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Found 114 results

  1. Trouble Encrypting Text

    Just in the last few days, it seems I've lost the ability to encrypt text that has a horizontal line, a numbered list, or check boxes (from the tools menu) in it. I can create a new note, add a line of text, and encrypt without issue. If I add a horizontal line, numbered list, or check boxes, I can no longer encrypt the text. This means I have a bunch of important notes that I'm no longer able to re-encrypt without loosing all the helpful and necessary formatting! Any ideas on how to fix this? Evernote 6.11 (454876 App Store) MacOS 10.12.4
  2. Hello, Evernote community, We are a small team of developers and we are passionate about our new product which is Saferoom. We have been working hard to provide users with zero-knowledge encryption functionality without destroying user's productivity. We wanted to build an encryption app that will be easy to use and allow anybody protect their personal data. Saferoom is now a set of mobile and desktop that together add full encryption capabilities on-top of Evernote. It means that you work with Evernote normally, and when you need to create or view an encrypted note you use Saferoom. All the time your encrypted items are part of Evernote notes, but you can see them (e.g. decrypt) only inside Saferoom app. And Evernote is just a beginning - we want Saferoom to be like "Passbook" for your encrypted data. Saferoom encrypts whole note including all the resources - independently of the resource type and your password is stored on the device only. It also means that password cannot be restored - that is a price for true zero-knowledge encryption. Our app is available in iTunes Store: And in Google Play Store: Saferoom Desktop for MacOS and Windows are free: Windows: And also you can use Saferoom Chrome extension: Here is a video demos of Saferoom capabilities: Any feedback is always welcomed.
  3. I am an Evernote Plus member and have been since college. Recently downloaded the Evernote Desktop app for Mac on a work machine and was aghast to find it downloading all of my personal notebooks, and notebooks from previous jobs, upon first sign-in. This is really a deal-breaker for me since I do not wish to store all of my personal notes on my work computer. I think the following solutions would work: Encrypt certain notebooks with separate passwords. Ability to select certain notebooks for local syncing. Keep the others on Evernote's servers. Separate "profiles" or "accounts" all linked to my original Evernote account, with different notebooks. I could just sign in with my work email address, for example. Thanks!
  4. I like the text encryption feature in Evernote but that is insufficient for a Cloud based service, used across multiple platforms, used by a great many people, especially in these times. I believe that Evernote should provide users with the ability to encrypt entire notes, including images and attachments. Please seriously consider implementing this functionality as soon as possible. To not do so, presents loyal users with a significant risk to information confidentiality and integrity, with potentially serious impact should any such risk actualize. I believe that the lack of this functionality also highlights Evernote and its community as potential soft targets. That said, the alternative for Evernote users, at this time is to simply avoid the use of Evernote for documenting, sharing, managing or other handling of potentially sensitive or critical information (including personal notes, ideas, intellectual property and any personally identifying information - as a start) if that information is in any form other than text. Over time, this gap in Evernote security may erode the need for the service (given alternatives with better security). If EN planning/dev. staff want to discuss this further, please contact me or reply to this comment. Thanks in advance. B.
  5. I have been an EN user since Beta, and became a Premium user as soon as it was offered. I do not understand why EN is lagging with simple security options, such as easy encryption of notes and notebooks. This really should be as easy as a Right-Click or selection in properties for a Note or Notebook. The existing method of selecting text in a note and then using a Right-Click option to encrypt it is cumbersome at best. Yes, it is a nice feature if one wants to encrypt only a portion of a note. That's fine. But there should be an easy way to (1) encrypt an entire note without selecting text and (2) encrypt an entire notebook. I would be willing to pay a few bucks extra a year for this additional encryption ability. Seems this should be a no-brainier for EN, both as a tech matter and as a business/profit matter.
  6. Remove encryption

    How do I remove encryption? I don't want to have to enter my password each time. I read to right click and that would be an option, but when I right click I'm just getting browser commands.
  7. I'd like to be able to encrypt an entire note, as well as maintain the current capability to encrypt specific text within a note. In the way I'd like to use Evernote, I want to create a secure note into which I'll add related content. I'd like that entire note to be encrypted.
  8. Hello... So I just transferred a ton of stuff over from OneNote, as I'm in the process of converting to Evernote. I created a section for some fairly sensitive financial information, so I highlighted it all and encrypted with a passcode. After that, the cute little padlock thing appears. I basically ended up backspacing over it and now I it's gone.... pretty cool implementation of security if I don't have to enter the passcode to even delete the notes? NOT Is there anyway I can get this back. I don't feel that I should have to pay for a month or so of Premium to get my stuff back. I already deleted it from OneNote as well, so this really sucks. Thanks
  9. I know I can encrypt PDF files on the Mac using Preview, but that creates a new file, so best done before putting in Evernote. What I want to do is open a note in Evernote, open a PDF file, press ENCRYPT, where that app saves it and EN picks up that save. I do this in Windows with Foxit's PhantomPDF app (not free). I just double-click the PDF, Protect (encrypt), then save. Evernote handles it. I don't want to have to open, save as, delete the original PDF, then import the new one. I am open to spending a few bucks for this. Just wondering what other OS X users were using for this with Evernote.
  10. This is the weirdest thing ever. I work as technology consultant, and one of the critical parts of my work in helping others is teaching people how to manage their passwords. I have started using Evernote to store my own passwords, and now wanting to encrypt the note so that it cannot be accessed without my password. A great idea, but it doesn't work AT ALL. I created a note and titled it. I then selected the text and chose "encrypte selected text". The first time, and only the first time, I was asked to create a password. Once all done, I see a little bar representing my encrypted text... Hoorah! But accessing it is as easy as double clicking. I experimented and unencrypted it, then re-encrypted again, only this time there is no password required. I checked to see if I could open on my iPhone app, and it DOES require my passcode, but also says that the file is being edited by another user, which it isn't, because I've closed my desktop app. I also checked the online version, and it ALSO requests the passphrase, but does not insist the note is being edited elsewhere. My final experiment was to create a brand new note and encrypt it. Again, no passphrase asked for or given. Encryption looks successful. Double clicking opens it. Checked on the iPhone, same passphrase as first note. What is going on here? My conclusion is that this aspect of EN is buggy at best. No complaints otherwise, other than the rather odd and inconsistent disconnect in navigation between iPhone, desktop app, and online versions.
  11. Hi, I can not open on my iPhone or iPad (both with iOS 9.2.1 & EN 7.10) a PDF file that I encrypt using PDFPen Pro with AES256 security . The problem is when I try to enter the password, which it is rejected as if it were wrong. However, I can open the the same file with the same password with EN desktop in my iMac. This problem does not exist if I use AES128 encryption. This is a bug, or EN for iOS is not compatible with AES256 encryption?
  12. Encryption

    I've been an Evernote user for a long time now (premium subscriber for more than 5 years) and after the last privacy "disaster" you have tried to implement, the only significant improvement I really would like to see really soon is a way of having seamless encryption of all our notes. I really don't feel comfortable with the possibility of employees snooping around my notes. Encryption (implemented right) is the only way to ensure this will not happen...
  13. Hi all, Our development team is aware of an issue where users report that they get a password incorrect error on Mac client or are unable to decrypt but no error message or password hint appears. This issue has been resolved in the next update to Evernote for Mac, version 6.11. If you wish to update to get the fix immediately, you can install the beta version using these steps: Go to Evernote > Preferences > Software Update and check the box next to "Update to beta versions when available". Once you have updated, if you no longer want to continue on the beta track, go back and uncheck the box next to "Update to beta versions when available". 6.11 Beta 1 can also be found here: Let me know if y'all have any questions!
  14. I had the issue where I couldn't open an encrypted note on the Mac App (Version 6.10) and on the web, but only in the iPhone app. I upgraded to 6.11 Beta for Mac and it solved the issue but I still cannot decrypt the note on the web. I have 2 other encrypted notes and I can decrypt them on all devices, it only affects 1 note. Thanks for any support on this!
  15. I would like to store some secure documents within Evernote, however Evernote for years has lacked full encryption on notes and has constantly ignored the request from many to fully encrypt our data. This should be core to the Evernote service offering. Users should have the ability to control their own encryption keys as well.
  16. Hello, Recent events have emphasized the importance of using encryption for key data. I won't make this a political thing but think it is widely accepted that governments around the world seem to feel their having access to my data is their right. They would never be able to access this data if it were just thoughts, but write it down and they think it should be accessible. On top of that you have more and larger data breeches by black hats too. Finally, my experience is that cloud companies leave a pretty big door to accessing your personal information when it is the path of least resistance for them or profitable for them to have access. So, I'm thinking about encrypting my key data. I'm thinking of this for cloud data in both Evernote and other cloud services like iCloud and Google Drive. Some of you have already rightly crossed this bridge and I'd like to learn from your experience and learn how to do it. In particular I have Apple products for the most part so am focusing on MacOS and iOS. Now for my initial questions. I'm a newb at encryption for forgive me if I ask for clarification of some obvious stuff. 1) MacOS seems to have pretty good encryption build in Disk Utility. But its not pretty or as user friendly as I imagine encryption could be. What are some MacOS program you guys use that wrap around the Mac's encryption capabilities? For example, I see Conceal and Data Guardian and Espionage 3. Any thoughts about these? I'm thinking compatibility with MacOS iOS upgrades would be enhanced the more they rely on MacOS's native ability. 2) What cloud functionality do you give up with encryption? It seems to me if you encrypt and store on Google Drive for instance, web access for one would become impossible. Has some encryption software addressed such access as a feature? 3) Are there any encryption software that allow encryption and decryption cross Apple platforms of MacOS and iOS, sort of like 1Password standard files? Appreciate any thoughts and answers you care to share.
  17. Given the recent news surrounding EN's privacy policy changes (although they have dialed them back since), I have been looking in to using encryption within my notes for the first time. Personally, I don't keep much confidential information in EN, but I do use it as a daily journal, so I would prefer to have that information private. My question is in regards to the encryption of text within a note. When I choose to encrypt a note, it prompts me for a password. So for note 1, I enter an encryption password. Now, when I go to encrypt text in note 2, I can enter the same password as note 1, or I can enter a new password for note 2 that is different than note 1 (this is not recommended by EN). My question: Is there a limit to how many unique encryption passwords I am allowed to have? Could I conceivably use a different encryption password for every note? All 100k of them that I am allowed as a user? Or will I eventually run in to trouble somewhere with this? Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. I don't understand, how can Backblaze encrypt all your data (terabytes of it), while charging $50/yr. But Evernote, which charges about the same and only stores on average 1/1000 of the data can't encrypt all the data?? If it's an issue of size of the notes(and opening them frequently), there should be some design plan here that allows text-only notes to be encyrpted and searchable. Backblaze takes about a minute to open 4tb of data, but text-only files are extremely small in size, and should be able to be searched quickly. Or at the very least, let us make certain notes encrypted (by say right clicking on the note, and clicking encrypt). We could do these for some text-notes which we feel are private. It REALLY bothers me that Evernote doesn't take this more seriously. This is one of the most important things I'd want if not the most important.
  19. In Firefox (latest version) on both Mac and Windows computers, encrypted text in notes (when opened/un-encrypted), is uneditable (not even selecteable). It is all highlighted light green if you try to select anything in it (e.g., for copy and paste) or when you try to edit it. It almost seems to be treated like an image in that if you click and hold on any part of the encrypted text, all of it is selected and able to be drug around. Please seek a solution.
  20. Just wondering....... seems to encrypt your entire note, and even better, they can't even see the contents......
  21. Hello everyone, I just started using Evernote and love its features. However, I am also looking to write down some rather personal stuff, so I am worried about having that in the cloud. I don't like the encryption feature in evernote because it is too laborious. I don't need the search in evernote, I just want to have a couple of notebooks that sync across my devices, so I am looking for something like spideroak for note taking. Is there some software out there that matches these requirements? Or an easy way to set this up myself? Like restricting spideroaking from uploading my stuff into the cloud and instead place my notes in spideroak? Thanks for any recommendations!
  22. Re-activation of Encryption

    Hi When entering password and unlocking an encrypted text note, the note stays visible until I select another note. Is there a setting I have missed to re-activate the encryption after a timeout (when I'm not working/viewing the actual note)?: Otherwise... this would be a request to the Evernote Team! I have several times forgotten about de-crypted notes and much later found them "opened" and readable for everybody! :-(
  23. In Windows Evernote, when you encrypt text, it offers an option to "Remember password until I quit Evernote". But it seems that you have to actually sign out in order for it to stop remembering the password. If you just quit Evernote, then next time you start, it still remembers the password. Am I missing something?
  24. Evernote Desktop has a great feature: encrypt text a part of text by password. When setting it, user is told that if he losts password, the text is unrecoverable. But! When I encrypted text and tried to open it as Shared note (anonymous access through web-browser) the text is.. Visible! Doesn't seem to be unrecoverable The same thing if I open the note in web-app or android app. Is it a proper behaviour? In my opinion, this part of text must be hidden from anywhere. Let it be recoverable only using desktop apps (by the way, why not mobile one?), but in any other cases with no possibility to enter password, it must be hidden!
  25. How secure are the notes stored in Evernote? Is there a way to make sure the files stored in the Evernote directory structure on the local hard drive are encrypted? If I store company documents, including peoples SSNs, and personally identifiable information, how secure are they? When a notebook is shared with another Evernote user, does the data pass back and forth as SSH? Thanks