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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, to solve problems, the EN team needs to know what version the user is using. So instead of this, to have an elegant button like this: What do you think? Dean
  2. Hello, I would like to present you MathSense - the fast and easy way to write math and science notes. This web application is made to provide a natural and easy way to quickly take, save truly editable and fully interactive math and science notes. My team and I love to use Evernote for our studies, but we were very disappointed to find out that there wasn't really an easy way to take mathematical notes for Evernote. Learning LaTex or saving equations like plain images simply seamed too complicated, we couldn't make quick changes and the images just take too much space and lack interactivity. Who We Are We are a team of two talented students on the University of Nis, Serbia. Since we study computrr sciences, we decided to build our own solution... Now, after a lot of hard work, we are are very proud to present you the result. Please take a quick look at the features of the MathSense app: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG4wYn6XFNk This application, when it hits the production will be completely free to use, so any comments and suggestions from you would much appreciated! At last, if you find this application usefull, please check out this IndieGoGo campaign and help us make it to production by preordering a premium account, and get amazing and exclusive perks along with our eternal gratitude. http://www.igg.me/at/mathsense Even if you can't contribute, sharing is a huge help, and it would mean a lot to a small and profitless team. Please send us any feedback via replying to this post and share the links on our IndieGoGo campaign. Best wishes, The MathSense Team
  3. Hey Guys, There are new and efficient ways of reading stuff then having long notes to go trough. Fast reading apps like http://velocireaderapp.com/ deliver content in a new way. It would be a huge benefit for Evernote users to have the possebility on mobile devices to send the text of a note to another app to read it there. Today in Evernote it's only possible to send an SMS, twitter, facebook, email. With the posebility to send the text to an fast reading app the backlog of stuff to read - which store all Evernote users in Evernote - would shrink. In my opinion a must have feature (at least for pro users and GTD heros). Greetings JJ
  4. Textever Pro - Iphone/iPad client focused on input and reedit text notes efficiently. Highly optimized Sync and Import included. iPhone/iPod 4 users will get the value from this app definitely! LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/app/textever-pro-take-evernote/id542597312