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Found 17 results

  1. A new functionality allows evernote to suggest 'cleaned' images which are perfectly using OCR to extract slides into readable form. I don't really need the advanced text search in these OCR images right now though that would obviously be key to evernotes future success. I need this new cleaned vs original facility to be available from the menu when i choose to insert images into my note. Evernote seems to be doing a patchy job of choosing slide images in the pilot though many slides have helped me personally. When I attach an image I do not get a choice to clean the same. I'd like that. If it exists let me know how.
  2. Hey fellow users of Evernote, I am a fairly new user and I was wondering if there is any ways to attach a document as so: And not it's contents, for the above picture I have renamed its fileextension from .txt to .txte, but is there some sort of option / method to simply have a .txt document ATTACHED and not just copy paste all it's content? I dont want 100+ pages of text in my note, but just the attachment ATTACHED to the note.
  3. Hello, I am a new user of Evernote Premium and have a somewhat generic question about saving images. I am creating Evernote notes that include various images of hand written notes, photos, typed documents, and clipped web pages. I am trying the various Evernote tools to capture these images. Probably the most common is my iPhone using the Evernote app. When capturing images I am able to "save as" Photo, Document, Color Document, Post-It Note, or Business card. Post-It Note and Business card are self explanatory but it's not clear to me when and why I would select Photo or Document. If I take a picture of something that doesn't have text should I select photo? When something has text should I select document? Is it that simple? Thank you,
  4. Dear all, I want to share one of my pdf document using a link. I want to know if who visits the link could see the date of the last modification of the paper, and if that date is shown forever. Moreover I want to be sure that they cannot modify that. Thus, sharing a note with a link, I want to know if: can people, visiting the link, see the note date of the last update? is the date of modification shown forever? is sure that no one can modify the note? Thanks
  5. I was trying to scan some hand writing notes by taking picture with my phone. However, sometime it can only save as photo instead of document. Saving as document obvious will be clearer. When I try to change the save as to document it will be completely black. Do anyone else encounter the same kind of problem? Is there any trick to trick the Evernote camera to let it recognize it as a document?
  6. Samsung Galaxy S4; OK to use "document camera" to save up to 2 pages...anything more than that causes Evernote to hang/crash. I can take "photos" of as many pages as I want without problems...but if I use the designated "document camera" it will ALWAYS crash after more than 2 pages. (version 5.8.5/ build AM_585_1151). What's the point of having a designated 'document camera' if it doesn't work??? anyone else having this problem?? Any fixes available?? Thanks!
  7. Hi, On the last two beta releases it seems that scanning and saving as a document is broken. The picture is fine but hitting save as a document gives you nothing but a black rectangle. Anyone else having the same issue? (Version 112 beta on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1)
  8. Hi, I had until the last couple days been using the 1x4 widget and had a tool on it for a document scanner (camera). Yesterday I tried to use it and the tool was gone from the widget. I supposed it was probably due to an update. I read in the help docs about using the camera but when I create a new note and choose camera, I see no swipe-able options to choose Document mode or Camera mode. It appears the same as when using the standard camera with no Evernote specific features apparent. When I take a photo of a receipt placed on a dark contrasting background, all I get is a large photo jpg that shows the background rather than a clean cropped image, and the text is not digitized either as it used to be. I'm using Evernote 7.8.2 on a Motorola Moto X 1st generation phone I used the document scan camera feature a lot for receipts. I hope I can fix this... Your help is appreciated
  9. I have been working on a word document which I had attached in a note, making comments on it. When I closed it down, it disappeared from the note. Any suggestions as to where it might have gone? I need it to send to someone. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys, there is still no way to zoom into images or documents in the photo taking process. Could you pls do my day and fix this? should be mandatory. finding myself always unsure whether the photos are appropriately shot. Thanks for getting your hands on this. You are the best! Hannes
  11. Hello, I use document scanner i Evernote Android App on my Samsung Galaxy S3 to scan receipts almost every day. About month ago or so - scanner started behave differently. Now it loses focus in camera almost every time and scans are very blurry. I tested document, postit and business card scanning - all they get blurry images. Only normal camera mode (also in Evernote) works fine.
  12. Hi I love both Scannable and the photo capture/editing function in IOS Evernote. Sometimes, I take photos of documents (or posters on walls for example) on the fly (with the Photos app),. But when I want to put them in Evernote, I realize thatI cannot find a utility that allows me to turn a brownish photo into a crisp legible document. I can do it on my iPhone, but not on my Mac. Or may be I can? :-) Thanks for your help! Stephane
  13. Anjuicy

    Camera Automatic Settings

    Hi Everyone! I really love the Camera Function of Evernote in iOS, especially when it automatically identifies what I want to take a picture of: After the identification of the picture area, it takes the perfect photo! But then the automatic settings converts it to something like this: If I choose Photo in the choices. It will revert to something like this: Is there a way to choose Photo and have picture number 2 as the result? Also, What is the purpose of Evernote for adjusting the colors of pictures when they are converted into documents? Thanks in advanced!
  14. ddasilva104

    Printing my Evernote document?

    I am very new to this forum and I am sure this topic has been discussed many times but I just don't have the time to search for the answer. So I am hoping someone can answer me ASAP. I am a kindergarten teacher and I use Evernote to document the children at play. I take a picture of them doing something interesting, then I write my learning story below the picture (very fast, easy, and effective). I want to be able to print the whole document I have now created, but when I upload it to my computer only the pictures show up none of the text. We don't have wireless internet or wireless printer so I cant just print right from my ipad. I have to load it all up to my computer and print from there. Please help ??
  15. My Moleskine notebook document photos are distorted! They are readable but the sentences curve down to the right like the paper was very curled when it wasn't. Uninstalled on iPhone 5s and reinstalled. Still does it. So, then I tried my iPad Air. Same thing! So the problem must be with the image processing at Evernote. Any ideas?
  16. Greetings, Has anyone found an alternate to Quickoffice for the iPad with regard to editing office documents that are embedded into notes. Previously Quckoffice had a feature to link your EN account into it's cloud services area and then you could browse notebooks and open word documents right from the app. This was nice because there was no "round trip" needed within iOS. When you saved it, the document just saved right into the note. This was perfect for my workflow as I do store a lot of MS Word docs in Evernote notes. Well.. Then Google purchased Quickoffice and mucked everything up. Now the only cloud service that's offered to link is Google Drive. While GDrive is a nice service it doesn't replace EN and I want to keep using my existing workflow. My question to the users here is has anyone found an app that functions similar to the way Quickoffice used to work? Thanks in advance. Tom
  17. Wait wait wait, are you telling me that Evernote can index handwritten text in scanned documents, but that it doesn't index text encoded in bog-standard office files? Really? I am managing a community project in which I receive reports from volunteers in a variety of formats - on paper, in the body of emails, and as attached files of various kinds, but mostly MS Word documents. I had hoped to dump everything into an Evernote notebook in order to be able to search across the entire archive of reports. A classic Evernote use case, no? Well, apparently not. I've read comments from Dave on this issue to the effect that the variety of formats makes this complex... parsing... But we've all been used to 'searching inside files' on our desktop PCs for decades, so this just seems weird. Have I missed or misunderstood something? Or should I redesign my workflow to include writing out the content of Word reports by hand and then scanning the handwritten documents into Evernote as searchable PDFs?