evernote experience we would love your help. Here is our contact email to request a free coupon code or become an active tester on Testflight. signup@ideaplaces.com http://www.ideaplaces.com Download the app on the iOS app store now! We are actively developing the application and can guarantee a response within a few hours. We are still in the early stages of this app and believe that it can have a tremendous impact on the way that users use Evernote now and in the future. We can't wait to see what this will become! Let us know what you think and if you have any comments or suggestions post below! Thanks