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  1. I want to create a page in evernote with contact information and services I offer that includes logos. I want to layout the page so that I can copy the content I need and paste into outlook email and keep the formating. Any thoughts? I have all contacts and do not need to send all as they would not be needed for a specific customer. I can copy all and paste into email and then delete what I don't need but still have the formating issues. I would also like to do this when on the road. Copy from EN IOS and paste into Outlook IOS Thoughts?
  2. Please can we have a option to add a signature which automatically appears in the text box when emailing notes. And previously used email addresses appear as you start to type them.
  3. I change my mobile and try to login to my evernote account, But cannot login. Then I try to reset my password by use function "Forget Password" to send link to reset password to my email. I check all inbox, junk, spam box on my mail box not have any email from evernote. How can I solve this problem. Who can help me.
  4. Hi, When I try to forward emails to Evernote from my personal email account some get through, some don't. Many arrive without problems, but the 2 particular emails that aren't arriving (but I really want!!) have the following features: 1. Size 100-500KB, no attachments, just text/tables. 2. Size >5MB with attachments. Evernote support haven't offered any solutions yet. Just to clarify: the evernote email address is DEFINITELY correct; and I have searched all notebooks (so they aren't hiding anywhere). Any suggestions? Many thanks.
  5. Buenos días, Tengo un problema con la modificación del email de mi cuenta actual de Evernote. El asunto está es que tenía dos cuentas, y eliminé una que apenas utilizaba. El mail de esa cuenta lo que quiero poner en la cuenta de más uso frecuente: la actual que utilizo. Pero Evernote dice "esa dirección de correo electrónico ya está en uso" sabiendo que la cuenta está desactivada para ese email. ¿Qué alternativa hay? ¿O hay un período de borrado de mail para esa cuenta antigua para volver a utilizar el mail? Gracias y saludos
  6. I saw that the Mac App Things 3 has a feature where when you forward an email into their inbox that todo includes a link back to the email in Mac Mail.app as well as when you do it from Mail in iOS. Can Mail to Evernote add that funcitionality?
  7. I am tired of the incessant "verify your email" notifications and emails every couple days or so. The verification should only be sent out when Evernote suspects any suspicious activity on my account. Otherwise, this is intrusive, and if it doesn't stop, I'll have no other option but to block all communications from Evernote.
  8. Bracket tasks via email

    I love the ability to create tasks using the bracket functionality [], but it doesn't seem to be working when importing via email! This would be huge if my wife was able to send me an email list of stuff like...[] milk[] bread[] cereal...and it would just be a task list for me.
  9. Change email address

    How do you change your email address on your account or profile. I have gone to help page and it tells me to go to the security settings, but I can't find any security settings that has anything to do with changing my email address on my account.
  10. Scannable has told me I reached my limit of scans saved to Evernote. This is disturbing since I thought I was saving one scanned document, but instead I was saving everything in my tray. For the most part, only the first document ever shows up in Evernote. I have deleted most of these as they are useless to have duplicates. However, the pop up tells me that I can send scans in email. Well, scannable will not send any emails, nor will it allow me to shar. The app is rendered usel as at the moment and I have wasted an afternoon trying to get two documents to email. I use an iPad. It has no t been very user friendly, but I was succcessful 2 days ago when I first installed the app. I now need to find another scanner app. There is no way to contact Help. I cannot find a way to submit a ticket. I have not found this problem in the community.
  11. New user. I have two Evernote accounts( mobile) from one email address and decided to buy premium on my desktop computer with different email address and I can't seem to change email and merge. I need to know if I can connect them and add my mobile sites or have to start over or what? I want to sync my mobile accounts to my premium desktop so I can sync with all three devices and then I can add other devices. Please help! Thanks, James
  12. Got an email about an hour ago, for filling out a survey for evernote feedback for a chance to win a gift card. However clicking the link in the email took me to a broken link.
  13. I love Evernote's email integrations, and I make frequent use of the Outlook plugin to save email content for future reference or action. It would be great if I could navigate from the note back to the email that created it. This would allow me to save the email to Evernote, add notes and reminders for follow-up, then go straight from the note to the email so I could reply or forward. Here's the process I follow now to accomplish this: Save the email to Evernote via the Outlook plugin*. Add notes and set any necessary reminders on the note. Archive the email. When it's time to take action (i.e. the reminder pops up), I open the note and review the addressing info and sent date. I go into my Outlook archive folder and search for that email. When I find it, I open the email, and reply or forward to take action. This enhancement would remove #5 altogether, and take me directly to the email I'm looking for. *I use the Outlook plugin as an example, but one could theoretically do this with any email platform as long as Evernote is able to record details that allow navigation back to the source.
  14. Gmail just quit on my daughter. No reason. So I'm quitting Gmail before Gmail quits on me. I'd like to be able to transfer my emails from Gmail to an Evernote notebook named "Gmail". I know I can use the webclipper, but all emails need to be opened for that to work well. Unless I don't understand something, that's not a great option. I know I can write "@Gmail" in the subject while transfering every email one by one, but that would take a while. Unless I don't understand something, that's not a great option. I'm hoping for a quick way to dump all my Gmail archives into Evernote and go on with my life. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. Wrong Spelling

    Hello, I was just signing up with evernote today. I found out that the spelling of Email on the signup page is misspelt.
  16. I have created a form with WordPress Contact Form 7 to create journaling entries in Evernote, which work like a charm except for the lack of formatting of the text. I would love some guide on how emails should be formatted so that In can create basic formatting like bold text.
  17. Currently, all emails I send to my Evernote "Email Notes to" address land in the "Inbox" notebook. I am suggesting to have a separate email address for each notebook, just like Todoist has a separate email for each project. I know, it is possible to route an email into a specific notebook by adding "@notebook_name" to the email subject but in practice, this is inconvenient, time consuming, and error prone. you have to remember to use "@" (instead of "#" as it is in other applications). You have to type the notebook name correctly. You have to click edit subject + navigate to the end of it + type out the notebook name manually ... For the Todoist projects to which I often email todos, I saved the corresponding email addresses into my address book, all prefixed with "Todoist - " - thus, when I start typing "Todo" in the recipient field, all of my email clients are giving me auto-complete suggestions for all Todoist project email addresses I saved. Very convenient, very fast to use, no danger of mistyping. I'd love to do the same with Evernote notebooks. A nice side effect of not modifying the email subject: all common email clients are automatically grouping emails with the same subject into a thread (even if prefixes like "FWD:" are added). Thus, leaving the subject as is when forwarding to Evernote will attach this forwared email to the same thread as the original one, making it easy and convenient to check which ones you saved to Evernote already. This feature request also reflects the desires of dozens of commenters on the following two feature requests. Yet, I decided to create a separate thread here because the other two are only mentioning this feature among others: Feature Request: Link multiple email addresses to Evernote account Multiple Email Adresses
  18. I have an issue with sending from Evernote to my work email. Every time is says the following: Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 The sending IP ( is listed on https://spamrl.com as a source of spam. Now I did check the IP and this one is from Evernote itself. So it looks like evernote is on an blacklist? Any idea how to fix this, or can only Evernote fix this problem?
  19. can't email a note

    I'm using Evernote Version 6.11.1 (455061 App Store) on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.11.6. I have been trying to Share an email from Evernote, without any luck whatsoever. The note is one page, with a simple table that contains two columns, one jpeg in the left column, and some text (less than a page) in the right column. Every time I try, the app hangs and I have to Force Quit. Any suggestions about how to fix the problem? Addresses: to — only 2. Do you need them? Size: jpeg is 1.5MB.
  20. Hi Community, I'm reaching out to you because I I have found it impossible to receive help from Evernote Support. My problem is stated below I changed my email address just over 2 years ago because we changed our business name I wished to update my Evernote account settings to reflect the new email address I was unable to change the email address in my account settings to the new email address. It just wouldn't process the request I started a new Evernote account with the new email address as a solution All my devices automatically opened the old account, so i just continued using the old account. Plus I have a lot of content on there Additionally now, the old account can't edit to my new email address because there is an account (my new one) with the same email address The old account is ineffective at communicating with Evernote because all responses are sent to the old email address which is now inactive I had a glimmer of hope once I tried communicating with Evernote via their FB Page. Someone called Dorothy responded with some great solution ideas Dorothy's suggestion: Login to new account - shut down/deactivate new account - login to old account - change email address now there is no competing email address from new account - problem should be resolved Dorothy also picked up that I had 2 support tickets from July 2016 and February 2017. No one ever responded to these tickets Problem: Every time I attempt to open the new account to follow these instructions I receive a red pop up stating that the new account has been deactivated and would I like to reactivate it? There is no action for reactivating so I am stopped at this point Can anyone offer any solutions for me? Any help will be gratefully accepted.
  21. I have Evernote Basic and I believe I used to be able to record audio in a note and then share that audio by emailing the note to someone. It doesn't work any more. Has something changed? Is this something I can do if I upgrade? Thanks, Andy
  22. Hi. I'm writing on behalf of my friend who has Evernote Premium. When she shares a note from her iPad by email the recipient gets a note with tiny text and huge pictures. The same happens if she shares a link, even worse. If we simplify the formatting the text is fine but no pictures are received. Please can you help? I've tried everything I can think of. Many thanks
  23. Hey everyone, Running into a dilemma here: I have a new email that I would like to implement into my Evernote account that is currently active and used often. However I am coming across the issue of Evernote not allowing me to actually remove one email address, and replace it with an up-to-date email address. It tells me something about creating a new account and syncing them. I think I've done that, but not as successful as I would hope. I now have two accounts (one old and full of notes, and a new one with 0 content) and still cannot send notes and notebooks from my primary account due to the email it is attached to not being active. I can't even find a way to activate it it is so old (hotmail). I do not want that email anymore as all of my business comes from my new Gmail account. How can I remove the old and replace it with the new so I can send notes? Please help! I am a writer/musician/psychologist and all my content is extremely difficult to get out!
  24. Good day all. Long time Evernote user, finally seeing the light on tags vs notebooks. So I am slowly moving into tags for whats in Evernote, but my main workflow is from email corepsondance I get. That said, when I forward an email into Evernote, Im missing the last tag. For example, if I forward an email and the subject is "Super important Email #tag1 #tag2 tag3 !tomorrow" Evernote gets it, with tags Tag1, Tag2, but #tag3 shows up in the subject. What more, sometimes NONE of the tags go through. What am I doing wrong?
  25. All, I'm currently on the free plan, and the email address I am using to login will be deactivated soon so I need to change my login email address. I used the Google Login factor, and I'm trying to change the email address, I get the "Verify your Email" when I type in the new email address for login, and I go click Verify in the email, and when I try to log in with the new email it says it can't find the acount, but I can still sign in with my old/current email address. Any thoughts on how I can change the email address?