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Found 43 results

  1. mlmetz5612114

    Organization Evernote and Dropbox

    How do I link my Evernote scans to Dropbox which my genealogy software (RootsMagic 7) recognizes? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I made a simple service to let you write Markdown notes on your local machine or mobile phone, using your preferred text editor, and have it synced via Dropbox to Evernote: https://notes.giggy.com It's very lightweight atm. One-way syncing only. No tags. No sub-folders. I can add these things later if enough people are interested... Why? I really like Evernote. But I don't like the interface to Evernote. As a coder, I like the interface to Atom, Sublime Text, and iTerm. I love writing in a plain text editor with Markdown format. Markdown is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, Evernote doesn't let me use markdown. I like to write a lot of notes and Evernote isn't the most convenient thing to pull up. Sometimes I like to write very long notes and Evernote gets laggy. I don't like to rely on a third party service to hold all my content, so it's nice to have a local copy of everything. And... I was curious about AWS Lambda and needed a good test project. I couldn't find the solution I wanted (which was so simple, I couldn't believe somebody didn't do it already...), so I created a free service to write in markdown and have it synced to Evernote. You can use any text editor to write markdown on your local machine (Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio, Notepad), save it into a linked Dropbox folder, and it will appear as a properly formatted note in Evernote within a few seconds. I also use the Jottings app on my iPhone to link to the same dropbox folder so that notes from my phone can also appear on my computer desktop and Evernote. Works great for me! If you have feedback, let me know. Thanks! Travis
  3. I need to share one of my EN notes (not a folder, just one note) with an individual who doesn't share his email. We are sharing documents using DropBox. I am a Premium Member, how can I get this one note to a folder I have and share with this eccentric individual in Dropbox?
  4. I've looked everywhere and I find that you can make a copy of your databases for backup purposes, but what happens if you move that to Dropbox on your local drive instead? Wouldn't that be a backup. Dropbox lets you go back and restore files if needed. So rather than C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases, just change it to something like C:\Dropbox\Evernote?
  5. Hey all, recently Dropbox announced their new service that is still in beta and is being developed. Sites like The Verge and TechInsider posted some good overviews of what it does. But by checking out full dropbox paper review I noticed that Dropbox are getting onto Evernote's turf and might as well be dominating it very very soon. What do you think about it? Are you gonna switch? It's pretty power and all web based, so no clunky software needs to be downloaded.
  6. I would love to see Evernote add the ability to index all the files I have stored in Dropbox. This would allow me to easily search across all my stored Dropbox files. Let's hope this feature comes to Evernote very soon.
  7. Does anyone have any good tips for me please? I use two macs (work & home) that are synced by Dropbox. I also use Evernote/Notes as a kind landing strip for projects and like to add 'file://' to the path to create links, e.g,. '/Users/work/Dropbox/untitled.txt' becomes 'file:///Users/work/Dropbox/untitled.txt'. This takes me from Evernote/Notes to the Dropbox file/folder. Great. But if I hit the link from home, the path is wrong (it's needs to be 'file:///Users/home/Dropbox/untitled.txt'). I know that I can replace the root directory with a tilde. So this means I could reformat the links that I use so that they use which ever machine I'm working on - this is what I want to achieve. But when I use the form 'file:///~/home/Dropbox/untitled.txt' from Evernote, the link doesn't work. Beyond changing my root directory names to match, can anyone suggest a way to achieve a single link format that works on both macs pls?
  8. A number of people in our office use note taking software (EverNote, OneNote, Google Docs). As you may know, these products allow users to save notes to cloud accounts set up by the user. This creates a security issue for us – if someone leaves we need to make sure that notes taken during their employment at the company stay in our possession. I would like people to store work related notes on a Partners controlled platform. Hence the following questions: 1. Can we set up EverNote to save to a cloud storage service we control? e.g. Dropbox 2. If so, is this feature only available to the pay-version of the app? 3. (optional) What are the top 5 features of EverNote that make it preferable to competitors (e.g., OnNote)?
  9. I want to use a folder I have under my Dropbox folder as my import folder for Evernote. I am using Windows 10. When Tools/Import Folders, and then hit the "Add..." button, it does not show me any of the folders I have under Dropbox on my hard drive. What gives? How can I use a Dropbox folder as my import folder? Thanks for any help. Much appreciated
  10. Hi. It's a great idea have a direct link to the google drive links in the application, could be great have the same service for Gmail (automatic update of the email feed in the Evernote) and tha capability to add links for Dropbox. Regards. Angelo
  11. chweintr

    share across apps

    I want to be able to export or share certain notes with other cloud programs like Box ... Emailing files is too clumsy, Even if I prefer one cloud or clipping program over another, I have colleagues that use other programs andI need to be able to easily share/export files from Evernote to other apps...Among the ones that should be supported are Box, Dropbox, Google Drive,
  12. My work routine relies heavily on storing successive versions of files I'm working on in the same note, and right now I can only do this on my Mac, not on my iPhone or iPad. When will we be able to attach files (other than photos) to an existing note in Evernote for iOS ? I can't imagine being alone in sorely needing this feature. Every major—and not so major—competitor to Evernote allows this. iOS now makes it trivially easy to implement. It would be a fantastic improvement that would require minimal effort. Please?
  13. Hi, I'd like to suggest the following feature: Link to an file on a cloud storage platform with a relative path For example, I want to link to a file that is stored on Dropbox. Evernote would then just store the relative path within Dropbox and dynamically resolve the Dropbox root path on each client. Ideally, this would work on all platforms (Android, Web, etc.) A workaround at the moment is to add a web link to a shared Dropbox file and then click the "open" button in the browser which opens the file locally. This has the advantage that the link keeps working even when you move the file, but it requires an Internet connection and it's kind of annoying to wait for the website to load and then click on a button. Thanks, Peter PS: I know that I can store my files in Evernote. I don't want that (at least not in this case).
  14. Dear Forum, I have a personal and now a work dropbox account. I would like to change the dropbox account I use to back up penultimate to from my personal to work account which has more storage. How do I do that? Any ideas as I have checked in advanced setting and the Dropbox shows an Import Files option only. Thanks Simon
  15. I want the ability to export (and import) notes to cloud servixes such as Google Drive and Dropbox. This would help me because my teachers don't like Work Chat and I don't know why. They want me to upload my notes and homework to google drive. I think this feature would be helpful for everyone. There should also be auto upload so evernote could automaticaaly upload my notes.
  16. Hi everyone, maybe some of you productivity experts can help me out. I'm working in the medical field and currently use my Macbook to check up on medical literature. It works like this: 1.) Find medical papers (PDF) and save them in an dropbox folder ("to-review"). 2.) Once a week I go through the new papers, and decide which ones to keep. 3.) The ones I want to keep get transferred to evernote with some parts copied out of them, summaries written in the note etc. Some notes on a broader topic also have more than one PDF in them (different guidelines, papers and so on). This works fine on my macbook - but I'd love to do it with my iPad (much easier on the go, nicer to read through the PDFs). My problems with this currently are: - The files that are in the "Review"-Dropbox folder are not offline in the dropbox app. - Even if that would work, how could I send the PDFs to evernote (to a new note or attach to an already existing note)? Do you have any idea or had the same problems? Thanks a lot for your help!
  17. From an iOS device you can only add to the notes, photographs, leaving the only option to do so from a PC or Mac. It would be a very good option, you can add any type of file on mobile devices. the option to search for files on Dropbox, Google Drive should exist, etc.
  18. I've understood that there is no "native" way to automatically import stuff from a given folder in the Mac version of Evernote, without resorting to AppleScripts that may or may not work after an update to either the operating system or Evernote. But, in the Windows version you can do this from Evernote itself. So this is something of a workaround, but if you use Dropbox or any other Cloud storage service (who doesn't these days?) AND you have access to a Windows computer that stays on most of the time, like a media sharing machine at home, your computer at work, in the basement or whatever, you can set up Evernote for Windows on that one, and set the Import folder to be a folder in your Cloud service. This way, any file that is placed in this folder from any computer, will be synced to Evernote through the Windows machine automatically no matter where you happen to be when putting it in there. The caveat is that the Windows machine must stay powered on at all times for this to work seamlessly. If you just want to be sure that the contents gets into Evernote eventually, you can rely on it being imported when you power on the Windows machine, anyway. Just a clumsy workaround for something that should be implemented on all versions of Evernote! Chris
  19. I guess the title is self explanatory. I have subscription with Dropbox of which offer better flexibility for me if I can host my own notes in Dropbox instead of using Evernote's cloud service.
  20. Is there any way to copy formatted recipes from Dropbox to Evernote? I have tried Evernote Web Clipper to no avail. Evernote Web Clipper works fine with recipes from websites on the Internet, but I’ve had no such luck with files from my online Dropbox account. The two apps are linked through If This, Then That (IFTT), but only Dropbox links are transferred, not the actual document. To date, I’ve been copying and pasting Dropbox recipes into Evernote, which can be time consuming. If there’s a way to automatically do this, it would make my day.
  21. I used to be able to to export scans to my Dropbox account, I could do this until this last update. I NEED TO ACCESS DROPBOX from Scannable. Please tell me how to do this. Thanks. --Laura
  22. First time poster - so I apologize in advance for "another one of those" posts. (Wait - what? This isn't reddit - and no one wants to take off my head for asking a stupid question? Awesome!) I am not 1000% sure I am using Evernote correctly, but it feels good - and I have never stopped anything that felt good. I am mostly just creating notes, and tucking them in notebooks here and there. I am mostly making generic notebooks for the various aspects of my life - and stacking notebooks within those, for the organization of those "aspects". I am going to town with tags - so that I can find stuff later.... My question is - should I be trying to use Dropbox more, in conjunction with EN? Specifically: I am in Sales - as well as Marketing. In order to juggle both jobs separately, I am attempting to go as mobile as possible. In my sales role, we use brochures (we call sell sheets) that are basically just 1-2 page PDFs about the product. There is probably about 50-60 of them I would guess. Should I put each PDF into EN - in a "Sell Sheets" folder....or should I dump them into a DB folder, and grab them on the go from there? I would be saving the additional cost of EN for now - but I know it is inevitable that I am going to have to go premium. I like that I can send the sell sheets from my email in EN - but I probably should have those come from my company email account (so I would probably have to email them from DB anyway - right?) I could change to my company email to be my EN email too - I assume. Anyway - I thought I would dip my toes into this forum, and see what the recommendations would be.
  23. I want the text files I create in a folder on my Dropbox to be synced as notes on Evernote. I also want edits to those notes to sync back to Dropbox, if possible.
  24. Hi, I'm looking into EN to see if it fits our company's needs, so I did some searches but I couldn't find a definitive answer on whether it is possible to have Evernote save and sync data locally / in a Cloud folder? If so, does it still sync between EN OS X, EN iOS etc versions? For example: Could I use Evernote on my Mac, making it safe my data without uploading it to the Evernote servers? Even better: To Dropbox or iCloud or whatever cloud service I like? For example 1Password let's me choose where I place my sync folder. Of course, it still syncs with the iOS app / other platform versions. I'd want to do this because I like to decide for myself where our company's data is stored.
  25. bremi

    ios Lost files - PLEASE HELP

    Please help. I'm a newbie here and honestly am technically challenged. Having said that, I had been using Penultimate on my iPad for quite sometime without any issues. When doing so, I was having all my notes backed up on Dropbox. Well after a recent upgrade which changed Penultimate to Evernote, I cannot access my most important files. This is really devastating and I need to get these back somehow. Any ideas? THANK YOU!