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Found 33 results

  1. "Many sans serif typefaces don’t differentiate between the uppercase “I” and the lowercase “l” very well. (...) This a legibility problem."* https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/39543/is-there-a-sans-serif-font-that-appears-different-for-i-capital-i-and-l-small Especially when working with foreign and technical texts. Add Evernote's constant problems with formatting and there you have it. A mess. I'd opt for a mono font if I could. *And a backward embarrassment, I might add! Clearly the font selection nowadays usually caters to looks and cruft lovers.
  2. Currently on 7.02 on MacOS. When in snippet view, the active note's sidebar snippet is lightly shaded in gray. OK, that's nice. But it keeps blinking! As in, when you're working in the note, the snippet shading keeps going off (turning to white) for a second every few seconds. So it's alternating between white background (like all notes) and shaded background. This is really distracting and annoying! Anyone else in here seeing that? Where's the quality control for pete's sake!
  3. I have tens of thousands of notes in Evernote. They are all formatted to have a space (or empty line) between paragraphs. Documents viewed on my iPad are still spaced correctly. And they were always spaced correctly on the Mac version of Evernote. But since updating to Evernote 5.6, which seemed to update the entire database, all the paragraphs now run together. In other words the line space between paragraphs has been lost. I cannot find a command to change the spacing, but it all looks a real mess now, like a bad nightmare, and I would like to restore the spacing I had before. How do I do this? Please someone advise.
  4. How can I get back Note content "sql" ? It's blank in full vision. All my notes about sql are recorded in this one, and I have an interview tomorrow! I just updated to V7.02 a few minutes ago.
  5. Hi, Often times I clip articles that I didn't realize I had already clipped. It would be handy to: 1.) Be notified that this URL has already been clipped 2.) Show us a count of how many duplicates of those URLs we have in my Evernote 3.) Allow us to delete them IF there are no additional texts/markups that we added ourselves (e.g. if it's just an unaltered article clip) 4.) Show or allow us to see or compare what if any differences there are between the articles At a macro level, I'd like to be able to run this across all of my notes and help clean out unmodified duplicates. Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Hi, I have recently updated Evernote on my Mac, and it changed the display of my Notebooks to top to bottom lists. I would like to have the display back to the Masonry display, which allowed me to better see my different Notebooks. Is there a way to do this? Thank you
  7. After 6 years using Evernote basic on my Chromebook, this morning the Evernote page renders so large I cant see right 1/3 of the page. Menu icons, text, everything is 2X normal. I can only see left 1/2 of any note. No way to scroll right. I know of no way to cause this to happen. All other apps on Chromebook displaying normally
  8. I am trying to make better use of Google Drive and Evernote. I have noticed that attachments (from google drive) display differently depending on your device. For example images will display inline on the web, on windows and mac but on Ipad they are just a link. Could we request that all attachments have a choice of inline/preview or attachments just like any other attachments? Thank you Sev Evernote Community Leader
  9. In Evernote 6.11, content marked as preformatted or code is displayed in the body text font instead of the preformatted font. It's properly marked up in HTML output, but not displayed properly on screen. This is making thousands of my notes unreadable.
  10. Excuse my english as it's not my first language. A very important request for me (And I'm sure for others too) is the way evernote organizes images within the notes. Most of my notes are recipes with photos of the steps needed. Evernote just places all the images simply in the note and so I have to scroll down to see each one. For me this has been very annoying because: 1. Too much scrolling needed to view the images, 2. Big hasstle of scrolling up and down to edit the note or while viewing, 2. Text under a group of images gets neglected because lots of scrolling involved which usually makes me miss reading them, 3. It just looks very ugly and not organized. At first I had no idea how to improve this or what's the solution. But today I came across an app called Instructables and it had very similar pages to how evernote notes look. This app allows you to see images within the page in a very dynamic and organized way which solves all the issues I have with evernote. I have attached 2 screenshots from this app inwhich I use 2 different views (you have an option to expand all images on the button on the top right corner.) Here is the first screenshot with the images expanded (which is similar to how evernote displays images ??) And here is the improved way of organizing images and viewing them compactly and neatly ???) This app displays images that are grouped together (meaning no text inbetween them) in a gallery like structure which allows you to view the images one by one without scrolling. I hope very very much that evernote adops such image view within the notes to solve all the issues I am facing and make the app a lot better. By the way, as a side note I'd like to say one more thing, the image used as a note thumbnail is chosen from the images in the note depending on the image with the largest dimentions. This is extremely horrible and have not been fixed for many years now. Please allow us to choose the image to become a thumbnail rather than making me edit all the images to make sure the one I want as a thumbnail has the largest dimentions (simply horrible) Thanks a lot for reading this long post and I hope you guys implement this soon.
  11. Some of my saved articles display only 1 character wide in Evernote web (Chrome), completely unreadable, whereas they look fine in the Mac application. Compare the screenshots -- that is the same article in the web browser and in the Mac app. I don't see a bug report link so I am posting this here.
  12. I create lengthy notes both on my PC and on my phone. As I get to the end of the screen, my notes sit there at the bottom and sometimes even fall off the bottom of the screen. It looks terrible, and makes me wonder if there is more text below what I'm typing or not, as I can't see if there is or isn't. My fix? I add a couple hard returns at the end of the note so that the space is there for me visually. Evernote fix? Force the bottom of the note to scroll slightly upward so there is always a line or two worth of space at the bottom of each note.
  13. My suggestion is to have a serif display font option, perhaps at least for the "presentation" mode (a great feature by the way), for the note content, that can be selected in settings. Serifs were developed in typography because they are easier to read. There's a misconception that non-serif fonts "display better on electronic screens," but in fact they are only better in contexts where one has to scroll and the text needs to be read in motion. This is not the case for most of our notes in EN. In the interest of keeping the app streamlined I suggest a global feature in the settings, and if the user chooses "serif" every note's content is simply displayed in serif font -- I can understand this not applying retroactively to non-serif written notes. Thank you!
  14. music-words-engineering

    Request - default display resolution

    As phone makers battle to up the pixels it makes photos taken on the phone huge, on the devices they look crisp and stunning in proportion on the device screen. However in the evernote desktop app they appear so large that it makes writing text around them and formatting them really hard and even after editing them and making them smaller if you move them they revert back to their incredibly huge size. I'm asking for pictures to be displayed at a default size with the option to view them at their huge over the top size with a little tap or to be able to edit picture quality within evernote. Anyone else feeling this?
  15. Hi all, first of all "HI" I am the new guy 2nd About myself: I am an Evernote user for approx. 1 year and have recently moved to business for my startup. As hard as I try loving EN , being a long-lived IT-Specialist (and yes I do in an ambiguous way) I cannot work with it without constantly having small nitty annoying issues. This said my recent issue is: I am using EN for mac on Mac with Yosemite. Attaching PAGES and NUMBERS documents to EN Notes works which is why I want them there and not in the terrible icloud. However one half of the iworks attachements i upload are displayed by EN preview the others are shown as zipped thus cannot be worked on. Does anyone know when they display and when they don´t and how to stabilize this behavior reliably? Further more: I seem to be unable to remove an attachment of a .pages or .numbers document once it is in the note. What am I doing wrong? Is it really impossible? Also just noted that dragging and dropping from an icloud-drive folder to EN is impossible. Why? Thanks for help all of you AndiB
  16. I just noticed earlier when visiting one of my shared public links that the display font size is about 14pt. I would prefer a font size congruent with that of my browser display settings, typically 10pt to 12pt. 14pt is a wasteful consumption of space, but there seems to be no way to control this? While on this topic, the rigid margins are also wasteful. Coupled with the giant font, it presents as a really narrow page, no matter the browser width, with unnecessarily large text and unnecessarily wide margins, which causes multiple line wraps extending the length of the note and, imo, making things more complicated. Let me control my own font sizes and margins. I'll zoom the page if the font is too small, and make the window narrower if it's too wide. This move makes it seem like something one would see on a child's tablet, or an accessibility setting with screen zoom. If I want a tablet look, I'll use the tablet. The intent may be to make the page cleaner and simpler this way, but it's a step backward in usefulness, imho, and makes what should be a simple display a bit overwhelming. Attached are a couple of examples for clarification. Note the horizontal scrollbar in the screenshot of an actual note example. (longer image file) This also serves as an example of the lack of margin control and wide margins/narrow usable note/page space. Not particularly desirable. The smaller image is a screenshot from the Evernote Support Page. I've typed a markup notation in 14pt on the full resolution screenshot of this page. Unnecessarily large, same as the web view for shared notes. Why? Love Evernote, long time paid user, but some of these changes don't make sense. Change for purpose of improvement is welcome. Change for the sake of change is wasteful. Seems like the Developers end up having to reach for ideas just to have something to present, and some of them are a sidestep or step backward, imho. Should be about refinement at this point. Stop trying to innovate constantly; it's unnecessar. Evernote's pretty solid. Some of these changes are all over the place, seemingly without any apparent reason, and it's annoying at times.
  17. dba

    the resolution sucks

    Anyone knows why the resolution of beta 9 does not fit the FHD screen? It is uncomfortable using evernote on a 1920*1080 display. I thought the biggest highlight of beta 8 was making the resolution fit the screen. Why the update made the product worse?
  18. Usual apologies, caveats apply if this has been raised and dealt with before. I use Evernote as the front end of a variety of information stores both personal and work related. I have the various Notebooks arranged into stacks and I typically use Tags to help me search for items of interest. All good so far. My main issue is that I would prefer, when viewing the Notebooks in Grid View is to have them displayed using some sort of icon, e.g. a currency sign for the Economics course I am studying or a dollar sign for my financial goals notebook. Is this possible and is there an easy way of achieving this? Have I overlooked an obvious method. Thank you
  19. Hello! I really don't know what to do anymore. Reinstalled Evernote, deleted everything to have a clean installation. But the problem still exists. My notes don't show up in evernote. When I rescale the window, some graphical glitches come up. I uploaded some Screenshots: http://bit.ly/1mYeEqk Evernote somethimes crashes when I log off and log in again. Thats the error message (uploaded to my dropbox, rtf-file): http://bit.ly/1rnGxYz Does someone have the same problem? I think its not an evernote problem, more a mac issue... Thanks! evernote error.rtf
  20. Here's a screenshot showing a good example of Evernote's problem. I search for the phrase fire and rainfall, because I know that the article I am looking for has those exact words in its note title, in that exact order. But Evernote decides that, no, I don't actually want to see a note titled 'fire and rainfall' which contains many instances of 'fire' and 'rainfall' in its body text, so it demotes that to the third search result while promoting two other notes. which only mention 'fire' and 'rainfall' once in the entire note. That I can wrap quotes around my query to search for the exact phrase is irrelevant. The user doesn't always remember the exact phrase they're looking for, but the user certainly expects that notes with the phrase appearing in the title and the keywords appearing multiple times within should be displayed as the best result.
  21. Hi, I recently hit the unexpected 250 synchronized notebook limit so I have been re-organizing my structure and strategy and combining notebooks into bigger categories. Unfortunately, many of these notebooks are shared, some with employees, some with clients, and I need to make sure I am not moving private notes into public notebooks but suddenly the little people icon than indicates when a notebook is being shared is not showing up on my notebooks - In the image below, the "Eberle Contract" notebook is shared with an employee but no icon is visible. If I click on the forward icon, I can see the notebook is indeed being shared. This happens in both list and grid view. I've checked for updates and rebooted - am I missing something? Any suggestions? I'm using evernote 5.7.0 on a mac running 10.10 Yosemite.
  22. I'd like to see possibility of showing just offline notebooks in mobile apps. While I have about 150 notebooks, different of them synchronized offline on different devices, honestly I really don't remember which one are available on tablet, on smartphone etc. I think that new item in the menu like "offline notebooks", which would show just notebooks that are set as offline would be great. What would be even better, if I could see some mark in note that this currently available offline. Same for notebooks. Just an idea
  23. I'm able to successfully upload image resources from my Rails app. I have not set the width nor height attribute and I only get thumbnails in the sandbox. The images do not display within the note itself. For the notes to display properly do I need to set the dimmensions? As you can see the paperclip on the right is not showing the image. Also in the ENML documentation it states "align, alt, longdesc, height, width, border, hspace, vspace, usemap - optional attributes with the same semantics as the corresponding 'img' attributes. These should be used to help format the Resource when it is displayed." It says both optional, and should be. It doesn't say it's required to display it. Your help and input is appreciated. -Daniel
  24. I'm strongly considering getting Evernote Premium or Business for my team but I'm really hesitant based on what I've seen of the PowerPoint support. Don't get me wrong, it's great that you can search through Office files like PPT presentations, but in all the video and screenshots I've seen, it looks like these types of files still only function as attachments in Evernote. I need to be able to search and share a huge database of PPT slides (saved as individual files) and choose which ones to compile into presentations, and I've gotta do this task on a weekly basis. I can use the actual PPT application to compile them, no problem, but I need to be able to at lease preview these files from INSIDE Evernote, so I don't have to individually open each one to remember what it says. Please tell me this is currently possible in Evernote Premium or Business? That I can see the slides from inside Evernote and not have to open each file individually? If not, are there any plans to expand this functionality soon?
  25. I'm experiencing an odd behavior that I'd like to report. My setup is Evermore v5.4 on a Nexus 7 2013 tablet, stock Android 4.3, locale is Canada-French. When notes are fairly long, the one in the attached picture about 5000 words or ~25,000 characters, adding text near the top of the note break the flow of text. Lines get overlapped in some spots while blank lines sometimes appear in others. The more text I add (or remove), the worse the problem gets. If I close the note and reenter edit mode, everything's fine until I start adding more text. This doesn't happen when I'm closer to the bottom of the note or with shorter notes. Is anyone else experiencing this? Would you care to try to reproduce this behavior by cut&pasting a large chunk of text in a new note and reporting the result, what device you are on, OS version, etc.