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Found 334 results

  1. Whenever I forward an email from Gmail to my Evernote account, when it gets into Evernote, there are a lot of extra spaces between lines, even lines that do not have a hard carriage return at the end. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
  2. I'm using Evernote Version 6.11.1 (455061 App Store) on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.11.6. I have been trying to Share an email from Evernote, without any luck whatsoever. The note is one page, with a simple table that contains two columns, one jpeg in the left column, and some text (less than a page) in the right column. Every time I try, the app hangs and I have to Force Quit. Any suggestions about how to fix the problem? Addresses: to — only 2. Do you need them? Size: jpeg is 1.5MB.
  3. Hello. I am not receiving email sent from my Gmail account into my EN account. What to do? Yes, I'm using the correct mail address. No, they don't sit in my spam folder. Yes, I installed upgrades. Yes, I have a Plus account. Thanks a lot. Anette
  4. Hi Community, I'm reaching out to you because I I have found it impossible to receive help from Evernote Support. My problem is stated below I changed my email address just over 2 years ago because we changed our business name I wished to update my Evernote account settings to reflect the new email address I was unable to change the email address in my account settings to the new email address. It just wouldn't process the request I started a new Evernote account with the new email address as a solution All my devices automatically opened the old account, so i just continued using the old account. Plus I have a lot of content on there Additionally now, the old account can't edit to my new email address because there is an account (my new one) with the same email address The old account is ineffective at communicating with Evernote because all responses are sent to the old email address which is now inactive I had a glimmer of hope once I tried communicating with Evernote via their FB Page. Someone called Dorothy responded with some great solution ideas Dorothy's suggestion: Login to new account - shut down/deactivate new account - login to old account - change email address now there is no competing email address from new account - problem should be resolved Dorothy also picked up that I had 2 support tickets from July 2016 and February 2017. No one ever responded to these tickets Problem: Every time I attempt to open the new account to follow these instructions I receive a red pop up stating that the new account has been deactivated and would I like to reactivate it? There is no action for reactivating so I am stopped at this point Can anyone offer any solutions for me? Any help will be gratefully accepted.
  5. I have Evernote Basic and I believe I used to be able to record audio in a note and then share that audio by emailing the note to someone. It doesn't work any more. Has something changed? Is this something I can do if I upgrade? Thanks, Andy
  6. Hi. I'm writing on behalf of my friend who has Evernote Premium. When she shares a note from her iPad by email the recipient gets a note with tiny text and huge pictures. The same happens if she shares a link, even worse. If we simplify the formatting the text is fine but no pictures are received. Please can you help? I've tried everything I can think of. Many thanks
  7. ios

    I took a picture of some notes. emailed them from my iphone. The picture shows upside down in evernote. Cannot figure out how to rotate. I tried the edit on my iphone. Rotating it there doesn't seem to work. It says save. I save, i send, same results. There are two places that it could work to change the orientation. On evernote, and from the phone. Any ideas i would much appreciate it. OregonUser
  8. Hey everyone, Running into a dilemma here: I have a new email that I would like to implement into my Evernote account that is currently active and used often. However I am coming across the issue of Evernote not allowing me to actually remove one email address, and replace it with an up-to-date email address. It tells me something about creating a new account and syncing them. I think I've done that, but not as successful as I would hope. I now have two accounts (one old and full of notes, and a new one with 0 content) and still cannot send notes and notebooks from my primary account due to the email it is attached to not being active. I can't even find a way to activate it it is so old (hotmail). I do not want that email anymore as all of my business comes from my new Gmail account. How can I remove the old and replace it with the new so I can send notes? Please help! I am a writer/musician/psychologist and all my content is extremely difficult to get out!
  9. I figure this will get thrown out in the trash by the admins BUT I just gotta get it off my chest. I can't understand why Evernote keeps getting rid of GREAT features which must drive away thousands of customers. Case in point, BEFORE the horrendous WORKCHAT was invented you could email a note to someone with one click, it was the default SHARE item. You didnt have to go to the OTHER share menu and scroll down and it and it even put the body of the note IN the email so the receiver didn't have go thru the whole tortuous web thingy to see your message. Now its so stupid and complicated for me AND the recipient i use another product to keep my day to day notes so i can email them quickly. Another case in point, speech to text for Android. Stupidly I upgraded my phone recently and suddenly my speech to text buttons are gone and apparently they are gone forever? Gee whiz Evernote. I used that one tap function 30 times a day! It was awesome! And as others have complained, yes i can 2 step use my keyboard speech to text but it sucks so bad it unusable. I used to rattle off a SPEECH and it would perfectly be reflected in my note. I am trying to get an OLD version of Evernote as we speak because the speech to text feature is crucial to my decision to continue using Evernote. And a personal beef, WORKCHAT, is the most annoying add-on on the planet. They did finally tone it down so it didn't DOMINATE your every Evernote action but what a POS. Put it on the business client, ok, but I work alone! I've been a loyal and mostly happy user of Evernote since its inception and will probably still continue to house all my "don't ever want to lose it" items in there. I even pay for the Premium, but but its functionality is down at least 40% in the last few years, in MY opinion and several other options are looking better and better as Evernote continues to lower its usefulness, (for reasons I can't EVEN fathom why they would do it) There, I've said my piece. Thanks for listening.
  10. Good day all. Long time Evernote user, finally seeing the light on tags vs notebooks. So I am slowly moving into tags for whats in Evernote, but my main workflow is from email corepsondance I get. That said, when I forward an email into Evernote, Im missing the last tag. For example, if I forward an email and the subject is "Super important Email #tag1 #tag2 tag3 !tomorrow" Evernote gets it, with tags Tag1, Tag2, but #tag3 shows up in the subject. What more, sometimes NONE of the tags go through. What am I doing wrong?
  11. All, I'm currently on the free plan, and the email address I am using to login will be deactivated soon so I need to change my login email address. I used the Google Login factor, and I'm trying to change the email address, I get the "Verify your Email" when I type in the new email address for login, and I go click Verify in the email, and when I try to log in with the new email it says it can't find the acount, but I can still sign in with my old/current email address. Any thoughts on how I can change the email address?
  12. Is there any email system that has tight integration with EverNote? I don't like the workflow I have seen online where people take an email then "forward" it to their EverNote email. That creates a lot of extra work, and then you effectively have to deal with the same information in two different places. I was hoping to find a system where I could just add a single tag to an email and then it magically appears in an EverNote inbox for processing in EverNote.
  13. I've tried sending a note with couple of pictures to myself, but evernote, instead sent to a number of recepients (about 20-30) from my contact list. I definitely didn't choose anyone from that list to share this information with. And I just didn't have time to do that. That was quite embarrassing experience and up until now I don't understand 1) how this happened 2) what is the logic how evernote chose whom to send the note to. If you could help me clarify that would be great. Otherwise I'm just afraid to use evernote further more. Also, if someone from that list wouldn't have told me they received something from, I wouldn't have known something happened Ps. I was sharing using iPhone
  14. PLEASE add the option to prevent the redundant popup window that appears after we have clipped an email. I posted a jpg showing the three steps that must currently be taken to clip an email - it should be shorter/easier and more customizable. For me, the purpose of the email clipper is to clip/save an email into a certain folder for quick and easy action/follow up/review at a later date. At present, there are three steps (which isn't exactly quick or streamlined): Clip the "save to Evernote" button in the top toolbar (I'm using Outlook 2016/Office 365 on Windows 7 Pro for reference). - See Image/Step #1 in gif. Select/approve the notebook to save the clip to, with the option to add tags or remarks. - See image/Step #2 in gif. (THIS IS WHERE THE PROCESS SHOULD END.) Then we get a third/unwanted step when yet another window pops up. To close it, we have to pause our process/flow to close the window. Sounds nit picky, and it is, but I want the option to disable or skip this step altogether. - See image/Step #3 in gif. Please see the attached gif if my request is not clear. Fellow users - PLEASE take a second to VOTE on this. The more votes it gets, the more likely they are to add this feature. Thanks!
  15. Link in a note emailed from Evernote on iPad appears bold. Try yourself: Make a note that includes a link. Go to sharing button and select Mail. Send it to yourself and you will see. Please fix.
  16. Hi I'm an evernote premium customer and I suddenly can't share my notes via email. I keep getting this message: ou recently attempted to send an email message from your Evernote account. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the email to your intended recipient(s). The email was returned to us as undeliverable and no further delivery attempts are possible. Please verify the email address(es) you used. Some ideas: Check for typos Check for extra spaces I've tried emailing notes to myself and it doesn't work. Can you give me any clues as to how to fix this. I depend on this function so it's a real drag. I'm using the "more sharing" function in the drop down menu. Thank you so much ! I love evernote !!
  17. Evernote creates an "alias" email address for users to email notes directly into our database of notes. The email address is in this format: <display name>.<random string> When email notes are sent to this address, they are stored in the "default" notebook. We can direct a message to a specific notebook by including the notebook name in the subject line. HOWEVER, if we subscribe to a newsletter we cannot affect the subject line. All newsletters end up piling into the default notebook and we must manually move them into the desired notebook. I'd like to suggest giving users a way to indicate the notebook name in the email address, so that we can have newsletters go into the desired notebook. This could be accomplished by changing the alias email address to this format: <display name>.<random string>.<notebook name> By allowing users to add a DOT and then define the notebook name, the alias address becomes a way to direct subscriptions to the desired notebook. If users leave off the notebook name in the alias address, the note will go to the default notebook, as currently happens. This should not be too difficult to implement and will be very helpful for thousands of Evernote users. Thank you very much for considering this new feature. Regards, Opher Banarie
  18. Would it be possible to get a 2nd email address to use to send emails directly to my Evernote Business account? I know i can add @BusinessInbox to the end of the subject line but I am often BCC'ing to my EN email address so don't want to do that. Any work-arounds or plans to fix this?
  19. Would it be possible to be given a separate Business email address for sending notes directly into my Evernote Business account? I know I can add @Inbox to the end of the email subject line but often I am sending an email to a client and blind copying to Evernote so prefer my client didn't see that
  20. I love being able to create reminders by forwarding emails to evernote. It would be great if I could also set the time of the reminder. Is it possible now and if so how? If not, I think it would be a very useful feature to add. Thanks.
  21. Hi all, Our security team is actively investigating an issue where some users are receiving emails from Evernote indicating notes have failed to be emailed from their account. It looks like this may have happened to accounts that utilize the same password on multiple websites. If you believe your account has been accessed by someone else, we suggest you do the following: 1. Change your password immediately. Choose a unique password that you don’t use on another website. 2. Review the list of Authorized Applications for your account. Revoke access to any applications that you are suspicious of or that accessed your account from an IP address you don’t know. 3. Set up two-step verification on your account as an additional layer of security. Lastly, be sure to never share your account login with anyone else.
  22. Boa noite. Caso eu me torne Premium ou Plus, poderei enviar email para o meu Evernote e assim ele cria uma nota. A dúvida é se eu consigo atualizar uma nota, já existente, enviando um email? Exemplo: - eu já tenho uma nota com nome de “Compras” - dentro de caderno tem uma nota com nome de “Mercado” - dentro dessa nota tem 2 itens: leite, café. - eu poderei enviar um email para o meu Evernote com o assunto: “Mercado @Compras”, e o texto do email coloco: pão, feijão e 51. Essa minha nota “Mercado” seria atualizada com 5 itens ? Agradeço o apoio.
  23. I sometimes forward an email to my evernote account to create a Note but I also sometimes find it more efficient to bcc an email to my evernote. However, if I bcc I end up having an email created Note in Evernote that does not have any headers and really on a glance does not even look like an email. Is there a simple way to make a bcc email created Note look like a forwarded email with headers? Thank you for any tips.
  24. Hi y'all, UPDATE: Our Ops team has just implemented a fix that should help to resolve this. If you've experienced this issue, please try re-sending the email into your Evernote account. Should you continue to experience the problem, please read the following. Our Technical Support Team is currently investigating an issue where emails are failing to be delivered when sending to your Evernote email address. Please submit a support request with the following details so we can get as much information as possible to help resolve this. What email account was used to email the note? What is the inbound Evernote email address you are sending to? Are there any additional email accounts in the email (if CCing to additional emails)? What are the dates of the sent email attempts? Do all the emails you send get affected by this or only a few? Contents of the email (e.g: specific attachment filetype (Word Document, PDF, image, audio, forward of PayPal receipts, text only emails) Does this happen when emailing into Evernote from any email address, or just the one listed above? Do the notes show on the web version of your account? Thanks for your patience and assistance while we look deeper into the cause of this issue.
  25. I received the following email earlier today. i tried to put in my Discover Card and it was rejected. I was thinking of using a second card when I decided to check with this forum on the legitimacy of the offer. Two offers, one day only! We just want to thank you for using Evernote to collect and organize your thoughts. As a token of our appreciation, we’re extending our special Premium offer for one more day: LAST DAY Get 40% off Evernote Premium Get Premium Today only Or Get 20% off Evernote Plus Get Plus Offer expires Mar 6, 2017 If you’re looking for more device access and flexibility than Evernote Basic, but don’t need the full feature set of Premium, Evernote Plus is for you. Don’t miss out on this chance to stay in sync everywhere you go and be more productive with Evernote. AccountBlogSupport This email has been sent to you by Evernote Corporation (or its subsidiary). Unsubscribe Evernote Corporation, 305 Walnut Street, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA.