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Found 130 results

  1. I use a MacBook Pro. I am new to Evernote, and just wondering what the difference is between the version that is available on Evernote.com and the one that is available in the Mac App Store? Thanks in Advance.
  2. Hello all, the option format->lists->increase (and decrease) list levels works from the toolbar, but not the assigned shortcut key (tab / shift tab). Is this a bug or am I missing a newer shortcut? build 6.0.5 (451190) direct.
  3. The following covers the various ways to share your notes from within Evernote. Work Chat The best way to share your notes is to use the new Work Chat feature. Don’t think of Work Chat as another chat client. We didn’t design it to replace other chat apps. Work Chat's focus is to allow you to quickly and easily discuss and share Evernote notes and notebooks. If you’re viewing a note you want to share, just click the Share button to pop-up a Work Chat window. In the Work Chat address field, type in the email addresses of the people you want to share with. Next to the note you can set permissions. You control who and how people can view and interact with your note. Click Send and you’re now sharing your note. Probably the biggest misconception about Work Chat is that you have to worry about whether or not the people you’re sharing with have Evernote or not. People will get an email with a link to see the note in a web browser. Like Google docs or other collaboration tools, they will need to sign in or create an Evernote account before seeing the note so we can enforce your sharing permissions but they don’t have to download an Evernote client or even use Evernote ever again. If they are already an Evernote user they will see your Work Chat in their Evernote app. Sharing a note and allowing someone else to edit the note is an entirely new feature in Evernote. If you’re collaborating on a project you may also want to share a notebook so that everyone on your team can collaborate and share their notes with each other. Just like a note, you share a notebook using Work Chat. To sum things up, Work Chat is used to discuss and share notes or notebooks. These conversations stay within Evernote so they are easy to find and follow. It also provides you control over who can see and interact with your notes or notebooks. And finally, Work chat allows people to see your notes exactly how you formatted them, get the latest updates and even edit and collaborate on notes if you've given them those rights. Email Note The email note feature is a way of sharing a note via email. Your note is converted to HTML and put into an email message. Sometimes this works great and at other times the conversion to email is less than stellar with image stretching and other formatting issues. This is useful if you don’t want people to get updates or you don’t care if they email it to others. We have deemphasized this feature in favor of Work Chat. This feature can be found by right clicking (CTRL+Click) a note in the note list or clicking the Note menu in the menu bar and going to More Sharing. Public Link The public link is a way to create a URL that you can share with others to see your note. Like email note you don’t have any control of who sees your note because the URL is public and anyone can see the note without restrictions. But unlike email note, you will see the note exactly as you formatted it. Copy Note Link A note link is really an internal link that you create for your own use to open up Evernote notes from within Evernote or other applications. You will need to log in to your Evernote account to see the note. If you paste the note link in Evernote it will create a special "evernote:///“ link which will open the note in Evernote Mac. If you paste the note link into another application, social media site or web page you’ll get a standard HTML URL and clicking this link will bring up the web version of Evernote. The Copy Note Link feature can be found by right clicking (CTRL+Click) on a note in the note list or by selecting the Note menu in the menu bar and selecting Copy Note Link. As you can see there are lots of ways to share notes or notebooks from within Evernote. We hope this helps!
  4. Developers, please please add the feature of changing the theme or skin, the new design really hurts my eyes. and I really don't like it at all...
  5. Running 6.0.11 (451580 Direct). I have a long note (fills the height of the window) and when I press Enter to get a new line, the cursor drops a line, but the page doesn't scroll up until I start typing. To reproduce: Position cursor at bottom on note (visible on screen). Press Enter and the screen scrolls so that the cursor is on the last possible, visible line. Press Enter again. Cursor disappears. Type something and the page jumps to show the text. First noticed on 6.0.10 and upgraded to see if this would fix it, but hasn't. Anyone else able to reproduce? Update: Okay, this is the same problem that lots of people are describing as a scrolling bug in the latest release.
  6. please fix this ASAP for the Mac application too (latest built 5.07). The shift and command do the same thing ie select individual tags but does not allow you to select a range of tags say for example under a nested tag list.
  7. I upgraded to Evernote 6 via the app store. I noticed this morning that all of my notes that have pdf's, gif's or jpeg's attached do not show inline. They show up as a partial white box with the same icon as shows up when you choose to view them as attachements. I have downloaded samples and the pdf's all open with preview fine. As a note, this is not happening with any notes I have added since upgrading to 6.0, everything functions correctly. After reading the forums just now, I have downloaded EN directly from the EN page and installed it right over the other version but it has not solved the problem. I am now running EN 6.1 and OSX 10.10.1 Is there any fix for this? Is there any way for me downgrade to the previous version? Thanks for any help.
  8. So we're all annoyed at the lack of a zoom feature, but on the old version I'd get around it by increasing all the text in a document by hitting Command-Plus. But the new Evernote for Mac (while otherwise excellent) makes this more difficult to do since it makes the text size of all selected text the same. I like having headers on my documents to keep them organized. So, I add a chapter heading and some text: So far so good. Now let's select the text: Alright... now let's do Command-Plus to up the font size. What? On the previous version, it would increase it incrementally, making the header a bit bigger and the text a bit bigger. Now incrementing the font size makes all the text the same size, so I lose the text size formatting. After leaving Evernote years ago for its unpredictable text editing, I came back hoping things would have changed. They did, mostly for the better, but new bugs have cropped up in the process. I hope this is a known bug. - Evernote 6.0.3 (451151 App Store) - OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 (Thanks JMichael for reminding me to add these stats)
  9. Hi everybody! We just launched an incredible new premium feature called Context. Context surfaces relevant content at the times you need it most. It displays related notes, people and high-quality articles based on intelligent indexing of your notes. As an Evernote Premium subscriber, you get (what is usually costly) relevant content for free from sources like the Wall Street Journal and more. Here are two important facts: 1. Your data is private We never send your content outside of Evernote. All of our clever matching happens within Evernote with data provided to Evernote by our partners (like WSJ). We do not monetize your data or your clicks. Context is not advertising. We are providing premium content to our subscribers for free. Context stays true to our 3 Laws of Data Protection. 2. You can turn Context off If you want to turn it off, you can easily do so from the Preferences in Evernote for Mac. We love using Context and hope you’ll enjoy it too! Get the latest version from http://evernote.com/download
  10. SoftwareMarcus

    Evernote for Mac 6.0.7 Released

    Today we release version 6.0.7. Official Release Notes Work Chat Attachments button shows all shared notes and notebooks in a chat Save from anywhere Click the share icon in many Mac apps to save what you see to Evernote Customizable toolbar Rearrange or remove options in the toolbar to fit your needs Performance improvements Numerous bug fixes More Detailed Release Notes Performance Fixes Made improvements to high CPU issue and general note editing sluggishness but we still have not resolved all of the issues in this area. We are working on a much bigger fix for the next release that we hope will finally resolve this issue for everyone. Made improvements to high CPU issue and general work chat sluggishness especially around sharing a note. Fixed drag and drop issues when dragging an image within a note or dragging an image or attachment over the title, context or white area at the bottom of the note. Attachments are now always appended to the end of the note. Fixed attachment preview breaking if switching between Automatically Resize, Zoom in, and Zoom out. Fixed issue when pasting URLs with & or ? on Mavericks. Fixed an issue where updating a Tag would change the Update date. Fixed an issue where searching a PDF would not work some times. Fixed issue where some business users wouldn’t show up in the work chat drop down. At this time, this is only for download customers. We have submitted this release to the Mac App Store and once Apple reviews and gives us approval we'll release it to customers. This typically takes about a week. As always, let us know if you run into any new issues with this release.
  11. Is it possible to restore local notebooks from a backup to v6.0.x, or should I just downgrade and pretend/wish this version never happened?
  12. I just upgraded to version 6 and am not sure that is the problem, but I am unable to nest existing tags beneath a newly created one. Existing tags can be nested with each other just fine. But, if I create a new top level tag and drag an existing tag on top of it, it just snaps back. Am I missing something? Ken
  13. If you haven’t been following our beta releases, Evernote for Mac 6.2 adds better support for El Capitan by allowing for windows to be shrunk so that one can run split view. This includes shrinking the sidebar into a single column of icons and a new more responsive formatting toolbar. Also in this release, we’ve moved work chat to the bottom of the sidebar for 10.10 and above users and of course fixed a bunch of bugs. What’s new in Beta 3? We’ve made the following fixes.On launch using El Capitan the Evernote window would be hidden for some people. We think we fixed the issue so if you saw this problem in the past, please try Beta 3. Thanks to all the customers who helped us track this down. Fixed a bunch of tag issues like the ellipses don’t jump around and editing tags works better but still haven’t added a scroll bar to the drop down. We heard you loud and clear from the previous forum post and are looking into it.Fixed an issue where one wouldn’t be able to rotate an image when using El Cap. A lot of you mentioned this in the beta 2 forum so give this a try.Fixed one of the top crashing issues in the app. As always, please give us your feedback and issues. You can download the beta from here. Tomorrow morning those of you using Beta 2 should get the upgrade notice.
  14. Today we released Evernote for Mac 6.0.6 Beta 1 which includes a lot of great fixes. The top areas we’ve been focused on are: Search Fixed the search box so it remains on the Evernote window even at its narrowest.Fixed a number of Asian character search issues. You will need to change the note so that it gets reindexed. The bug is in the indexing of the note so a reindexing is required to fix the issue. When we ship the official release we’ll force a total reindexing of all notes but we didn’t want to that for beta 1.Fixed a number of advanced search problems.Fixed some Spotlight search issues. Attachments Completely overhauled attachments.Improved the reliability of menu items so they don’t become grayed out when they shouldn’t and made the editing infrastructure more robust. Top crashing issues Discovered that a number of crashes occurred when fonts became corrupted or were turned off. We now tell you if this is an issue before launching.Fixed other top crashing issues.We have also added some new features. Yosemite Share Extension - Share web pages or images to Evernote when using the Yosemite Share menu that appears in Safari and the Finder.Presentation Mode Auto-Layout - Let Evernote help you break up long notes into multiple slides. Go to Presentation mode and select the feature from the Presentation toolbar on the right side.Please be aware that there is one regression we know about where copying a link from Safari won’t automatically become a link when pasted into Evernote. To fix this just manually add the link via the Link > Add menu item. We’ll fix this before we ship the final release. Thank you for helping us test 6.0.6 Beta 1. Let us know if you find any new issues. You can download Beta 1 from here.
  15. I have a script that moves the currently selected note to a notebook called "Notes". It is mapped to ctrl-opt-f using "FastScripts" so I can quickly file things. I have been using it since 25 Jun 2014 with no trouble. Since 23 Jul 2014, moving notes with this script causes the change to "Notes" notebook to not sync. The note is still in "Notes" on the Mac client (5.5.2 (402634 Direct)) where I used the script, but not on any of the other clients (other Mac, iOS, web).I have confirmed this through repeated experiments. Here are the tests I did to confirm this:View a set of notes in the "Incoming" notebook in Mac Evernote client Change the notebook of "Note 1" to "Notes", using the drop down list to left of tags Sync Mac, then sync iPad "Note 1" shows up in "Notes" on iPad Change the notebook of "Note 2" to "Notes" using ctrl-cmd-m, then selecting "Notes" from the drop down list Sync Mac, then sync iPad "Note 2" shows up in "Notes" on iPad –– Everything is fine up to here –– Change the notebook of "Note 3" to "Notes" using ctrl-opt-f that calls the attached script Sync Mac, then sync iPad "Note 3" shows up in "Incoming" on iPad, even after multiple re-syncs. It should be in "Notes"I raised this as ticket # 655982 , and received the following reply from support, so I assume they will not investigate further. My script is attached. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  16. Ever since I updated to Evernote 6 on my Mac, my CPU is constantly at 100% (1 core). I've tried updating to 6.0.5 (App Store), logging out, rebooting and logging back in. That didn't do anything at all. I've submitted a support request, and after 5 days of silence I received the very unhelpful "update to Evernote 6.0.5" response. I let them know that didn't work, but I'm not holding my breath. Have any other forum users found a work around? I've seen suggestions around deleting my Evernote database and re-syncing from the servers, but I can't find specific instructions or even whether that will fix my specific issue. Does anyone have any idea what Evernote could be doing with one full core of my CPU? That's a lot of utilization for something that is largely a word processor. Disappointed in Evernote.
  17. I just updated to 5.7.0 on Mac and now my text no longer wraps
  18. Version 6.05 on iMac 27 with 10.10.2. Using the Search function causes the column widths for the current notebook to be reset to match the search results column widths. With the "side list" view and three columns displayed (Sync status, Title, Updated), enter a Search argument. Canceling the Search will cause the Title column to be set very very narrow in the current notebook. If you follow through with the Search and select a note, when you close the Search, the columns in the notebook containing the selected note will be set to the search results column widths. Net result, if you search, you have to reset your column widths every time. The graphics show Before, Search, After.
  19. Jackolicious

    mac Evernote for Mac 6: Design Feedback

    Hey Evernote land! We've just launched a newly redesigned Evernote for Mac and we'd love your feedback. There has already been quite a lot of discussion, so let me sum up what we understand from it so far: Text contrast: We've attempted to improve text legibility significantly from version 5. This is directly in response to your feedback. We have several upcoming updates that take even further steps to respond to your feedback and bump contrast even more! Light background: With the new version, we have adopted many of Apple's design queues from Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10). Lighter backgrounds and translucency (what Apple calls Vibrancy) are among the design themes for Apple's new OS (our new home). We've worked closely with Apple and their design guidelines to craft a beautiful new look without removing any existing functionality. Users on Yosemite should now see that Evernote fits right in. Users on 10.9: we’ve heard your feedback and you should see more contrast coming back to your UI in versions 6.0.2 and above. If you have any additional feedback, please feel free to voice it below. Please keep the discussion constructive. We read every post, we put our hearts into this product, this is our life's work, and we love your feedback. It only helps us get better.
  20. Hi, I use the classic note link a lot (link between applications on my Mac). It used to be : right-click + option => see 'classic note link' in menu the classic links start with evernote:///view/........ Now there is only the link that starts with 'https://www.evernote.com/ This means that I must be online to see the linked note ! (and I am often not online @customers site) I used the classic links a lot. Where can I find it?? Kind regards Luc
  21. After I upgraded my Evernote app, I logged in and waited for my notes to be transferred to the new version. Ten minutes later, I tried opening a note, but only saw a blank note. I went to another note in another notebook. Another blank note. Since the Sync button was no longer rotating, I clicked it. A few seconds of syncing later, I still could not see any of my notes. I came back five minutes later and finally saw my note! I edited the note and synced it, then double-clicked the note to open it in its own window. Another blank screen. Realising the note would take some time to load in its new window, I loaded another note in the main window. The note in its own window finally loaded, but I could not edit it! Clicking the end of the line did not shift the cursor. I could select text, but typing did not replace the selected text. Finally, I realised that after loading a note, its title would be reset to 无标题 (Chinese for Untitled Note). I am using a 2012 13" MacBook Pro running OS X Mavericks.
  22. Upgraded Evernote both in the office and here at home (where I upgraded to Yosemite just a couple of days ago). Now I'm using the direct download of Evernote 6.0.1. (I was previously up to date with the last v5.n release.) I noticed the mention of being able to search my Evernote notes using Spotlight (mentioned here, for example: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/104676256) and tried it out. The Spotlight search results totally fail to show anything. I've spent some time trying to resolve this myself, but haven't made any progress. Has anyone found success with this new feature? Has it "just worked" for you? Have you had to do anything to enable it? It sounds as if it should just work, so I'm a bit puzzled.
  23. More regrets. So in an effort to mitigate all the other big problems in Evernote 6, I deleted the App Store version (and let Hazel clean up all the app's files) and installed from download. When I did, it told me I had the ScanSnap edition (I don't have an Evernote ScanSnap), and insisted that I choose my destination folders for scans. No way to cancel out of it. And when I got to the main window, those folders were my only shortcuts. I figured I'd wait for the sync to finish, and see what it looked like. Nope! All my shortcuts are gone. And they're removed from my other devices, too. I'm really upset and disappointed. New product releases should be fun, exciting things with new features. Not hours on hours of fixing my data and making bug reports.
  24. We've released 11 new Evernote for Mac tutorial videos available on YouTube. These tutorials cover information from understanding your user interface to performing basic functions on your Mac Desktop. We hope that these videos are helpful to you! Feel free to share and let us know what you think. These are great resources for new users or experienced Evernoters looking for a refresher course. You can find the Getting Started with Evernote: Mac Tutorials here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4I5cq2DfrSo1jzQsVde_QFzO0GX307_Bless
  25. I've run into a bug where sometimes if you have the Evernote application started as maximized and the dialog box pops up to confirm your email address, the dialog box can pop up behind the Evernote application window. But since the Evernote application window is maximized, there is no way to move around the application window to get to the dialog box. Since this dialog box is modal, it doesn't allow you to click any control or menu on the Evernote application window. This pretty much means you're stuck and the only thing you can do is Force Close the Evernote application. There is sometimes a short amount of time between where you start the application and when this annoying dialog box appears... at which point, I can take the Evernote application out of maximized mode. Then I believe I was able to switch between apps and the modal e-mail confirmation dialog popped up in front of the Evernote application window. This worked on one computer. However on a different computer, this did not seem to work...