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Found 41 results

  1. hi iam a teacher who recently have discovered evernote... i am always taking notes in meetings, and would like to have all notes in my tablet or mobile, via evernote i have several folders in evernote to organize things, use web clipper, pending tasks, etc... but i do not know how to scan my sheets with notes, i have a htc mobile, and send them to evernote... i can not find any app that scans note sheets properly, and even my main worry is how to do a workflow and do it asap not to lose much time could you help me the goals are quite simple, write notes in a paper, (could i use moleskine templates to make it easier???), scan them with high quality, send them to evernote to later read them thanks for your help, any info is welcome
  2. I am proposing using Evernote as an LMS of sorts; to provide guided notes and rich class materials, and encourage students to have digital notes for future reference. I want to create a notebook for each student; this way I can see if they are taking effective notes and ease the submission of assignments (we have only 20 students per term maximum). So I am wondering; if you share a notebook with a student, can you effectively "turn over" the notebook to the student so that it is theirs to have at the end of the term? It would help me by not bumping into the notebook limits over time. Thanks!
  3. dandrade

    Tips for Going Paperless

    I have been 100% paperless for a few years now, and was 90% paperless for years before that (usually due to others, not me). Evernote is how I have done this. All of my notes and emails get saved in Evernote, I clip web pages, save PDF files, and scan any paper I receive into Evernote (I have the Evernote Scanner or use my smartphone camera). Here are some resources I used to go paperless: https://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/search/label/paperless
  4. dandrade

    K-12 Evernote in Education Resources

    This is a page on my blog that I created highlighting features and uses of Evernote in Education. http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/p/evernote-for-education.html I also post a lot of other articles about Evernote http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/search/label/Evernote, including an Evernote Tips and Tricks series http://educationaltechnologyguy.blogspot.com/search/label/evernote tips Would love to hear about how others are using Evernote in Education.
  5. I have used Evernote for a few years as portfolios and for giving feedback. I have two 'Plus' accounts as I have set up a notebook for each of my 300+ students.These are shared with them individually via email address. This works fine for them to send work to me, and me to give individual feedback. It doesn't however work as well if i want to get the same information in form of a note to a whole class or year group, as I have to 'copy to notebook' for each individual student - up to 90 of them. I collect my notebooks into stacks for each class and would love to be able to copy to all notebooks in a stack, but I can't see that this is an option. How do the rest of you solve this issue which must be a very common need for teachers?
  6. oldcollegeguy

    Annotations & Citations

    Hello All; I have been using Evernote for about 4 years now and just went to the premium service. I am also in college and starting to write papers. I would like to see a bibliography and references ability added to Evernote. An article in a magazine saying Evernote wanted to be the only information manager you ever needed, convinced me to start using the application. It seems to me citations,bibliographies, and references are the lifeblood of anyone who writes. If Evernote really wants to be the best note taking solution for serious and professional writers, being able to add citations on-the-fly is critical. Regards, Robert Williamson
  7. Hey everyone! I'm trying to figure out how to use my evernote account and a jotscript pen to go paperless in my student workflow for a writing class. I've looked far and wide and still haven't found anybody doing (or at least written about) this option. Here is what I'd like to do: Option #1 Students send me an email to my evernote email. I then use a jotscript pen to edit their paper like I would if they gave me a written copy I send it back to their email for them to revise Option #2 - Do the same via a chat in evernote with students who have an evernote account. Anyone have any advice? Experience? My goal is to go as paperless as possible. I've tried this with my son and his evernote account but the workflow using penultimate was less than ideal. Thanks!
  8. Enrico Nahler

    Studieren in Digitalen Zeiten

    Studieren im 21. Jahrhundert mit den Methoden des 19. Jahrhunderts ? — Zeitgemäß geht anders ! Wir, Enrico Nahler und Adrian Schnug organisieren mit dir zusammen deinen Studienalltag, Hausarbeiten und Vorlesungen und das ohne den lästigen Papierkram dank Evernote. Mit uns hast du deine Recherchen und Mitschriften jederzeit auch offline zur Hand, wirst automatisch an alle deine Termine erinnert und wenn du mal ein Referat halten musst, zeigt dir Evernote alles an was du und deine KommilitonInnen schon zum Thema gesammelt haben. Dann müsst ihr nur noch auf "präsentieren" klicken und fertig ist euer Referat. Anmelden ganz einfach. unten findest du einen RSVP link. Wann und Wo ? Jede Woche Dienstags am Vormittag als Breakfast Club oder als Open Desk am Nachmittag im Café Dalang (Akadamiestraße 3, Heidelberg). Jeder ist herzlichst willkommen, bei uns sind Studierende aus dem ersten Semester bis hin zum Master vertreten, das ganze ist natürlich kostenlos !!! Wir sehen uns am Dienstag ! Enrico Nahler und Adrian Schnug. Location Germany Akademiestrasse 3 Institut für Bildungswissenschaft Café Dalang (im Keller) Heidelberg Baden-Württemberg 69117
  9. I use Evernote for academic purposes and I'm often selecting several bits of text to add to the same note via the Mac services "Add to Evernote". At the moment, Mac service Evernote create a new note for each addition. I would like an option that is "Add to existing/selected note" and 'Add to new note"
  10. BryanHasAQuestion

    Higher Ed I need help with tags!

    Hi there! I've had Evernote for a couple of years now, but I really need you guys to help me out here! I'm a French student attending a business school, on a Bachelor's degree and I have had issues organising my notes in Evernote. From what I've read on the internet, it seems that using tags instead of notebooks is the better way to get organised. I am currently following a 3 year course, and I am therefore taking classes that have 3 different levels. I thought of a system of tags that would go like this: Maths Year1 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 2 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 3 Chapter Sub-Chapter However, Evernote won't allow me to duplicate tags (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 throughout all the different subject). Does anyone have a piece of advice for me? Thanks in advance!
  11. until
    For the first time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a hands-on training session on how to use Evernote for educators is offered by Evernote Community Leader, Aisha Aslam. Learn how to get organized and head over to the event: Using Evernote: Tips and Tricks for Educators. Where: Dar Al Uloom University, Riyadh When: November 25, 2016 This event is part of a professional development event organized by KSAALT, a local teachers' organization. RSVP here
  12. I have an Evernote Business account with 10 members, students. I need to create notebooks for each student for one-to-one communication between teacher (me) and student. When i try to share a notebook with one or more students i have to manually type their email adress to invite them, they do not appear automatically. I want to have access to the people on the "team" so that a simple search yeilds the person in question.
  13. Teacher1

    K-12 Horizontal Notebook View

    I just started using Evernote because I really liked the screenshots I saw. They showed a view that allowed you to see all notebooks as icons (see attached image) in a pane that scrolls horizontally. I can't seem to find a way to replicate this view. I'm using Evernote 7.18 for iPad and have paid for the premium version.
  14. Carl-Henrik Buschmann

    REQUEST: Evernote for Education?

    This perhaps should be under a different forum but i have a couple of idéas for a Evernote for Education. A very not so super serious preliminary task force, myself and a few students have looked at this and there are few details that needs to be set up to cover what we need: Bulk creation of Notebooks: In some subjects I need to have a one-to-one notebook where students can post assignments and teachers can give feedback. We need a way to automatically/simply create teacher/student Notebooks for subjects. Bulk creation of other Notebooks, like this years subjects would also be nice. csv file or something would do nicely. A way to manage permissions easily: We need to assign certain people to default on certain Notebooks. One idea is to utilize the existing "Job title" or "Deparment" field to classify users. Perhaps with a dropdown menu of predefined choices: Job title: teacher, student, admin, etc. Department could be labeled "Class". The work chat needs a bell or something, nobody in my group of 18 year olds found that the link for shared notebooks was in the work chat. Sorry if that was your pet project, it just dont work. To summerize. Evernote needs a proper notification system for messages and other important stuff. There are always other ways to go about what i have mentioned but the essense is there: bulk creation, permissions, notifications. Now class, colloquium!
  15. until
    Ever thought you could be more productive? Want to learn a tried and true system that can help you organize YOUR way? Then this workshop is for you! Learn my secret weapon that has helped me keep my personal and professional life organized and paperless. I will share with you how I use Evernote with clients and family. So you're reading this but you don't know what Evernote is? That is ok! I will introduce you to it! Do you need to have an account before you come? Nope! Just come and absorb the information! How will you remember what you saw? I will email you the info from my Evernote slides and even TEMPLATES to help you get started. What is the catch for all the free stuff? No catch! Come for the snacks and stay for the knowledge! In this session the following topics will be covered: Basic Introduction: What is Evernote Uses for Evernote Why use it Basic Training: How to create Notes How to create Notebooks Tags I hope to see you there! Oh, this is limited so don't hesitate!! Reserve YOUR seat TODAY!
  16. WeCanLearnAnything

    Other Tagging & Alternatives to EN

    Is there any way to replace Evernote's awesome hierarchical tagging system on any of Evernote's alternatives? Now that Evernote has reduced their "seamless access on all devices" to "seamless access on 2 devices", I am thinking of switching to something else. The main thing I'd miss about Evernote is managing my learning. I tag every note with: Discipline. Some things are multidisciplinary. For example, my notes on the book "Thinking, Fast and Slow" are tagged with "Summaries", "Cognitive Biases", "Key Mental Models", and "Education - General". I can easily synthesize my learning across disciplines and sources by clicking on a single tag now. Dates at which I'm going to review the material to ensure I really master it for the long-run. I'm going to quiz myself on "Thinking, Fast and Slow" on all the dates I tagged the note with: a few times in July 2016, once in August 2016, December 2016, and once in 2017. Clicking on "July 2016" tells me everything I need to review this month. Super convenient! Is there any way to do this on any of Evernote's alternatives?
  17. Hi, My name is Megan Iemma and I am one of the Evernote Business Certified Consultants based in Melb, Victoria (Australia). Looking to find successful casestudies where Evernote has been implemented for a whole school or a university department. I have a presentation coming up on Friday so any help would be fantastic.. Thanks Megan
  18. Thought I'd start this discussion in 3rd Party mostly to give those developers looking for ideas to develop into applications some inkling of areas that are not being addressed in EN, particularly for writers, researchers, academics, etc. So far, most developers are walking the well-worn path of getting information INTO EN, but few are working on organizing that data and getting it OUT of EN in ways that are useful in producing a written or visual product. I'm sitting on a treasure chest of 5500 notes, but they're a PITA to actually work with when producing product. I don't know if this is a weakness of the EN SDK for output or an oversight by developers. Once a person's notes are tagged pulled into a folder or stack, they are most difficult to organize and reorganize into Storyboards (corkboards) or Flowcharts. Yes, you can turn off automatic sorting, but clicking on a card pulls focus to that card and takes over the screen. If one is working on a draft in EN, you can copy, cut and paste the content of notes into your work, but you can't drag a small representation of that note onto the page you're working on. This would be particularly useful as a placeholder you flesh out an idea around or place two or more notes on the same page weighing which is the better quote. An A/B screen environment would be more than useful; your stack of notes (in free-form sort) on one side as cards, your draft on the other, where you could grab a note and drop it into your draft without losing focus on your draft. Maybe just better Scrivener integration is the answer. So, I see three or four features or products there. There are probably more rattling around in people's head.
  19. Hello, I am new to Evernote and wondered if there is a good online class or tutorial you might recommend? Thanks
  20. Here is my Pinterest board that comes up first on Google for Evernote and Education http://pinterest.com/meganaiemma/evernote-for-business-and-education/ Hope you find it useful Megan
  21. Hi Everyone, I have put together a collection of Evernote resources that I provided to my staff to get them started with Evernote. Thought I would share it here incase others find it useful. Here is the link- http://evernote4teachers.postach.io/ On a side note there is a heap more posts on my blog about Evernote in Education http://becspink.com/evernote/. Happy to answer any questions and share further! Bec
  22. Hi As an educator I have a premium account. I have created a shared notebook for each of my students - so we can both add resources and both leave feedback etc. However it takes over 2 minutes to create each shared notebook - with the application syncing etc. Is there any reason why this is so slow? Thank you for your help and ideas! Richard
  23. Evernote now has a 17+ rating, due to 'a built in web browser that theoretically could be used to view adult content, as such Apple requires the 17+ rating’. This being available in their new update. As our Colleges 1:1 iPad programme restrict apps to a 9+ rating, these students will have it automatically removed from their device. Consequently, there is nothing that we can do to fix this issue at this point in time, and teaching staff will have issues using this app within their classes. As a College, our students do not require a built in web browser, so surely educational institutions can be omitted from this update or a plug-in version provided for other users. This has jeopardised our educational outcomes in subjects such as English, Mathematics and Humanities; where the students predominately use Evernote to note-take and upload their assessments. Any troubleshooting or solutions would be great ASAP.
  24. Hello, Likely a week ago now, I filled out the Evernote for Schools form, but I have not gotten any sort of reply. I even went a step further a few days later and used the EN Business contact form to email and find out about getting approval and trying to figure out what's taking so long. My principal does not want me to go ahead and invoice our school for $720 (6 users x $120) when we should not have any trouble being approved and only being charged $180 (6 users x $30). Please advice what I have done wrong, or if someone can confirm that my application has been received and give a time frame on when I can expect it to be reviewed. Much appreciated, Mike
  25. Hi all, Curating some great ideas and tips on using Evernote in Education- http://flip.it/SxDq5 Cheers, Bec