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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there, I'm using Evernote 5.7.2 on a Mac Pro on 10.8.5 with a full sized keyboard and since upgrading I can no longer use the Home/End keys in the main note window (they just get ignored). These keys work fine in other apps. I logged a support ticket (816513) for this but was just curious if anyone else is seeing the save issue? Thanks, Jason
  2. I just updated to 5.7.0 on Mac and now my text no longer wraps
  3. Downloaded the latest version yesterday afternoon. Tried to open Evernote this a.m. and received the message above. Need help.
  4. I have just started using Evernote primarily on a Mac. I chose EN because it is also available for my iPad and PC side. I only have 8 notes made so far and I notice that EN will slow to a crawl after a few hours of use. If I quit and relaunch, EN ghoes back to normal speed. Twice today though, I have had to restart it. I have an incredibly fast iMac with a 3.5 GHz i7 and 24 GB RAM so hardware is not the issue. When EN slowed, I checked other running applications and there was no slowness anywhere else. If this is a none bug for a v5.x product, then maybe I shold go looking again. Does anyone know what could be happening to EN on my machine? Is there a memory leak? Thanks
  5. Heidi Castleman

    mac Latest update

    downloaded the most recent update and now receive and now receive the message "can't open application Evernote 195746 because it maybe be damaged or incomplete". Was working fine before tried to update.
  6. Ever since the 5.6.0 release of Evernote for Mac the formatting of bullet lists on the Mac App has changed, such that there are no longer any additional spacing between the lines preceding and following the first and last item respectively of the bullet list. It is now inconsistent with the iOS app, which still shows an additional spacing equivalent to that of a blank line before and after a bullet list. This inconsistency can lead me to inadvertently keep changing the formatting of my notes by manually inserting or removing these additional blank lines to make them look better on the device I am currently looking at the note with, which gets very annoying. This is illustrated in the attached image of a note with bullet lists in Evernote for Mac, with the iOS version of the same note overlaid on the right of the image. If the new formatting introduced in the 5.6.0 release of Evernote for Mac is intentional, then can you please update your iOS app to format the bullet lists in the same manner!
  7. Purpose: Need help fixing a problem. Version: 5.7.2 for Mac Problem: I just upgraded my Evernote Mac app to version 5.7.2. After the upgrade, I noticed a problem with two of my recently-created notes: Text continues to the right off the page (so I have to scroll to the right to see it). I have not seen this problem in the Evernote Mac app before. The two recently-created notes that have the problem are nearly identical in format to about 10 other notes that I also created recently. However, those 10 other notes don't have the problem. In all the notes mentioned above, I use bulleted lists and have text in various font sizes, ranging from 13 to 36. I tried to fix the problem by selecting all the text in one of the affected notes, and then clicking Format > Simplify Formatting. After I did that, all the text in the note became font size 13. However, the problem still remained. This is as much detail as I can think of. Does someone know why this issue is occurring and how to fix it? The end result I need is to be able to view all text within a note by simply scrolling up and down - not needing to scroll to the right. My final test: I just copied the text I just wrote in this forum post and pasted it into a new note. The note looks fine and does not have the problem. Thanks. Shawn
  8. Hi all, After the most recent update, the Evernote Desktop application on my Mac (OS X 10.8.5) crashes immediately after a few seconds of start-up. I have included the crash report in the attachment. Unfortunately, it was too long for the post itself. All other applications (Web, iPhone) are running smoothly. I haven't tried to force a rebuild of the local database yet. It seems the directory locations have changed, so I didn't want to mess with the system. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best, Axel Crash_Evernote.txt
  9. Is there any way to disable this feature? It works terribly for me and I'm used to finding notes I need based off date updated which used to be the default sort. Thanks!
  10. This morning I upgraded to Evernote v5.7.2 for Mac, and after notes were migrated, text no longer wraps. Existing text no longer wraps in existing notes (boo).New text, typed or pasted, DOES correctly wrap in new notes (yay).New text, typed or pasted does NOT wrap in existing notes (boo).I see that this has been sort of an on and off complaint for a couple years now. It never happened for me before today. Looks like reinstalling to an older version has mixed results too. -- Jim
  11. SoftwareMarcus

    Evernote for Mac v6.0 and v6.0.1

    Today we released version 6.0 for the Mac App Store and 6.0.1 for direct download customers. First off, Mac App Store customers are going to get all of the really cool benefits and features that direct download customers have had for a month. This means faster sync, improved note editing with resizable tables and images, work chat, presence, context where one can see content related to their notes, and great new presentation mode features. The other huge update is a sleek new Yosemite look for Evernote. We previewed some of this at the Evernote Conference last month. This means we’ve taken out the black side bar and changed it to the cool translucent Yosemite look and feel, took out all of the textures and big icons and switched them to clean and simple designs and in addition everything has higher contrast and is easier to read. Overall the word “clean” comes to mind when you see the new design. I really like it and we hope you do to. We also continue to fix issues and improve existing features. Work Chat Improvements We now have pop-ups and some visuals to educate customers about work chat. Fixed a number of bugs with the chat window and continue to polish the look. Added support for sharing notebooks via work chat. Bug Fixes Improved handling of really long URLs which used to make the note extend off the screen. Lots of other miscellaneous bug fixes Why is the Mac App Store version different? We had to submit the Mac App Store version of Evernote to Apple some time ago for their review and approval so we could release it today. The direct download version includes the changes we've made in the last week. We'll submit 6.0.2 to Apple today for release next week. As always, please post feedback to this new release on this thread to make it easier for me to spot issues. Also state whether you’re using the Mac App Store version or the Direct Download Version since they are different. You can also download the software at: http://bit.ly/14SxwPz
  12. I updated to 5.7.1 today and now Evernote won't show any notes. I can open Evernote and click on the Notebooks in the left column to see all those. But the moment I click on a note, it crashes. Also, if I tried to sign out, it crashes. Since I logged in via a web browser and everything is intact, I tried to "reset" by deleting Evernote and all of its files. But it looks like I might not have gotten them all (I searched around but didn't find anything outlining the location of all Evernote files). How can I basically nuke my installation and redownload everything to create a new installation/setup? Or is there another way? Here's what it looks like. Looks like Evernote is a mess in Yosemite.
  13. I received notice of a new EverNote version to install, maybe a couple of days ago, and chose to install it on relaunch. This morning I updated my MacBook Pro to the new Yosemite update 10.10.1, exiting all applications including EverNote before the restart. After restarting, EverNote has a new dock icon - clicking it just bounces a couple of times and nothing launches. I rebooted again, same thing. Here's what show up in the console log when I try: 11/18/14 9:35:49.569 AM Evernote[1681]: Unable to load nib file: MainMenu, exiting 11/18/14 9:35:49.570 AM CoreServicesUIAgent[298]: unexpected message <OS_xpc_error: <error: 0x7fff745edc60> { count = 1, contents = "XPCErrorDescription" => <string: 0x7fff745edf70> { length = 18, contents = "Connection invalid" } }> 11/18/14 9:35:49.574 AM com.apple.xpc.launchd[1]: (com.evernote.Evernote.37520[1681]) Service exited with abnormal code: 1
  14. The old icon popped up saying an update was available and would I like to restart now or later. With 30 minutes to my next meeting I said "what the heck" and went for it. When the updated version came up, all my notes were missing... hundreds of them. Fortunately I still see them online. Unfortunately much of my work is offline. I've tried to sync several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my mac and still no luck. Sent an email to support a few days ago and no word back. Any one else encounter this? Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated: ) Thanks!
  15. After updating OSX Mavericks and Evernote, new notes created with attachments no longer have the option to and cannot be viewed inline. I really hope this gets fixed soon as I depend on Evernote for school, and viewing attachments inline makes life so much easier. Curious if anyone else has experienced this problem? Thanks
  16. I'm really hungry with Evernote staff! I hope I'm the only one with this problem but I suppose I'm not. With this last version (5.7.1) I can not turn off my Mac, because when I restart it the icon of my Evernote disappear from the Doc and even in the Launchpad there's a general icon and not the specific one. When I try to star Evernote a message appear and tell me that the app is incomplete or damaged. Then I con only copy the app from a Backup or reinstall it, but the problem will appear at the next switch off. Please solve this incredible bug. Thanks.
  17. fargi6

    tag updates are slow

    I have 5.7.2 on MacOS Yosemite, and my tag updates are very slow. Renaming one tag, deleting one tag, or just displaying the tags folder, takes more than 10 seconds, during which time one CPU is completely busy. I have about 2K tags, but this only started being an issue recently. Creating notes, adding tags to notes, are pretty normal. Tag maintenance is becoming a chore because it takes so long.
  18. totalforge

    Search Terms Appear Backwards

    Greetings Evernoters, Evernotians, and Evernotans. Reporting on 5.7.2 (451040 direct) Mac version. I rebooted my 2010 Mac mini running Yosemite, leaving the 'reopen open windows' option on. As various other apps are loading, Evernote's main window appears as expected. I clicked in the search box at top right, it filled in with the last selected notebook name, and I started typing, all in less time than it takes to read this sentence. The characters I entered appeared in reverse order. Subsequent searches' characters appear in the correct order. Screenshot attached. Best regards, Randy p.s. Consider removing the team member's names from the about box. Recruiters love to use this information to create unnecessary churn in staff.
  19. I've noticed that recently in the 5.7.x Mac client releases, the keyboard shortcut for "Move to Notebook" no longer works if the Note Title field is currently selected for editing. In order to move the currently active note to another notebook, you need to hit "Enter" to deactivate the field, then execute the "Move to Notebook" shortcut. This "modal" shortcut behavior seems like a bug to me, unless someone else can explain the rationale for changing this behavior. Obviously, this is not a huge "bug", but as someone who pushes dozens of notes through my Evernote client every day using keyboard shortcuts, it's just big enough to be really annoying, esp. since it used to work as expected in the pre 5.7 versions.
  20. Repeated downloads fails to solve this problem on my iMac. I have an iMac and a Macbook Pro, both with Yosemite. Evernote on Macbook has the search window. However, it does not come on the iMac. Is there something I am doing wrong ?
  21. I've added a couple of unindexed 1 or 2 page (unencrypted) PDF's to the Mac Evernote client(v5.7.2) on OSX 10.9(I'm a premium member). Today I tried to search for a word that was definately there in text, but got back no results. In inspection of the notes with the PDF's attached, it stated: "Synchronised 5 minutes ago" and "1 PDF is not indexed". I then checked with the web-version (the new beta) of the client and it found all PDF's with the word searched for, so Evernote had the PDF's indexed allright. Searching for the text with the iPad version and the android version also return the correct results. Forcing syncs, closing all evernote apps and starting them again don't change this. What can I do to search for text in the desktop client succesfully and get the PDF's indexed locally too ?
  22. So when updating to 5.6 a week ago (and then 5.7 today) it seems like something went wrong with my note migration. The notes are all these just fine but snippet view doesn't work for older notes. (Separate thread for that.) I tried a couple of different fixes but didn't have much luck, so I decided to maybe try forcing a rebuild of the database from the cloud version (I don't have any local only notebooks, so this has been a fix that's gotten me out of a few bugs in the past). But I noticed that older instructions on how to force a database refresh on Macs now seem out of date. This thread, for instance, refers to the user/library/application data folder, which now seems to be gone. The closest I can seem to find is "user/library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts," but without really knowing how the new database structure works in 5.7 I'm a little hesitant to just go in there and start deleting or renaming files. Does anyone have experience with forcing a database refresh in 5.7 on a Mac?