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Found 8 results

  1. Estoy teniendo varios problemas con evernote. Uno de ellos, es que aunque la aplicación de evernote esté abierta y esté trabajando y haciendo capturas con evernote clipper, la aplicación no se actualiza de forma automática. ¿ Hay algún modo de que lo haga? Sólo se actualiza cuando cierro la app que es cueando me aparece un mensaje diciendome que Evernote se está actualizando para que no cierre hasta que lo haga o perderé los datos. Otra cosa que me resulta bastante molesta es que muchas veces me sale un mensaje diciendome que esta o aquella página no pueden ser capturadas. Desconozco el motivo. Otra, es que a menudo va muy lento en las capturas-- hablo en todo momento de Evernote cleeper en Mac con Mac Os Sierra 10.12.1 y navegador Firefox (última versión). Otra, que no se si es por tener algo mal configurado, es que al hacer capturas de enlaces web, y a pesar de tener definida una carpeta y unas etiquetas en páginas de contenido similares, me las situa por defecto en otras que no tienen nada que ver,.. Lo que ralentiza aun más el proceso. Como digo desconozco, si se puede mejorar el rendimiento en este aspecto a través de alguna funcionalidad o configuración de la App. Muchas gracias por la yuda! Saludos
  2. I use Windows' Remote Desktop feature to remotely access my desktop PC from my laptop. Each time I log into my desktop PC this way, Outlook 2016 (32-bit) aborts with "Microsoft Outlook has stopped working" and it then restarts. I tracked the issue down to the Outlook COM add-in "Evernote Clipper for Microsoft Outlook" after disabling all add-ins and adding them back a few at a time until the problem evidenced. I'm running the latest version of Evernote ( - 303788) and I have deinstalled and reinstalled Evernote. I've used CCleaner to remove temporary files and registry detritus. My desktop PC is running Windows 10/64-bit, build 14393.693. I've had this problem since Windows was first installed from scratch on a formatted hard drive I have disabled the Evernote Clipper add-in for the time being. Any ideas how to resolve this issue?
  3. I often need to download the screenshots when I use the Evernote clipper, but in order to get it, I have to clip, grab the share link, open it in the browser, right click, Save Image As. Easier if that was just an option in the share dropdown menu.
  4. Wai Wai

    Evernote Clipper

    Hello All My Evernote clipper refuses to work on my Macbook after an OS X El Capitan Update. Has anyone encounter a similar problem? Does anyone have a solution? Look forward to any suggestions on how to repair it. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello All, I have only been successful using Evernote 5.8.6(.7519). When it comes to Outlook 2013, and getting the clipper to work, I have given up on current versions of Evernote. 5.8.6's clipper works with Outlook with no problems. However, you will get a conversion failed message if you are clipping a bulk amount of emails, and some of those emails happen to be calendar items. I use Outlook + Evernote together using The Secret Weapon methodology - it's great. But again, the only way to get past this conversion failed error is if you make sure you are not trying to clip any emails with calendar invites/declines/acceptances. Just wanted to share this. Good luck!
  6. I use Evernote Clipper all the time. In my Windows 8.1 Chrome browser I began having a problem with the "Save PDF to Evernote" prompt button staying visible all the time, obscuring part of the page. Since this was not a problem in other browsers or computers, I deleted and reinstalled the extension. Problem solved.
  7. Over the past few days each of these items has been asking me to log in repeatedly. Seems every hour or so - if I try to launch Mac version pw is requested. Clipper (Safari) is requiring pw regularly as well. What has changed?
  8. I am using the google chrome web browser on the latest mac software (lion and mountain lion). When I use the evernote clipper to save an article or page it only saves the front page of the url not the detail. For example, if I have done a search for a desk on craigslist.org it will only show that url not the detailed one withe search results...So i am getting the picture of that page and not the functionality of it. If I save the url, I have no issues but not the full article. My temporary workaround is to save the page, then save again the url and merge them together.. A Pain.. Any advice on how I can do this better? Thank you. This is my first post. e