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  1. Basic whiteboarding, figures, and such - please add...
  2. Hi I use Windows Ink Workspace a lot on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 device. It's a very handy way to quickly make simple sketches. I'm not able to do this in Evernote. So I have two questions: When will Evernote will be more like Onenote when it comes to making sketches? Devices are ready and made for this nowadays. I can not share my Windows Ink Workspace sketch to Evernote when I click the Share button, even though I installed the Evernote app. I have to Copy/Paste it. Can Evernote create this Share To function, or make Microsoft put it on their To Do list? Best regards, Roderick
  3. Hi, I would like to makes notes and add sketches to existing notes with my Apple Pencil. Is this possible and if so how? If I try all that happens is the pencil moves the page about, if I click the drawing icon it just creates a new page. Am I missing something or is this feature not available yet?
  4. You should be the ability to draw inside of a note (not inside of an image or pdf) like in the android version. It should be in iOS without the use of Penultimate.
  5. Feature request: drawing inside of a note

    There should be the ability to draw inside of a note (not inside of an image or pdf) like in the android version. It should be in iOS without the use of Penultimate.
  6. When using EN for android I can switch between drawing/handwriting and typed text within a note I can't see how to do this with the Mac client though – am I missing something? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I'm starting university in February of next and I've just started using Evernote and love the program. I do have a few questions about taking notes during class lectures. A lot of times I need to DRAW simple diagrams (kinda like fishbone diagrams, or brainstorm clouds, or flow charts etc..) Does Evernote allow you to do that from within a note? I was hoping I can find some drawing tools (like those of Microsoft Word, for example).. If not, what is the best way (other than using Paint and taking a screenshot etc..) Thanks guys.
  8. Hello: I am a new user trying Evernote Free. I guess I only get five forum posts until the 27th, so I'm going to try to make this one count. And since I may need to post followups, I'll have to thank you all before the fact. I have a Windows 8.1 PC, iPad 3, and iPhone 5, and I want to use (mostly) PC and iPad to hold my textbook content for a class I'm taking, so that I can mark it up with my own drawings and handwriting (in class) right on screen and add my own typewritten notes too (in class or at home). At home I mostly use a desktop Windows 8.1 PC and in class or when studying, I'll have my iPad or a Windows 8.1 laptop. The first textbook is about 200 page "sides" that I scanned in with a document scanner that converted the content into PDFs. The original paper size was "B4", which is about 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide (give or take). The scanner I used could only do about 30 pages at a time, so I had to scan the content in 6 "jobs", so now I have six separate PDFs. Here are the first things I would like to do with Evernote: 1. I can't function if each textbook is split into six different notes or notebooks, so I would like to bring each PDF into Evernote and merge it all into one big ... um, Evernote "document". The textbook PDFs contain drawings and charts that I didn't think would translate well so I did not scan them in with OCR; they're just regular PDFs. Q1a: How do I merge multiple PDFs into Evernote so that they will become one big document? I don't care if the files are kept in PDF format as long as I can access them equally as well on all devices. Q1b: 200 pages is a lot, and it won't do for me to be flipping pages one-at-a-time in class. Does Evernote on PC and iPad have a "bird's eye view" of the pages (like Adobe Reader has on the right window pane) or a Table of Contents function that I could use to make navigation faster on these devices? 2. In PDF format, each of these textbooks is expected to take up about 50 MB total. On top of that, I have another four textbooks to be added within the next couple weeks, and then a few more after that. I'm just lucky I was able to have them separated into loose sheets that took well in a document feeder or I'd be crazy by now! I am prepared to buy a premium membership/subscription if this first textbook works well for me in class and during studying, so that's not a problem. But I do want to be sure that I don't overshoot any size limits for "notes" or a "notebooks" on any of my devices. Q2: Are my expected sizes going to pose any problems down the road? 3. When I scanned the textbook, the document page sheets ended up way to the left of a landscape page of paper. On one hand, it leaves me with a lot of room for note-taking (without having to add pages). On the other hand, it makes the text small (which could make it difficult to use on my iPad). I'm keeping an open mind for now until I get the content merged and synced to the iPad. Q3: If I do need to "trim" some whitespace off of the right side of the pages, can this be done in Evernote, or should I start thinking about re-scanning the document? Q4: After the class is over, I would like to export my annotated textbook back into PDF form for my personal historical archives. It will probably stay on Evernote too, but I'm oldschool and I want the archives. Can I do this? Okay, that's enough for now. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. I love Evernote. I use it both professionally and personally - primarily typing in notes. Obviously, I often have times where I need to draw a chart, idea or illustration. Penultimate does that well (especially with the new Jot pen). But it's not integrated - it's only connected. I have to open another app. And my drawing is saved to a Penultimate folder in Evernote... separate from the typed notes and topics I want that drawing to live with. I am suggesting that Evernote leverage the Penultimate experience directly INSIDE Evernote. Integrate it fully. Other apps like notebook and notesuite do this. If Evernote doesn't then I have zero incentive to use Penultimate if it's simply "connected" - I could use Bamboo or other popular drawing apps which also connect to Evernote. I am simply asking that when we take notes we have the ability to both type AND draw/handwrite in the SAME NOTE. Evernote has great apps - Stitch, Evernote and Penultimate but your biggest mistake is they are all very separate. If you want to keep them separate for focused users with focused needs... that's great! Keep them separate... but integrate that into Evernote too. I would pay for it... not suggesting it has to be free. Thoughts?
  10. Hi! I just started using Evernote on my iPad in school and noticed two shortcomings that should be relatively easy to fix. The first one is drawing inside of Evernote. So I was i chemistry class taking notes, when the teacher drew some models on the whiteboard. I wanted to draw these simple models in Evernote with my finger, in case I need to know them later. I found no easy way to do this. First I switched over to Skitch and drew the model, then I exported it into Evernote, but once there I found no easy way of inserting it in the note I was working on. I eventually solved it by going back into Skitch and exporting the drawings to my camera roll, then importing them to my note from there. Not a very good solution. It takes way too much time and you risk to miss writing down important stuff. I would like to see a button or something that you can tap on, they you get a drawing board where you can draw whatever you want, which will then be inserted at the cursor. It should also be possible to move, cut, and paste your drawing inside of Evernote. The second one is inserting special characters So after chemistry I went to physics. There I needed to insert characters for delta and density, as well as some superscript numbers. I found no way to do that within Evernote. I ended up waiting until I got home, and then I launched Evernote on my Mac, and had to go through all my notes and insert these characters. Again, this takes time. Time that you need to study. The simple solution would be to add a button that brings upp a popup menu, where you can choose from a bunch of characters (possibly sorted in categories), and the ability to favorite characters for easy access would be very much appreciated. I hope this is something the Evernote team would like to improve on, because Evernote is just awesome in school other than this. I have my notes both in my iPad, my phone and my computer, so even if I forget my iPad at home I can read my notes on my (Android) phone.
  11. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 1st ever (that I'm aware of) Skitch drawing contest! Rules: Take a good hard look at the picture we present you with and try to replicate it to the best of your ability using only Skitch. When you post your attempt, please let us know which device you made it on! (Those with styluses have the unfair advantage). Judge: gbarry When: Contest ends Friday July 6, 2012 at 12:00AM PST Prize: One month of Evernote Premium, a warm fuzzy feeling, and internet fame. This week's picture is pretty simple. We'll see how you all do drawing the logo!