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Found 14 results

  1. APenNameAndThatA

    Is Evernote Going Broke?

    When I download PDF's onto my iPhone, I like to sync them. A window comes up with space for a title and tags, and a button called <save>. I press save and go on with my browsing. But the PDF does not always sync. Recently, to try and fix this, I reinstalled Evernote, waited for the PDF to fully download, put in a title and a tag, and waited to give Evernote time to save/sync the PDF. No dice. 12 hours later, the attachments come up empty on the iPhone, on the PC, AND on the web client. I can't even check the cloud/version on my iPhone. And this from a company that has a section for feature requests? From a company that is supposed to "never forget". It never remembers. I read on a testing site that Evernote had laid off lots of staff in Europe. ? how true or not. Now, tell me, if a company is NOT going broke, will it's product not work while it inquires about new features AND has its old features not working, basic features not available, and rumors that it is laying off staff? I HATE Microsoft, but...
  2. I am using version (275837) Public. I have Windows 7 Home Premium, SP 1, 64-bit. Dell Studio XPS laptop. Evernote keeps randomly vanishing. I'm typing along in a note and it suddenly isn't there anymore. When I restart it, the last few words I typed are lost, but otherwise it seems to be OK. This has persisted across several updates of the software. What's going on? Is the Evernote Windows client just that buggy?
  3. Dear Evernote community, Our business is using a premium account from Evernote for management. The software appears to work, however we have some issue's with the main user (and Evernote advocate). Sometimes, synchronizing just fails. Evernote is installed on Windows 2008 R2 & iPad. I'm posting a log with some elements obscured since this is a HRM employee. 14:48:05 [9160] 0% Connecting to business Blzzz 14:48:05 [9160] 0% Connecting to business Blzzz 14:48:05 [9160] 0% Loaded business updateCount: 10592 14:48:05 [9160] 0% Client is up to date with the business server, updateCount: 10592 14:48:05 [9160] 0% Connecting to business Blzzz 14:48:05 [9160] 0% Connecting to business Blzzz 14:48:05 [9160] 0% Updating business server items 14:48:05 [9160] 0% Updating business notebook "zzzzzzzzzz" 14:48:05 [9160] 0% * guid={F4276D20-0D91-4557-909D-BAD2F8B80A56} 14:48:06 [9160] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=PERMISSION_DENIED parameter="Notebook.stack" 14:48:06 [6676] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 14:48:06 [6676] * error: Sync failed due to unexpected behavior client side 14:48:06 [6676] * elapsed time: 2s 14:48:16 [7052] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s423 14:48:16 [7052] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s427 14:48:16 [7052] 0% Retrieving note lock status for "zzzzzzzzzzzzz" 14:48:16 [7052] 0% * guid={8BFCF908-3E71-43B5-B7F3-31FA683862EA} 14:48:16 [7052] 0% * noteUpdateSequenceNumber: 10516 14:48:16 [7052] 0% * viewingUserIds: ba839 Does anyone share the same experience? Google only yields results related to incorrect use of the public API. However, we are using the official client. Some more info about the client: Evernote for Windows (275519) Public OS: Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 User: zzzzz Memory: 62.7MB Created: 2015/06/29 14:40:43 ... 10:11:26 [10008] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 10:11:26 [10008] Evernote for Windows (275519) Public 10:11:26 [10008] Common Editor 8 (9826ebc1b5bfd5fc2abec50be163ea722990099d) 10:11:26 [10008] Client info: Evernote Windows/275519; Windows/6.1.7601 Service Pack 1; ... 10:11:28 [10008] Opened database: C:\Users\zzzzz\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases\zzzzzz.exb (205MB Fixed)
  4. There should be no " read only " lock on skitch documents. I NEED to add TAGS to my skitch documents or what's the point ?? Tagging is essential to Evernote yet skitch an Evernote product , you can't tag. Either inside skitch or inside Evernote .... I need to be able to add tags !!!! I shouldn't have to save my skitch as a jpeg then upload to add tags. Evernote is about convenience, not being able to tag skitch documents is unreal !!!!!
  5. Dan Tappin

    ios Penultimate - Epic FAIL... again

    LMAO - I switched to Noteshelf after the epic product launch fail of v6. Today I saw the 6.0.2 update and saw a note on page numbers and figured "hey - perhaps someone came to their senses at Evernote". Boy was I wrong. The app crashed 3 times after opening it and my JotScript still will not connect. I deleted Penultimate once and for all.
  6. Error: Cant_insert_attrs_table I'm getting this message on my PC that I'm currently using to scan documents and upload to Evernote. Can anyone help me how to solve this ? Regard Morten
  7. I've bin a premium cudtomer for about 3 years now, at lesst I've paid for the third year but my evernote is gone back to free mode. I've placed two incidents now but no response from evernote, at least no more than an auto mail saying: whe're busy thanks for your patience. Well, i ran out of patience the exact same day that my autorenewment failed :/ my first request to evernote is exact 7 days now. Ticket numbers:265887 and 269206
  8. I have a mac with mavericks on, and when I try launching the evernote app it comes with this error message : An internal database errors that prevent Evernote from functioning properly, occurred. If the problem persists, contact Evernote Customer Service. I get it in danish, but used Google translate for translate it to english. What can I do for fixing that? I works fine for 2 days ago, and I did not change anything:)
  9. I've noticed Evernote wont allow saving of web pages from certain sites ( ok I admit, Im on a dating site and can't save profiles or pictures from profiles, so I can take a look at the later. Is there a fix for this?
  10. Hello, Since I upgraded to Evernote 5.0.5 on my Mac (OS X 10.8.2), the search function seems to be unreliable. When I type in a search term and hit the <enter> key, the first 2 or 3 times, zero search results are returned. Eventually, I get search results though I cannot understand why it no longer works the way it did in previous versions. That is, search simply worked. Am I missing something? I have been using Evernote for years now and it is a vital part of my day to day. But SEARCH not working is a show stopper. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. -Brian
  11. Running Windows 7 Pro 64 at work and home. Finding frequent sync failures at work but no problem at home or on Android device. I can access the web interface from work with no problem. Seems to be connecting to server, but failing to upload changes. I know that people saw this problem in the past, wonder if it is due to recent changes or a glitchy network (our end or yours). Extract from activity log (username obscured): Evernote for Windows (268368) Public OS: Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 User: ######## Memory: 91.5MB Created: 2013/01/25 13:57:28 --- Bootstrap info: loadedFresh <bootstrap_info><profile name="Evernote"><settings account_email_domain="m.evernote.com" enable_facebook_sharing="1" enable_gift_subscriptions="1" enable_linkedin_sharing="1" enable_shared_notebooks="1" enable_single_notesharing="1" enable_sponsored_accounts="1" enable_support_tickets="1" enable_twitter_sharing="1" marketing_url="http://www.evernote.com" service_host="www.evernote.com" support_url="https://evernote.com/contact/support/"/></profile></bootstrap_info> --- 13:57:10 [4824] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com 13:57:10 [4824] 0% * loaded updateCount: 2420 13:57:11 [4824] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0 13:57:11 [4824] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=2420 13:57:11 [4824] 0% * saved updateCount: 2420 13:57:11 [4824] 0% Expunging server items 13:57:11 [4824] 0% Expunging server tag "a05be27f-ccee-462e-8b8a-781d148bc682" 13:57:12 [4824] 0% * updateCount: 2420 --> 2421 (-1) 13:57:12 [4824] 1% Expunging server tag "e31e2b80-70db-4f77-9189-92ed9a2f8668" 13:57:13 [4824] 1% * saved updateCount: 2421 13:57:13 [4824] 1% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_SECURITY_CHANNEL_ERROR 13:57:13 [4824] 1% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 3s 13:57:13 [4824] 1% * sent: 319B, received: 110B 13:57:13 [4824] 1% * 2s (87%) spent in EDAM RPC
  12. I am new user of Evernote. Evernote is unable to load any notes in firefox browser most of the time (sometimes, it does). In chrome it works fine. Also sometimes, it will let me enter the data without any errors. After sometime, it will redirect me to login page and all the data that was entered is lost. Are these known bugs? Is there a < 10 MB evernote android application. I don't have much space on my phone..3 MB max but can move it to the phone SD Thanks for any info
  13. I have tried updating to Evernote 5.0.0 (both Beta and Public) on my MBP running OS X 10.8.2 more than a half dozen times. However, when the program opens I see no main window. When I try opening a new Evernote window… nothing. Using two monitors… nothing. Using just the Mac… nothing. Have restarted both Evernote and my Mac multiple times… still nothing. Have tried updating via Evernote and via the App Store… still nothing. The new update works fine on my wife's Mac as well as all our iOS devices. I have tried commenting on the Evernote blog but they will neither post my comment, acknowledge the problem nor respond. My only solution is downgrading back to 3.3. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  14. Hi, Fair warning, I am new to all things forum related I usually manage to ride on the tailcoat of someone else! Today I wrote a whole bunch of notes on my ipad. They all synced through to my computer fine except for one. The only way i can think this one note may be different to the others is that the part that hasn't synced to the computer was written while i had no internet connection. When I had both the ipad and the mac in front of me everything except that note had synced. So I had a full note on the ipad and a basically empty note on the mac. I pressed the sync button and rather than taking the information from the ipad and putting it on the mac, it updated the ipad with the version that was on the mac, which was just a title. Like everyone who posts about the loss of work, it did take a long time so I was wondering if there is anyway I can get the work back? Do I always have to be connected to the internet when writing notes and what are the best ways of avoiding this in the future? Any information would be a god send and greatly appreciated! Thank you!