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Found 155 results

  1. lpuerto

    Clip wikipedia

    Hey! It just occurred to me that perhaps would be great if Evernote Clipper has a "template" to clip wikipedia, in the same way it clips LinkedIn, YouTube or Amazon. I clip a lot wikipedia, and usually it get quite messy. It would be great if you can clip in a more clear way.
  2. I wish there was a way to be able to organize your notes in a specific order as well as an option to pin a note to the top somehow so that it's always clickable when you open a notebook instead of having to search it or clutter up your shortcuts
  3. Hi , I think it is would be cool and useful if the Table in evernote could do some basic Calculation like excel , no need so complex like what excel do , but some calculation between cell. This can Help a lot when someone want to sum the value of ingredient for example or many things that need some basic calculation . Well , that is what tables usually used for , isn't it . Hope you would reconsider this Idea , Thank you .
  4. Re-posting from other forum and absolutely agree with this: "I am a very big Evernote fan using this application in my business environment. Here I especially make use of the feature of taking hand written notes with my iPad and my Apple Pencil. By doing so I'm constantly facing one issue:When finishing 1 hand written page there's no easy way to add a second page in order to keep a natural note flow. Instead, the page needs to be saved and then the cursor needs to be put after the note before another hand written page can be inserted manually. This process hurts to be honest." OneNote and other apps do the canvas expansion/page addition much better. Please don't let me go I am a long-term Evernote fan, user and Premium customer.
  5. Maahir Momtaz

    Freely Rearranging Notes

    On both desktop and mobile versions, I'd like for there to be an option to freely move around your notes, because sometimes when I make new notes, I'd like to move them to a specific spot in my list of notes. Other notetaking apps like Google Keep has this.
  6. uepsilon

    Recurring Reminders

    I have found a way to create recurring reminders for Evernote with a litte help from Gmail and Google Calendar. Maybe it is helpful for someone who is missing this feature until Evernote hopefully implements it. There are a few possibilities out there in the web. But I wanted a free one and also one in my favorite eMail application. 1. Create a recurring calendar event in Google Calendar with a title, reminder, the notebook-name and a tag like: Newsletter !tomorrow @Office #marketing Newsletter - your reminder title !tomorrow - your reminder @Office - your notebook #marketing - your tag IMPORTANT Don't forget to activate, that you will be reminded to this event by eMail. 2. Go to "Settings" in Gmail - Klick on Forwarding Pop/IMAP and then on "add forwarding-address" - Place your Evernote eMail which you are using to forward anything into your inbox. It's an email like xxxxxxxx@m.evernote.com and safe it. Google will send directly (after you confirmed) a confirmation code to your Evernote eMail (xxxxxxxx@m.evernote.com) Go to your Evernote inbox. The eMail from Google lands there. Grab the confirmation code and paste it at Gmail to confirm your Evernote adres. 3. Set a filter in Gmail - Go to your Gmail account settings. - Set a new filter and place to the "FROM" field this address: calendar-notification@google.com - Click on "create filter with this search results" at the bottom right. - Then activate "forward to", and choose your Evernote eMail (which you have activated in Step 2) Save your filter. Done! I have tested it, it works very well. You are now able to set recurring calendar events for Evernote in Google Calendar. Google Mail forwards now calendar events with an activated eMail reminder from calendar-notification@google.com to your Evernote address. Evernote places the event including the reminder the specified notebook including the tag. There is just one issue when I am right. Correct me please, if I am wrong: You always have to set up your recurring reminders to "one day before", because there is no option in Evernote to specify a time for a reminder in the subject. Example: When you wanna be reminded regularly on a Friday, you have to set your reminder to thursday, because you are using !tomorrow in your subject. That's it. Hopefully this is helpful for someone. Regards. Note: Please Evernote. A small fine task management with recurring reminders would be really fine.
  7. Leu

    Recurring Reminders

    Hello I would like to be able to set reccuring reminders on specific notes so that I can set up a note for recurring events that have to be dealt with. It would be nice if they could be set up in a way like: every 2 days every week every 2 weeks every month etc. Of course this could be even more specifc like: every last friday in the month. Kind regards, Leu
  8. Regardless if using a stylus or Apple Pencil, it would be extremely useful to be able to extend the drawing area in all directions (left, right, up down) and create more space for drawing. It is too small today and I can't fit everything I need into a single screen sized drawing.
  9. Please add a feature which can check in-depth spelling errors and grammatical errors at pro level. It will be of great value even if Evernote team gives this feature to premium members. This is a feature which i miss a lot in Evernote and can be really helpful for note taking community.
  10. Currently, it's only possible to get a two step verification code via text message or Google Authenticator. it’s important to keep my accounts as secure as possible, so I was really happy when Evernote announced that two-step verification is available to all Evernote users. I enable it immediately. But now i’m forced to use Google Authenticator. I’ve had to switch to Google Authenticator to copy my one-time-paswsword and quickly switch back to Evernote to paste it before it expires! It’s very stressful. For all my other accounts (that use two steps verification) I simply use 1Password (build in time-based one-time password (TOTP)). Only for Evernote I’ve had to install the Google Authenticator App. Hopefully Evernote will supports the time-based one-time password (TOTP) feature of the 1Password extension, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
  11. At present, the structural organization of Evernote is in dire need of improvement. Here are the no-brainer features that should be added to Evernote as soon as humanly and technically possible. 1) The contents of every note are organized into sections 2) Every notebook is organized into sub-notebooks 3) Stacks are organized into folders aka meta-stacks. My request basically boils down to adding 3 new structural entities: 1) note sections; 2) sub-notebooks; 3) meta-stacks. If you agree that these features need to be added, please upvote this post. I hope to get an official response from the Evernote Development Team as to whether the abovementioned features are going to be added.
  12. I know this has been mentioned before, but I think it's worth posting again. It would be really useful and a better UX if searches included tag hierarchy. Or at the very least gave users an option to enable a hierarchical search of tags. For example given three tags where apple and banana are children of fruit: > fruit > apple > banana I add two notes, and tag one apple and the other one banana. Currently if I search 'tag:fruit' nothing is returned, but that is not intuitive given that I've organised my tags hierarchically. What I believe is more natural, is if I search 'tag:fruit' thej it should return anything tagged fruit, apple, or banana. Thanks!
  13. It would be great if i could just right click on a line and press 'insert date and time' then type my note Is this feature available? I get a lot of calls and notes which I need to keep typing the date+time and for example a phone call note which specifically need a date and time log of the call etc and it would be so much quicker to just do a right click insert - then type away what i needed to for that moment
  14. Evernote is one of my favourite apps. But I do miss the support of Textexpander on my I-pad pro with smart keyboard. That would make my GTD workflow in combination with Fantastical 2 as my agenda and Omnifocus 2 as my project /to do planner (both support TE) and Evernote as my notebook / archive totally a blast. I also do use Snapentry or Drafts for implementing notes in Evernote with the support of TE, but often I just want directly work in Evernote.
  15. Roberthaas

    Textexpander support

    Evernote is one of my favourite apps. But I do miss the support of Textexpander on my I-pad pro with smart keyboard. That would make my GTD workflow in combination with Fantastical 2 as my agenda and Omnifocus 2 as my project /to do planner (both support TE) and Evernote as my notebook / archive totally a blast. I also do use Snapentry or Drafts for implementing notes in Evernote with the support of TE, but often I just want directly work in Evernote.
  16. The daily reminder email has been a great tool for me. I use it to guide actions for the day and usually print this out to stay on track as I move locations. The email is timely (~6am), simple and reliable. The format of this email is terrible, looks cheap and is not up to the Evernote standard of refinement. Some very simple edits could improve the page dramatically. Allow me to elaborate... The attached image from March 16 will be a great example. The primary problem is page real estate. Once the email header is printed there is 8.25 inches of space for the Evernote reminder message. This was a light day with only 4 items and you can see the page is full...only 4 reminders! Another reminder and it's pushed to a 2 page print, which would still mostly be redundant information. 1) The top portion of the message takes up 36% of the vertical page. Why do the items (evernote logo, date box and 'Here's What's due...") here have to be stacked? Look at all of that blank space on the left and right! These are clearly reminders since it's been marked as such all over the page. Why do I need to be told, 'Here's what's due today'? Delete this line. And, if this is really necessary, does it need to the the biggest text on the page? 2) The bottom portion takes up 27% of the page, every day, with the same redundant message. I know Evernote syncs across all my devices. I know how to download the app for every device. Does everyone really need to be told this, every day with such a giant notification? This entire block is really fine print so make it fine print and shrink it's footprint. 3) Since the top header and bottom fine print take up 36% and 27% respectively, that leaves only 36% of the first page for actual content. Only 1/3 of the page for content?!?! ...and look at all that blank page space. 4) Since this email amounts to a checklist, why not make it one? Left justify the note titles/notebook names and add some space to the left for a checkbox or area for handwritten notes about each item for the day. That would make this email usable as a checklist or agenda instead of the simple notice it appears to be. Any improvements in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your consideration!
  17. I use evernote a lot for not taking and to-do lists. Virtually everything I do in Evernote is in outline format (bulleted usually), unfortunately there seems to be a lot of formatting issues. Cutting and pasting for one section of the outline to another will often cause a double bulletted outline, or it will add a blank line creating 2 separate outlines that you can't get rid of. Sometimes inserting a line into a pre-existing outline will cause the bullets to disappear on the new line, or disappear if you bring in the indentation. Evernote is such a great program and I would love to see a fix for this.
  18. Could you add support for auto-change the dark/light theme depending on the time of day, please?
  19. Hi there, I feel adding 1 more tier to the notebooks list would be a great addition. For example right now I have the following notebook stack: Notebooks > Goals > Health > (my notes in health notebook) Because I divide my health goals into different groups i.e. "Mental", "Physical" and "Emotional health". I would really appreciate another notebook tier to provide that additional needed delineation. I feel it only makes sense that the large notebook tab seen here: Should be configurable and addable by users so we can add a 3rd and final tier to our organisational structure. What this will end up looking like for me is: Goals > Health > Physical > notes > Emotional > notes > Mental > notes I would really appreciate this feature and I feel it would be useful for other users. One other case where this would be useful: Learning > Coding > Java > notes > Python > notes > Html > notes
  20. I would love the ability to create custom keyboard shortcuts -- not only for the existing commands, but as a shortcut for "assign a (specific) tag" and "move to a (specific) notebook." For example, Ctrl+Alt+F would move the selected note to my "Filed" notebook -- that kind of thing. On a related note, who decided that the shortcut for assign tag (Ctrl+Alt+T) would have different modifiers from assign notebook (Shift+Alt+M). These activities are part of the same workflow -- the modifiers should be the same. (Imagine if Copy and Paste were Ctrl+C and Shift+Alt+V -- it's cognitively jarring.) g.
  21. yuzhangoscar

    Hide selected text

    Hi: I am using evernote to do some study, I have taken notes in a way as shown below: A keyword: What does this keyword mean, what does it do and etc. Is it possible to introduce a feature to hide a selected text so that it can be revealed by tapping on it? This way, I will able to read a study subject and try remembering its meaning and etc in my head without looking at the answer? It is kind like Hide function found on stackoverflow. Thanks
  22. The last update disabled the option to edit or delete handwritten notes. They have now turned into images. This is really annoying. I cannot imagine this is an intended new feature. This must be a bug. Please fix ASAP. Thanks in advance
  23. Text styling (Titles, Subtitles, differing levels of headers, body, quotes) as it's found in the mobile version of Evernote, Google Docs, etc. would be super helpful in speeding up my note taking (less time formatting with Bold, adjusting text size, etc.) while aiding taxonomy and keeping a more consistent styling throughout my notes. Allowing user overrides for the styling is a nice touch, but not necessary.
  24. While at meetings I like to hand write my notes and then scan them into Evernote via taking pictures on my phone app. I've recently found myself wanting Evernote to automatically add tags to the note based on what I write in my notebook. Here is an example. I keep a tag for most people I encounter in my daily life. If they are in a meeting with me, I'll tag them in the note when I create it so I can quickly find what I've collaborated with them on. I would like this to be an automatic process for all hashtag markings i.e. If I write something to the effect of #Joe_Smith or #Confidential on my paper, when I scan it into Evernote it would automatically put the tag "Joe Smith" and "Confidential" on the note. The # is just a relatable example, but could be any identifiable marking, possibly even user determined. I guess before I put this up as a feature request I should if this is already possible and I'm just not aware of how to implement it? Thanks
  25. Hello there Reminders on the desktop clients (at least I know about windows) are lacking some sort of notification, that is clearly visible when it matters. I mean, what is the point of setting up a time critcal reminder (since you have the option to do so) and not have it notify you in any useful way, when you are working at your desktop. Therefore I am suggesting some kind of notification that will stay visible until you deal with it. I would see several ways how this might be implemented (of course you should be able to turn it on or off). A Popup you have to click to remove it or a new menu option on the left where all reminders are visible and when one of the times is reached, the option turns red or something. or some other clearly visible way. Thanks and kind regards, Leu