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Found 55 results

  1. I find the PDF annotation features in Evernote slow and cumbersome on iOS with Apple Pencil. The Pencil annotation features in PDF Expert are near perfect for me, so I find myself exporting PDFs within Evernote notes to PDF Expert and then returning them once annotated. This is a cumbersome process. In particular, when you choose the pencil tool, there is a significant delay when you put pen to screen. I am often 1/2 way through a word before I realise that the 1st couple of letters did not register in time. Can we have this fixed please - or else better integration with PDF Expert?
  2. I can't even add columns using my iphone.
  3. You can do so much more with evernote. You can build a complete CRM and that is what we did. Yet, the problem ist that you write text and text about one issue and this section of your note gets longer and longer. Jumping to the next section of the note is difficult. How awesome would it be to put the long text block into one table THAT I CAN SCROLL UP AND DOWN, so I can skip the table easily when scolling the note OR I can dive deeper into the cal protocol. I already can scroll LEFT to RIGHT, so UP and DOWN must be possible too. Do you also wish for it?
  4. I mostly use evernote to collect code snippets mainly C/C++ related. When I copy the code from my editor like vim or xcode(mac), I dont see the syntax being heighlighted. On googling I found a online syntax highlighting tool. (http://tohtml.com/c/). I was able to get my code higlighted but when I paste to evernote I see all the code being pasted in a single line as below : int sum(){>----int result = 0;>----return result != 0;} Let me know if this could be avoided or if there is a better way for pasting code into evernote.. THanks
  5. I have been using Evernote since almost a decade and a Premium member since 2010. Evernote has started making some good changes which i do like, The table feature is so good I practically use in most of my notes. But there are some changes which were user friendly are being removed or vanished. The feature has been downgraded or vanished I notice the change when I had 2 macs one had a older version and the other had a newer version. What is happening is When i work on the Evernote i make use of notes and in my work flow I used to use the All Notes button for me to toggle between the notes I am on into a particular notebook 1st it was 1 click and I am there into all Notes of all notebooks. But now I have to have 3 steps to do the same function. So there are 3 steps every time I have to use and there is no keyboard shortcut to do that so it takes longer and also there is no icon to replace that function. I presume a lot of Evernote users must be going through this I would suggest the design and development team to look into this and make it back to more user friendly and reduce the work instead of increasing for this all notes button either with a shortcut key or an icon. Attach are the images to get a visual presentation of what is happening Screen shot 27" mac is a newer version of Evernote and Screen shot from Mac 24 is the older version
  6. danacan2010

    Apple vs Android app

    Morning, This is my first time posting anything regarding Evernote. Recently I switched from an Android phone to the iPhone 8 plus, running 11.2.1 IOS. I've been a paying Evernote client for at least 8 years, always with an Android device. So I write because I'm so disappointed in the Apple app version. So many steps to tag in the Apple app with no batch options. It has me asking why continue to pay for the service when the features I've come to love in Android are just not there for Apple - and why not? Tagging in the Apple app version is clunky and time-consuming so I avoid it until I have my laptop. There has to be a way to bring the Apple app more in alignment with the superior Android app. Others have posted this same question so maybe if enough people speak up Evernote will listen and take action. Please help....Dana
  7. Hi, With the increased collaboration features "recently" added to Evernote such as Shared Notebooks, it would be very useful if multiple email addresses could be linked to a single Evernote ID, and furthermore that shared notebooks could be shared based on Evernote userID alone as well as one of the associated email addresses. The reason is foremost for people using Evernote to share both private stuff with friends and family, and work stuff with colleagues. If I could either tell them just to share with my userID, or my colleagues simply could share with the email address they already have on file, it would simplify the process significantly, and also not mean "forced" sharing of ones personal email address to work colleagues for instance. Food for thought?
  8. Hi It would be great if Evernote users could insert links of content created inside each note. I'm not referring to the internal link that each note already has. I'm suggesting that each part of the content of a note has a link of its own. Let me give a couple of examples of how this can be used well. I have a notebook where I write reviews of books I read. To each book I read I add a note in this notebook. But often the review can get big (and the content gets lost inside the note). It would be very useful if I could create a link for each chapter (whose content is inside the note) and create a summary at the top of the note. I also have a notebook where I keep my notes of lectures and small courses that I participate. I create a note inside this notebook for every course or lecture I watch. In the same way the content can get very big and get lost inside the note. So it would be helpful if each subtitle of my note had a link for me to create a summary at the top of the note. It is no advantage to me to have several notes (one for each chapter of the book I read or one for each topic of the lecture I watch) because it would be annoying to store and identify each of those notes.
  9. rrsimm


    The tables in Evernote are very powerful. However, some of the features available in the Mac and Windows versions are missing in the web version. And MOST of those features are missing in the android version. This is really frustrating. It's not helpful when I have to go to my desktop computer simply because I can't add a column or row to a table on my tablet. This takes away from the usefulness of the tables. All the features should be available on all platforms. Google Sheets on the Android app, so it is possible
  10. There should be a feature in evernote where you can select autoscroll so it auto scrolls down the note at a speed you pre-set. This way, if you are reading long notes on your phone you don't need to keep using your finger to scroll down.
  11. SlowlyDyingEvernoteUser

    Features required from Evernote By Me

    Hello, I purchased Evernote for my personal use for its simplicity and because there weren't as many options as good as Evernote at that time. But seriously once you know the tool well, there has to be a way to get more control. Below is a long list of features/improvements that I strongly desire in Evernote Web or probably will not renew the subscription. More fonts - Current count is 7. Guys I am working on a web app, not a terminal. More themes - Current count is 1. I wonder what do UI designers do at Evernote Stack - Just two levels. Physically I have a cupboard, inside that a shelf, inside that a book, inside that a chapter, inside that a note. Encryption - I don't want everything searchable. Also I might want somethings to be hidden. Yes hidden even from Evernote, even from people who might use my IPAD. Pin notes in notebooks - Some notes are more important that others. Ordering in a filofax can be controlled. Can you beat a filofax? Copy note link - At the top a note, you have a reminder, Shortcut(star), info, delete and three dots. What do the three dots do? Open a menu which has ONE entry. Why not just have copy note link button at the top itself. Is it inferior than others? Does it occupy too much space? Table - This maybe a doubt. I am not sure how you insert a row in between, delete a row or add a column. But it seems like a rather simple thing that should just work. Maybe it does. Help me. Org mode is so good at this. Reminder - You have One note - One reminder. If you have a list of todo tasks, each might have a reminder. So should I have a notebook with multiple todo tasks. Can you show a list of reminders, or todos. Attachments - Why do the icons have to be so huge? Notes do not have levels of heading. Highlights are not present. Notes aren't the only way to store information. Charts, graphs, mind maps, many more....These should be under your scope. I hoped that with Phil Libin's "100 year vision", the company would at least work well for a decade. Unfortunately it was just a marketing ploy. Some might think it is too rude. I just sincerely hope Evernote improves.
  12. Is this even possible? I only found out about this feature a month ago on the desktop! I was so excited about it!
  13. plusmoreira

    Queue adjustable list

    Suggestion: a list like the numbered one, or the "combobox" type, that each item can be moved up/down, this will certainly help to manage priorities.
  14. IncrediMetaBeta

    Not possible to annotate EN for Web?

    Is it correct that you cannot annotate an individual note in EN for the web? I know you can it do in EN for Windows. I don't know about EN for Mac. More generally, is there any "help page" that lists: Which EN features are available only on EN for Windows but not on EN for the web? and which EN features are available only on EN for the web but not on EN for Windows? Knowing all the various platform feature differences would help me as I develop a "workflow" to process about thirty-thousand notes.
  15. Hi, I was a OneNote user for few years. I was doing all good with it for whatever purposes I was using it but then problem started with "signing in" once I had to change my password with Microsoft account and it took away peace from my life. I had to look for other ways and I came to know about Evernote. It took my breath away what I found in Evernote. First attraction was, it is user friendly and then many other wonderful features which comes so handy unlike OneNote, one of the greatest which I must mention is using EverNote in android is so much easier than OneNote which takes longer time to load pages. So, overwhelmed by it's first look, I started my honeymoon with EverNote for quite a while and then I wake up from Evernote dream, really. Anyways, instead of going to describe those stories, I will straight put forward 2 requests to add in Evernote. 1. 3/4 layer of folders (notebooks) to add under the notebooks. Example: Name of one notebook is, "Resources". Then under that notebook I want to create another notebooks named, "Audios", "Videos" "PDF", "Texts". Upto this is already existed in current EverNote. What I want is the ability to add the next layers of Notebooks under each of those Note books. Such as, under "Audios", I would now like to add "English Audios", "Arabic Audios" etc. Then after that I want to add more notebooks under these notebooks. For example, Under "English Audios", I would now like to add notebooks "Mr X" , "Mr. Y". I hope this clears what I need. 2. After the 4th layer of Notebooks in a far left pane. Now I am adding notes under "Mr X" notebooks. Say, I have 200 notes under that notebook. What I further want is, categories those 200 notes into 10 groups under a title for each. Then here is the most important one. I want to be able to expand or collapse those notes that I put under 10 groups using a pull down menu. So, when I collapse those groups, I can only see the main groups by their title, (by doing this, individual notes are not appeared in my eyes to distract me). Then, this is a bonus request though, If possible adding another layer of grouping under those groups of Notes which already contains 20 notes under each. I want to group it further with a collapsible and expandable menu. As for it's location, this is the second pane in the evernote. I hope I made it clear. I would really would look forward for these features to be added in EverNote, so that I can get peace in life again and therefore, I won't go back to OneNote often to try if the password problem is solved or not. Because Once I get that problem solved, I will surely go back to OneNote. But I also promise, if EverNote solves me with these 2 features that I requested I will continuously be using EverNote and I will be a great advocate for Evernote InShaaAllah. Thank you so much guys for developing such a great app. I already owe too much gratitude to you all.
  16. Hi, I feel this might just be an echo of what has already been said before, but I've recently started using Evernote again and having paid for Evernote Plus I wanted to share my point. I understand there's been lot of chat about the changes to the Basic tier etc and I appreciate where those opinions come from. I choose to pay for Plus before these changes came about, my reasons were mainly for the extra capacity and also because I understand that if a product is to survive it needs paying customers and I like EN so happy to pay to use it. One thing however that frustrates me is that even though I have paid a subscription, there's still confusion about what features I can and cannot use, getting constant offers to trial Premium features. Also that button on the left on the Mac client telling me to Go Premium annoys me. Just keep your pricing simple. Of course have a Evernote Basic but perhaps just have one paid for version (but price it accordingly!). As well as simplifying the pricing structure, keep your product simple and focus on being a great note taking app (I've yet to use Work Chat, but I'm sure there's users that use it regularly).
  17. As a user who stores a lot of sensitive information in Evernote, I would appreciate the capability for enhanced security beyond what is currently provided. 1) Data encryption at rest. I haven't found any information on this, but it seems to me our personal data is stored on the servers in "plaintext" form, and is only encrypted during transmission to/from the clients and servers. Are there any plans to implement full end-to-end encryption of data in all phases? I understand that Evernote needs the keys in order to support a lot of its useful features. Perhaps there could also be a user-selectable mode where only the user keeps keys locally (much like the in-note text encryption already available), perhaps compromising Evernote features but enhancing security. 2) In-note encryption for all data formats. Right now, we have the ability to encrypt text segments at will using local private keys, which is a welcome feature. I would appreciate this capability to be extended for all data types, e.g. audio, photos, and other file attachments. Are there plans to support this feature? Thanks!
  18. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post an enhancement request. If not, I'd appreciate it if someone could direct me to the right forum. I would like to see the numbering style updated so that when you start numbering, then add a non-numbered paragraph as explanation of the numbered heading, then resume numbering, the number that appears is the next number in the series instead of having it start all over with #1. This should continue until we take a positive action to turn numbering off. Thanks.
  19. I'm fairly new to Evernote and love it so far. I was looking for a single app where I could make lists, notes and reminders. I love the fact that I can integrate the content between my iPhone, Mac at home and my Windows PC at work. I would like to see an enhancement to the Reminders feature that would allow for a snooze option and / or automatically launches the note or bolds the text on the home screen for the note with the reminder. The reminders are too easy to clear from my iPhone - they usually pop-up on my Lock screen and only flashes briefly on my PC then fades. If I'm not sitting at my PC at the time, then I miss it entirely. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate place to post this kind of Topic or request or maybe there are some current settings in Evernote that I am not aware of yet or don't have set up properly. Thank you!
  20. I'd like to share my "missing feature list" with the community. This list is only the "most wanted" from my side. Please feel free to add your ideas or to give me comments on my list. TIA RR 1) Management system for attachments (a)view ...inside the note or as attachment (b) sort by drag and drop 2) option to encrypt attachments (similar to the text encryption) 3) ALL options should be available via the desktop version as well as the tablet (android/ios) versions (in modern times the tablet/pads are more and more replacing the desktops, at least, if people are working from remote places. Then it's really a pain in the neck, if the tablet/pads are "handicapped" tools. this means, I have to touch my work twice (after returning to the office). 4) better usability of tags (tag management). I understood, evernote is made to be organized by tags (notebooks are restricted to 250 afaik). However, I have serious problems to use my tag structure. I mean, when applying a tag, it only shows an example, if you already put in the starting letters. Nice, however, sometimes I cannot remember what name I gave to this particular tag, which I want to use. So, I suggest that there should be a pop-up of the tag structure during the input-process of tags. It would also help, if there was a permanent window or sidebar (horizontally because of the deeper structure) either as pop up or to call via short-key.....). 5)I was quite happy about the new colour feature for the tags until I opened my tablet and saw that this feature is not reflected there. So I spent almost 2 hours to colour my tags only to find out that evernote has wasted my time one more time. So, I want to emphasize again that ALL features should be available across ALL platforms. Honestly I don't understand whys this is such a problem. So, please, don't announce with big noise new features, which are only on one platform available. Please be aware that more and more the users are NOT "single platform users". Almost all of my friends are at least on two platforms simultaneously (windows + android, or windows + IOS/OSX). Everybody tells me it's very annoying to deal with missing features or too different user-interfaces/options. Yes, we are aware that there are differences between the operating systems, but it is your task to minimize those for the easy life of your users. 6) Export options. To say it with one sentence. It is a must for me have an export option to PDF. The html/xml options are really driving me crazy. If I want to send documents to a a friend/partner, I don't want to force those people to join evernote or even let them know that I use evernote. A neutral but common format like PDF is a MUST. That's my hot-list. there are plenty of ideas left out, however these are most wanted from my point of view. Hope to receive some feedback RR Edit: Got aware that my point 2)encryption ....is deeply discussed in many older topics. so, forget it. However, I'd like to make clear that I meant only the option to encrypt a single attachment exactly for the reason to hide it and secure it from the INDEX process. I am back to use my "own system" which works on all my hardware (windows, android, ios) namely: install open pgp and simply encrypt the file in question. If you want to open it, simply double click and load it in evernote, it will automatically decrypt via open (gnu) pgp.
  21. I would like to request to have a "save to evernote" option whenever I'm trying to print something. I know that I can make use of the evernote clipper, although the print option has the ability to add headers (like the date) which cannot be edited in the print screen. We can always change the creation date and update dates on evernote. I always submit a lot of paperwork requiring proof dates... Please see pics to understand my idea better.
  22. Way back in 2013 I could draw an image in Penultimate, use the knife tool to cut it, copy and paste it to a note in Evernote. That feature disappeared in newer updates. I do not want to copy a whole page, which can be done by exporting it as a photo and importing that into Evernote. That causes a big image to be imported and it is cumbersome. Please bring back that feature or tell me if I am missing something.
  23. Evernote Team, It would be really helpful if, while tagging a new note in the Evernote iPhone app, the list of tags were in alphabetical order and the blank tagging line searched for tags as they were typed in. When I'm scrolling through my list of tags I'm always worried I'm going to miss what I'm looking for, because they aren't in alphabetical order - I think they are in "most recent," correct? Also, when I'm typing a tag in the blank area there's no indication whether or not the tag already exists. It would be really great if there were "predicted tags" as I fill it in, so I don't duplicate or make singular or plural tags that should be merged. Thanks.
  24. Can the developers add an "Screen Always Awake" toggle while in reading/viewing mode? Most of the time I use Evernote as my notebook for my speaking engagements. How nice it would be if I could bring my tablet on the podium, and just swipe my way thru my outline in Evernote, without worrying that my tablet would sleep on me from time to time.
  25. There's an elephant in the room and I'm going to describe it. I've been using Evernote religiously for about 3 years and do all my notes, reminders, todo's etc with it. The main reason I'm so into it is because I switch devices and platforms ALOT. But you know what? Honestly, I feel like Evernote SUCKS compared to OneNote in terms of actual usability. I used OneNote a long time ago. I don't remember what version it was maybe 2003 or 2007... all I remember is that it was the BEES KNEES! I could add anything to anywhere. I could click on a point and just start typing, I could do all these different fonts quickly, I could make all types of lists. I could shove in media, and link things to other things. I could make any note look just how I wanted. When I switched to EverNote, everything was a struggle. I couldn't put stuff where I wanted. Tables and lists, were a struggle and felt so limited. Taking notes in University was HARD. When the instructor would diagram stuff it was a computer science challenge to get it to look similar in my EverNote note. So before everyone comes to the EverNote defence here. I'm not saying EverNote is no good as a product. I can get a lot done. And I understand a lot of people have specific uses and don't need a lot of features that OneNote would beat EverNote at. BUT, I feel like EverNote has known about OneNote for such a long time, EverNote has been almost king of the hill for such a long time. Why can't you just duplicate the best of OneNote so we can do all the same things? Please. Why do people even have to make the EverNote vs. OneNote comparison anymore? Just jack their best features and blow them out of the water...