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Found 66 results

  1. Hi All I just had a question in relation to saving excel documents into Evernote. As I understand it - you can drag and drop an excel document into Evernote, open it from there, edit and save and all the changes will be saved. However, is it possible to save a new version of the excel into the same note? The reason I ask is because I tend to update my spreadsheets daily and get into the habit of saving a new version every time I make a big update/change in case I need to reverse it earlier. i.e. i might start off with Work v1, save it as Work v2, Work v3 each morning. That way i can track changes and go back to an older version of the excel in case I make a mistake or change that I did not want. Essentially, it is my way of using "undo" when the actions have been performed from days or even weeks before etc. Is there an easy way to do this in Evernote? At the moment, I have to save the daily version onto my desktop, and then drag it back into the note as a separate attachment. Any help on this would be much appreciated!
  2. Hey guys...brand new to Evernote. I have over a 1,000 business cards I need to get digital and someone told me about Evernote. I love how easy it is to scan in the cards and get their contact info I how can manage the contacts...but... The purpose of needing this is to be able to use the information for relationship building...thus I need to be able to export all the addresses, emails, names, etc in order to send Christmas cards, email marketing or upload phone numbers into my dialing system (Mojo). That pretty much means an excel or csv file. Can Evernote do this? I downloaded Evernote Hello for my iphone and the Windows program. I see the export as an HTML page and the enex file but that doesn't get me what I need and I haven't found anything out there that helps with taking the downloaded content that way and easily getting it to the format I need. Any help would be appreciated...
  3. Hello, I love how Evernote scans my business cards and digitizes the contact info. I need to export this list of email addresses and names into a CSV file. I have a Free plan, and I use the web client (not the desktop apps). Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks!!!
  4. Dear Evernote, I would like to make the suggestion of inserting Excel worksheets within notes an available Evernote feature. I believe this would be a hugely useful feature among users to organize information where a spreadsheet is best suited to accomplish this. Currently, the tables that can be inserted in Evernote (that are more similar to those that can be inserted in Microsoft Word) are useful, however their practicality is low given that they require very manual work to update and keep text aligned. Furthermore, viewing these inserted tables via the Evernote app on a handheld device distorts the text alignment and squeezes the content into a much narrower column making it very difficult to read. Just thought I would bring this up if it hasn't been already; I believe your user base could stand to substantially increase with this feature. Yours truly, Kevin
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to import a set of notes from Evernote into Excel, where each note takes up a row and all the notes fall into two columns -- one for the notes' titles, the other for the notes' bodies. So as an example, I have twenty vocabulary notes saved in Evernote (note title: vocabulary word, and note body: definition). If I were able to import these notes into Excel, I would like there to be twenty rows (one for each vocab word), where the first column features the vocabulary word (note titles) and the second column features the definitions (note bodies). What's the best way of going about this? Any help is appreciated!
  6. Is there a way to scan my business cards, add to my contacts, then export that information in a csv or excel doc? I have about 500 business cards to be added to evernote but also need them for Constant Contact. Constant Contact requires a csv or excel document. So frustrated with searching this site for help. So any help would be appreciated!
  7. Is it possible to update an excel spreadsheet in evernote instead of uploading a new file every time a change is made? Thanks!
  8. Hello Evernote-Team, I am using Excel-Sheets to collect a mass of data and analyse them with Excels Pivot functions. For Pivot-functions Excel uses additional access to the file; And this produces an error Evernote is adding an Extension to the filename like [1], in the amendment folder. (I guess it is for protection of overwriting of different file Versions) As these characters are prohibited as filenames, Excel produces an error, when doing a Pivot Analysis. (see attached screenshot) => Please change the type of characters used for filename-Extension into allowed ones. Thanks Jens
  9. I had the need to create 4000 notes based on excel data because tagging system in Evernote makes search way more easier than excel. Also with Evernote I could create many Table of contents based on my needs. My excel data was well formatted - each row was going to one unique note. After searching through this forum I realized that may it is impossible to do and I decided to copy painfully one note at a time. Then IDEA!!!! came What if I create a note in Evernote, export evernote file (.enex) Open in notepad and view xml code Find out of table structure and modify to my needs Use vba Macro to convert each row as one noteI found a gentleman (Anton Fishman) on internet who worked on similar problem before and he helped me achieve my goal. I can not attach excel here - but here is the link People with good XML knowledge can help clean up the VBA code a bit to get better table format, that would be great. Remember to change the path to your liking strFile = "C:\Users\1.enex" I created my 4000 notes with required tags with click of a button, it took more time to Sync across devices than to create it. It will create one big .enex file but when you import in windows or Mac machines with File-> import, it will create all notes for you. I would appreciate people's feedback
  10. Please build a bridge to export contacts in Evernote to Microsoft Excel. The lack of that feature is THE MOST FRUSTRATING DEFICIENCY for me and others I've spoken with. Thank you!!!
  11. Hello - Here is my scenario... I have project notes in evernote with time estimates attached to individual tasks (see attached). I have manually added these to get the total time for each projects. I have a weekly time budget in excel (see attached) Here is what I want to accomplish... I want to be able to update total project times in EN, and then have the "Updated Time" column in excel automatically update to reflect the amount of time remaining in the project. So... What must I do or change to accomplish this? Thanks! Will Sample Weekly Budget.xlsx
  12. Linking Excel/Google Sheets to EN

    Hello - Here is my scenario... I have project notes in evernote with time estimates attached to individual tasks (see attached). I have manually added these to get the total time for each projects. I have a weekly time budget in excel (see attached) Here is what I want to accomplish... I want to be able to update total project times in EN, and then have the "Updated Time" column in excel automatically update to reflect the amount of time remaining in the project. So... What must I do or change to accomplish this? Thanks! Will Sample Weekly Budget.xlsx
  13. Linking Excel/Google Sheets to EN

    Hello - Here is my scenario... I have project notes in evernote with time estimates attached to individual tasks (see attached). I have manually added these to get the total time for each projects. I have a weekly time budget in excel (see attached) Here is what I want to accomplish... I want to be able to update total project times in EN, and then have the "Updated Time" column in excel automatically update to reflect the amount of time remaining in the project. So... What must I do or change to accomplish this? Thanks! Will Sample Weekly Budget.xlsx
  14. タイトル通りなのですが、名刺のデータを活用するため、表計算ソフトで使える形式にエクスポートしたいのですが、EVERNOTEのメニューからだと、EVERNOTE形式かHTMLしかありません。 何か良い方法はないでしょうか?
  15. Evernoteに、Excelの表を貼り付けたのですが、 Excelのセルの中に1行しか文字が無いのですが、セルの高さが3行になっています。 そこで、セルの高さを1行分にしたいのですが、横線はドラッグできません(縦線はドラッグできますが)。 Evernote プラス に入れば、この誰でも起きる初歩的な問題を解決できますか? また、Evernoteの操作で、セルの背景の色を変更する方法を教えて下さい。
  16. Hello forum, can any of you help with my query below in red? I have included a message from Evernote Help and Learning too spencer0i (my query) May 26, 19:08 I have a spreadsheet with multiple rows (150+). I need to create a note in Evernote for each row in my spreadsheet (150+ notes) but I don't want to do this manually as it will take ages. Is there a way to automatically create these notes from the rows in my spreadsheet? (This is an urgent issue that I need to resolve) Amanda H. (Evernote Help and Learning) May 27, 11:47 Hi there, Thanks for contacting Evernote support! At this time there is not a native way to create Evernote notes automatically from an Excel spreadsheet, the only way to do this is by manually copying and pasting the content. Some of our other Windows Evernote users may have created workarounds, or you can ask other users if they've found workarounds for accomplishing this on our Evernote User Forum. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Regards, Amanda H.
  17. Hi I am a freelance consultant My dayli nightmare, for nearly 10 years, is the accountancy : invoices to classify, photocopy, whilst writing the amount in an excel sheet. I would like to connect each scanned invoice (via scannable) with an excel sheet I have configurated , so with iphone I can now dictate the amounts, dates and nature of invoices, but the SCAN of invoice is a priority How can I do ? Thanks for your advice
  18. Hi, this may be a little bit off topic however I see a lot of discussions on this forum revolving around goal setting and "life planning". Has anyone used FireGoal with Evernote? How do you integrate it with your current Evernote "structure" or productivity system? The website is Comments or feedback appreciated.
  19. I wrote an apple script that iterates over rows in a spreadsheet, finds the appropriate notebook and note, and auto-files the formatted information from the row at the top of the note to create an organized log. One piece of information I am trying to capture is the web link to an external source (say, the information is a short synopsis of an interesting Wall Street Journal article). The piece that is currently non-functioning is the hyperlink. It appears as a hyperlink, but includes the evernotecid in the link and so it won't go to the page when clicked. The output looks something like the attached; the link is live, but rather than it taking you straight to the right page it is linked with the evernotecid in front (e.g. evernotecid://[specificnoteblahblah] Any ideas as to why the link is including the evernotecid and how to prevent that so the link goes straight to the source? [NOTE: if I just enter the link directly, evernote automatically creates it as a hyperlink and is clickable. I'm specifically looking to solve the issue so I don't have to show the full link and instead can simply link readable text] As reference, Using 6.6 on Mac; Evernote business Thank you!
  20. I would like to copy some small Excel spreadsheet pages into EN and have them appear in EN as a grid (with or without the lines). I have basic Evernote. Is there a way to do this?
  21. I compile draft reports using Evernote as I like the ability to link notes and other texts back to web clippings. I also include charts from Excel 2016 for Mac in these reports and every time I paste the picture of the chart, it forces a pdf rather than an inline image. In the Evernote for Mac, this is not a problem while viewing on the screen, however when I print the document, the pdf 'images' are moved to the back of the document and are full-sized. This messes up my document and the flow for the reader. Please help with a solution to paste a picture which is inline rather than a pdf. If I paste from a pdf it works, but this is painful when I have 5-10 excel charts to keep repeating this process. PS: Microsoft OneNote is far better at dealing with this issue.
  22. There is a problem, that by adding a macro to excel *.xlsx document file extension changes to *.xlsM. From that moment such file becomes not searchable by evernote. Renaming file back to *.xlsx cures searchability in EN, but excel refuses to open it. Is there a workaround? Thanks.
  23. To Evernote team; Bug report

    Hi, I have a note that contains an Excel file. Here are two bugs: 1. The preview is stuck and shows how the Excel sheet looked long ago. This same preview has been around a long time, even after Evernote updates. 2. The green field results are shown double. Thought you wanted to know this ... Have a great day!/Bosse
  24. I've attached an Excel Spreadsheet to a Note and on my Desktop I am able to successfully make changes to the spreadsheet. I'm running Evernote Version 7.4 1 on my Kindle Fire HDX (which is running an Amazon version of Android) and can successfully make changes to the spreadsheet on this device using WPS Office. However, on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini phone and HP Touchpad (both running Android and Evernote Version 7.4.2) I am unable to make changes to the spreadsheet. When I click on the three vertical dots 'button' it asks me if I want to View, Edit, Edit a copy, Remove or Download and when I select Edit, "Resource not changed" appears briefly on the screen and any edits I make do not get saved. I'm using WPS Office on both of these devices. Any help to resolve this would be much appreciated.
  25. (This post has been edited to clear up some confusion). I would like to suggest that Evernote implement a basic rich text option for copying of its note tables for use in Excel or Word that includes the note body text. [edit] Right now, if I select some notes in the table view and copy (CTRL C), I can get a very usable table for Excel or Word, like the table attached (see below). It has everything (tags, title, dates...) but not the note body text. [edit] This table is quite useful, but it would be awesome if it could also included a rich text version of the body of the note [edit]. I know Evernote can do this because rich text is basically what you get with the HTML export. But the HTML export is a mess for Excel. All that Evernote needs is to enable rich text for this table list copy. Something like that would be EXTREMELY useful for utilizing Evernote with Excel. (The rest of this post is my particular situation, which may be of interest, but is not necessary reading for my suggestion). REVIEW PROJECT FROM HELL: My situation is that I'm an attorney that has been asked to review 1.8 TB (yes, TERAbytes) of video, audio, documents, and other files. No one knew how it could be done. Even legal document software suites balked at the size and presented very difficult (and expensive) problems if used. EVERNOTE BUSINESS TO ALLOW MULTIPLE ATTORNEY REVIEW: My solution was Evernote Business. I signed up about 8 attorneys in our firm to Evernote Business (which we hadn't been using previously). HOW TO REVIEW 1.8 TB OF DATA ON EB: The real problem was how to get Evernote set up to review all that data. Importing wasn't an option. I wasn't about to bomb Evernote with 1.8 TB of data! What I came up with was importing file shortcuts from a network drive into Evernote Business. So all the EB notes have file shortcuts to our network drive, which work flawlessly while EB is used in-house. It doesn't work remotely, but I never expected (or wanted) it to. NOT A PAINLESS PROCESS, BUT IT WORKED! Creating thousands of notes from shortcut files was a bit laborious. At first blush, it's a simple process: select a bunch of file shortcuts and "Send to" Evernote. Great... but it turns out that EB starts having problems when too many files are imported this way (and we are just talking shortcuts, mostly). I knew I was totally pushing EB to it's "I really don't think it's designed for this" limits. But I managed it by breaking up the import into parts (usually 300 files at a time or so). It has it's glitches and was a bit of a pain. I learned to pray to just about every imaginable deity when I pressed the SYNC button. But overall, it worked, and I got my firm up and running on this huge review. PRODUCT TO CLIENT: Here's the rub. EB is great for in-house, but we need to provide the client with some kind of work product. Excel was the obvious choice (everyone has it and knows or can figure out how to use it). The client didn't need the actual data (who the hell DOES need 1.8 TB of data?). The client just needed our notes/tag for review of the data. Moreover, the client did not use (nor want) to utilize EB for a laundry list of reasons. The question is HOW to get a good Excel table out of Evernote? I researched high and low but never found an EB option for simple and useable export notes to Excel. I've rigged a Word macro to help me clean up HTML exports (which I then copy to Excel), but that is a headache and incredibly time consuming with the large number of notes I have to deal with. And the simple CTRL C is SO SO close to EXACTLY what I need. It kills me that EB doesn't have this.