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Found 24,929 results

  1. I had commented on an previous thread but it had gotten a bit sidetracked and I want to make sure this issue is visible. Since or the release before that, I'm finding a significant amount of notes appearing blank on the Windows desktop client. The notes are not actually blank, I can see the content when I look at them in the web version. It seems to be affecting notes that I've clipped from the web using the Chrome Evernote Web Clipper extension. I've found notes clipped years ago that are affected as well as recent clips. Perhaps this is a bug with the Chrome Web Clipper somehow but never had this issue (or at least noticed) until this year. I'm inclined to believe the bug is in the Windows Desktop client though given that that notes are fully visible on the web interface. Attaching a screenshot of one example as well as the text pulled from the log. If there is any action I can take to provide further data to resolve this issue please let me know.
  2. When I copy some text from a web page with a colored background and paste it into a note, I am unable to get out of that text without creating new lines with the same background color. If I hit enter, it keeps adding new blank lines with the same background color. How do I put the cursor in the area with the white background after the pasted text?
  3. My EN seems to freeze often upon recovering from background (HDD issue?) I may be wrong here, but if it was 64bit, could it not be assigned more virtual memory and recover from other status faster? So would there be any chance of a 64bit Evernote? Thanks
  4. I am writing a note in version on a Windows 10 computer. I just typed "isn't". Evernote's spell checker doesn't recognize this word. It underlines "isn" -- I guess Evernote doesn't know about contractions. If I add to the dictionary the entry is "isn". You gotta be kidding. My biggest gripe about Evernote for Windows is that when you add a word to the dictionary, the underline doesn't go away. Next time you write that word there is no underline, so that's good. Every other spell checker that I know of (including Evernote for Mac) removes the underline after the word is added to the dictionary. C'mon Evernote developers. This should be easy to fix.
  5. Hello folks, Evernote for Mac 7.6 Beta 3 is now available. You can download it here. This release is mainly focused on crashes and dark mode refinements. Please keep the feedback coming our way. Enjoy! 7.6 Beta 3 Improvements and fixes: More Dark Mode refinement in many areas of the application Accessibility fixes Many crash fixes Note canvas enables dark mode automatically based on System Preferences settings, but you still have the option to overwrite it in Evernote's preferences. Now you can export notes again by dragging them out of the note list. Known issues: Spotlight search results are not populating for Mojave users Context hasn't had dark mode applied yet.
  6. For the second time in a year, Evernote's search (Mac Desktop version) has begun to fail to return results that turn up when searching in the mobile or Web version. This problem usually manifests for me after an update or a reinstall (I just scrapped 6.14 beta 2 and reinstalled my last "favorite" version, 6.11). Anyway, my guess is that something breaks during the build of the Full Text Search index. I know how to locate the option to recreate the full text search index in the (hidden) Troubleshooting menu, but I find the process to be somewhat cryptic. For one thing, I don't know how long the "recreation" process is supposed to take. I have a lot of notes (upwards of 20,000) so I can appreciate that it'll take "some time," but... is it a ten-minute process? An hour? 24 hours? Do I need to leave the computer on overnight? Do I need to adjust the power management settings so it doesn't go to sleep? Will the Activity Log give me a sense as to when it is done? Also: how long should I wait before trying it anew? If I wait an hour and search still isn't working, should I just start over? And does that "undo" the work that I've already done? And at what point do I need to stop relying on this particular tool and instead scrape everything and just reinstall, hoping for a correct search indexing from a new installation? I've posted some of these questions before in other threads, but thought it might warrant a standalone thread, especially if others needed help with this arcane command.
  7. Today we released Windows 6.16 GA. It's available here! Whats in 6.16? Fixed: We took care of some of the top sync and crash issues that were getting in your way. We squashed some annoying editing and note title bugs that were buzzing around inside the app. Now you’re 100% able to rename hidden tags from the toolbar. Up from 0%, so that’s quite an increase. We had some attachment issues related to YouTube clips, PDFs, and shared notes. But we got professional help and worked through them. There was a problem with dragging and dropping emails from Microsoft Outlook into a note. Things should be back to normal now though. Switching notes would cause you to lose any edits you’d made to a business card. Since you probably made those changes for a reason, we fixed it. We fixedd teh spel cheker. Updated: We tweaked the note list header to match its look on other platforms. That might not sound like much, but trust us, it was super annoying. Now you can export a note with a missing source image (and all you see is that smug little icon instead) and import it back into your account. We’re still questioning the icon, but it refuses to tell us what it did with your image.
  8. Alessandro_Evernote

    Tables on iOS devices

    I think that Evernote should add tables on the iOS app. I am a student and I use tables a lot with my pc, so I don’t understand why I can’t use them with my iPad when I am at school. They represent an incredible way to put things in order and I think they would improve the user experience a lot. Don’t you think so?
  9. I would like to make the following feature request, the ability to view and edit the Evernote markup of a note. As you can see from the attached example, I was recently doing some research on Node.js and storing that information within Evernote. When I copy and paste information from various sources, I find indentation and other formatting can be hard to re-format. In the attached example, you can see this with the first code snippet which is indented. I had no way to adjust this indenting, even though the rest of the formatting looked great. Another example can be seen in the white on grey reversed text. I could not find a way in Evernote to remove this grey background and easily reformat this text. Of course, I could have pasted this is with "Paste and Match Style" but I wanted to retain most of the look (as in the code examples) but just apply some tweaking. As an alternative, maybe you could consider an option we see in applications such as Microsoft Word, which allow Copy Formatting via a paintbrush style tool. This formatting can then be applied to other areas of the document? Thank you for the consideration of this feature request. I am a huge Evernote fan as Premium subscriber. I would love to do a testimonial for you if that would ever be appropriate. All the best, Greg Paskal
  10. Robin_P

    Printing & Margins

    I can say for certainty (having just tried) that this works in windows 10 but not on Mac OS X. Please can this feature be added to the Mac version?
  11. Myersfilm

    New Photos App w/Evernote

    Just discovered that once you've installed the new Photos Application, you can no longer drag and drop photos saved via iPhoto or Photos directly into a note in Evernote. I attempted to drag two photos from the app into a previously created note, but there's no addition. I can use the share button to add them to Evernote, they'll just have to be in a new note.
  12. Created a few hotkeys using AutoHotKey and figured I'd share. Feel free to share your AHK scripts. Each hotkey is prefaced by a description of what the hotkey does. For those not familiar with scripting, you can change the hotkey assignments and inputs like notebook name or tag name to suit your setup. If you have questions, just ask. I think there are a number of users on here who are familiar with AutoHotKey. ^e = CTRL + e #n = WIN + n As mentioned, those can be changed to whatever you want. ALT is ! and Shift is + ;make Evernote active ^e:: IfWinExist, ahk_class ENMainFrame WinActivate return ;Evernote - local hotkeys (Evernote must be the active window) #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ;Create new note in default notebook without inheriting any tags (from whatever filter may be in effect). I used WIN+n as the hotkey, so it's CTRL+n when I want a new note to inherit tags and be added to whatever notebook I'm in; and WIN+n for a new note w/o any inheritance. #n:: Send, {F6} Sleep, 10 Send, {LControl Down}{n}{LControl Up} return ;Insert timestamp preceded by "_Completed: " which makes it easy to search for 'completed' notes. Hat tip @csihilling #c:: Send, _Completed:{Space} Sleep, 10 Send, {LControl Down}{;}{LControl Up} return ;Move to Main notebook #m:: Send, {LShift Down}{LAlt Down}{m}{LShift Up}{LAlt Up} Sleep, 100 Send, main Sleep, 100 Send, {LAlt Down}{o}{LAlt Up} WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame return ;Toggle !!Daily tag #d:: Send, {LAlt Down}{n}{LAlt Up}{t}{!!daily}{Space}{Enter} WinWaitActive ahk_class ENMainFrame return #IfWinActive More hotkey scripts in this thread: Simulated internal note links Hotkey to access Reminders function (I got sick of using the mouse for this as EN does not provide keystroke access to this function)
  13. I've been a long user of Evernote on iOs, Mac, Windows, and web. I keep a weekly note for simple todos and such. Its organized with bullet points and has worked fine for a year+. Within the past couple days however I'm noticing that frequently the depth and spacing of bulleted items gets completely wrecked when I come back to a note. This Is How It Should Look But I'll come back to the note or load it from mobile, or from web (there's no set pattern as to the cause) And The Note Now Looks Like This And I can't just go back up to those bullets and tab them over. It's completely hosed in the metadata. I try to tab and it ends up like First line Broken indent Broken indent Example shots attached. This is an extremely breaking bug. For my usage of Evernote, this renders the product entirely broken. What the hell is going on?
  14. Ridiculously simple feature that makes ALL the difference when reading notes on phone. It's insane how fundamental this is, yet Evernote has not included this. It's in every other editor except Evernote. Like I stated in the title, this has been requested six years ago. You're about to lose a customer over a ridiculously small problem. If I don't see this in the next update I'm switching to any other app, the reason being 100% just because I need adjustable line spacing. Simpler than simple solution to a substantial problem.
  15. When annotating a PDF that is embedded in a note, the highlight option only provides access to free-hand highlighting. This results in messy highlights and doesn't really fulfill the needs of the tool. Is there any way to simply highlight text that has been selected?
  16. Rich Collyer

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    DARK MODE is here If you are on macOS Mojave, you will be able to enable Dark Mode. There is a known issue with Drag and Drop, but it will be fixed in the next Beta build. To download the beta, go HERE
  17. ernstMreicher

    sort order on iOS Evernote

    Hi, I have a Evernote notebook with entries named with a specific datestamp as first word (e. g. 2016-09-21) and want to see last entries first so on desktop I set reverse alphabetical order. On desktop there is this option and it works. But on iOS I have to scroll down the whole list because there is no reverse order option?!?!Regards Ernst
  18. Kim_Lazyboy

    Sync Crashing Penultimate

    Hi Using penultimate with a 12.9 Ipad pro. Restored Data to a 10.5 Ipad pro. Now penultimate crashes when attempting to sync. Have deleted / rebooted / reinstalled the app - no change. Penultimate will work in "pause sync" mode - so I can capture local files and is stable, however any attempt to sync, throws it into a crash loop. Evernote seems to be working fine and syncing well. ticket logged with support, but so far no assist. Any suggestions or help ? Thanks Kim
  19. Chantal Leonard

    Evernote for iOS 8.2 Released

    Hi all, This morning we released version 8.2 of iOS to the App Store. You can download it here. This version includes - Performance improvements: The app and camera launch faster, and notes and tags load faster. Scrolling through your list of notes is smoother and more responsive. Enhanced business cards: Include both sides and easily update fields when you scan business cards. Access reminders more quickly: Tap the clock up top, to the right of the search bar. Reminders are now listed by due date, not date created or updated. Added Norwegian language support. Made numerous bug fixes and improvements, including several crashes. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the iOS team!
  20. Hi Folks - We’re making our new Evernote Web experience available for users to try today. What makes it so shiny and new you ask? We’ve spiffed things up to create more consistent design and interactions across web and other platforms. With the ‘Shared with me’ view, you can now easily see all of the notes and notebooks that have, well, been shared with you. We’ve done some work under the hood to improve search results, so things will now be ordered by relevance instead of date updated. Coming soon to a web experience near you: You may be missing reminders and a tags view, but don’t worry; we’re adding functionality to this new world as we go, so some of your favorite features are still to come. Want in? All you have to do is go to ‘Settings’ and click the ‘Use the new web beta’ link. Give it a spin and then send us any feedback you have by using with ‘Feedback’ button. If the changes aren’t your cup of tea, no worries. You can turn back the clock by navigating to ‘Account’ and clicking on ‘Switch to previous version of Evernote’. New Web Experience
  21. The default Gotham font renders really nastily at the default 14pt size in the web client for me. I'm running Windows 10, latest version. Chrome or Firefox browser - same issue. Basically, at 14pt, some details of the font render really chunkily which is really ugly. My screen is a standard DPI screen (not one of those HiDPI / Retina screens). At 18pt, the font looks fine. At 12pt, it's thin and hard to read. Methinks the font is poorly hinted for screen ... Is there any way to fix this? Can I change the default web font as a workaround?
  22. Title sez it all. Changing the tag is a change to the note, no? Seems like the Updated time should change to reflect it.
  23. Seems like there's been a little excitement in Herd HQ recently - in September a researcher pointed out a potentially serious weak security point in Evernote for Windows 6.15 and Evernote have been working on a patch. The post describes this as being out in "6.16.1 beta" so the fact I'm now running 6.16.4 public suggest this is all water under the bridge, and a quick reaction from Evernote to the reported threat. Well done chaps (I'm a Brit) for fixing that expeditiously - anyone able to comment with more details? ☺️ https://www.zdnet.com/article/evernote-for-windows-patch-resolves-stored-xss-vulnerability/
  24. I'm running Evernote 6.13.12 (Beta 3), but this behavior also occurred in the latest non-beta release. Windows 10 Version 1803 Build 17134.81 ********************** After copying an image from Snagit 2018 to the clipboard, I attempted to paste the image into a note. Regardless of whether I use the shortcut key or the Edit menu paste options, the image does not appear. The cursor moves to the right the width of the image, but then just stays there. The image is not visible. This problem is new, and may be related to Windows 10 Version 1803 because the problem did not exist prior to that. Also, the default hot key for paste (Ctrl-Alt-V) does not paste, but causes a new blank note to be created. If I reassign Ctrl-V to the paste operation, I get the same result: a new note gets created instead of a paste operation occurring. If I save the Snagit image to disk, then drag-drop it to Evernote, that works. But it's annoying that clipboard operations are broken. <rant>I am so annoyed at common things that break whenever an update occurs that I'm thinking of giving up on Evernote altogether.</rant>
  25. How can I disable this systematic warning ? "Change access. You are moving a note into "[NotebookName]". People this notebook is shared with will gain access to the note." Since the last version, every time I move a note to a shared notebook, I get this message. Only way to dismiss it is to click on "Move". Since I clip my notes first in my inbox, and then move them to whichever notebook is relevant - and all of my notebooks are shared, I get this warning literally all the time. This is both useless and annoying. It should have been pretty simple and pretty obvious to add a checkbox "don't warn again for this notebook". I'm a plus member with OSX + evernote 7.0.3.