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Found 15 results

  1. I take a picture of the card with my iPhone and edit the fields in evernote so that mobile phone, work phone, title, etc... are correctly selected/labeled. However, when Evernote saves it to my contacts the field mapping is all screwed up. Work phone is now 'home' and mobile is also 'home'. Some of the fields also don't seem to carry over like title and company. It all seems pretty random. I was excited to see this feature come out, but if I have to go in and remap fields for every contact, it's not worth it. I've tried it with Linked both connected and disconnected with the same result. What am I missing here? Jeff
  2. dbgerull

    ios IOS7 serif fonts?

    Hi, I quite agree that the new version is jarring. The serif fonts and the patterned interface disrupt my focus when I switch between (any) productivity apps from apple. Could we change the font to something more iOS 7 and get rid of the distracting pattern? My list of notebooks feels hard to navigate at least the old interface used space to display more, perhaps if the edit let me organize the display level. Putting a' sand dashes in front of names to reorder notebooks feels like an ancient unnecessary technique. I am sure the functionality is all there but losing search instead of announcements I don't need (often if ever) is sure a waste, I feel the interface has squashed up the notes/notebook area into a minimal space and devoted the most valuable stuff (very top and bottom) to pushing stiff at me I seldom need and want instead of stuff I need... Like search. Please provide an option to customize the display to be more iOS 7 esthetically, this is just plain hard to look at. Cheers
  3. Hi. I've been recording my students using Evernote and ipad. It was working great. Until I updated my ipad to 7.1. Now I can see the audio clip. But when I tap it, it acts like it's going to load and play, but it just disappears. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. pleasemakeitwork

    Ios 7 version crashes every time

    Just downloaded en for iOS 7 on my iPad. When I open any note that has an image in it, en crashes. All my notes have images in them. How can I get en to work? Thanks. En 5 worked perfectly on my iPad running iOS 7.
  5. megsaint

    ios New version

    I'm not sure how I'm feeling about the new home screen. I can see the value in moving the buttons to start new notes to the top of the screen. However, I think I preferred the previous format. I'm not happy about the Notes section on the Home screen. Before, I had thumbnails of the recent notes. Now it's just titles and the day they were created. I can't seem to find a way to get the thumbnails back. I doubt I'll ever use the color choices. But, for those that like that sort of thing, it's a nice option. So far, I haven't noticed any performance issues or changes. Keep up the great work!
  6. Looking at the iOS rating for EN7 which is currently 2.5 on the App Store, the plethora of complaints and functional inadequacies of EN7, I'd like to ask why this was ever released when it's clear that it was far from ready? This has seriously shaken my confidence in EN in what has been a solid app ever since I can remember. I use EN every day ALOT and if it wasn't for having a mac air and having had the presence of mind to retain v5 on iOS, I'd be facing the horrific prospect of frustrating workflows. I'm wondering what went wrong with EN's quality control pre-release and asking if this is a one-off or the way of things to come? I need robust reliable tools. Not software that leaves me nervous when an update is released. Admittedly, this is not only EN. Apple must take the brunt of this fiasco with iOS 7, which also seems to have lacked quality control. Is there any assurance from EN that this won't happen again? (When it's fixed! Still looking for an update)
  7. I am a Premium Evernote User and had loved this app until the update today. Now it won't login and keeps crashing. I've rebooted the iPhone and it still crashes. Then I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it.... Same thing... crash at App startup. Rebooted to see if that would work... still crashes on app startup. Then, I rebooted, then removed the app, then rebooted the phone again and re-downloaded the app. At App start up, it crashes again! I've done this a total of 7 times now. Running iPhone 5s w/ iOS 7.0.4. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. I like the ability to scan business cards and that it will also put the info into my contacts however....it seems that when it scans/reads the card it does not separate the first and last name and instead (at least on the test cards I ran) mere the name together and contacts placed John Smith e.g as JohnSmith. No bueno.....
  9. Back on Evernote for iOS version 5, we used to be able to a quick search within a tag by selecting the tag tab from the home screen, selecting tag from the tag list, and then tapping on the little magnifying glass to do the search. Now, in version 7.1, it seems that when I do that EN is searching across all my notes and not just in the notes that have that specific tag. Can anybody else confirm this and agree that it should work the way I think it should. (BTW: Yes, I do know you can still do tag:keyword searches, but that's a pain to type out.) -George
  10. I love the idea of Evernote, features.... but it find it slow. In the same time, i add notes, it does slower and time. With lots of notes, it need much powerful computer. And we can forgot the use with iphone and ipad.
  11. I created a search on Evernote for Windows that results in 49 notes. However, on the iphone, the search only shows 3 notes, none of which actually match the criteria. Any idea what might be the problem? Does search not work the same on IOS as on the desktop? The actual search syntax is "notebook:"Holding Tank" created:week-2 -tag:qb"
  12. I have some entries that are not updating across to my ipad install from the iphone/web. Where is the sync button on the ipad? It seems to be either missing or well hidden.
  13. The new iPad version is really aweful! The margins both for the note and the left navigation pane are too big! And the overall efficiency of use of the screen area is significantly low! The area for esstial information is even less than half the screen. And in the navigation pane, the concise list view is removed! And when I open the list of tags in the left pane, the right 2/3 of the screen is black and does not displace any useful information. Are you Evernote guys producing a PRODUCTIVITY tool or a fancy TOY?
  14. Up until 7.0.x, when using email, I could type the addressee's names on the keyboard. Unfortunately, this functionality is either broken or intentionally changed in 7.0.2 (sure hope this isn't working as designed). You can type in the person's first name, but if you add a space and then start typing the last name, the lookup aborts. Older versions continued to lookup after the space. This is really important when looking up contacts that have the same and only are distinguishable via last name. Its even more problematic when you're in landscape mode as the number of hits shown on the screen is far less than in portrait.