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Found 62 results

  1. I know it's there. I want to be able to see the source code and edit it. Not going crazy on wild amounts of tags or CSS. Really, what I want is to be able to edit the tables in clips or the notes I create. Simplify Format seems to take the tables out. Remove formatting seems to strip out all the HTML tags. And image wrap. I want to be able to control image wrap. I'm SURE there are others who really, really want to have a "view source" window option, too.
  2. Mac apps that handle rich text usually have Copy Style / Paste Style commands. These allow you to copy just the style of selected text and then paste just the style onto selected text. For example: TextEdit, Notes, Mail. It would be great if you could add those to Evernote including their standard keyboard shortcuts: Copy Style (Command-Option-C) Paste Style (Command-Option-V) It is particularly frustrating to move from Notes, which supports those commands, to Evernote Mac, which currently does not. Thanks.

    Note content is invalid

    Desde ayer tengo una nota que, cada vez que la intento editar, lanza el mensaje: "Note content is invalid" y no guarda el cambio que he hecho. ¿Pueden ayudarme? Since yesterday I have a note that, every time I try to edit, it sends the message: "Note content is invalid" and it does not save the change that I made. Can you help me? Evernote version: 7.0.2 (456267 App Store)
  4. Hi, is there any way we can mark Stacks as bold or underline and such? Thanks in advance, Mr Jumbo Guy
  5. Hi, I've been scanning business cards -- creating notes -- at a conference today. When I go to edit them in the desktop app (much easier to type), Evernote will not save my edits. I hit "Save" but when I return to the note, all my edits are gone. The same problem does not exist with notes that are not scanned business cards; I can edit these notes on either platform and syncing works fine. This is a problem because I can't rely on Evernote to save my edits. I'm losing valuable business contact information. Suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, I am a premium user and I used to be able to annotate my PDFs. This feature seems to have been removed from all my devices running with Windows 10. I can read them but I can no longer edit or annotate them directly in my notes. Reinstalling and/or updating evernote as well as loging off/on do not solve the issue. I used to be able to annotate on at least 1 device. When I logged off and back on, I could no longer do it. I did not find any option or feature related to this situation in Evernote. How can I solve this situation? Thank you
  7. As I have been searching through the forum and in internet, this feature has been requested many, many times and it's 2018 and still can't edit dates in my iPad. As I'm importing diary entries from Day One app, I would need to establish a specific created date and I simply can't. Any news on this? is it in the roadmap or something? It wouldn't be too difficult to implement, so why is still not a thing?
  8. I am a recent evernote beginner due to my part time job as a personal assistant. My boss has been sharing notebooks with me which up until this point has been very easy and accessible. In our most recent share exchange he shared a notebook with an microsoft excel attachment. He has a macbook and I have a dell pc. I am easily able to access the note and open the excel attachment. Upon opening, I open and after disabling the feature that says enable editing I am able to freely edit within the document. He says that his old assistant (another mac user) was able to edit click save and those changes were saved and translated into evernote. When I do, however, it allows me to make the changes and save; however, once exited, the changes are not reflected in evernote. In fact, once I click save I get a pop up saying "Document Title is read only. To save a copy, click OK, then give the woorkbook a new name in the save as dialog box." I need to forgo. I need to find a solution to make it not merely read only but editable so that I can click and it updates the changes to reflect in the notebook without have to delete the attachment in the notebook and upload a second attachment. Is there any way for me to open one of his shared notes and associated attachment by simply opening, editing, and saving? He does not want me to open, edit, and upload a new and second attachment. Any help/guidance would be beyond greatly appreciated!!!
  9. Has anyone found a way around the fact that you can't edit text inside an encryption? I have encrypted account information in a note that I'd like to space out and bold the titles to and it's super frustrating that all I can add are spaces because it's super wonky when on a phone.
  10. I often create notes in other apps (Word, Bean, textedit) and then bring them into EN. Then I may do some further editing as I use the info. I find that if it is a larger note (200-300KB), after I input an edit, the app will hang. It may last for a second or up to 15 sec. This does not affect the other running apps. Any idea on how to get around this problem?
  11. After taking a photo of a page of text with my iPhone, how can I process the photo of said page in order to extract the highlighted area of the text as a note using (EN) for Mac?
  12. After taking a photo of a page of text with my iPhone, how can I process the photo of said page in order to extract the highlighted area of the text as a note using (EN) for Mac?
  13. lbramos

    Edit Tags

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to edit tags inside a note on the web version without success. On the Mac and Windows Version I'm able to do it, by double clicking the tag. Is there a way to edit a tag, inside the note, on the web version? (without deleting it and creating the new one) I tried on Safari and Chrome.
  14. Wallschke

    Can't edit written notes

    I created some handwritten notes on my ipad, and then synced them. When I later downloaded them again on the ipad, I am no longer able to edit them with the writing tool!
  15. llewellen

    Organization Table Size Edit

    Using Evernote Web. Want to make a template table and then insert it repeatedly into various individual notes. I found the tutorial on making and using templates. Good. However, all of the tutorials and how-to's say that when I click on the Grid icon for a table, I'm supposed to see a menu option for Table Properties. I'm not seeing that either with a left or right click. I get only a drop down visual that lets me select a few choices of rows and columns (not many) and no ability to adjust the width of the columns. What am I missing? Thank you.
  16. 에버노트를 사용하고 있는 프로그래머 입니다. 에버노트를 주로 업무 내용 정리시에 사용합니다. 때문에 소스코드를 발췌해서 넣는 경우가 잦은데요. 그런 경우는 주로 chrome에서 에버노트 편집 접속 후, mark down같은 플러그인을 이용해서 에버노트를 편집합니다. mark down같은 것을 이용하여 문서를 작성할 경우, 보기 좋게 정리할 수 있는데요. 에버노트 PC application에서도 이를 지원했으면 하는 바램이 있습니다. 어떻게 생각하시나요?
  17. This is my feature request response to the feature request for "Note "Comments " please. ? " Rather than have a running list of comments that would make a note look like a FaceBook post or Blog with commentary, I highly recommend that the Work Chat shared notes allow for track changes. This would allow someone to start the note, and anyone in the work chat to add, edit and comment as they see fit, while the original material is preserved from comparison and final approval. In addition it could allow Evernote for Business features where the "Final approval" is identified as an individual who can approve or reject all of the changes. Very similar in context to Office Products. thanks for reading.
  18. Just suddenly started having problems in the last couple of weeks very similar to this post: I am working in notes with big lists and other plain text content. I might copy something and it pastes back as nothing or just a new line, or just part of the whole piece I copied. I press fn+delete and instead of forward deleting as typical mac behavior it just back spaces. Numbered lists of notes do not join. Previously if you had two lists, one right after the other, you could "join" them by deleting the empty space between and the numbers on the second list would then cary on where the first list left off. This is not working anymore. Sometimes after deleting a selection or line, or after cutting it, the cursor jumps to the bottom or top of the page or somewhere random. Sometimes it jumps OUTSIDE the editing area to the left side of the padding of the white editing area background. Undo and redo are acting weird as well. Sometimes not doing anything at all, sometimes not jumping the screen to the cursor when you do ctrl-z. It started randomly, I hadn't even updated evernote so it wasn't caused by an update I don't think. I just updated to most recent to see if that would fix it but it didn't. Anyone experiencing similar issues?
  19. I just installed the latest Evernote update a few minutes ago on my Mac Powerbook. Ever since, the typing function is completely glitchy. If I'm typing a new sentence, everything is fine. It's when I have to edit the sentence that things go wrong. I click my mouse cursor somewhere in a word, and the editing does not happen at the point—it skips forward or backward a few letters, and completely throws off all the letters. Actually, I'm noticing that it's happening RIGHT NOW IN THIS TEXT BOX as I try to contribute to the feed. What the heck is up, Evernote? I just want to be able to backspace, type, and click accurately. Example: Let me attempt to demonstrate. The sentence below SHOULD say "Hello, I am trying to type in Evernote." I'm going to click behind the word "type" so theoretically, I should be editing it to say "Hello, I am trying to type a page in Evernote." Hello, I am trying to type i a page n Evernote. >> SEE HOW WEIRD THAT IS???? Imagine this happening ALL THE TIME. Is there a solution for this?
  20. Is there a way to change the table's line colour and background within evernote?? Thanks in advance
  21. I have multiple notebooks shared with numerous employees who need to be able to update and edit content within these notes. Numerous times I've had employees accidentally delete a note without realizing they have done this. I know it moves the note to the trash, but I do not have the time to go through the trash file everyday and sort through the notes that were rightfully deleted and ones that were accidentally and unknowingly deleted. In order to rectify this Evernote desperately needs to make a feature where you can do one of the following to prevent this accidental deletion of notes with shared users: 1) Have an option so the shared users can edit and view but not delete 2) Make it so only the admin can delete notes OR allow the admin to lock specific notes so only those locked cannot be deleted (but again, the notes will still be editable) 3) Simply prompt whoever accidently (or purposely) hit delete with the "are you sure you want to delete this note" pop up. (Evernote does do this, but ONLY when you are deleting something from the trash - aka permanently deleting it)
  22. kennyfar

    Lock symbol

    I've been using Evernote since 2011 without any problems. Just recently my android app version of Evernote shows a lock symbol instead of pencil. In other words, my ability to edit my notes on my phone has been taken away. I can edit these notes on my PC. I thought even under the new rules, I could have 2 devices under the basic plan.
  23. Hello - I'm hoping there's a simple way to do this... I'm reading a book I'd like quote. It would be easier to take a photo of the text in the book and create a note that I can then copy and paste the text from the hard copy book into my document than to have to transcribe word for word the text from the image to the doc... Is there a way to capture text from a physical book and turn it into editable text--not annotated-- in Evernote? Thanks so much!! I'm writing a book and this would be a major time saver. - Newbie.
  24. Hey guys I really LOVE evernote. But I can't understand the lack of two really basic functions 1) Zoom Okay you can resize the text with CTRL-+/- but thats NOT a zoom. It is really annoying if you often print you notes. I usually have to print every not two times since I scaled the font-size to 15pt (to have more reading comfort (Macbook Retina)) but if I print the stuff I mostly forget to scale it down again to 11 or 12pt. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this feature and replace the XTR-+/- shortcut with a real zoom. This is really standard in every normal Programm. 2) Click to edit Another annoying issue on the mobile Version (Android): Why is there a difference between View-Mode and edit mode? My former notes app was quite crappy but if I clicked somewhere in the note I could directly edit it. The cursor was at the point where I clicked. In Evernote I have to clik "menu button", click edit button and then (I really HATE this) it goes back to the beginning of the note. And I have notes with a lot of pages (I use note for almost everything). This is completley non-intuitive thanks & regards, Dave PS: Why do I have to choose a plattform here? I guess the mentioned problems are cross plattform...
  25. An advanced option that might allow for a note to be right-clicked and have the option to "Edit HTML" of that particular note. I know and have done my own searching to edit some notes where occasionally some code made it over to the note and throws off how things appear, but it would be a welcome option to quickly edit some of the HTML in a note if so desired.