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Found 321 results

  1. I love being able to create reminders by forwarding emails to evernote. It would be great if I could also set the time of the reminder. Is it possible now and if so how? If not, I think it would be a very useful feature to add. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, Our security team is actively investigating an issue where some users are receiving emails from Evernote indicating notes have failed to be emailed from their account. It looks like this may have happened to accounts that utilize the same password on multiple websites. If you believe your account has been accessed by someone else, we suggest you do the following: 1. Change your password immediately. Choose a unique password that you don’t use on another website. 2. Review the list of Authorized Applications for your account. Revoke access to any applications that you are suspicious of or that accessed your account from an IP address you don’t know. 3. Set up two-step verification on your account as an additional layer of security. Lastly, be sure to never share your account login with anyone else.
  3. Whenever I forward an email from Gmail to my Evernote account, when it gets into Evernote, there are a lot of extra spaces between lines, even lines that do not have a hard carriage return at the end. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
  4. Boa noite. Caso eu me torne Premium ou Plus, poderei enviar email para o meu Evernote e assim ele cria uma nota. A dúvida é se eu consigo atualizar uma nota, já existente, enviando um email? Exemplo: - eu já tenho uma nota com nome de “Compras” - dentro de caderno tem uma nota com nome de “Mercado” - dentro dessa nota tem 2 itens: leite, café. - eu poderei enviar um email para o meu Evernote com o assunto: “Mercado @Compras”, e o texto do email coloco: pão, feijão e 51. Essa minha nota “Mercado” seria atualizada com 5 itens ? Agradeço o apoio.
  5. I sometimes forward an email to my evernote account to create a Note but I also sometimes find it more efficient to bcc an email to my evernote. However, if I bcc I end up having an email created Note in Evernote that does not have any headers and really on a glance does not even look like an email. Is there a simple way to make a bcc email created Note look like a forwarded email with headers? Thank you for any tips.
  6. Hi y'all, UPDATE: Our Ops team has just implemented a fix that should help to resolve this. If you've experienced this issue, please try re-sending the email into your Evernote account. Should you continue to experience the problem, please read the following. Our Technical Support Team is currently investigating an issue where emails are failing to be delivered when sending to your Evernote email address. Please submit a support request with the following details so we can get as much information as possible to help resolve this. What email account was used to email the note? What is the inbound Evernote email address you are sending to? Are there any additional email accounts in the email (if CCing to additional emails)? What are the dates of the sent email attempts? Do all the emails you send get affected by this or only a few? Contents of the email (e.g: specific attachment filetype (Word Document, PDF, image, audio, forward of PayPal receipts, text only emails) Does this happen when emailing into Evernote from any email address, or just the one listed above? Do the notes show on the web version of your account? Thanks for your patience and assistance while we look deeper into the cause of this issue.
  7. I received the following email earlier today. i tried to put in my Discover Card and it was rejected. I was thinking of using a second card when I decided to check with this forum on the legitimacy of the offer. Two offers, one day only! We just want to thank you for using Evernote to collect and organize your thoughts. As a token of our appreciation, we’re extending our special Premium offer for one more day: LAST DAY Get 40% off Evernote Premium Get Premium Today only Or Get 20% off Evernote Plus Get Plus Offer expires Mar 6, 2017 If you’re looking for more device access and flexibility than Evernote Basic, but don’t need the full feature set of Premium, Evernote Plus is for you. Don’t miss out on this chance to stay in sync everywhere you go and be more productive with Evernote. AccountBlogSupport This email has been sent to you by Evernote Corporation (or its subsidiary). Unsubscribe Evernote Corporation, 305 Walnut Street, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA.
  8. There is an option to have Evernote notify us by email with daily emails. However, these emails come with the new link style (the one that sends the user to the browser). Since most users that receive this daily email will most likely have Evernote installed on their device, it would be more helpful if the links used the classic style, to open directly on Evernote.
  9. I have done a google search but I still don't quite understand what is going on. I started using Evernote yesterday. The email address I signed up with is my main email address and I don't wish to use it with Evernote - I wish to change it to one which I don't use that often (just in case there is a security breach!). Which I have done (using the Windows Evernote app on my laptop). I also have the Android app on my smartphone. The Evernote app on my laptop is still showing my old email address, but when I hover over my old email address it shows the new one I changed it to. I want it to show the new email address all the time - I don't want to see the original email address when I first created an account with Evernote. The other problem is that my username is the first part of my original email address which I don't want - do I need a username (what is it used for?) and if I do, can I change it to something else? Everything was working as it should, syncing between laptop and mobile phone, I'm just wondering if I have messed something up and if it's possible to change my email back to what is was originally (which I don't really want) but if I have to then I will. Could someone tell me what I have to change and in what sequence on my laptop and mobile so that I only show one email address. What I would like is no trace of my original email address on the Evernote apps (windows and android). Do I need to delete cookies from my laptop for the old email imformation to be removed? I would also like all trace of my original email address deleted off the Evernote servers. I am most probably making a bigger deal out of this than I should, but if someone could explain what is happening that would be great. I only have basic computer skills, so please be patient Thanks
  10. I am using the email into evernote feature often using tags to immediately assign them. Also other people are sending notes directly into my evernote. I often have troublefindig these because there si no way to see you have received a note. Is there an option mohave a notification somehow to see you have a new note?
  11. After years of consistently receiving reminder emails, I have recently stopped receiving them. I am confident that: They are enabled Not going to my junk mail I have reminders for the day I have filed a ticket with Evernote support but I'm still waiting for a response. Has anyone experienced this issue? Thanks.
  12. PLEASE add the option to prevent the redundant popup window that appears after we have clipped an email. I posted a jpg showing the three steps that must currently be taken to clip an email - it should be shorter/easier and more customizable. For me, the purpose of the email clipper is to clip/save an email into a certain folder for quick and easy action/follow up/review at a later date. At present, there are three steps (which isn't exactly quick or streamlined): Clip the "save to Evernote" button in the top toolbar (I'm using Outlook 2016/Office 365 on Windows 7 Pro for reference). - See Image/Step #1 in gif. Select/approve the notebook to save the clip to, with the option to add tags or remarks. - See image/Step #2 in gif. (THIS IS WHERE THE PROCESS SHOULD END.) Then we get a third/unwanted step when yet another window pops up. To close it, we have to pause our process/flow to close the window. Sounds nit picky, and it is, but I want the option to disable or skip this step altogether. - See image/Step #3 in gif. Please see the attached gif if my request is not clear. Fellow users - PLEASE take a second to VOTE on this. The more votes it gets, the more likely they are to add this feature. Thanks!
  13. I figure this will get thrown out in the trash by the admins BUT I just gotta get it off my chest. I can't understand why Evernote keeps getting rid of GREAT features which must drive away thousands of customers. Case in point, BEFORE the horrendous WORKCHAT was invented you could email a note to someone with one click, it was the default SHARE item. You didnt have to go to the OTHER share menu and scroll down and it and it even put the body of the note IN the email so the receiver didn't have go thru the whole tortuous web thingy to see your message. Now its so stupid and complicated for me AND the recipient i use another product to keep my day to day notes so i can email them quickly. Another case in point, speech to text for Android. Stupidly I upgraded my phone recently and suddenly my speech to text buttons are gone and apparently they are gone forever? Gee whiz Evernote. I used that one tap function 30 times a day! It was awesome! And as others have complained, yes i can 2 step use my keyboard speech to text but it sucks so bad it unusable. I used to rattle off a SPEECH and it would perfectly be reflected in my note. I am trying to get an OLD version of Evernote as we speak because the speech to text feature is crucial to my decision to continue using Evernote. And a personal beef, WORKCHAT, is the most annoying add-on on the planet. They did finally tone it down so it didn't DOMINATE your every Evernote action but what a POS. Put it on the business client, ok, but I work alone! I've been a loyal and mostly happy user of Evernote since its inception and will probably still continue to house all my "don't ever want to lose it" items in there. I even pay for the Premium, but but its functionality is down at least 40% in the last few years, in MY opinion and several other options are looking better and better as Evernote continues to lower its usefulness, (for reasons I can't EVEN fathom why they would do it) There, I've said my piece. Thanks for listening.
  14. 99% of the time, I use Scannable to scan something that I send to my work email account. Whether it is receipts for expenses, documentation for someone, or whatever. I wish I could set up a default email address so that when I click to Mail the document just scanned, the same email address always in the To: field. Even better would be to click on the Mail button and it just mailed it to my default email address. Thank you for the consideration!
  15. Getting promo emails from evernote with no option to opt out - wtf ? Use Evernote on all of your devices You are able to sync your notes to a maximum of 2 devices using Evernote Basic. Upgrading your subscription will allow you to use an unlimited number of devices. Exclusive offer: Get a year of Premium for 25% off Millions of people use Evernote Premium to be more productive. Take advantage before Feb 11, 2017 for unlimited devices, more space each month, and access to all our best features at a special price. [if mso]> <v:roundrect xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns:w="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:word" href=";t=iyh8coi9b08ed8ccce9f4597bda67489ce8e59c5&amp;;utm_source=service&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_content=devicePaywallReachedStencil&amp;email_name=devicePaywallReachedStencil&amp;email_guid=509261ef-8c71-4e6c-9f50-d335eb8a4ac2&amp;email_link=button_url" style="height:40px;v-text-anchor:middle;width:250px;" arcsize="10%" strokecolor="#2dbe60" fillcolor="#2dbe60"> <w:anchorlock/> <center style="color:#ffffff;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:14px;">Redeem Offer</center> </v:roundrect> <![endif]Redeem Offer Account • Blog • Support This email has been sent to you by Evernote Corporation (or its subsidiary). Evernote Corporation, 305 Walnut Street, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA.
  16. I make frequent use of the email account Evernote assigns me to add emails and other documents to my personal account. Is there a way to get another address to send to my default Business notebook? I COULD append the subject line with @[NameOfBusinessNotebook], but my Business notebook names have spaces and numbers and so are not easy to send to by this method, especially since I'm usually using this method on a mobile device. Thanks, Tim
  17. I love that I can send emails to Evernote, but is there a way to link back to the original email (within Gmail or Outlook, etc) to make responding to my contacts faster and easier? Right now I dig through my inbox or archive to find the original email. If there was a way to just go straight to the email it would save TONS of time.
  18. Is there a way to see all the notes i have emailed FROM Evernote? Is there a sent email log that i am missing?
  19. I just upgraded from 5.5 to 6.0 on the Mac (OS X 10.9). Prior to the upgrade, I was able to drag and drop an email from to Evernote, and have it attach to the note as an .eml attachment. At least, I'm 99% sure that I was. When I tried to do this process after the upgrade, I get a link to the email instead...which would be fine, EXCEPT that I might delete the email, because I am supposed to have a copy in.… Evernote. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and does anyone know a workaround? Am I just imagining that I used to do it that way?
  20. Please can the Outlook Email Clippers take the sent date of an email (or the received date if that's easier) and use that for the created date of note containing that email? See, I recently had this brilliant idea to triage my email. I have four main accounts (for various dumb reasons), in Outlook and Gmail/ Yahoo, none of which is likely to get to 'inbox zero' anytime soon. I've made several attempts to do so however, and where it's possible, my old emails have gone into various folders on each account to get them out of immediate view. Giving me emails in four separate folders in various locations. (Although -for the technical- I have IMAPped into all the net-based accounts from Windows Outlook 2013, so they're all available there, though still as separate accounts.) It's not that easy managing multiple folders, searching and sorting etc in Outlook, so I decided that Evernote was the place to resolve this. I'd clip emails from each folder into a new notebook, where they'd be in one place and easily searchable, and I stood a good chance of finding duplicates and eliminating a fair amount of advertising chaff into the bargain I'd lighten the load on all the email address sites (& particularly Outlook!!) which might speed things up a bit. So. The Evernote Clipper will happily transfer dozens of emails into separate notes and the notebook of my choice. But when the note is set up, the created date is "today", not the date on which the email was sent, or when it was received. So there's not much point in sorting emails by date, and I need to get any important information into the title. Life would be so much easier if the Outlook Clipper took an email's send date, or the email client's received date and used that for the created date of the note. Or added it to the title. Side note: Outlook Clipper puts notes directly into my WIndows database. That's a really good feature - if only all clippers worked this way...
  21. I am a paid Plus Evernote member but cannot send my notes via email. Why? Also, it stinks that I cannot send a query direct to Evernote. Only Premium members can do that. Not good!
  22. I am constantly getting emails asking me to verify my email address using a link. I NEVER click on links in emails. I tried logging on to my Evernote account and verifying the email there and I just got sent another email with a link. This makes me think that the email is valid but I'm still not going to risk it. Is there any way to stop this?
  23. Hello. I am not receiving email sent from my Gmail account into my EN account. What to do? Yes, I'm using the correct mail address. No, they don't sit in my spam folder. Yes, I installed upgrades. Yes, I have a Plus account. Thanks a lot. Anette
  24. I have tried from both my iPad and Safari web browser to send a note to 3 different email addresses. None are going through. Is anyone else having this problem. I am also unable to copy and paste the contents of that note from Evernote into Word. What happened to the easiest note taking product on the market??? I am an experienced Evernote user, have proficiency on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and a wide variety of desktop and web-based applications. Any and all feedback is appreciated . . . getting ready to leave Evernote for good, just not the same any more! Why would I even consider paying for a subscription, when the free version is unable to do the bare bones basics?
  25. Hello everyone, We are switching to Evernote Business for all the positives that Evernote brings. I am running in to an issue - how do I sync my existing Outlook contacts with Evernote Mobile so that I can use my Outlook contacts as the "Send to" in the chat feature? Anything helps - thanks everyone!