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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I'm using ENScipt.exe(Win) to sync data. However, I have a issue to sync data with Evernote Business. Syncing will be success. However, the note will be created to "Personal" note. Does anyone knows whether ENScript support Evernote Business or not? Thanks, T-Kon
  2. Migration (Import) of Evernote Notes into Another App I'm not leaving Evernote now, but to give comfort to myself and others I've done some research about how to import Evernote notes into another, as-of-yet unnamed app. So, I'd like to present here some ideas and specific techniques and scripts to accomplish this import. In fact this is presented in the same light as the Evernote promise that "your data is portable" and "we still want to make sure that they can leave the service quickly and easily. There is no data lock-in with Evernote." in their Evernote's 3 Laws of Data Protection, June 3, 2014. To that end, Evernote provides two export formats: ENEX and HTML. Many have expressed concerns about being able to import their Evernote Notes into another system.In fact, some are so greatly concerned that they have limited their use of Evernote to exclude use of Tags for fear they will not be able to get the Tags into another system. That might be the most conservative approach, but, IMO, it is also extremely limiting. For a solution of combining Title and Tags, see bottom of this post. I feel sure that when/if the time comes to move to another system, we will be able to find and/or create a process to get our EN Notes into that system. I say that for these reasons:My personal experience over 25+ years of doing data migrations. The number of existing tools, scripts, techniques for migration (export/import) Any NEW app that wants to capture the PIM market will likely provide an Evernote import toolOver the last 25+ years, I have migrated many dozens of client datasets from their existing system/database/app to a new one. It has never failed, although there is often some type of cleanup of a few records after the import. This is to be expected. To achieve the migration, I used a variety of tools, including:Database SQL and export toolsMS Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)MS Excel with custom macros and manual manipulationsMS Word with custom macros and manual manipulationsImport Tools of the new systemMigration Using Windows Tools As you can guess from the above, all of those were in Windows-based systems.I'm not sure of all of the Evernote related tools available for Windows, but there are tools like:ENScript (ThoughtAsylum Article, other refs?)AutoHotKeyThe EN APIOf course, you can export to HTML using EN Win, and use VBA (or other language) to process/convert and import into the new Note app.Others? (please post if you know of others) Migration Using Mac Tools Today, many of us use Macs, and have a lot of our data, like EN Mac, stored on the Mac.Mac tools include:AppleScriptMac AutomatorHazelOthers? (please post if you know of others) Fortunately, the Mac offers a great scripting system, AppleScript, that works great with the Mac OS and almost all Mac apps. Evernote has a very rich AppleScript dictionary and interface. There are already a number of great, extensive, AppleScripts at Veritrope.com to migrate EN Notes to another system/app. (There are also some great scripts to import into Evernote). EN Mac AppleScripts From Veritrope.comExport Evernote Items to Day One Evernote to MacJournal Exporter Export From Evernote to YojimboEvernote to DEVONthink ExporterExport Selected Evernote Items as RTFD Files Get All Information from An Evernote Item It seems like new sources and tools are emerging almost daily:Revert.io — provides automatic backup and a true restore.Since they clearly know how to access Evernote Cloud, if the need/opportunity arises (like Evernote shutting down) I would expect Revert.io to offer migration/export toolsMS OneNote — Some 3rd party initially offered a EN-ON migration tool, but as ON becomes more popular MS might offer their own migration tool.Synology NAS Note Station app — offers import from Evernote Finally for those that don't use tags, and put their keywords into the Note Title because they fear tags won't import into another system/app, I offer this simple solution:Put your keywords into Tags, not in the Note TitleIf/when you want to export to a new system, it is simple enough to use a tool like AppleScript to append the Tags at the end of the Note Title when doing the export.So you can use tags while using Evernote, and append tags to Title for use with other systems. I'm not trying to reengage the debate on Tags vs Titles here. For that discussion, please see The Benefit of Using Tags. Conclusion I hope this thread will give comfort to all of us that we can use all of the features of Evernote knowing that should the time come (and I hope it doesn't) that we are forced to move to another PIM app, that we will be able to do so, even though it might take some work. Please feel free to post your constructive comments, concerns, and suggestions.
  3. I just recently wrote this article on Lifehacker on how to Create Desktop Shortcuts to Your Favorite Evernote Notes and Tags. I know you can use command line to do even more than just saved searches -- e.g. creating new notes with certain tags, etc. But I'm not sure what that looks like. In the example pictured above, I add the following code to the end of the "Target" field in the desktop shortcut: showNotes /q "notebook:Lists"If I was to create a desktop shortcut to create a new note with a given tag, what would that syntax look like? where would I put it? Thanks in advance.
  4. I would like to propose some enhancements to the ENScript utility provided with the Windows Evernote client. Support for the listing of notebooks beyond just "synced" and "local". Why can't we see a listing of our linked/joined notebooks? Support for creating/importing notes in linked/joined notebooks we have editing privileges to. Is there a reason support is not there for this now? Support for deletion of notes from notebooks you own or have editing privileges to. I know I have seen requests on this before. I realize there are sticky points to this. Especially seeing as there are no unique constraints on note titles. It would be nice to be able to tell the difference between a true empty resultset and an error when exporting using ENScript. For example, when exporting from a specific notebook, I cannot tell the difference when the notebook doesn't exist or doesn't contain any notes. They both return an exit code of 1 and no data.
  5. I've got a single text file and want to create a note with each line in the text file being used as the note's title. How can I do this on OS X?
  6. I have several large MS Word documents that I had been using as trading journals. Each document consists of a single table. Each row in the table consists of a note. Each note contains text which may be formatted and may contain images. I would like to convert each row to an Evernote note (including both text and images). I have in mind to do this with a VBA macro. After having placed a row in the Windows clipboard, I can create a new note with the following: Call Shell(strEvernoteExe & _ " /Task:PasteClipboard ", 1) How do I specify the note title? The creation date (from the original note)? Tag? Any advice will be appreciated.
  7. I am looking for a means to add a nested tag via the Evernote or ENSCRIPT Windows scripting facilities. I cannot find any documentation on the matter. I have been able to create new notes with new tags, not nested, using a couple of different methods: ENSCRIPT createNote /s NoteTemplate.txt /t Projects /t SomeNestedProjectTag ENSCRIPT importNotes /s NoteTemplate.enex where the enex file contains tag markup such as: <tag>Projects</tag><tag>SomeNestedProjectTag</tag> Is there some sort of character that will allow me to specify that the SomeNestedProjectTag should be a nested tag under the Projects tag? I blindly tried some options like delimiting the tag names with {}, path-style notations like single or double forward or backslashes, all of them just created a tag such as Projects\\SomeNestedProjectTag or {Projects}{SomeNestedProjectTag}. I can see that the API has options to deal with creating nested tags, but I'd like to avoid the level of complexity of putting together an API-based solution. I also looked into using AutoHotkey, but I don't see a clear way to add the nested tag, and any solution would be at the whim of UI changes in EN down the road. Any help would be appreciated! Sincerely, Wayne
  8. I'm using enscript.exe to load enex-format files I'm building from an external source of data. One file of size 92,016 bytes loads without a problem. A second of size 478,468 bytes fails to load with the message COMMIT_FAILED. That sounds like a database buffer overload problem. Can anyone shed any light on why the second import failed? Harvey
  9. I occasionally need to import over 500 notes into Evernote. After the first import, the subsequent imports are mostly updates to existing notes. For the moment, I have to manually delete the old notes before importing the updated ones. It would be very nice to have an updateNotes command that works much like importNotes. I can foresee some restrictions on its usage to be sure the notes being referenced have unique names, at least in the notebook where they are found. Harvey
  10. Weekly, I export all to do's assigned to each manager that works for me, and am looking for a way to automate it Here is the process 1. Tag all relative notes with #Name and #To Do. 2. Delete previous, manual export, on file share 3. Select all items in 1. for individual 4. Click Export Notes 5. Export as Multiple Web Pages (Export Options are: Title, Created Date, Location, tags 6. Select individuals' folder on a file share 7. Export to folder 8. Each person has a desktop shortcut to their evernote_index.html I can get exports to work to a single file, but really like the 'export as multiple' Any ideas that could assist? THANKS!!!!!!!! (first post so my apologies if incorrect location)
  11. I can't export notes from a particular notebook. Can anyone help? Here are my notebooks: R:\>ENscript listNotebooks Skitch Recipes Hacker News New York Times This works just fine: R:\>ENscript exportNotes /q updated:day /f "today.enex" Neither of these work: R:\>ENscript exportNotes /q "notebook:New York Times" /f nyt.enex R:\>dir *enex Volume in drive R is Users30 Nest Volume Serial Number is A0EB-94B5 Directory of R:\ 06/05/2013 03:59 PM 10,212 today.enex 1 File(s) 10,212 bytes R:\>ENscript exportNotes /q notebook:"New York Times" /f nyt.enex R:\>dir *enex Volume in drive R is Users30 Nest Volume Serial Number is A0EB-94B5 Directory of R:\ 06/05/2013 03:59 PM 10,212 today.enex 1 File(s) 10,212 bytes
  12. Looking through the documentation, I see no way to export, say, the most recently updated note. Thinking about it, I'd like to suggest the following addtions to the API: Usage: ENScript exportNotes [options] Options: [...] /o orderby - order the notes based on the given field name. /l limit - only export the first 'limit' notes. With these two options, one could do things like the following: ENScript exportNotes /o created /l 1 /f firstpost.enex ENScript exportNotes /o -updated /l 1 /f mostrecent.enex
  13. Hi, I am trying to create a new notebook within an existing stack using ENScript.exe (in Windows 7). With following command I can able to create a new notebook but I don't know how to designate a stack. Evernote\ENScript.exe createNotebook /n "%UserInput%" /t "synced" Any ideas? In an old post I found someone can able to open a stack with following command, but I couldn't integrate it to the code above. "C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" shownotes /q stack:Privat-Stack
  14. I'm trying to do a query against my local Evernote database and exporting it. It doesn't seem to allow multiple search types. When I submit "enscript exportNotes /q notebook:xyz it works fine. When I submit "enscript exportNotes /q notebook:xyz tag:abc" I get "unexpected parameter: tag:xyz" What am I doing wrong? According to the doc you can do this.
  15. It's easy to export a shared notebook using the UI. But is there a way to automate this using ENScript.exe? It looks like ENScript only deals with the notebooks owned by the logged in user. Is this correct? I'm a developer, so if there are other ways of doing this using something other than ENScript, I'm all ears. Thanks!
  16. Hi All, My query Send("enscript shownotes /qnotebook:Cuba /qtodo:false" & "{Enter}",0)produces a result set of todo's from ALL notebooks. The same query run interactively - in Evernote's search box - produces the proper result set. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug in enscript? Evernote v 4.5.10 Windows 7 64-bit AutoIT v3 -- Dave Pacifica, CA