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Found 5 results

  1. There are some old references in the EN forums to Diigo and Evernote. Are there any recent updates for importing Diigo bookmarks into EN (and keeping them as separate, individual bookmarks)? I have tried importing bookmarks from my Chrome and Safari browsers into EN, but the import doesn't break down the bookmarks individually, as they are listed in the browsers. If they are in a lump in EN, they don't really do much good.
  2. Would it be possible to integrate Diigo and Evernote so that you can have your annotations imported to Evernote? This would be very useful.
  3. Hello, can anybody tell me - how can I import my diigo bookmarks (with tags) into evernote? I want to import everything from diigo into evernote and quit with diigo - don't want any IFTTT games. I have googled this question - nothing clear. but I don't believe there is no normal, simple solution. by the way - I'm on Mac OS X 10.6, if it matters. thank You in advance
  4. I discovered that the Firefox Web Clipper fails to work if the Diigo toolbar is installed. In this case, clicking the elephant web clipper toolbar button does nothing. Same with right-clicking and choosing any of the Evernote options. Tested on FF 8 & 9. Disable Diigo toolbar to allow Evernote Web Clipper to work. David Salahi
  5. Web Clipper should REMEMBER the tags I have previously used When I use the Chrome Web Clipper I'd love it if the Web Clipper remembered the TAGS I've used a la Diigo. The Digo Bookmarker, aka Web Highlighter for Chrome, not only suggests tags, but also REMEMBERS the prior set of tags that I used. It would be super-DUPER if Evernote not only remembered my most recent set of tags, but my second most-recent, third most-recent, etc... Obviously this applies to all Clippers...and not just to the Chrome Clipper. Anybody else on board with this?