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Found 36 results

  1. Are there any plans to add inline code block (like Markdown's `inline code block`)?
  2. New EN user - and I love it! I've been searching for a feature that might already exist but I can't find. I would love to have a floating note that stays on top of other apps while typing and that, perhaps, is a bit transparent. This would allow me to take notes while reading documents, looking online, etc. without having to switch windows. Thanks for your consideration!
  3. 'Tabs or Pages' Feature Within a Note I'd like to be able to split a note up into 'tabs', with a similar UI as the 'sheets' tab at the bottom of excel
  4. I really like the tag filter menu when viewing notebooks. It provides an additional overview of notes, tag-based, and even allows to further filter the list. Unfortunately, this is a missing function in the search results view. Please give us that feature as it would really add some more value to the search function.
  5. Hi Evernote Team, I am using evernote on Mac with version 6.13.3. I have a request. I use ``` to put the code in it. For example, see below. while (s.empty() == false) { top = s.top(); s.pop(); mark top as visited; check for termination condition (have we reached the target node?) add all of top’s unvisited neighbors to the stack. } Now I want to add tabs to it to look better: while (s.empty() == false) { top = s.top(); s.pop(); mark top as visited; check for termination condition (have we reached the target node?) add all of top’s unvisited neighbors to the stack. } To fix this code, I have to go to each line and press tab. Which is kind of painful. I know I can go to some other editor and make it work, like this: Generally, the other way round is that I select the lines I want to indent and press tab. Can you please provide this feature, so that I don't have to leave Evernote window for this task. Thanks.
  6. Today I messed up a note and needed to restore an older version. Well, it worked, but the user experience is just terrible: 1. Design: The dialog looks awful and does not match the Evernote Mac interface. 2. Preview Function: There is no way to preview older versions. You have to fully restore a version to see its contents, which makes picking the right version a pain. 3. Restore into the original note: It is not possible to overwrite a note with an older version. When restoring an old version, Evernote always creates a new notebook, which then contains a new note with the restored version. Who needs a separate note and separate notebook? I usually copy over the note's content to the original note. Then I delete the notebook Evernote has created.
  7. It would be nice to structure the shortcuts sidebar. Things get messy with notes, notebooks, searches all mixed up together. I can think of non-clickable headlines or simple line dividers as structuring elements.
  8. It would be nice to have the ability to evaluate expressions in evernote. An example of implementation is calca. I use it sometimes to keep track of some of my electronics designs where the value of some component depends on other values. It allows me to iterate through design by just changing the values of my base assumptions the rest is getting computed Automatically. The examples in the calca page show other really cool use for this like budgeting. It would be nice to have the same capability in evernote so I don't have to switch editors.
  9. Are there any plans to improve the ”Code Block” (e.g. support syntax highlighting)?
  10. Chris Ridgeway

    Heading 1, Heading 2 etc

    New premium user here. Realized that standardize formatting headings are missing and was surprised. Makes formatting much easier. I want to think about my content, not remember if I manually made the previous heading a 12, 14, or 18. (Please let me know if I'm missing something!)
  11. Shari Lynn Smith

    Sticky Note in Notebook

    I'd like to be able to sticky a card to the top of a notebook, yes I can create a tag and use that to find the card, however it would be helpful to have a index or title card at the top of my notebooks to find something quickly that is in the notebook without have to search. It'd be one click to the card versus having to type what I'm looking for and then goto the card. Use case: I have a list of websites that I need to review weekly. Sticky card links to the individual cards on those sites, I like having the over all card as I can type quick notes so I know where I am with this task and then quickly goto the site card for the detailed information. Keeps my notes much cleaner. (Feel free to merge this if it's already out there, couldn't find it with a quick search of the forum.)
  12. Roman Luks

    Recurring Reminders

    I would like to have option to set reminder to repeat every day (maybe also week, month). Manually setting reminder each day for the next is cumbersome.
  13. Shari Lynn Smith

    Remove mail-to: from email links

    This is no longer necessary for an email to be auto created, your web app doesn't do it, Thunderbird allows for copying the email address so it is possible on windows software. This is extremely time consuming when email address need to be copied clean. It's a total pita. Please keep up with current web development. Thanks!
  14. Hey there, I hope I just am too blind to find this option, but I really would love to be able to sort my notebooks in an order that I like to have them. Is there any option for this? Cheers, /marc
  15. I have a hierarchical tag structure, and so far as I can tell, there's not much advantage to doing this, other than visual organization of the tags. I would like to request an option to create tag inheritance. When searching, this could produce search results for the specified tag, and all other tags below it, in it's tag hierarchy.
  16. Hi, It would be awesome if there was an option that allows to see only the annotation preview inline on a note. This could be a 3rd option, in addition to "View as attachment" & "View inline" Often times when researching a particular subject, I read through and annotate multiple PDF's that are dozens of pages long. While I like having the overview of each pdf, it can get quite frustrating to scroll down a lot to see the next file. Cheers, Carlos
  17. As a premium subscriber - I want evernote to make my versioned notebooks available in evernote markup as git repositories. The minimum implementation would be a daily cron or similar to export/update a personal read-only git repo for version controlled backups. A backup is not a backup if it cannot be restored, it is an archive at best. Next step is to allow me to restore my evernote information from my Evernote git repository. The rationale: I have an easy backup mechanism - running git clone on a regular basis. Anyone who can use git, will want (and understand) this feature, which would be amazing for Windows, OsX, and Linux It makes it easier for people to do whatever they want with regards to personal automation around their evernote notes. It will lower the barrier for innovation on evernote content on all platforms. If write access allowed, It makes it easier to use any other external text/xml manipulation tool to update evernote. Make it easier to detect and track changes in your documents, as git is a mature tool for this, and so are the tools that use it. This "git backup" feature has the side benefit of making it easier for mature 3rd party tools on unsupported platforms e.g. Linux, OpenBSD, or anywhere GUI's fail, but git works!. That's it. This is what i am campaigning for now.
  18. I don't know if this is the place to make feature requests, but I regularly forward emails to my Evernote account for archival purposes and it would be great if Evernote had the option of detecting that it was a forwarded email and make the created notes created date match the date of the email being forwarded. This would greatly assist in keeping my notes sortable in the order in which I received the email without me having to make sure I forward the emails in the correct order, or after the fact go in and edit the created date of the note (which I can't even do in iOS). This one thing alone would make Evernote infinitely more useful.
  19. I use Firefox. When I write a post that I consider valuable I often use Evernote webclipper to achieve it. That takes manual effort. I would like automatic achieving of everything I write online besides Passwords/Logins to be saved in an Evernote notebook (not my main notebook). Given that I sometimes lose posts I write online when Firefox crashes it would especially be useful for Evernote to also save drafts of posts I write. Is there a third-party service that would help with my desire? Otherwise I think it would be valuable for Evernote to integrate it because being the digital brain is Evernote's core function and lots of people would find it useful. It could also be a good Evernote Plus feature. Once the feature is build, there could be an additional feature that alerts me within Evernote when a post I wrote good a reply. Of course only for those forum well-structured to allow an automated spidering that sees whether a reply was made.
  20. My Evernote window is set up in the "Side List View" and I often wish I could insert a note link into the note I'm currently editing by dragging and dropping a note from the list into the note editor. The current behavior: When i click and drag on a note title in the note list, it will select the note I click+drag (closing the note I was editing and opening the "new" one for editing) and I can then then drag that note into itself and EN will insert a note link. This is counter intuitive. My requested behavior: the note I am currently editing will stay open, allowing me to drag the other note link into it. I would expect a note to open for editing when I click+release in the note list, when I click+drag I do not expect it to open a different note. Thank you!
  21. Please add the ability to create cloud only notebooks. I want to put some type of notes in a web only (archive) notebook, which I do not want to download local or sync with my other computers.
  22. Problem I use the Getting Things Done system. Sometimes I wish to bookmark/clip something and add in the Remarks: "[ ] Read/Peruse this article/bookmark etc. by x date." Solution Include a shortcut key in EWC that allows you to add a checkbox in the remarks section.
  23. Much like PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, and some other file types get an inline preview (so you can see the contents right in the note window), it would be great if Evernote supported this for Markdown and plain-text attachments. The pitch: one thing quite a few people seem to be frustrated by (myself included) is that Evernote doesn't work very well with Markdown. It has no support for formatting markdown entered into a note, and its editor isn't very good for entering Markdown (or plain text) either. While full first-class support for Markdown right within a note would be awesome, it would be a tricky feature to implement and just doesn't fit well into Evernote's document model. It's clearly not a priority for Evernote, which is understandable given the complexity. However, the feature I propose would get us much of the way there. If I want some Markdown in a note, I just attach file. With Evernote's excellent and convenient support for editing attachments using external editors, I can edit that Markdown in my editor of choice (in my case, FoldingText). When I save the file in the external editor, the inline preview in the note updates. This seems like a relatively painless feature to implement, since it all seems to fit within the existing model of how Evernote works and is a matter of adding an extra preview type. I think it would satisfy the majority of people who want Markdown support in Evernote. It would certainly improve my workflow immensely, and I'd probably be using Evernote a lot more if were implemented. If Markdown turns out to be tricky to implement preview for, I'd even be satisfied if Evernote could just do inline preview of plain-text attachments (and just render .md/.markdown files as plain-text).
  24. A feature request… When auto completing tags or notebook names it looks like Evernote suggests results alphabetically, and sorts them alphabetically too. It would be nice if they were sorted by frequency of use, so more popular tags and notebooks appear at the top of the list. Evernote Support - if there's a better way to submit feature requests other than posting here, please let me know. Thanks!
  25. I use Evernote on a daily basis from my Mac and iOS devices. One of the greatest things about Evernote is how awesome its search (and new Context) features are. Search results are returned incredibly quickly and are so relevant. There are number of ways to search for notes by creation or date updated but wish it would allow you to search for dates instead of by date. It’s easy to search for notes that are created or updated on a date or within a range of dates but it would be great to be able to say, “show me all the notes that are about dates in the next two weeks" and see a list of relevant notes. For example here’s a PDF I've got stashed in Evernote about some upcoming ski deals this winter: I can search for “December" and see this as a result because of Evernote’s document search, but it doesn’t know that the note contains information about events between December and March. Just as it can identify contact information with its business card scanning, here’s hoping that the Evernote team can apply some AI to be able to identify these dates as more than just text and offer another awesome way to search our notes. Originally posted at: http://cl.ly/3g2w231k2M2G