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  1. Hi, Is it possible to request a feature for your developers to Implement? It would be useful to have a button for a "pop-out" mini-note, that stays above all windows like a virtual "post it". Is this possible?
  2. Pin Tabs

    Hey guys, it would be great to have the possibility to pin / fix tabs in Evernote-Desktop (Safari-Like) ... . THX!
  3. I'm a Slack user and one think i would love to see in Evernote is content embbeding. So inserting a link like this : will automatically result in this : The oEmbed technology enable embedding content from other sites just by inserting a simple link. Inserting a simple link to sites like Twitter, Amazon, Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube, Evernote, and more sites results in a beautifully formatted synopis “card” and link to those sites or images This technology is simple and it is very effective for the user.
  4. To be able to alphabetise a note would be a feature that would be very beneficial for many types of notes, for example when learning a language one could produce their own dictionary within Evernote. A google search finds a number of articles of people requesting a feature to alphabetise lists within their notes. Notes within a notebook can already be sorted this way, and Microsoft Word can sort a list by alphabetical order so surely it it possible for a Evernote note to do so.
  5. Hello, please consider the possibility to remove the extra line space added automatically between two tables. If someone needs this space I suppose it's should be easy to add by pressing Enter. Or - as an option - the extra line space might be added automatically, but if someone doesn't need it, there should be the working way to remove it. Thank you. For more information please refer to the ticket # 2212116
  6. i find searching to be not enough. I would like a way to bookmark a single line (or even selected text) in a note. the bookmark should have a title and that title should be searchable.
  7. It would be great if you can add "always on top" feature to your desktop client. Personally, I like to take my own notes from say what I read on websites. So able to pin notes on top will really help. Thanks.
  8. Currently, all emails I send to my Evernote "Email Notes to" address land in the "Inbox" notebook. I am suggesting to have a separate email address for each notebook, just like Todoist has a separate email for each project. I know, it is possible to route an email into a specific notebook by adding "@notebook_name" to the email subject but in practice, this is inconvenient, time consuming, and error prone. you have to remember to use "@" (instead of "#" as it is in other applications). You have to type the notebook name correctly. You have to click edit subject + navigate to the end of it + type out the notebook name manually ... For the Todoist projects to which I often email todos, I saved the corresponding email addresses into my address book, all prefixed with "Todoist - " - thus, when I start typing "Todo" in the recipient field, all of my email clients are giving me auto-complete suggestions for all Todoist project email addresses I saved. Very convenient, very fast to use, no danger of mistyping. I'd love to do the same with Evernote notebooks. A nice side effect of not modifying the email subject: all common email clients are automatically grouping emails with the same subject into a thread (even if prefixes like "FWD:" are added). Thus, leaving the subject as is when forwarding to Evernote will attach this forwared email to the same thread as the original one, making it easy and convenient to check which ones you saved to Evernote already. This feature request also reflects the desires of dozens of commenters on the following two feature requests. Yet, I decided to create a separate thread here because the other two are only mentioning this feature among others: Feature Request: Link multiple email addresses to Evernote account Multiple Email Adresses
  9. Easily copy-pasting tags between notes are possible in Evernote Mac version, as far as I know, it would be nice if it's possible in Evernote app for mobile devices. Right now the closest way to achieve that is by duplicating an existing tagged note, clearing its content, then copy pasting a new content to it. But if the copy-pasted content has formatting, clipped from websites for example, then sometimes the formatting will be screwed. It'll be nice if there's simply a "duplicate tags only" aside from "duplicate note" option in the menu.
  10. I'd LOVE to get rid of my google or safari bookmarks and use Evernote to manage them. Perhaps by allowing users to assign a specific tag to a web URL saved in a note, a feature could be created that pulled these links from tagged notes and presented them in a browser as bookmarks, organized by notebook, but only showing url links tagged as bookmarks. These could be presented in an Evernote bookmark bar which synchronizes on your devices. When opening a list of bookmarks, maybe include a small icon that would open the entire note with additional note info?? I hope that makes sense. I use Evernote for everything and hate using a separate bookmark manager. Allowing bookmarks to be edited with context or notes would be immensely helpful.
  11. Annotations & Citations

    Hello All; I have been using Evernote for about 4 years now and just went to the premium service. I am also in college and starting to write papers. I would like to see a bibliography and references ability added to Evernote. An article in a magazine saying Evernote wanted to be the only information manager you ever needed, convinced me to start using the application. It seems to me citations,bibliographies, and references are the lifeblood of anyone who writes. If Evernote really wants to be the best note taking solution for serious and professional writers, being able to add citations on-the-fly is critical. Regards, Robert Williamson
  12. I use Evernote to create lists of timings for video subtitles and chapters. These timecodes usually look somewhat like this: 01:34:58 It would be immensely useful to have a feature, that allows me to increment or decrement the digits in a timecode. Emmet is a Plugin that adds that feature to a number of code editors. You can set your cursor on a number, like the minutes in my above example, and by pressing Ctrl + Up, you increment the number by 1. Ctrl + Down decrements it. This is an unbelievable addition in terms of convenience! Ctrl + Shift + Up could increment by 10 and Ctrl + Alt Up by .1 It could be wonderful! Here's a video of what it could look like:
  13. Location-Based Reminders

    This feature could happen by simply assigning through the Reminder functionality. OR, it is something that could be implemented with a tag (or even, more specifically, a tag that is started with "@") Once of the major reasons I still use Google Keep is the ability to do location-based tagging. It is VERY convenient to remember things based on where I am going next. It helps when I forget to check my tagging
  14. After a bit of Googling, I am unable to find any official documentation regarding hotkeys or any other sort of convenient formatting for the new web product. Mainly what I'm looking for is an easy way to use Header styles for organization without having to manually change font-size, font-color, or any other manual change that would have to be remembered to keep it consistent across notes and time. Whether this is through something like Markdown or some in-house method doesn't matter: so long as it's possible. This is in part a bit of a revival of a past request from the old product forums:
  15. Hello, Wouldn't it be great if Evernote could recognise bookmarks and clippings you've already tagged and made notes on?! Also via the Firefox addon button - let's say I'm on a webpage and I've added it as a bookmark to Evernote - but I've forgotten to add a few extra notes after viewing the rest of the webpage. Now, if I click the Firefox button again, it won't recognise that I've already clipped/tagged it and I can't see what I just entered, and can't make any quick amendments to it. So so frustrating... When I click the add-on again, I'd like to be able to make a few more additional notes real quickly, instead of having to go into Evernote and find the note, to make additional notes on that clipping. What else is possible..?! Thanks!
  16. Hi everyone, So … I restarted using Evernote, mostly the web version, and here's my feedback: we are in 2017 and Evernote is one of the only apps I know that doesn't allow to apply styles or format text with headings and so on. IMO, it doesn't make sense. Even Google Docs allows some styles, or at least, allows to import/paste from word and maintain a few styles. Evernote does not. I kindly request the Evernote team to add this feature to your roadmap. I really want to keep using Evernote but I really need to use something better for my notes. Kind regards, pedr
  17. Sometimes when I'm writing notes, I would like to be able to put a comment not in the text of the note, but as an annotation - much as I can make a comment to an uploaded PDF, for instance. Something like a separate text box, or the equivalent of a 'sticky note' that could remain on the side of the text, but linked to the relevant point. Thanks for considering.
  18. One of my many use cases for Evernote is to store articles I've read or clipped from the Internet. However I find that I often want to make margin notes as I'm reading to reference later or see my train of thought. I'd love to have the ability to have a comment thread (like in a Google Doc) as a feature on an Evernote Note.
  19. Evernote web clipper already suggests new tags based on the contents of the page. Can we have this functionality while creating a note in desktop?
  20. Hello Right now there is no option to go back if you accidentally delete some words on note. Evernote is a note taking app and adding a feature where you can go back and undo your mistakes would be nice as almost every other note taking app has this feature. Thank you
  21. Hi, I usually use evernote widget for fast note taking or searching. Moreover, notes can contain private information, so I don't want any note contents to be displayed in widget. I chose to turn off "Show Notes in Widget / iMessage", but the "Recently viewed notes will appear here" area showed up. I think this area looks ugly. The area in the widget screen is important asset: unnecessary area of one widget can hide part of another widget and it requires (otherwise unnecessary) user scroll when s/he attempts to use this widget, which obstructs fast full-filling of the user need.
  22. SHIFT-TAB to return to note title

    When creating a new note a user currently adds the title inside the title form field. The user can then hit TAB to advance to the text body. It would be nice if SHIFT-TAB returned from the first character in the text body back to the note title.
  23. I'm a starter with Evernote and I totally love the way it helps me to manage my personal information and personal projects. I have been using it to make travel itineraries, manage my learnings and assignments, manage interesting materials I read and save, etc. However, I wonder that whether there is a feature that can help me to deal with numbers as well? Looking for a similar function in excel that can insert formula or functions in the cells to do simple calculations. Or an embedded excel table (or google sheets) that can help me to do calculations directly in Evernote rather than and attachment of an excel file that I have to access it through excel. I hope the feature could help me to make financial plans and schedules. Or is there any other way to achieve this in Evernote already?
  24. I've just recently started revising my workflow to utilize more of the functionality of Evernote when I noticed there is not a "Save" function for pdf annotation. There is a "Save and Exit", but this requires exiting the annotation completely. Having a "Save" function that pushes an updated annotated version of the PDF to the main desktop client would be incredibly helpful, allowing me to save as I go without fear of my workstation crashing and losing a portion my current annotation (suffice to say, this just happened to me). I do understand that there is an automatic save function, whether that's at a time interval or when changes are flagged I don't know, but I would just prefer the ability to save manually if I notice signs of a potential system crash. Thanks for such a wonderful product! C_olinf
  25. Dear Evernote, I am wondering if an article stick to the topo function could be added to the evernote, so that for each notebook there will be a possibility to see a specific note regardless of changing time. Joe