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Found 3 results

  1. chrome (Archived) Everbot for Evernote

    Hello everyone! I am a frequent user of Evernote, as well as my co-workers, and not so long ago one on them started testing a new product called Everbot (for Evernote). He showed a couple of features and it looked pretty cool. Just wanted to share it with you, maybe someone will be interested in trying it. You can sign up at: I will be happy if someone finds it interesting and useful! Natalia
  2. Hi guys! Has anyone heard about Everbot for Gmail and Google Calendar? A friend of mine started using it and he says it's pretty cool. He is convincing me to sign up and try it. However, I would like to hear your opinion first. Thank you!
  3. In Chrome extensions when I searched for Evernote add-ons, I came across one called Everbot. Looks like a 3rd party extension that lets you connect your Evernote to Gmail, letting you send emails into Evernote and insert Evernote documents into emails in Gmail. Has anyone tried it? What did you think of it? Thanks