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Found 138 results

  1. DoorsNCorners

    ENEX File Size

    I've noticed that my Evernote backup files, in ENEX format, are incredibly small, despite the fact that I have a huge number of notes. They range from 2 - 8 KB. Strangely, I have one ENEX file that failed to fulled export, and it is about 80 MB. Similarly, I also exported my notes to HTML and that file is ~80 MB. Do those small ENEX files actually contain all my backed up notes in a highly efficient format? I wouldn't think XML would be that much more efficient. If not, any idea how I get it to back up my files appropriately? Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi all. I have the version one of DayOne app with about 2-300 entries. Including pics and texts. Now Evernote has a password/Touch ID secuirty I have decided to use this app as my personal diary instead of DayOne. Ive done a search on how to export from DayOne to Evernote but failed to find any clearly and defined way. Has anyone discovered a way to do this efficiently?
  3. In response to expressed demand, I wrote a Windows utility that exports data from Evernote Contact notes to a CSV file. TuskTools ContactExporter is currently available in an initial beta version; you can download the installer from here. It hasn't had very extensive testing yet, so please download it and let me know via emailing support@moreproductivenow.com how it works for you. It was a little tricky to implement because CSV files call for a consistent field list in every row (record), whereas Evernote's Contact card format allows for a variable number of elements for certain fields (namely, for email, phone, Twitter, LinkedIn, and addresses). So I implemented the following field structure in the CSV file: In other words, it implements the following rules: For Email - it outputs the first two email address fields it finds in the note. For Phone - it outputs the first two phone number fields it finds that are not labeled as Cell or Fax. For Twitter, LinkedIn, and addresses - it outputs the first two values it finds for each of these field types. As mentioned above, this is currently an initial beta. Once it's been sufficiently tested, I will most likely put it on the market for a nominal amount. Also as mentioned, it's currently a Windows utility. It's possible I might expand it to other platforms; we'll see how the response goes.
  4. I have over 300 notes that I had in Mac’s Address Book, and a friend helped me massage and clean up, finally getting them into Apple’s spreadsheet program, Numbers. Figured that was the end of the hassle: I’d exported data from Excel using CSV probably a half-dozen times since 1992 into various environments and programs for data storage, for mailing lists, mostly. But wrong: Number records don’t export directly - 2nd tier Apple support confirmed this. So how do I get these 300+ notes into Evernote? Want to preserve of course the Notebook they’re in, their title, body, and formatting (if possible).
  5. I use Evernote for business. On average, I receive 170 calls a month and each call sheet has Customer, date, details, product, and charges on it. I have been manually putting these into excel and it can take a lot of time to do so. I was hoping I could simply export the monthly notebook into excel and organize my sheets from within Excel using some formulas. Does anyone know of a solution or maybe another cross-platform product better for my business needs?
  6. Dear all, I´ve been using azz Card File for too many years. I am migrating to Evernote, however, I have thousands of notes in my azz card file. Does any one out there who would happen to know how I can export may notes from Azz card file to Evernote? Would really appreciate this support. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I am a co-founder of Backupery, we are making local backup software. I am glad to present you Backupery for Evernote application. It is a lightweight application that makes automatic backup of Evernote notes to local hard drive. Here are some highlights: The application is very small (~700KB) and easy to use. Backup is started by scheduler, so a user doesn't need to run it manually. We don't send any bit of your data beyond your computer, so all your data belongs to you only, forever. The software works without internet connection (it is essential if you are travelling, for example). Since the app utilizes Evernote-standart export technology (ENEX), no third-party tools are required for restoring (Evernote client is enough). Since we are using ENEX-export, the app backups local (unsynchronized) notebooks and unsynchronized notes. You could read more and download the application here: http://www.backupery.com/products/backupery-for-evernote/ It is for Windows only for now, but we are working on Mac version also. Any questions, suggestions or ideas are highly appreciated, please let me know here, or use contact@backupery.com. Best, John
  8. Hi All, Here is a tool for converting Chrome bookmarks to Evernote. Worked well for me, let me know if any bugs and will try to fix. https://twitter.com/kjakich/status/565879393537781760 Note: for PC users, not sure about MAC. Credit: I forked this work from another chap and updated it. Enjoy! Keir
  9. I have been using Evernote (basic/free edition) on my Android phone for some time. I am hoping to save my notes, delete those that I no longer refer to regularly, and continue using Evernote. The instructions I've found for download have you do it from the desktop app and I am now being prompted to upgrade so I can use evernote on multiple devices. How can I export my notes (preferably to my computer) without an upgrade? If I unsync my android and begin using the computer as my Evernote device, will my notes be saved there?
  10. I want to export all my Omnifocus tasks / projects to Evernote. Is there a workaround to make this happen?
  11. RicD

    Tablet user request

    Many of us work primarily from a tablet, I work from iPad. There are many usability features missing from iOS that makes using Evernote extremely inconvenient. On iOS though we can see our tags, we cannot rename nor delete them. On iOS there is not a way to export our notes to a .enex On iOS there is not a way to import a .enex Those three missing feature are a tablet user’s Evernote deal breaker. Being able to work around them we must get to a computer. Many road warriors gave up on desktop computers, and as their laptops give up the ghost they are moving to tablets. I know some that gave away their laptops preferring the convenience of a tablet. Evernote’s web UI is abysmal, sorely lacking in features. Come-on Evernote, you need to put much more effort for us tablet users. Be aware, Bear and OneNote now have extremely good Evernote .enex import ability.
  12. Hello all! I recently released EverExport, an open-source note export client written in Scala. The goal is to simplify working with the Evernote SDK and abstract away some of the more... confusing API methods. The client is cross-compiled to JavaScript using Scala.js, so you can also use the client from JavaScript! You can install it through NPM: npm install everexport Here is a JS example that shows how to list all notebooks in a user's account and then list all notes in the first notebook: const everexport = require('everexport') const token = "YOUR_EVERNOTE_TOKEN" const exporter = new everexport.EverExport(token, true) // Second parameter is sandbox = [true/false] // Fetch all notebooks in user's account exporter.listNotebooks() // Then fetch all notes in *first* notebook .then(notebooks => { const n = notebooks[0] return exporter.exportNotebook(n.guid) }) // Then display each note's title and creation time .then(notes => { notes.forEach(note => { console.log('Title: ' + note.title + ', Created on: ' + note.created) }); }) Let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions!
  13. HeadSpaceDude

    PDF Export

    What is really missing from the export options is PDF.
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to import a set of notes from Evernote into Excel, where each note takes up a row and all the notes fall into two columns -- one for the notes' titles, the other for the notes' bodies. So as an example, I have twenty vocabulary notes saved in Evernote (note title: vocabulary word, and note body: definition). If I were able to import these notes into Excel, I would like there to be twenty rows (one for each vocab word), where the first column features the vocabulary word (note titles) and the second column features the definitions (note bodies). What's the best way of going about this? Any help is appreciated!
  15. Mac 10.9.5 Evernote 6 I have thousands of notes many of which contain encrypted text. I use the same password for all my encrypted text. Is there a way to temporarily decrypt all of the text BEFORE exporting to HTML? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  16. With everything Evernote can already do -- I think it would be AWESOME! if we could Export Notes and Notebooks into PDF's. Searchable PDF's would be an added benefit. Already tried searching the forums for this topic and had 0 results. Rank this up if you like the idea.
  17. Hi there, new to Evernote. One of the most important things for me is the ability to export the data (for local backup) and import data should any problems arise. Thankfully Evernote has an export feature. However, I noticed that any imports lose the stack information and date note was created. Not retaining stacks I can live without but not having the created date is a huge problem for me (and I imagine other users). Some notes are so time specific (e.g first time your child speaks/does something significant) and not having that information can render the note useless. Is there a way Evernote team can look into this and include a created datestamp upon export? I would imagine this is as simple as creating a field that reads the creation date upon export, and then a field that reads it upon import. I think having things like this available helps win trust / builds credibility for Evernote as a system that people can rely on and still feel assured that invested energy isn't lost. Thanks!
  18. Hi, It would be very helpful if you would allow the user to highlight text within a note and then be able to export a list of those text highlights to a text file. Think of someone who is reading a textbook and highlighting text with a highlighter, but instead of all the highlights being trapped inside the book forever, the user could export the highlighted text into a clean list of notes. At the very least, a user would be able to collect their exported text files on a given topic and copy and paste them together into a word processing document or into a new Evernote note. Bonus if Evernote had a feature to select multiple note snippets from a list of notes that contain highlights and then Evernote merges just the highlights from each note into a new Evernote note. Sure, currently you can have lots of notes in Evernote and even though you can highlight text in each note, the highlights are still trapped inside all those notes. This means if you have 50 notes with highlights you would have to open each one at a time and copy and paste each line (or block of lines) of text into a word processing document or a new note. That is extremely time consuming and tedious... and that might just be for ONE topic you have notes on. Now imagine that you have thousands of notes across various topics with highlights and you can see how that becomes an outrageous task. Even for a user who currently doesn't have any notes with highlights, why not make it easier for them to pull together their highlights before they build up a big backlog of notes with highlights. I currently have no need for your Plus or Premium upgrade, but if Exporting Highlights was in one of those plans, then I would upgrade without hesitation.
  19. Hi everyone I use Evernote quite extensively, I have a premium account and end up uploading a lot of data, mostly .zip and images. I have my own way of using Evernote, I found thats how it works anyway because you have this open canvas almost and you are set to figure out how to make use of it. This is great and I have a cool system but the problem is I want to make use of exporting to a .enex file. As you may know that's the native Evernote export database, and if you want you can export notebooks or your entire system. My set up is like this: I don't use search that much, I don't use tags and have about two notebooks. All of my organizing comes from note links, You know the ones where you right click and copy note-link, and then paste that into a new note. That's it, my entire Evernote system is based on note links. I really like it and it works for me. I guess my system is like a private website/private wiki/private note system/private journal. Its really useful. Except the size, I need to at some point export some older parts of my system (because some synced computers have low Hard disk space). Moving a ton of notes into another notebook thankfully does not effect my note links. However exporting this for archiving purposes is a huge issue. If you export to enex and then import, every single link will not work Here is the question, is my computer doing something abnormal for evernote. Why does exporting and importing lose every single internal link. You can test this by making just two notes, link one to another and export to enex, and then import, the links will be broken. If this isn't just me, can I submit this as a feature request? I really need to be able to export my notebooks without losing my primary navigation system. Cheers Joseph Goss
  20. Flemming1955

    ANSWERED Export

    Hello Wouldn't it be usefull to be able to export notes or entire notebooks, for longlife archiving and other none digital purposes. Preferable PDF og DOC. regards, Flemming
  21. Hi, In Evernote, when I share a notebook with "View Only" Privileges, I have noticed that an external user can export all of the notes (please see attached screenshot). At this level (view only) the user should not be able to Mass download the notes, and all other related functions should be limited to an absolute minimum, i.e. there should not be a possibility to export or download if not in the most primitive way which is a brutal screenshot or save as an html page from the browser. This is a point that a prospect made to me during a presentation... Hope this helps make E/N even better Sante
  22. Why not to accept EPUB as a exchange format? Even more, why not use EPUB as the real format for all system? It is time to assume that Evernote is not an notetaking-App, is a online-white-paper-App. We are who decide if we are writing a short or long text, temporal or permanent, personal or public and son on. In both cases, we will need formatting tools to create this text, this writing. For many, Evernote is the updated version of windows notepad-app for this 21st century, but we need more than that app. Doing this you will have the solution for many questions: - Title, headings, subheadings: great to write more than two lines of text! - Style format (colours, fonts): avoiding untidy notes - Tablet of content/index: navigability trough large and dense notes - Export/import option as EPUB: rather than ENEX format or HTML files - Storage option: any place as one file, that is EPUB - Online minimalist EPUB editor: simply text without see any html code - No printers, no paper: users just need and want digital content So finally, Evernote will be a huge online place where you can start with a minimum note of one line. Then, you can go far adding more text and contents, creating a report, a diary. Even, completing a novel or a thesis by parts or doing all in one place. Then, if someone need further publishing software, there are many applications (Indesing, QuarkPress, etc). All of them ready to create printings and more developed solutions for experts. Nowadays, for real digital life, nobody needs a old fashion formats like DOC or PDF, which are prepared to be "printed" in a paper or in a screen. For many of us, with a Evernote is more than enough. Google knows it. They have GoogleDocs that in fact is an editor of super-html, that is, EPUB. There you can download it in EPUB format (however you cannot upload EPUB to there...). Even Evernote already knows this, because in fact, ENEX format is a kind of compressed html, that is again, a kind of EPUB format.
  23. Hello, I would like to suggest an option to create unique image names for HTML export [ notebook Export as multiple Web Pages (.html) ] If I export an entire notebook to import into an ebook (using Sigil for example) the images that are exported are not unique - which is not supported by epub (for example) eBook format. The eBooks have a single images directory, so there can be only one image named Image.png which leads to incorrect overwritten image names. The last exported image is referenced by all the other eBook "Chapters" = not good. In general it would be better to have some kind of symantic meaning instead of just Image.png, Image [1].png, Image [2].png etc. - either a unique hash or based on the note title? Not to mention spaces in the image file names I love Evernote, but this is a real show-stopper for eBook development and a real pain to rename the many images and edit the HTML files to match. Thank you for your consideration, John Steele
  24. lbramos

    Export Tags

    Hi Everyone, I use Evernote, Pocket and a few other services. Tags are the center of my organization and I would like to keep them consistent across programs. It would be great if I could export my tags on Evernote and then be able to import them in other services, even if this involved arrange the way that tags were exported from evernote, I understand it would be difficult to export them in a way that would fit all other services structure. Is there a way already to do this? Thank you
  25. Migrate/Export Evernote to OneNote Tool Just learned about this tool from Lifehacker. Haven't tried it, so I can't comment on its worthyness, but if you need to move your notes from Evernote to OneNote, this might be helpful. From the Lifehacker article: Note the migration tool works ONLY on Windows.