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Found 32 results

  1. Assaf Haski

    ANSWERED Duplicate Notes Issue

    Hi Guys, When I create a new note on the Web version It always creates multiple notes - at least 2 notes instead of 1, sometimes it can be even 5 notes that were created automatically. The notes contain the same information or sometimes only portion of the information. (See attached screenshots) This is not happen when I use the Desktop version. Any suggestions? Thanks, Assaf
  2. My understanding, confirmed by an Evernote Expert reply to a support request, is that when I copy or duplicate a note to another notebook, and then add content to the note in one notebook, the note in the other notebook does not and cannot also update. I want the option to have the same note in two notebooks and for changes made to either version of the note to register across both notes and notebooks. Some of my notes thematically fit in multiple notebooks and I often forget which notebook a certain note is in. My most helpful notes, like on productivity tips, and my idea lists would be most efficiently referenced if I could see them in multiple notebooks instead of looking for which notebook I put it in or using search. I thought they were syncing but now I realize I have to manually merge several of my notes. Related, a more sophisticated version of merging notes, i.e. omitting duplicate sections, would be helpful, and I see others have requested this. Thanks for all you do for Evernote. Have loved this app for many years.
  3. Sometimes my web client creates 1 or 2 copies of the same note, which are not up to date. There seems to be a bug with the synchronization. Anyone experience something similar?
  4. Evernote version: 7.2.1 macOS version: 10.13.5 After version upgrade to 7.2.1 today, when I use Duplicate Note, the Created Date on the new note is the same as the created date on the note from which it was duplicated. This is new behavior in this version, and undesirable. The new note was not created on a prior date, it was created on the day that Duplicate Note was used.
  5. In Android, there is no option to copy a note. The duplicate option will create a copy but with the 'tags' in it. When using templates, during duplicating a template file creates a copy of that template as a note, with the tags given for template. If I use add some tags to a template note, this will not copied when I use 'copy note' function in Windows but not in Web & Android.
  6. darrenbuttoniow

    Duplicate the Note - Web Client

    Hi All, I am trying to use the web client as much as possible for a period of time but cannot seem to see how you can duplicate the whole note in the web version. It's easy on the desktop client but that defeats the purpose of using the web version. Any ideas or am I missing something simple? I am using Chrome across all my devices. Thanks
  7. As a way to backup up/protect it would be so much easier to duplicate an entire notebook instead of having to do it note by note manually. The other option would be an option to make notebooks read-only which has been suggested also.
  8. Would like to know if I've already clipped a web page. This could be done by searching the URL of notes in my local evernote and if the URL exists a badge appears in the clipper or when I open the clipper to clip a notification exists. To speed up the searching an index of current URLs could be kept on the computer. It's possible a web page could have been changed since I clipped it. Possible solution is to store web page modification date, compare it to the internet version and evernote and display if there has been a change to the page. Even that isn't perfect, but would be a good start to keep duplicates down.
  9. Hi, Often times I clip articles that I didn't realize I had already clipped. It would be handy to: 1.) Be notified that this URL has already been clipped 2.) Show us a count of how many duplicates of those URLs we have in my Evernote 3.) Allow us to delete them IF there are no additional texts/markups that we added ourselves (e.g. if it's just an unaltered article clip) 4.) Show or allow us to see or compare what if any differences there are between the articles At a macro level, I'd like to be able to run this across all of my notes and help clean out unmodified duplicates. Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.
  10. gautam_gupta25@hotmail.com

    Finding and Removing Duplicate Notes

    Need a feature whereby i can identify, check and remove duplicate notes.
  11. lisajolley11

    Duplicate Notes?

    Hello, Is there is a way to duplicate notes, without copying and pasting the content of the note into a new note? Example: I publish a small, local magazine. I am keeping all of my editorial in Evernote, until I am ready to compile to publish for a particular month. There are standard articles that I use for every issue, every month. Each of these articles has a specific header (title of the note) and a structured template with designer notes and footnotes. It would be quite helpful to be able to create a template notebook, and each month copy all of the standard article notes to that month's notebook so I have them all there ready to work on with their specific footnotes, etc. Right now I am utilizing the copy and paste method, but still have to re-type the note's title each time. I'm hoping that I am just missing an easy way to complete this task. If not, please add as an upcoming feature!
  12. Easily copy-pasting tags between notes are possible in Evernote Mac version, as far as I know, it would be nice if it's possible in Evernote app for mobile devices. Right now the closest way to achieve that is by duplicating an existing tagged note, clearing its content, then copy pasting a new content to it. But if the copy-pasted content has formatting, clipped from websites for example, then sometimes the formatting will be screwed. It'll be nice if there's simply a "duplicate tags only" aside from "duplicate note" option in the menu.
  13. I've got Evernote on my PCs. I've noticed that there are several duplicate notes in my ENbase. The dupes seem to have been generated some time ago (I've been syncing and the dupes don't go away). Is there some way to have Evernote display for me "likely" duplicate notes?
  14. Hi Guys, I know there is a feature in the desktop client to copy note to another notebook but I would like an option to copy note within the same notebook (maybe called duplicate note). The reason for this is that despite the content being different, it would be quicker to duplicate a previous note (in order to get the tags and information filled in) and then simply delete the content and replace it. It occurs to me this could become an enhancement... you could depreciate the move to notebook option and replace it with a duplicate option. When you click on duplicate it could pop up a window saying which notebook do you want to copy it to (with the default being the current notebook). This would offer greater functionality without affecting the original method. UI would be surprised if this has not already been considdered but I would like to know why you have decided against it if so. Thanks & regards, John
  15. Don't know if this is a Windows-only thing, but despite various "Ctrl+<x>" shortcuts in the desktop client, Duplicate Note doesn't have one. Now I use Templates quite extensively in a couple of notebooks, and the thing about templates is: you need to create a duplicate every time you use one. So instead of the painstaking mouse rightclick > Duplicate Note process I go through each time, I'd like a keyboard shortcut to generate a copy on the fly please - and maybe even an option to set the number of copies to more than one? My phone note & meeting processes will thank you. (Edit: and yes, I have thought about AHK and Phrase Express and am currently wearing that t-shirt; but still...)
  16. Hi all I use Evernote for collecting reference images and have stumbled on a problem. When I drag an image from my web browser (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) onto the Evernote icon on my dock, it creates two identical notes. It used to just create one, but something changed about a year ago. Now each time I have to delete one of the notes, which is not ideal. I'm on the latest versions of OS X and Evernote. This feels like a bug, can anyone report having the same issue? (I would use the web clipper but for some reason, for me, this creates a note that doesn't have a thumbnail) Thanks! Johnny
  17. Is there anyway to right click a note (or otherwise) and duplicate an exisiting note more than oncein one go? such that if I want 5 copies I don't need to perform this feature 5 times? Similar to when you're printing a document? Using windows desktop , have access to android and ipad ios Thanks
  18. Is it possible to duplicate an entire Evernote notebook? I would like to preserve a copy prior to sharing it.
  19. Hello! I'm not a power user at all... more like a beginner. Someone recently shared an account with me. I exported a notebook from that account, and imported it into my account. Now when I search I find both my note and the shared note. If I delete my note, I am left with only the shared note, so I can't change tags etc. If I delete the shared note, then the others will be penalized. I'm at a loss and would welcome some help! Thank you.
  20. 12/14/15 Edit to add: This was resolved by the most recent update. I use evernote to save copies of emails from Outlook 2010 so I can tag them and find the information quickly. I recently noticed that it's started saving two copies of the email, including two copies of any attachment, in the note which makes each note twice as large and eats my storage allotment. If I scroll down in the preview when first creating the note the repeated text shows up with a check box. If I uncheck the box it will save as normal without the duplicate but I can't figure out how to keep it from trying to do it to start with. For example the saved note will look like this (including the dividing line): [Email Title] [Email Headers] [Text of the Email] ______________________________ [Email Title] [Email Headers] [Text of the Email] [Attachment] [Copy of attachment]
  21. Hi there, i´ve been using Evernote for a couple of days now. I have one local Notebook, its filled with notes with attached pdfs. All of them get saved in the evernote folder. Which is good. The problem is, everytime i open a pdf out of Evernote in my pdf-application (Foxit Reader) the pdf gets duplicated and saved as a new pdf with changing version number: examplepdf[1].pdf ... examplepdf[2].pdf..examplepdf[3].pdf Same thing happens if i open it with Adobe Reader (out of Evernote) Is there a way to turn this off? I like to keep those pdfs local as some of them are very large, duplicate files are just unnecessery cheers and thanks for any help
  22. This issue is really bothering me, so I created an account here just to ask for help. I installed Windows 10 Pro today and Evernote is the only app that isn't behaving normally. The app itself is fine, but when open it produces a second icon in the taskbar. If you pin either icon they are both pinned, and the same with unpinning either one. I have tried pinning the .exe in the Evernote directory to no avail. When Evernote isn't open, only one icon is present in the taskbar. But once opened the second annoying icon appears, whether or not Evernote is a pinned app.
  23. Sorry for being thick. I'm on the new iPad and cannot seem to do something a simple as duplicating a note in one of my notebooks. How is this accomplished?
  24. I just returned from holiday and started my evernote on my desktop and updated it to version I left the computer running and when I returned about 200 notes all with scanned images had appeared with todays date. Initially I thought it had rescanned the folder I put scanned items into and imported all those that had been deleted, as it was oly notes with scanned images that were duplicated, however some of the notes had titles as per the original. I am not certain however as there were some notes in which I had put multiple images and they all appeared in individual notes I checked some to see if the date had been changed but they all had a duplicate copy in the inbox so I deleted them and then later in the day they appeared again -I have deleted them again just now and am waiting to see if they reappear. I have also deleted everything from the folder where the originals were scanned to. Fo a long time I have known that if I scan an item with evernote open I will get 2 copies of the notes - not sure if this is related or not Any ideas on why this may be happening and how to stop it? Thanks
  25. Like lots of others here, I'm busily converting to a paperless state from a folder-driven hard drive (or several) and a small paper mountain. One of the inefficiencies of my former folder lifestyle was that sometimes files got duplicated - either because I wanted to file something in two or more places, or I just forgot where I had the first copy and created another. It's not a major hazard - I just ran a duplicate checker against a library folder tree of over a thousand files and came up with 43 duplicates - but it does happen. If I upload a duplicate file to Evernote it's not going to be a major issue either - sooner or later a search will find it/ them and I'll kill one or the other copy. For efficiency and elegance (and bandwidth and upload limit) though, I wondered how non-trivial it would be for Evernote to have an option to run a content check against each file as it is submitted and flag duplicates with a "you uploaded this identical file before" error?