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  1. Nice @EverNote, you update date us to a 7.0 and 7.01 (mostly so you can become slack and telegram like, which most don't need or want), and manage to blow up my shortcuts. All gone now. I assume I have to start them over. How did this pass beta? Seems like this happened some other time to me. I'll repeat my standing recommendation for EN's for long term survival. Fix what you have running now. Stop adding "features" that few value while helpful things like being able to control note merges on a Mac go unaddressed. Let's see, some things unneeded we now have... Spaces, AI reading my notes by default, that always wrong related notes suggestions feature. Just focus on making core work. At least take a year to focus on squasing bugs. As it stands I'm gone as soon as another note group has a good web clipper. EDIT: Its worse than thought. I can no longer add shortcuts.
  2. Duplicate Note: Reset created Date

    On the current version, when you duplicate a note, Evernote will maintain the original note's created date. I can see some use cases when this would work correctly, as when you want a perfectly identical note. However, when you use notes as TEMPLATES, the expected behavior would be to reset the Created Date with the current date. My request is to create a second "copy" feature: 1 - Copy: copy everything including the created timestamp 2 - Create from template: copy everything except the created date This could be done with an option as well when duplicating a note.
  3. In the notes list (middle pane), I enter a search term, which filters the displayed notes. I click one of the notes and start editing it. I switch to an app, and then switch back to Evernote. But when I start typing, the insertion pointer either disappears, or moves to the top of note. For example, if I press the down arrow, I expect the blinking cursor to move down one line so I can edit the next line. Instead, the blinking cursor disappears, and the entire note scrolls down as if the note hasn't been clicked in. If I switch apps again and return to Evernote, now the blinking cursor is at the top of the note, instead of where I left it. This seems to only happen when I have a search term entered in the middle pane and when modified notes are synced. Once I remove the search term from the middle pane, then the insertion pointer mostly stays where I left it. The instability of the insertion pointer is very annoying and is driving me to other note taking tools. I have similar insertion pointer problems on Evernote for iOS.
  4. Bulleted List Bug in 7.0.1

    When I create a bulleted list it bolds the text and is unable to be unbolded. The "bolding" does not activate the "B" in the editor, it just bolds it, without a way to make normal text. This is a problem for me! Please help! Thanks.
  5. Twice I've experienced a situation where note content from note A is replicated in note B, and the original contents of note B are gone. First time was with either v6.7 or 6.8 (general release, not beta), and the second time was with v 6.9 (general release version). This was not a result of me copying/pasting from note A to note B. I only noticed that it happened because I sort my notes by most recently updated and while I was working with the most recent notes, I noticed that note B was altered. In both situations, I was able to recover the original contents of note B from other devices that hadn't yet synced. I reported the first instance, but since the note content was not something I wanted to turn over to EN support, this didn't go anywhere. I've been using EN daily for the past 4 years, and these two instances (both of which have occurred very recently) are the first time I've seen unintentional data loss. Figured I'd raise the issue here and see if anyone else has noticed this. I do run a fair number of macros via hotkeys, so it's possible that it's a result of a macro gone wrong (though I don't see the EN window and note manipulation I'd expect if one of my macros was performing this copy/overwrite).
  6. Say I want to search my notes for "https://letterboxd.com/review/ivan" for example. I can search the "source" field, or I can just type in the url as a search term, or even just search for "ivan". Works like a charm when the url is explicit in the note. If it is hidden behind an anchor I'm toast. I can't search the "source" field either because Outlook forwards those mails and doesn't include letterboxd as the source. As a feature request, I would love it if Evernote could search for the url even when hidden behind an anchor. As it stands now, I have to paste the url manually, so I right-click on the anchor, select edit, copy the url, close edit, and paste. Does anyone know of an autohotkey or something similar I could use to unpack (and paste) the url automatically by right-clicking on the anchor?
  7. I need to merge lots of older notes but I want to preserve the "create date" for each note. Merge doesn't include that as an option. I realize I will have to open each note individually to include the create date before merging, but rather than manually typing out the date I was hoping I could just hit a key to auto-insert the note's create date. Anyone know of a way to do that?
  8. Since Evernote 8.0 came out my thumbnails (first picture showed) are completely random. They are fine on the webpage, on evernote for Mac, and even Evernote 7.0 on my ipad is good, but look at the mess in Evernote 8.0. Please help !
  9. Hi, with Evernote it ever had be a problem to copy a file (especially PDFs) from a note into a MS Outlook email. "Sometimes" it worked with the copying the file in the preview view but usually, one had to go for "Show PDF as attachment" and then copy and paste into Outlook and then go back to Evernote and switch on the PDF preview again. Since Evernote come with the new preview working with PDFs is even more cumbersome. There doesn't seem to be any chance to copy the PDF in the preview view but it only works copying the file as attachment. Plus, with the new preview it seems even more complicated to view the PDF in an external pdf viewer. The new PDF preview does not really work for me as it is complicated to scroll through a note with several PDFs. Is there a trick to copy PDFs out of Evernote? I'm using tons of PDFs and thinking to find another solution as working with Evernote is so complicated. Any help is appreciated!!
  10. Evernote for Windows 6.10 Beta 1

    Hi Folks - We've released version 6.10 Beta 1. You can download it here or by checking for updates. For Beta 1 we've mostly focused our time on crash and bug fixes. I've called out the key ones in the release notes below. Please let us know if you spot any issues or have requests for our next beta. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Windows team ---------------------------------------------------------- Release Notes for Windows version 6.10 Note: Versions 6.10 is supported in OS versions Windows 7 and up. Fixed: An intermittent issue where notes are sometimes not loaded when on-demand sync option is selected An issue where local notebooks are sometimes missing An issue where a new line is sometimes introduced after copy/pasting text into a note An issue where an audio note is not saved when switching away from a note while sync is hapening An issue where Evernote can no longer be launched if the database folder is manually deleted An issue where encrypted text is not always shown after providing the passphrase An issue where annotation is not possible if an attached PDF file name includes "." (dot symbol) Improved: UI tweaks to the sidebar to reduce the size of the new note button and to make the list of notebooks and shortcuts easier to scan
  11. Issue with Annotate view

    I've had this issue for a while now, just updated to the new version of EN thinking maybe they'd fixed it but it's still there. I have this weird ghost window thing in my annotate view (pictures below). When I first open annotate, it's not there, but as soon as I'm in full screen it appears. It doesn't seem to interfere with annotating, but if there's a fix I'd love to get rid of it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  12. Seems after upgrading to Evernote 7.0, it's now sending me a notification everytime I move a note from one notebook to another. ... I'm not really sure why I would be getting a notification about this, since I'm the one who is moving the file. On the same computer I'm getting the notification on. Are there even other notifications? I don't see any configuration to select which ones to show - and at this point, unless I see some other value I'm going to just remove Evernote's rights to notify me. Would much prefer the option to just turn that notification off or at least have evernote get smarter about when it shows it.
  13. It's extremely inconvenient that whenever I have to close and re-open Evernote (for an update, to reboot, etc) I lose the Notes that I had open... meaning, they used to be open in separate windows but now they're closed and filed away. They should be just as I left them. As it is, I consider restarting and updating to be destructive operations. It's as if somebody cleared off my desk without asking. After all, I had these Notes open for a reason. I hadn't chosen to close them, I'm just being forced to close Evernote. So they should be there when I open again. This should be, if not the default behaviour, at the very least an option in preferences. I understand that there is Recent Notes in the sidebar. This isn't the same because 1. There are only five slots, and 2. These aren't the same notes as the ones that you had left open. (I believe these are recently opened, as opposed to recently closed.
  14. Is Evernote staff ever going to respond about all the posts requesting basic printing functions? I have thousands of notes and there are times I want to print, but it is so frustrating being stuck with 2 inch margins and no page breaks or other formatting. Maybe it is worse on a Mac, but I can't believe you can't take the time to fix this or respond. I value Evernote too much and am hooked, but printing would make it my most favorite app. Maybe this year PLEASE!
  15. After I press Ctrl+F and enter a search term, I want to close the Find bar so it doesn't cover the bottom of the note. However, when I press Esc, or click the x to close the find bar, it either moves the insertion pointer to the top of the note, or disables editing in the note (moves focus to the notes list). What I want is that closing Find leaves the insertion pointer on the last location of the search term. In Ctrl+H, after entering Find and Replace terms, what keyboard combination can I press to "Replace All"? It seems like only a mouse click on the button will do it.
  16. I know this has been reported several times to Evernote so I'm confused why it hasn't been fixed yet. So Evernote fails to give us any valuable editing after a document is scanned. Multiple times, the image is not properly cropped by Evernote. And I even have the document on a black wood desk! So I use the edit image feature. I then select Snapseed and crop in the image. After pressing done in snapseed, I go back to Evernote and receive the message resource not changed. The only app that seems to work with Evernote is Pixlr. Has anyone found a work around? Has anyone found an app that works well with Evernote. In addition to not working with well known Snapseed, it doesn't work with Adobe Photoshop app. The fact that it fails with SEVERAL apps is a problem on Evernotes end. The next version of Android better have more advanced editing features for images that are scanned! I like Evernote and have been with them for years but if they don't start taking several things seriously (scanning & pen improvements), LIKE THIS YEAR (OK BY 2019 SINCE EVERNOTE TAKES FOREVER WITH UPDATES), then I'm concerned about their future. ,Ricky
  17. I've been having issues with entering keystrokes while editing notes. Preamble: I prefer editing notes from within the notes panel (not with notes as a free-floating window) since it reduces the number of windows on my desktop. I'm noticing when I switch back to the Evernote window from a different app the cursor will be blinking in the note panel, indicating any input or keystroke will add corresponding text. But when I start typing, nothing gets input. I will then have to place my cursor back in the notes panel where I want to input or change text manually and start typing again. Evernote for some reason is not wanting to go back into edit mode when I switch back to the app. The issue popped up within the last month or so. I'm currently using Evernote This has never been an issue before.
  18. (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193) When displaying the full search options (using the drop-down arrow next to the search icon) there used to be an option to search "All Notes" as well as filtering by notebook. t isn't there anymore. Not sure when it was removed, but probably in the last week. Please bring it back. Without it we have to redo the search after first selecting the "All Notes" toolbar button. Having it as an option in that list was a time-saver and made the workflow more elegant, as we could begin typing for a search and then filter accordingly rather than having to remember to select "All Notes" in the toolbar first. Also, if we can't find a note in a selected notebook, we don't have to restart the search from scratch to search everywhere.
  19. Dear all, congrats for an amazing app. Just acquired a smart pencil connectable via bluetooth in order to use it wiht my iOS devices. Unfortunelaty noticed that "only" one smart pencil is certified with Evernote and its related apps. Would it be possible to certify/include e.g. Bamboo Smart Pencil Stylus Fineline on the list? Thank you in advance. Best,
  20. Don't Lie

    Just wondering where, oh where, to go to set the default folder for clipping from an Android phone. I see that it is simple to set up - no options needed, I guess. Well, I'd like to NOT use FirstNotebook for my android saving. I'd like to use Inbox. Should be simple but where is the secret button? Also, the "lie" is that I can select a default notebook. Seems over-stated but I'm over a half-hour trying to make this thing perform as advertised. Thanks in advance for your help. Herschel
  21. Is the `ZDATAHASH` column in the Evernote SQLite DB table `ZENNOTE` Base64? I ask because it looks like the only way I can export my notes, that are organized in stacks and sub-stacks, is to write a custom export tool that pulls the data from the Evernote SQLite DB directly and keeps the stack structure. I must maintain the stack hierarchy when exporting my notes, otherwise my notes would be in such disarray, they would become useless. Thanks, Chris
  22. I have been ignoring the Evernote reminders to update for a long time now (maybe more than a month?). When I finally updated last week, my Search doesn't seem to be synced to any notes prior to this year. In order to find older notes, I have to scroll through everything in my list to find it. Tried updating to the latest version today to see if this issue was resolved, but it's not. I'm definitely searching ALL notebooks for full words that actually exist in my notes. If I type something in to update a note, then Search, I am able to find it afterwards using the Search. Help?
  23. Hi, For some reason, as premium member, Evernote Web Clipper version 6.13.2 is not working in Safari 11.0.3 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3. I've tried an un-install and re-install, without succes. I do have the Evernote icon in my Safari title bar, but nothing happens when I click on it : no error, nothing at all. Stange, because this has worked before, in previous versions of Safari and MacOS on the same iMac. Any suggestions in order to solve the issue ? Best regards, Dominiek
  24. In the latest Evernote version there is now a warning about moving notes into a shared folder. As someone that moves notes to a shared folder constantly, the additional click in my workflow is annoying. There should be a way to suppress this warning. Either a field when creating the shared notebook, or possibly just a checkbox on the warning itself "Do not show this warning again." I'm fine with a warning, but just make sure the warning can be suppressed. Thanks!
  25. How to turn off auto-save

    I am losing so much work from the auto-save "feature". I am working on a long document. When auto save kicks in 1 or 3 things happens. 1. Auto save works, but the page goes to the top of the document, so I have to scroll back down and find where I left off. Sometimes this takes long enough that another auto-save kicks in and I get sent back to the top of the document before I find my place. 2. Auto-save kicks in and when I get back to where I am editing I find that all of my work from the previous 10-20 seconds prior to the auto-save did not get saved. 3. It attempts to auto-save, but for some reason it fails and the document goes away except for an error message. When I refresh my browser window a lot of my work is missing. Also, every time it auto saves it creates a new copy of the document. I have to go through and manually delete all the old copies at least once a day which takes awhile since there are often 50+ copies of the document in the left side bar. I've considered turning off my internet connection to see if that will stop auto-saving from working, but I kind of need my connection for research. Does anyone know of a way to fix this issue?